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Baccarat live Table Game by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: €1 - €1000
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish
💬 Live Chat: yes
🌎 Studio Location: Latvia, Malta, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium
🎲 Game type: Table game, Baccarat

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Baccarat live Table Game by evolution Review

Baccarat is a game of chance where players are required to bet on the hand with a total point value of two or three cards closest to 9. Despite being an easy game to understand and play, it offers an air of sophistication and elegance, making it a favourite among high and low rollers. Furthermore, with the consistent advancement of technology and the emergence of live casinos in recent years, most online casinos have been providing remarkable gaming platforms with fantastic titles, such as live baccarat.

Live baccarat allows players to experience the excitement and thrill of playing at a land-based casino from the comfort of their homes. This review will take a closer look at the history and origin of baccarat and give a detailed overview of how live baccarat works, its rules, and the odds and payouts of the game. Additionally, the article will describe the different live baccarat variations by Evolution and offer tips and strategies to improve your chances of winning.

History and origin of baccarat

Despite being one of the most popular and classic card games, the true origin of the baccarat game appears to be somewhat unclear since the game has evolved over time. As a result, historians and game experts have debated its heritage over the years. For instance, according to some studies, baccarat may have derived partly from a non-card game, the Chinese Pai Gow, which was played with tiles instead of cards. This is primarily due to the connection between the meaning of Pai Gow (make nine) and 9 being the winning value in baccarat. However, this theory has no historical evidence to substantiate it. Below are some of the most popularly believed origins.

Baccarat: Italian roots

According to some researchers, the game was invented by an Italian croupier named Felix Falguierein during the mid-15th century. Initially, the game was known as “baccara”, an ancient Italian term meaning “nothing” or “zero,” because all the tens and face cards were worth zero. It was played using Tarot cards, and the game’s original form involved players drawing cards to determine their point value, and the goal was to achieve a hand with a total value closest to 9.

Baccarat is believed to be created based on the old Etruscan folklore of a virgin woman who had to throw a nine-sided die, and the outcome of the throw determined her fate. If she threw an 8 or a 9, the woman was promoted to the glory of being a priestess. In addition, if she threw a 6 or 7, she was allowed to live but would lose all her priestly roles, i.e., she couldn’t participate in any future community and religious events. Moreover, if she got a value lower than 6, she was sentenced to death and sent to the sea to drown. Thus, it’s believed that the initial rules of the baccarat game came from this legend.

Baccarat: French origin

According to some historians, soldiers returning from the Italian conflicts during the 17th century introduced the game in France. During this period, the game got its French name, “baccarat.” Over time, it quickly grew in popularity, and two variations of the game (Baccarat Deux Tableaux and Chemin de Fer) emerged.

Chemin de Fer baccarat

Chemin de Fer (which translates to ‘railway baccarat’) became a favourite among the French nobility and King Charles VIII. In this variant, the players take turns acting as the Banker, and the role of the dealer rotates around the table, adding an extra element of strategy and excitement to the game. The game is played with six decks of cards in a shoe moving across the table in an anticlockwise direction. The player to the dealer’s right hand is designated as the first Banker and deals two cards face down to the Player and two to themselves. Moreover, the player with the highest bet on the table takes the Player’s hand while the Banker takes the other hand. 

Afterwards, both the Player and Banker look at their cards, and if one of the hand totals is a natural (either 8 or 9), they’ll announce it and show their cards. If there isn’t a natural hand, additional cards are drawn face-up according to the game rules. Furthermore, if the Player’s hand wins, the payout is 1:1. However, if the Banker’s hand wins, all of the Player’s losing wagers are passed back to the Banker, and he decides whether to continue in his role or pass. If both hands result in a tie, all bets will remain on the table and be played in the next round.

Baccarat à Deux Tableaux

On the other hand, Baccarat à Deux Tableaux or Two Table Baccarat (also known as Baccarat Banque) was played with three decks of cards, and the game rules were similar to Chemin de Fer, with some minor differences. For instance, in Chemin de Fer, the role of a Banker is passed around whenever the Banker loses. However, in Baccarat Banque, the player with the largest bet remains Banker until the shoe is entirely played or they have cleared out their bankroll and can’t continue to place any more wagers. 

To begin the game, the dealer shuffles the cards, and the players on the left and right of the dealer reshuffle the cards. The Banker shuffles the cards last. Afterwards, the Banker picks a player to cut the cards, and then the dealer gives a card to the Player’s hand on the right table, another to the Player’s position on the left table, and one to the Banker. Players can place wagers on either the Player’s or the Banker’s hands. However, there is no tie bet in Baccarat Banque. In the event of a tie, the player with fewer cards wins.

Baccarat in America

Regardless of the unsteady history, most researchers agree that the game originated in Italy and France, and continued to gain popularity, spreading from there to the United Kingdom and the United States. The game became most popular among casinos in North America (Cuba) in the early 1950s under the name Punto Banco. However, during that same period (the 1950s), baccarat wasn’t a popular casino game in the USA until 1959, when Tommy Renzoni made casino history when he launched the first Punto Banco table in Las Vegas Sands. The game featured three main bets, but only two were primarily used, i.e., the Player (Punto) and Banker (Banco), hence the name ‘Punto Banco’.

Over the years, casino operators promoted baccarat as a game designed for the chosen few by setting high minimum bets and hiding the tables in exclusive rooms. This marketing strategy brought more attention and enhanced the allure of the game.

Because baccarat has some of the best chances of winning and a high RTP, high rollers are drawn to it. Nevertheless, the game has retained its elegance and sophistication and remains a favourite among players who enjoy its simple and thrilling gameplay.

