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Svemirski taksi Crash Game by lambda gaming Details

🎰 Softver: Lambda igre
📲 Igrajte na mobitelu: IOS, Android
💰 Ograničenja klađenja: $0.1 - $100
🎲 Vrsta igre: Igra sudara
💵 RTP: 95% - 96%

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Svemirski taksi Crash Game by lambda gaming Review

Online crash games represent a new genre of gambling in the online casino and betting space. These games are made in such a way that any player can enjoy them. Crash games are still for you, even if you’re an online slots fan. Besides, the crash game market is increasingly growing, with more and more software developers releasing many riveting titles. One such title is the Space Taxi crash game by Lambda Gaming. 

The Space Taxi casino game comes with an interesting bonus feature that rewards lucky players. This title also has an unlimited multiplier range, so you can cash out big wins across your entire session. Double bets, auto bets, and auto cashout are all available, while the RTP range is good. In this Space Taxi review, we explore all you need to know about the game, including how to play it. We also provide you with a list of the top Space Taxi online casinos.

Što je crash igra?

Crash games are easy-to-play, fast-paced games with an instant-win style. These games have a social multiplayer concept. So, it’s possible for numerous gamblers to play them simultaneously from anywhere in the world. Like other online casino games, crash games are powered by random number generators (RNG) responsible for propelling the outcome of each round. Top software providers occasionally get their RNGs audited and certified by third-party testing experts, so the games are fair. 

Some crash games have the Provably Fair technology, making it possible for players to verify each game round’s reliability on the blockchain. The idea behind crash games is to collect a multiplier displayed during every game round, particularly when it reaches your preferred level. The multiplier is designed to crash at any time, and that automatically ends the round.

About the Space Taxi crash game

Space Taxi bet game is one of the social multiplayer titles from Lambda Gaming. The software developer has over a decade of experience creating exciting games for the iGaming industry. Lambda Gaming released Space Taxi in 2023, and the game continues to draw more players’ interest. Space Taxi has very colourful graphic designs, terrific animation, and a compelling soundtrack – all of which make it an entertaining game.      

This game has the double bets feature, which means you can place two stakes on the same round. For each round, you can use the – and + buttons to decrease or increase the stake, respectively. Similarly, you can cash out on both bets manually or automatically using the auto cashout button on the screen. Whether you play on a desktop or mobile, the game panel displays recent multipliers recorded in the game. Also, the ‘Rating’ tab gives you access to top multipliers, real money winnings, and top bonus wins in the last 24 hours, month or year. These statistics should help you to plan your play style accordingly.

One thing we like about the Space Taxi casino game is that the multiplier has no maximum limits. You can change your avatar as you play, as that helps to make the game more remarkable.

Space Taxi game rules

Most crash games have simple, easy-to-understand rules, and Space Taxi follows that pattern. Whether you like to play Space Taxi for real money or for free, you should grab the rules. The game allows wagers of $0.2 to $1000 per round, and that’s good for players with low, medium or high budgets. Space Taxi has an RTP range of 95% to 96%, which is generally acceptable across the crash game sphere. Meanwhile, the maximum real money payout is $10,000 – and that sounds good.

You can play this game on your iOS and Android mobile devices or desktop. You can set up a single or double manual bet for each round. For auto bets, you’ll have to input the number of rounds, the amount you want to play with for successive rounds, and win/loss limits. Besides, the auto cashout option allows you to provide the multiplier you want the system to obtain on your behalf. Once the multiplier shows up, the system cashes out your money automatically.

How to play Space Taxi

Not only does Space Taxi have simple rules, but it also has straightforward gameplay. To start your space adventure with this game, you should go through our well-reviewed Space Taxi online casinos and join one of them. Usually, the sign-up process at all the casinos is easy. The majority of those casinos accept deposits in fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Bitcoin Cash, among others. 

Once your deposit is successful, locate the Space Taxi game in the lobby and open it. Then, adjust or enter your wager according to the $0.2 to $1000 limit per round. You can place two wagers on a particular round, depending on your strategy. Simply click/tap the ‘Bet’ icon for the game to take your wager(s).

The round starts when the bet time is closed, and the rocket takes off. Immediately the rocket embarks on its journey, a multiplier beginning from 1x is displayed on the screen, while the bet icon changes to ‘Cashout’. Once the multiplier grows to the value you want, you should click/tap the Cashout icon. Cashing out will end the round for you, while the multiplier is automatically added to your balance. Keep in mind that the rocket can crash, and that ends the round. If you want to play with the auto bet and auto cashout, you must set them up as explained above.

