Blackjack Draw Cyffredin Gêm Tabl byw yn ôl rhwyd

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Blackjack Draw Cyffredin
Wedi'i raddio 5/5 ymlaen 1 adolygiadau

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Blackjack Draw Cyffredin yn fyw Gêm Tabl gan Manylion netent

🎰 Meddalwedd: NetEnt
📲 Chwarae ar Symudol: IOS, Android
💰 Cyfyngiadau Bet: €1 - €500
🤵 Iaith Delwyr: Saesneg, Almaeneg
💬 Sgwrs Fyw: oes
🌎 Lleoliad Stiwdio: Malta
🎲 Math o gêm: Gêm bwrdd, Blackjack

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Blackjack Draw Cyffredin yn fyw Gêm Tabl gan netent Adolygiad

Common Draw Blackjack is a multiplayer blackjack played with 6 card decks. In this game variant, all players at the table are dealt the same set of cards, which adds speed to the gameplay since there are no separate hands and players do not have to wait until other seated players select a gaming option for their hands.

Rheolau blackjack

The basic rules applied in this live blackjack are:

  • splitting is allowed for any two cards of the same value. You may hit as many times as you want after splitting
  • player may double down on a soft hand with a total value of 9, 10 or 11
  • doubling down after split is allowed, except for split aces
  • blackjack yn talu 3 i 2
  • dealer must stand on soft 17.

Yswiriant a Hyd yn oed Arian

If the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, a player is offered to buy insurance that costs half the player’s original bet. The insurance pays 2 to 1, provided the dealer’s face-down card scores 10, which results in the dealer’s having a natural blackjack.

Even Money is a variation of insurance offered to the player who has natural blackjack if the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. If you agree on this option, you take even money (1:1) and end the round, no matter whether the dealer has blackjack or not.

Hanes gêm

Common Draw Blackjack offers a comprehensive game history that will help players streamline their betting decisions and make more reasonable choices during the game. On the Blackjack Billboard at the top right corner, you will see stats on dealer’s last 100 hands presented in the percentages of dealer’s blackjacks and busts for the specified number of rounds. Another section indicates the card score in dealer’s last 10 hands. As players cannot see the decisions of other players (Hit, Stand, Split or Double Down), there is an indicator that shows the actions (in percentage) made by all seated players in the current hand.

Game features

  • the video stream is of high definition quality by default, with three user-adjustable quality options: Low, Medium and High. Players can maximize video to full screen
  • sound options allow to control the volume of sound effects, casino sounds and background music
  • a hideable chat box
  • a quick link to Mini Lobby enabling players to join other NetEnt tables without losing seat at the currently played table.

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