Live baccarat card rankings

The majority of high-roller online casinos that offer baccarat games use six or eight standard decks of 52 cards. All the playing cards have assigned values used to calculate a player’s hand value during the real money gameplay to determine the winner. For instance, all tens and face cards, such as Jacks (J), Queens (Q), and Kings (K), all count for 0, and an Ace is valued as one. In addition, all numbered cards (2-9) are worth their face value, i.e., a seven is worth its numerical value of 7, and so on. You should note that, unlike many casino card games, the joker cards do not appear in the online live baccarat game, and the winning hand is the one whose card values add up closest to 9.

Furthermore, suppose during a game round, a hand’s value exceeds 9. In that case, the rightmost digit determines its value. For instance, a hand consisting of 8 and 5 equals 13, which means the hand’s total value is 3. That’s because you’ll drop the first digit (1) and have a hand value of 3. In addition, if the Player’s or Banker’s hand value on the first two dealt cards is 8 or 9, it’s called a natural. The game round ends whenever there’s a natural hand, and all bets are collected or paid out.

Live baccarat roadmaps

Live baccarat roadmaps refer to the different pictorial representations of the previous actions of the shoe in play. These roadmaps help players quickly assess the history of the game, identify trends, and attempt to predict future results. A live baccarat statistical roadmap begins when the first game round of a new shoe is dealt and continues until the cutting card appears. After the completion of the last hand of the shoe, all the current data in the roadmap is cleared, and the process starts over when a new shoe is introduced. These roadmaps are usually displayed on a scoreboard or electronic display board on the left side of the betting layout. There are various live baccarat roadmaps, each with unique symbols and patterns. Nevertheless, below are the most commonly used roadmaps.

Big Road

This is the main road which all other roads are derived from. It’s typically a grid with six rows and unlimited columns. When the game round begins, the first result (Banker or Player) is recorded on the top-left corner of the grid (Big Road). Suppose the second result is similar to the first. In this case, the result is recorded under the first outcome, and the process continues throughout the shoe unless otherwise. When a different hand wins, a new column is started. 

Therefore, the Big Road becomes a series of columns of alternating hollow circles, with a minimum height of one circle and no maximum height. A blue circle represents a Player win, whereas a red one represents a Banker win. Pair wins are recorded as a dot on the edge of the most recent circle, with a blue dot at the bottom-right representing the Player pair and a red one at the top-left for the Banker. Moreover, Natural results are displayed using a yellow dot at the centre of the most recent circle.

You should note that a Tie win is not displayed in a separate cell on the grid. It’s simply shown as a green line that cuts across the most recent circle (result). In the case of multiple Tie wins, a small number representing the number of Ties is displayed next to the green line. Furthermore, suppose a Tie happens before the Player or Banker results. In that case, the green line will be recorded in the top left cell on the grid, and when the first Banker or Player result is known, the circle is shown in the same cell under the green line.

In addition, suppose there are more than six consecutive Player or Banker wins. In this case, the display will run out of vertical space, and the streak’s results will turn right and continue being recorded along the bottom row, forming a pattern known as “the dragon tail.” Most baccarat players use it as a strategy (follow the dragon) when betting since they believe the longer the dragon’s tail, the better the chance of winning. Furthermore, if a string of consecutive wins of the same side bumps into a dragon on the bottom row, it’ll instantly turn right (despite the row it’s in) and create its dragon, a situation referred to as “double dragon.” 

Bead Plate

This is an exact representation of every hand of a shoe. However, unlike the Big Road, the Bead Plate displays a Tie result in a separate cell on the grid. Furthermore, a new column is begun once the previous column has been filled, regardless of each hand’s outcome. When the game round begins, the first result appears in the top left corner of the grid, and the road is filled vertically through all six cells of the column. The symbols used in the Bead Plate are colour-filled circles superimposed with letters (P, B, T) representing the particular result or numbers corresponding to the points totals of the winning hand.

The blue circle represents a Player win, whereas the red and green circles represent Banker and Tie wins, respectively. Similar to the Big Road, Pair wins are recorded as a dot on the edge of the most recent circle, with a blue dot at the bottom-right representing the Player pair and a red one at the top-left for the Banker.

The Derived Roads

These are roadmaps derived from the Big Road and describe the various patterns in it. You should note that these roads don’t tell you exactly what happened; instead, they tell you whether there were patterns in what happened, hence the name “predictive roads.” There are three different derived roads, each describing slightly different patterns. These include Big Eye Boy, Small Road, and Cockroach Road. Derived roads comprise red and blue symbols with hollow circles representing the Big Eye Boy, solid circles for the Small Road, and slashes for the Cockroach Road. Please note that the red and blue symbols don’t correspond to Banker or Player results. Instead, a red symbol indicates that there’s a pattern and blue shows that the shoe had no pattern (choppy).

As mentioned earlier, each road marks the game results using a different pattern, with the main distinction being the starting point and the results scored in the Big Road. For instance, for the Big Eye Boy, the second result is displayed in the second column, whereas for the Small Road, the second result is shown in the third column. In addition, the second result is recorded in the fourth column for the Cockroach Road. Once a derived road starts, an extra red or blue symbol is added to that road after every hand. You can click on any of the derived roads to zoom in on the road content.

Live baccarat game interface and features

The live baccarat user interface is easy to use, with all essential information and components displayed on the screen. However, it may vary depending on the variation you’re playing. Nevertheless, when you launch the game, you’ll see live baccarat statistics of the winning players scrolling up on the left side of your screen with their respective winning amounts. In addition, you can interact with the dealer or other players through a chat box/window, creating a more immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Live video feed

Depending on your playing variation, a live video feed from the studio or land-based casino is fixed on the screen, with a professional dealer seated behind a huge round table on the stage. The game features HD-quality streaming, but the video quality automatically adjusts depending on the stability of your internet. You can also switch from an up-close view to full-screen mode during gameplay, giving an extra dimension to the game. On the dealer’s left side is a shoe filled with a shuffled deck of 52 playing cards, where the croupier draws and deals them to players, and an empty glass box on the right, where all the played cards are placed.

