Baccarat Live Dealer Games

Live dealer baccarat is an exhilarating casino card game popular among gamblers for several reasons. For starters, live baccarat features easy-to-understand rules, an ideal recipe for beginners learning the game. Also, it features three main bets where players choose between the player’s side, the banker’s side, or a tie. A tie occurs when the two sides, player or banker, have the same points, but this doesn’t occur often. Above all, live baccarat online offers players a Macau-like gambling experience without even visiting Macau. With your mobile phone or desktop device, you can play live baccarat online from anywhere and enjoy the authentic and life-like adventure of gambling at a land-based casino.

Baccarat live is played with six to eight decks of cards, and the objective is to wager on the side you think will be dealt a hand with a value closest to 9. That’s pretty much it. However, in this live baccarat review, we’ll explore this live casino card game in detail, briefly explaining its history and gameplay rules. In addition, we’ll showcase a typical gameplay procedure, the popular baccarat live variations, odds and payouts, and various side bets in live baccarat. Furthermore, herein you’ll find tips, tricks, and strategies to boost your winning chances and the top baccarat live casino sites to play for real money.

History of Baccarat

To help you understand the live casino baccarat game better, we’ll take you back in time to learn its genesis. Although there are many conflicting theories about where baccarat originated, most historians believe it was invented in 1400-Italy by an Italian croupier, Felix Falguierein. Initially, the game used Tarot cards and was known as “baccara,” an Italian word translating to “nothing” or “zero” in English. It was named “baccara” because all tens and face cards were worth zero points. However, this Italian version, contrary to what we know today, had four croupiers/dealers, each player could take turns to be the banker, and players could bet against the house and other gamblers. The game spread to other parts of the world with time, achieving immense popularity in 17th-century France.

The game was famously known as “Chemin de Fer” or “Chemmy” in France. These French terms translate to “railway baccarat” in English. Notably, the game adopted its name Baccarat in France, and it was here that two variations of the game emerged, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Deux Tableaux. Notably, Chemin de Fer was a favourite among King Charles VIII and his noblemen, and the game was a hit. Later the game reached America and the Caribbean under Punto Banco or American Baccarat, commonly known today.

Live dealer baccarat vs Online baccarat

Since the origin of baccarat, the game has evolved in terms of gameplay, rules, and more. Although today there’s a standard gameplay procedure, with minor alterations, technology has provided multiple ways to enjoy the game. Initially, gamblers could only enjoy online baccarat, but as the iGaming industry advanced, things changed with the introduction of live baccarat. In addition, live baccarat offered a human touch; something players lacked in online baccarat variations.

So, with online baccarat live dealer games, players can enjoy an authentic and immersive gambling experience made possible by live casino software providers such as Evolution, Playtech, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, etc., which have bridged the gap between online gambling and brick-and-mortar casinos. Although whether you prefer one or the other boils down to personal preferences, these are the primary differences between live casino baccarat and online baccarat:

Real-life experience

The main attraction of live baccarat is that players get a hands-on experience of how the game unfolds in a live baccarat online casino. As such, they can see the online baccarat live dealer dealing cards, changing and cutting the shoe, and more in real-time through an HD video stream. Also, online live baccarat is hosted in dedicated studios and sometimes from real land-based casinos where you can view other activities in the background. This adds more appeal and authenticity to live baccarat. On the contrary, with online baccarat, players just get a mimicked video of game proceedings instead of the real deal.


Online baccarat has no aspect of human interaction, like chatting with the dealer or other players while enjoying your game. Instead, the game is run by the Random Number Generator (RNG) software, which deals cards and decides game outcomes.

Free sessions

Also, you cannot enjoy live baccarat online free play, unlike in online baccarat variations, where you can take a risk-free approach to the game by placing bets for fun without spending real money. That helps you learn the game rules and familiarise yourself with gameplay, but this feature is absent in the baccarat live online game. Instead, you launch the live video stream and watch along as the game proceeds without participating. Notably, some live dealer baccarat online casino sites may require you to first fund your account through cryptos like Bitcoin or fiat to watch the live stream.

Game pace

When you play live baccarat online for real money, the gameplay is somewhat slower compared to online baccarat, and you have a time limit for placing your ideal bets. After this period ends, you cannot place any bets until a new round begins. However, with online baccarat, since the game starts after you tap “Deal,” you can gamble at your own speed, comfort, and convenience with zero-time limits.