Bonus features in the Space Taxi

Space Taxi has a bonus feature that can be triggered at random in any round. The bonus feature is activated when the rocket capsule breaks apart and lands on the planet. Once this happens, the multiplier pauses, and the bonus round begins. During the round, one of several multipliers can show up on the screen, including 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, and 100x. 

If you have not cashed out or still have an active bet on the game, any multiplier from the bonus is added to your balance. So, this bonus is for players having an active bet before the bonus is activated. If you cashed out before the bonus triggers, you will not enjoy the associated bonus multiplier.

Crash games similar to Space Taxi

Since a lot of players are becoming interested in crash games, there’s a need for more game options. As such, there are numerous crash games with various themes and concepts in Space Taxi online casinos. Some top titles include Aviator, Aviatrix, JetX, Crash X, Lucky Crumbling, Football X, and Spaceman, among others. Together with Space Taxi, these titles deliver substantial entertainment and thrills to crash game fans. Consequently, we delve into a few titles similar to Space Taxi so that you’ll have sufficient options whenever you wish to play crash games.


Aviator is allegedly one of the best crash games out there. Aviator comes from Spribe, who released the game in 2019 when crash games were not so popular. With an airplane theme and simple audiovisuals, Aviator has a 97%, which is wonderful for a crash game. You can play Aviator for real with wagers of $0.1 to $100 per round. It comes with the Provably Fair mechanic, allowing you to check the integrity of every round on the blockchain using distinct hashes. Aviator also has double bets, both of which allow manual and auto bets, as well as auto cashout. Meanwhile, all players can win a total payout of $10,000 from each round, and that’s great.


Released in 2019, JetX is one of the leading crash games from Smartsoft Gaming. The game comes with a space theme, where there are passengers boarding an aircraft. You can get on board and collect multipliers before the aircraft crashes. The multipliers range from 1x to 25,000x, while you can get a real money payout of up to $10,000 per round. Wagers range from $0.1 to $100, which is in line with what’s available in other games. The RTP ranges from 96.7% to 98.8%. These limits are all good, as they help to increase players’ interest in the JetX casino game.


Aviatrix is a radiant crash game designed to make your gaming experience pleasant. The game made it to the crash game market in 2022 and has continued drawing more players’ attention, thanks to its brilliant audiovisuals. Aviatrix accepts wagers of $0.1 to $300, which is nice. With an aircraft theme at the centre, Aviatrix allows you to take your flight and receive multipliers as you fly. The Aviatrix crash game gives you the opportunity to customise your flight to sit the title and colour you want. There are rewards for the most active players daily, weekly, and monthly, including cashback and free bets.          

Football X

Smarsoft Gaming brings sports to the crash gaming arena with Football X. This game has a football theme, where you can choose one of five players on any round. You can always switch to another player in subsequent rounds. You can stake $1 to $100 on each round, which is acceptable. The goal is to cash out before the player falls down, as that automatically results in a crash. To this end, the multiplier limit you can cash out is between 1x and 100x, and that’s quite low.

Lucky Crumble

Lucky Crumbling is one of the most popular social multiplayer games from Evoplay Entertainment. Released in 2021, Lucky Crumbling has basic designs and a soundtrack, but the gameplay is exciting. It has bet limits of $0.10 to $100 on each round. There are double bets, auto bets, and auto cashout in this crash game. The game’s RTP is 96%, which is acceptable for games like this. The maximum multiplier you can cash out is 1000x, while the highest real money payout is an incredible $750,000. 


The Space Taxi casino game is one of the most engaging social multiplayer games you’ll find around. It has good wager limits for all players to get on board and have fun. The game designs and animations are tailored to suit every player’s aesthetic preferences. Like other crash games, the Space Taxi game rules are quite easy to learn, so you will get along smoothly. This game also has a free-play version, which makes it possible for you to grab how it works before staking real money. 

The Space Taxi instant-win game has a bonus feature that rewards you with random multipliers of 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, and 100x. All you need to do is have an active bet before the bonus is set in motion, and you’ll receive any multiplier on the screen. You can also play other crash games at our Space Taxi online casinos, including Aviator, JetX, Aviatrix, Football X, Lucky Crumbling, Spaceman, and many others. However, the Space Taxi crash game is one of the most interesting titles, as it has unlimited multiplier limits and a sizable maximum payout of $10,000 per round.

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