Betting area

On the bottom section, there’s a dedicated betting area, with the typical layout of all accepted bet types displayed in the middle of the table. The betting area is usually divided into three sections representing the three main bets (Banker, Player, and Tie). Traditionally, in a live baccarat table, the Player’s betting field is coloured blue while the Banker’s and the Tie fields are red and green, respectively. Depending on your playing variant, all available side bet sections where you can place special wagers are placed on the left, right, and top of the main betting area. You can place different bet sizes using multi-coloured chips with various denominations displayed at the bottom of the betting area.

Roadmap grid

On the right side of the betting table is a Roadmap Probing grid. This grid helps players predict the outcome of the next round as it shows the trends in the Big Eye Boy, Small Road, Cockroach Road, and Bead Plate if either Player or Banker result is added. You can press the Ask Player (P?) button to see if the subsequent outcome is a Player win or the Ask Banker (B?) button to see how the roads will look if the next result is a Banker win. Please note that the symbols on the buttons represent the actual last symbol in each derived road.

Bet limits and player menu

Furthermore, bet limits are pinned on the screen’s top section, with the accepted amount ranging from as low as $0.2 and as high as $5000. Nevertheless, live baccarat VIP variations in high-roller online casinos offer higher bet limits of up to USD 25,000 per game round. Moreover, a help menu is displayed on the top right of the screen, where you can learn more about the game rules, card values, bet types, payouts, return to player, roadmaps, and so on. Finally, you should note that a display of your account balance and the total bets is usually pinned at the bottom of the screen.

Rules of live baccarat

Playing live dealer baccarat online for real money is easy despite being considered a complex game. A standard baccarat table can host up to 14 players, but the virtual table in live baccarat online casinos usually has no limit since you play against other online players from across the world. Nevertheless, the rules and gameplay remain the same regardless of the number of players. 

As mentioned earlier, the game is played with six or eight decks of 52 cards, with a cut card placed in front of the seventh from the last card. Notably, the cut card drawing indicates the shoe’s final dealing. Furthermore, cards are discarded (burned) to an empty glass box on the dealer’s right side at the beginning of every new dealing shoe. A burn card is dealt face-up from the top of the new deck, and based on its respective numerical value, the dealer burns as many cards face down.

Baccarat’s primary goal is for the player to bet on the hand that gets as close to 9 points as possible. You only have three main betting options as a player, but the most common include Player (punto) or Banker (banco). During a game round, players are required to bet on which hand they think will be the winner, i.e., the Player’s or the Banker’s hand. In addition, players can also bet on a tie between the Player and the Banker, which usually pays out at a higher rate than the other two wagers (often 8:1 or 9:1), but this depends on your playing live baccarat variation.

Guide to playing live baccarat

Before the beginning of each game round, players are required to place their bets within the specified time (usually 15 seconds) by selecting the corresponding chip value and placing it on the respective betting area on the table (Player, Banker, Tie, or side bets). Once the assigned betting time is over and you’re done setting your wagers, the live baccarat dealer will scan and deal four cards face down, the first and third cards to the Player’s side and the second and fourth cards to the Banker’s side. Afterwards, the dealer slowly reveals the cards starting with the Player’s hand.

Depending on the total values of the Player’s initial two cards, a third card may be dealt to the Player’s side, i.e., if the Player scores five or less, they are dealt an extra card. However, if the Player’s side receives a third card, whether the Banker hits or not depends on the value of the Player’s third card. Please note that the rules for drawing a third card are predetermined and don’t require any decision from you. After the cards have been dealt, the hand with the total card value closest to 9 is declared the winner. If both hands have the same value, it’s considered a tie, and bets on the Player and Banker’s hands are pushed (returned). Please note that all winning bets are paid out according to the paytable.

Furthermore, an exceptional case may lead to a game round being over after the croupier has dealt the first four cards, i.e., when the Player’s or Banker’s first two cards have a total value equal to 8 or 9 points (Natural hand). The game round ends whenever there’s a natural hand, and all bets are collected or paid out. Suppose during the gameplay, a hand’s value exceeds 9. In that case, the rightmost digit determines its value. For instance, a hand composed of 7 and 6 equals 13, which means the hand’s total value is 3. That’s because you’ll drop the first digit (1) and have a hand value of 3.

The Banker and Player’s third card rules

Depending on the total value of the first two dealt cards, the third card rules are used to determine whether one or both hands will receive a third card or not (Hit or Stand). For instance, the Banker must adhere to the set of rules mentioned below:

  • To begin with, if the Banker’s hand has a total of 2 or less, the dealer will deal a third card to the Banker. 
  • In addition, if the Banker’s total is 3, they’ll draw a third card unless the Player’s third card is an 8.
  • If the Banker’s total is 4 and the Player’s third card is a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7, they’ll also draw a third card.
  • Furthermore, if the Banker’s total is 5 and the Player’s third card is a 4, 5, 6, or 7, the Banker’s hand will get a third card.
  • If the Banker’s total is 6 and the Player’s third card is a 6 or 7, the Banker’s hand will get a third card.
  • Lastly, if the Banker’s total is 7, it’ll stand.

On the other hand, the Player’s third-card rule is applied if the Player’s hand total is between 0-5. Additionally, if the Player’s hand total is 6 or 7, it’ll stand. Please note that all winning Banker’s hands are subject to a 5% commission.

Live Baccarat variations by Evolution

Baccarat is undoubtedly an admirable game among online and offline players. As a result, Evolution has raised the stakes in terms of thrills and suspense by providing a world-class, Macau-style gaming experience for all sorts of players ranging from novices and low rollers to the most experienced high rollers. In addition, live baccarat fanatics can have an ultimate experience in authentic gameplay through the company’s impressive baccarat catalogue with numerous variations.

Some of Evolution’s live baccarat variants include Live Baccarat Squeeze, Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, No Commission Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Lightning Baccarat, Live Baccarat VIP, Salon Privé, etc. Furthermore, these titles offer default and configurable side bets, adding extra excitement and betting opportunities for players. From its vast range of multi-camera Live Baccarat shared tables to custom-branded dedicated tables, Evolution offers more choice and excitement for everyone. Below is an overview of the numerous variations mentioned above.

Live Baccarat

This is a standard baccarat variation that follows the traditional rules of baccarat. You can find it in most online casinos’ lobbies, referred to as Baccarat A or Baccarat B. In addition, this variant features a single-camera view head-on, with a close-up view of the cards as they are revealed. Moreover,  players can switch between two viewing modes (immersive view and classic view) during gameplay. Like in a traditional baccarat game, this Live baccarat title by Evolution features a live croupier dealing the cards and a virtual table that displays the cards and allows players to place their bets. In the immersive view, a timer informs you of the betting time duration, whereas in the classic view, the traffic lights tell you the current status. The green light indicates that bets are open, the yellow light informs you when the betting time is nearly over, and a red light when the time has expired. After it expires, betting is closed, and no more bets are accepted.

Additionally, the game offers a wide range of betting limits (a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $5000) to suit different players. With cards dealt face down at a bean-shaped gold-coloured table, there’s no more authentic way for players to enjoy Asia’s most popular casino table game. Other features in this game include extra statistics viewable via a wide choice of roads, and the ability for players to view other players’ moves, i.e., you can see the number of players who have placed their bets on a particular spot. These features enrich and create a truly authentic and dynamic gaming experience for online players.

The game is played with a standard 52-card deck, and the goal is to predict which hand (Player’s or Banker’s) will have a total point value closest to 9. If you believe that both Player and Banker will hold hands of equal value, you can place a Tie bet. In addition to the main bets, this Evolution baccarat variant offers numerous side bets, including Player and Banker Pairs, Perfect Pair, Either Pair and Player and Banker Bonuses.

Salon Prive

Offering the ultimate VIP live gaming experience online, Evolution Salon Privé is an elegant baccarat variant that provides a top-tier VIP environment. In this title, the most discerning and high-wagering online players (subject to minimum bankroll requirements) can enjoy the best live gaming with high minimum bets of $1000 and high maximum bets of $15,000. In this regard, the company offers four Salon Privé Live Baccarat tables, with each table offering a different minimum and maximum bet, allowing players to choose a table that suits their bankroll. You should note that with Salon Prive, you must have a minimum of $6000 in your player account to access the tables.

In addition, heightened levels of VIP customer service in this title include a single-player private table and a VIP room manager present during the game to deal with the player’s requests and solve any issues as quickly as possible. Salon Prive features enhanced gameplay control at one-to-one (between the player and the live dealer), providing an intimate and exclusive gaming environment since other players are not allowed to watch. Once you join the private room, there’s no opportunity for other interested players to enter since the table becomes inaccessible and displays “In Use” in the lobby. The game is streamed live in HD from the company’s studio in Riga, with a Baroque-style design reminiscent of the 17th-century look and true to old-school French and Italian casinos.

As it is a VIP table, players can retain the dealer after their session is over or request a new one if they are dissatisfied with the current host of the game. Furthermore, the game can quickly adapt to the player’s gaming style and pace, and they can ask for the cards to be shuffled at any time. When a player uses the Deal Now function on the game’s interface, Salon Prive employs smart technology which adapts to their rhythm. Like in the land-based casinos’ baccarat VIP rooms, the player can request a free hand to test the game, i.e., the player won’t place any real-money bets, but the live croupier will deal cards to the respective hands. Like all Evolution’s titles, you can play the Salon Prive baccarat variant on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

Multi-camera Baccarat

In this title, a multi-camera installation option adds a dynamic and cinematic quality to baccarat play on online casinos’ dedicated tables. With this fully customisable variant of Evolution’s world-class baccarat, online operators are allowed to choose the number of cameras used and the shot angles. In Multi-camera Baccarat, the game is streamed live from the company’s studio using 17 High Definition cameras. These multiple cameras capture different angles of the game, allowing players to view the action from different perspectives, giving them a more immersive gaming experience. Just like in Evolution Immersive Lite option for roulette, Multi-camera Baccarat players are immersed in the drama and suspense of the game.

Furthermore, online casinos constantly change the camera views and close-ups of the table and the card dealings, keeping the game visually fresh and engaging. In Multi-Camera Baccarat, every aspect and detail of the game is captured, and no action is missed or skipped. Thus, players witness all the action like they are physically at the live table from the comfort of their homes. In addition, for live casinos with multiple dedicated tables, the camera setup can be configured to enable brief cutaway shots of other tables to enhance the authentic casino ambience further. These shots feature close-up views of different tables that other players are engaged in.

Multi-Camera Baccarat is played like the standard baccarat variant despite the multiple cameras. The player is required to bet on the hand with a total point value of two or three cards closest to 9. Like in classic baccarat, the live croupier deals four cards (two for the Player’s side and two for the Banker’s hand). Moreover, players can also place various side bets, such as Player and Banker Pairs, which can enhance the overall players’ winnings.

Live Baccarat Squeeze

This is the ultimate multi-camera Live Baccarat for players who love the squeeze ritual, increasing the player’s excitement substantially. Over 15 High Definition cameras capture every subtle nuance of the game, with the vital squeeze itself performed by the dealer captured in a series of tantalising close-up shots. Taking online baccarat into a new dimension, Evolution Live Baccarat Squeeze keeps the action flowing while delivering maximum suspense and authenticity. 

During gameplay, the dealer quickly reveals cards for the hand associated with the lesser total wager and will squeeze cards dealt to the hand associated with the largest total wagered amount. In another instance, suppose the total wager for both hands is equal, or the greatest wager is on the Tie bet. In that case, the dealer will quickly reveal the Player’s hand cards and squeeze the Banker’s second card and any extra cards dealt to both hands.

The Live Baccarat Squeeze croupiers are extensively trained since they have to show a card from various angles without the players figuring out what the card is until it’s displayed on the screen. The squeezing process is ritualistic, with the card twisted between the dealer’s fingers and flipped to reveal its value. Before the big reveal, the dealer provides teasing glimpses of the suit (hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds) but not the card’s value. Nevertheless, as entertaining as the card squeezing is, it has no bearing on the final results of the game, as it’s only used to heighten anticipation and enhance excitement.

Live Baccarat Squeeze is played the same way as the standard variant, with players allowed to bet on the Player, Banker, and Tie outcomes. At the beginning of each round, two face-down cards are dealt to both the Player and the Banker. Afterwards, the dealer moves a small red block to either the Player or Banker side, indicating which of the hands will be squeezed. Like in standard baccarat, the third card rules are applied depending on the total points of each hand. The shoe is dealt until the cut card is dealt, after which the remaining cards are discarded, shuffled, and a new deck is introduced.

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze

In this variant, players are allowed to take control of the squeeze themselves. Cards are dealt face-down onto glass panel inlays in the custom-designed table, with two cameras integrated under the table to instantly relay the live stream of the real card faces to the player’s screen. The card faces are obscured by optical filters and an overlay mask built into the game’s interface. Players simply click or tap on the corner or edge of each card to peel back the overlay mask and reveal the card value. It’s a truly Macau-like VIP gaming experience that puts the unique thrill of the squeeze at the players’ fingertips. Thus, this direct interaction with the cards makes this game every bit as exciting as playing baccarat in a land-based casino. Luckily, the game offers new players the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the game and practise the squeeze without placing bets.

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze is usually played with 8 decks. The game can accommodate unlimited players, with all the other aspects identical to the standard baccarat variant. During gameplay, the dealer deals two cards for both the Player’s and Banker’s hands, after which the players are given 15 seconds to squeeze the cards and reveal their values. Once the timer runs out, the live croupier reveals the cards. Regarding bets, players can bet on the main classic baccarat outcomes and additional side bets, which feature massive payouts of up to 200:1.

Speed Baccarat

Evolution Live Speed Baccarat is the super-fast alternative to the company’s standard baccarat game and its many variants for players looking for maximum betting opportunities and excitement in their playing sessions. While a standard live baccarat game round lasts 48 seconds, Live Speed Baccarat ups the pace by almost cutting the playing time in half. Cards are dealt face-up in this variant, as opposed to standard live baccarat, and the results time is kept to a minimum, with each game round completing in a suspense-packed 27 seconds. For most experienced baccarat players, this faster playing approach heightens the sense of anticipation. Please note that with a new round beginning every 27 seconds, the game’s pace is usually quick, leaving very little time for you to figure out your next move. Furthermore, unlike in standard live baccarat, the betting time in this variant is cut from 15 to 10 seconds. Speed Baccarat is played with eight standard 52-card decks, with the game adhering to the traditional baccarat rules.

Lightning Baccarat

Just like the company’s multi-award-winning Lightning Roulette, Evolution Lightning Baccarat is a unique take on a casino classic, super-charged with RNG-based Lightning Card multipliers in every game round. In addition, the game is presented in a stunning black and gold Art Deco environment with an electrifying and friendly user interface.

Lightning Baccarat is an electrifying extended baccarat variant that combines the company’s world-leading Live Baccarat with a chance to win hugely multiplied payouts on a winning hand. In each game round, one to five Lightning cards are randomly generated from a virtual 52-card deck. These Lightning cards are then given randomly assigned multipliers ranging from 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x to 8x. If your bet wins and contains card (s) from the selected Lightning cards, your payout will be multiplied by the Lightning multiplier assigned to the card (s). If, for instance, two or more Lightning cards are dealt to the same bet spot, you’ll have a chance to win more since the multipliers will be multiplied, and your payout amount will be multiplied by the total multiplier. As a result, players receive higher payouts of up to 512:1 for Player and Banker bets and 576:1 for Pair bets.

Suppose the winning hand doesn’t contain any of the revealed Lightning cards. In that case, the regular payout is applied. In Lightning Baccarat, the live croupier deals the two initial cards to the Player and Banker’s hands after the Lightning round has occurred. Since there is an opportunity for massively multiplied winnings, a 20% Lightning Fee is added to each player’s total bet, i.e., if you place a $50 bet, you’ll incur a Lightning fee of $10. Like in a standard baccarat table, bets on the Player and Banker’s hands are pushed in case of a Tie outcome. However, it would be best if you were wary that the Lightning fee for the pushed bets will not be returned. Moreover, Lightning Baccarat offers a slightly lower RTP of 98.76% than classic baccarat (98.94%). The game also features a lower maximum bet limit of $500 and a maximum payout limit of $500,000.

No Commission Baccarat

As the name suggests, Live No Commission Baccarat is a variation that eliminates the 5% commission that is usually charged on Banker wins. Instead, the game offers an exception which pays out half the initial bet (0.5:1) on any winning Banker hand with a total value of 6. Nevertheless, to counter this exceptional bet and offer extra excitement, No Commission Baccarat offers features a Super 6 insurance side bet, i.e., if a player places this bet and the Banker scores a 6, the payout is 15:1, making it an attractive option for players who want to maximise their winnings. 

Like in standard Live Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat offers various side bets, including Player and Banker Pairs, Perfect Pair, Either Pair and Player and Banker Bonuses. Designed to deliver a royal treatment, the game is hosted by professional dealers trained to provide an immersive and engaging experience behind a purple table with golden edges. Like in Lightning Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat offers a theoretical RTP percentage of 98.76% based on the optimal strategy for Player bet.

Dual Play Baccarat

Land-based and online convergence doesn’t get any more exciting than this, as Evolution offers two Dual Play Baccarat tables. This baccarat variant adds dual-play capability to any baccarat table in land-based casinos using an advanced camera, sound installation, and on-premise seated players. A virtually unlimited number of additional online players from anywhere in the world can also play the same games at the same table simultaneously. Online players are transported straight onto the gaming floor of some of the world’s most iconic land-based casinos. Online live baccarat lovers get to play alongside the on-premise players in the fastest and slickest Dual Play Baccarat variant. You should note that the baccarat table layouts in land-based casinos differ from the live casino versions. Nevertheless, online players can use the standard live interface and easily place their bets from the comfort of their location.

Dual Play Baccarat by Evolution is an ideal choice for players who want the best of both worlds, i.e., the thrill of a land-based casino combined with the convenience of online gaming. With its seamless integration of online and offline gaming environments, customisable options, and professional live dealers, Dual Play Baccarat will surely provide hours of entertainment and the chance for players to win big. In addition, Dual Play Baccarat is the perfect way for land-based casinos to extend their services to customers in their venues while also relaying the unique excitement of a casino and its brand to a vastly extended audience of online players.

Baccarat Multiplay

Baccarat Multiplay is a new variation by Evolution with a simple and easy-to-navigate user interface that allows players to place bets on all the company’s Live Baccarat tables offered in an online live casino in one go without joining each table separately. All the baccarat tables are displayed with a video stream, a miniature version of the betting grid, and the player’s choice of road, making it easy to find the table with the longest streak. With a button click, all the tables can be sorted according to the longest streak for the player’s chosen road.

One of the most significant standout features of Multiplay Baccarat is the ability to view multiple tables at once, with a split-screen option that allows players to see up to three tables simultaneously when in full-screen mode. This feature enables players to make informed betting decisions based on previous hands’ results and other players’ betting patterns. Furthermore, to follow the game closely, the player can switch to video mode and watch up to two tables at a go on the split screen. You can click the video camera icon at the top right of the table display to switch from its extensive roadmaps to its video stream. You can also decide which road type to display (Big Road or Derived Roads) to track the patterns. When you’re ready to place your bets, you’ll see a betting layout with virtual chips at the bottom of the split-screen and a countdown timer showing how much betting time is left.

Peek Baccarat

Peek Baccarat is a revolutionary Baccarat variant where anticipation is built throughout the game and allows players to change their bets during gameplay for the first time ever. It’s a variant of the classic baccarat game with an incorporation of a unique feature that gives players an exciting opportunity to take a peek at one, two, three or four of the dealt cards, adding an extra level of excitement and gameplay strategy. A Peek fee of 20% is added to the player’s initial bet on the Player and Banker bet spots. So, for instance, if you place a $20 bet on the Player or the Banker, the Peek fee will be $4, and your total bet will be $24. You should note that the Peek fee is not applied to the Tie, Player Pair or Banker Pair bet spots.

Standard baccarat gameplay rules apply in Peek Baccarat, with the live croupier dealing two initial cards to the Player and the Banker. Afterwards, one to four of the dealt cards are revealed. Suppose the revealed cards are beneficial to your hand before the dealer completes dealing cards to each hand. In that case, you can choose to Double or Triple your wager to hit massive wins using the new expanding betting grid. On the other hand, if the cards don’t favour you, you can choose to continue with your initial bet. Peek Baccarat offers a 10-second initial betting time, whereas players are given a betting time of 15 seconds for additional bets. Luckily, the Peek fee isn’t applied to the added value of the doubled or tripled bet. Furthermore, like in Lightning Baccarat, the Peek fee will not be returned if the outcome is a Tie. Compared to the standard Live Baccarat, this variation offers a slightly lower RTP of 98.80%.

Golden Wealth Baccarat

Golden Wealth Baccarat is presented in an elegant red and gold setting, providing a beautiful VIP feel with an augmented-reality magical pot. This magically entertaining Baccarat variation adds a wealth of extra excitement through more frequent multipliers and augmented reality features blended with the live game action. In this Evolution baccarat variant, luck is spread in the form of golden stardust that delivers Golden Cards from the magical pot. Five Golden Cards are included in each game round, and each Golden Card attracts a randomly generated multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x or 8x. If a player wins on a hand with one or more matching Golden Cards, their winnings are multiplied accordingly, i.e., if, for instance, a player gets 5x and 2x Golden Cards in the winning hand, the payout will be increased 10x.

If the dealer deals a Golden Card on the table during gameplay, augmented reality stardust paints the card gold and shows the multiplier value above the card. The multipliers appear on the betting grid, and if the hand wins, the player sees the grid highlight and confirms the win. Additionally, once the game round is over, the Golden Cards and multipliers are drawn back to the magical pot from where, in the case of a win, coins come flying down to the player’s balance. Furthermore, a Golden 20% fee is added to the player’s initial bet and isn’t returned for the pushed bets in the event of a Tie outcome.

In this variant, players receive higher payouts of up to 512:1 for Player and Banker bets and 576:1 for Pair bets. Suppose the winning hand doesn’t contain any of the revealed Golden Cards. In that case, the regular baccarat payout is applied except for the Tie hand, which features a 5:1 payout. The maximum payout is usually for a Tie outcome of six Golden Cards with 8x value. This gives a payout of 262,144x. However, the maximum payout for a winning hand in Golden Wealth Baccarat is capped at $500,000. Moreover, this variant offers a lower maximum bet limit of $1000 and an RTP of 98.85% based on a maximum bet placed on an individual bet spot.

Evolution Red Envelope bonus

Red Envelope is an unexpected bonus that may sometimes be generated on either the Tie, Banker Pair or Player Pair bet spots by increasing the payout by up to 88x your initial bet. One, two or three Red Envelopes can be generated for the same round, all with different enhanced payout values. Each time the Red Envelope happens, an animation will be visible on the relevant bet spot, showing a red envelope together with a randomly generated increased payout. You should note that the Red Envelopes are generated after the betting time has run out, and all three main bet spots may receive one simultaneously.

Suppose a player’s bet is placed on a bet spot with a Red Envelope. In such a case, if the player wins on that bet, they will receive a payout multiplied by the Red Envelope’s multiplier. A Tie bet can receive a boosted payout of between 11x and 88x, whereas the Player and Banker bets feature enhanced payouts of between 15x and 88x. The optimal theoretical Red Envelope bonus RTP (return to player) percentage is 92.97% for the Tie bet and 93.44% for each Player or Banker Pair. Notably, this increased payout is available on all Evolution live baccarat tables, with the exception of Lightning Baccarat and Dual Play Baccarat.

Live baccarat side bets

In addition to the main bets (Player, Banker, and Tie), Evolution offers various side bets that you can place to add some extra excitement and flair to the game. These bets often provide higher payouts than the standard bets but also have a higher risk. Below are some of the most common side bets in Evolution live baccarat variations.

Player and Banker Pair

For the Player Pair, the bet pays out if the Player’s first two dealt cards constitute a pair. Similarly, the Banker Pair pays out if the first two cards dealt to the Banker form a pair. This side bet features a payout of 11:1 on either winning hand. Additionally, each side bet offers an RTP of 89.64%.

Perfect Pair

This bet offers two distinct payouts. For the first payout of 25:1, the bet pays out if the first two cards dealt to either the Player or Banker form a pair of the same suit and value. For instance, if the first two cards dealt to the Banker are two 4s of clubs, the Perfect Pair bet wins.

On the other hand, a payout of 200:1 is paid out if the first two cards dealt to both the Player or Banker form a pair of the same suit and value. For instance, the Perfect Pair bet wins if the first two cards dealt to the Player and Banker’s hands are both two 6s of hearts. You should note that this side bet can’t be higher than half of the total main bet. Additionally, the Perfect Pair bet features an RTP of 91.95%.

Either Pair

This bet pays out if the Player’s or Banker’s first two dealt cards form a pair. This means that if the first two cards dealt to either hand are of the same rank, such as two 5s or two Queens, the Either Pair bet wins. This side bet features a payout of 5:1 and an RTP of 86.29%.

Player and Banker Bonus

The Player Bonus bet pays out when the Player wins the round on a natural 8 or 9 or by at least four points. For instance, suppose the Player’s hand total value is 7, and the Banker’s total value is 3. In that case, the Player Bonus bet wins. Similarly, the Banker Bonus bet pays out when the Banker’s hand wins the round on a natural 8 or 9 or by at least four points. You should note that the wagers in these side bets can’t exceed half of the total main bet. The payout for the Player and Banker Bonus side bets is 1:1 for a natural hand, and in the event of a natural tie, all bets are pushed. In addition, the Player Bonus offers an RTP of 97.35%, whereas for the Banker Bonus, the RTP is 90.63%.

On the other hand, the payouts for non-natural wins vary from one outcome to the other. Below is an overview of all non-natural payouts for Player and Banker Bonus side bets.

  • For hand wins by 9 points, the payout is 30:1.
  • For hand wins by 8 points, the payout is 10:1.
  • For hand wins by 7 points, the payout is 6:1.
  • For hand wins by 6 points, the payout is 4:1.
  • For hand wins by 5 points, the payout is 2:1.
  • For hand wins by 4 points, the payout is 1:1.

Super 6 Insurance

This side bet is usually offered in the Live No Commission Baccarat title. The bet pays out if the Banker’s hand wins with a total value of 6. You must first place a main bet before making this side bet, and the Super 6 Insurance bet can’t exceed half of the combined main bet. For instance, if the total main bet is $100, the side bet amount should be $50 or less. This side bet features a payout of 15:1 and an RTP of 86.18%.


These bets involve predicting the total number of cards that will be dealt in a round. For example, a Big bet wins if the total number of cards dealt in a round is 5 or 6, while a Small bet wins if the total number of cards is 4. The payout for the Big bet is typically 0.54:1, whereas, for the Small bet, a winning hand receives a payout of 1.5:1. In addition, the Big bet offers an RTP of 95.65%, whereas for the Small bet, the RTP is 94.73%.


This side bet involves betting on a Tie outcome of a specific value between the Player’s and Banker’s hands. The Égalité bet wins if both hands have the same total point value at the end of the round. Depending on the total value, the payout for this bet stretches from 80:1 and goes as high as 220:1.

Bellagio match

This bet involves wagering whether the Player’s and Banker’s hands will have a three-of-a-kind match of the same rank. For instance, you’ll receive a payout if either hand has three 6s or three Kings. The payout for this bet varies depending on the winning hand, with the Player’s hand receiving a 75:1 payout and 68:1 for the Banker’s hand.

Live baccarat odds

Every outcome has a certain probability of occurring when you play real money live baccarat in an online casino. However, these winning odds depend on a number of different factors, such as the game variation being played and the player’s skill level and strategy. Nevertheless, the standard odds in a live baccarat game are calculated based on the assumption that the cards are dealt from an eight-deck shoe.

Therefore, from the three main bets, the Banker’s hand (banco) has the highest statistical chance of winning with odds of 45.87%. On the other hand, the Player’s hand (punto) features winning odds of 44.63%, whereas the chance of winning if you place a Tie bet is significantly low as it features winning odds of 9.51%. This means that betting on a tie is considered a risky move since it has a low probability of winning.

Live baccarat house edge

House edge is the statistical advantage that a casino has over the player in any particular game. It’s usually expressed as a percentage, representing the average amount of every bet the online operator can expect to keep as profit. For instance, in a standard live baccarat game, the house edge for the Banker, Player, and Tie bets is approximately 1.06%, 1.24%, and 14.44%, respectively. This means that for every 100 US dollars wagered on the Banker, Player, and Tie bets, the player can expect to lose an average of USD 1.06, USD 1.24, and USD 14.44, respectively, over the long run. 

Live baccarat payouts and RTP

Depending on the bet type and game variant, live dealer baccarat features an RTP percentage range of between 85.56% and 98.94%. Nevertheless, the optimal theoretical live baccarat RTP (return to player) percentage for a standard game is 98.94% for the Banker bet, 98.76% for the Player’s hand, and 85.64% for the Tie bet.

In addition, the payouts for a winning Player and Banker bet are 1:1 and 0.95:1, respectively. You should note that the Banker’s hand usually comes with a 5% commission on winning bets, reducing the overall payout of the bet. For the Tie bet, the payout is much higher than the other two bets. Depending on the live baccarat variation and game rules, the payout for a winning Tie bet is 8:1 or 9:1.

Live baccarat tips and strategies

Before you place your first bet when playing live baccarat online for real money, you should consider a few factors that will help you enhance winning probabilities while having fun. For instance, you should understand the game rules, the card values and how they are scored, and manage your bankroll. For novices, to maximise fun while minimising the risk of losing a large sum, it’s advisable always to bet the smallest possible amount of your money. 

In addition, you should observe how the game is played without risking your hard-earned money since you can join most live baccarat tables with a zero gaming account balance. This allows you to get a feel for the game and practise your strategy without financial risk. Lastly, learning the game’s odds and using the various roadmaps to study the patterns while keeping track of your wins on particular hands is recommended.

Moreover, live baccarat is a game of chance, and the outcome depends on whether the Banker or the Player will have a hand with a total value closest to 9. Although no strategy can guarantee success in the long run, there are some that you can use to improve your gameplay in any safe and secure real-money online casino.


Although commonly used in other table games like roulette, Martingale can also be applied to a live baccarat game as it is easy to understand and use. This system recommends that you should increase your wager after every loss. For instance, suppose you start by placing one betting unit of 100 US dollars, and your bet loses. In that case, you should double the size of your next bet to USD 200. The primary idea of this strategy is that if you double your bet each time you lose, you’ll cover all of your previous losses in one betting unit whenever you win. Nevertheless, deciding how many sessions you’d like to have before applying this betting system is best, as it will help you split your bankroll accordingly. As a result, you avoid running out of funds before getting a win.


This system is based on a positive progression in which you increase your bet after every win and keep your bet the same after each loss. For example, when playing using the Paroli system, you begin by placing a small bet, and if you win the first bet, double your bet on the next hand. You can continue this process for up to three consecutive wins. However, if you lose a hand, you should return to your original betting amount and start over. For instance, suppose you place an initial bet of $1, and you win. In that case, you should double your stake in the next round and wager $2. If you win your second bet, you double your bet again to $4 on the next hand. However, if you lose on the third hand, you should return to your original betting amount of $1. Alternatively, if you win your third bet, you should consider taking your profits and starting over with a $1 wager since you have now won three hands in a row.


Originally a strategy devised for the roulette game, the Fibonacci betting system can also be applied to live baccarat. The system mainly focuses on Banker bets and follows a sequence of betting values on each round. When using this system, it’s recommended to set yourself a minimum wager amount and, whenever you win, move one step on the sequence. In the event you lose a round, you should return to the first step of the sequence and start over. This system is based on the Fibonacci sequence of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, and so on. For instance, suppose you’re using the Fibonacci system and set a minimum bet value of $1, and you win. In that case, your second bet should be $1. Furthermore, if you win on your second bet, you should place a $3 bet and continue with the same sequence until you lose. If you lose on your 10th bet with a $55 wager, you should start over with a $1 bet and repeat the sequence until the next losing bet.


This strategy follows a similar setup as the Fibonacci betting system but increases the number of chips in play instead of the base bet value. Simply put, when using this system, you set a chip size that serves as your base bet, and after each winning round, you follow the pattern and add chips accordingly. The system is easy to use and straightforward, following a 1,3,2,6 sequence. If you win all four hands consecutively, you will have made a profit of 12 betting units, and you should reset and start over. For instance, suppose you choose 1 chip with an initial bet of $1 and win. In that case, you should pick 3 chips each with a $1bet on the next round. If you experience a winning streak and reach the last stage in the sequence, you should place 6 chips of $1 bets. In case of a win, you should reset the series and return to your initial betting unit.

Glossary: Guide to live baccarat terminologies

  • Punto: Refers to a bet placed on the Player bet spot.
  • Banco: Stands for the bank or the house. In other instances, it refers to a bet on the Banker bet spot. Although it features a 5% commission to be paid to the house, the Banco bet is more likely to win than Punto.
  • Burn: This is a measure that’s used by all card games before dealing cards in a new shoe. It refers to the act of discarding the topmost cards in a new dealing shoe. This is done to prove fairness and eliminate would-be cheats by interfering with the order of the cards.
  • Face cards: It’s a category of cards that comprises Kings, Queens, and Jacks. These cards, along with the 10 cards, have a numeric value of zero in a baccarat game.
  • La Grande: French term meaning “The big one” in English. It’s used to refer to a natural hand worth 9 points.
  • La Petite: French term meaning “The small one” in English. It’s used to refer to a natural hand worth 8 points.
  • Shoe: This is a transparent box that holds the decks of playing cards used in the baccarat game.


Live baccarat is a popular table game that both novices and seasoned players can enjoy. With its simple rules and fast-paced gameplay, it’s easy to see why the game is prevalent and most people enjoy playing it. In addition, various iGaming studios provide numerous live baccarat variations with different gameplay mechanics and massive payouts, allowing players to enjoy the classic game. Although it’s a simple game that’s easy to learn, it’s recommended to understand the game rules and betting options before joining a real money live baccarat table. This article has outlined and given overviews of some relevant information, including the live baccarat rules and gameplay, its user interface and its odds and payouts. Furthermore, this review has highlighted the live baccarat variants by Evolution, the different types of live baccarat side bets, tips on improving your winning probabilities when playing live dealer baccarat, and the most popular baccarat strategies.

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