Live baccarat game interface

Whether playing Bitcoin live baccarat or with fiat currencies, the gaming interface is usually easy to navigate. Although a few differences pop up due to deviations in baccarat online live variations and the software developers, players should have no problems. Therefore, generally, you’ll view game elements such as bet limits, video settings, road maps, betting section, chat box and feed, and more. Below, we’ll look at the features you can expect to view when you play live baccarat.

Live video feed

Depending on the live baccarat online game variation you’re playing and its software provider, you may get a live video stream from a dedicated studio or an actual land-based casino. Regardless of the location, you should enjoy a high-definition video feed on your live baccarat mobile casino or desktop platform, which automatically adjusts in quality to match your internet speed. Despite that, you also have the option of tweaking the video quality and switching between up-close and full-screen game modes for a better view of the game.

On the screen, you should see a bean-shaped or semi-circle table (varies depending on the game’s software vendor) with a real-life baccarat dealer sitting at the centre. The shoe to the dealer’s left holds new cards, while the transparent box on the right holds used cards. The table has three sections, player, banker, and tie, representing the primary bets in online live baccarat. You’ll also find the betting limits at the top of the game interface, allowing you to view the min and max bet amounts. The chat feature may also be found at the top, but sometimes it’s located at the bottom right of the game interface, with players having the liberty to move it across other areas of the screen. That allows players to converse easily with the dealer or other players without affecting their gaming sessions.

Roadmap area

In live baccarat, the roadmap is the grid or board that helps track the outcomes of all previous winning hands. The baccarat live casino roadmaps help players make predictions for the next round. For example, the panel displays the patterns in the Bead Plate, Small Road, Big Eye Boy, and Cockroach Road sections based on whether the previous result was a Player or Banker win. If you click the “Ask Player” button, you can see the possible outcomes if the following result is a Player win. Similarly, you can tap the “Ask Banker” button to display how the roads will appear if the next result is a Banker win. The roadmap section is usually at the footer of the live baccarat game interface, but this board may be positioned differently in some live online baccarat variations. We’ll take a comprehensive look at these roadmaps later in this live dealer baccarat review.

Betting section

The betting area is usually at the bottom section of the live baccarat game interface, regardless of the variation and software provider. This designated area for placing bets has a clear and standard arrangement of all accepted bet types in the centre. As such, the betting area is divided into three sections, representing the primary bets: banker, player, and tie. In addition, depending on the specific online baccarat live dealer variation, you may view additional areas for side bets displayed on the top, right, and left sides of the main betting options. They may include player pairs, banker pairs, small, big, etc. Notably, to place bets, betting chips of different value denominations are provided and conveniently displayed at the bottom of the betting area.

Live online baccarat roadmaps

As mentioned above, live baccarat roadmaps are the various representations of all the previous hands (player, banker, and tie) of the current shoe. The roadmap is usually showcased as a grid or board. It gives players prompt access to the game’s trends and history, which consequently helps live baccarat aficionados to predict the results of upcoming rounds expertly. These roadmap statistics start after the first round of a new shoe begins and end at the intersection where card cutting is done. Afterwards, when the last hand of that shoe is dealt, the data on the roadmap grid is erased, and a new set of stats commence when a new shoe is added to the game. The roadmaps come in different designs, each with salient patterns and symbols, as described below.

The Big Road

As its name suggests, it’s a massive grid with six rows and infinite columns, and it’s the primary road from where the other roads are derived. When a live baccarat round begins, the first outcome is inscribed on the top-left corner of the Big Road. So, if the first and second outcomes were a win for the player’s side, the second result would be recorded below the first result. This will happen unless a different hand wins. As such, if there’s a new hand-win, the result will be recorded in a new column.

On the Big Road board, player and banker wins are represented by blue and red circles, respectively. Conversely, tie wins are displayed with a green line across the most recent outcome (circle). In case of pair wins, they’ll be displayed with a blue spot (dot) on the bottom-right of the most recent circle for the player pair. For the banker pair, it’ll be a red spot on the top-left of the most recent circle (outcome).

The Bead Plate

This roadmap is similar to the Big Road but with a few distinctions. For example, tie outcomes on the Bead Plate are showcased in a different cell on the grid. In addition, regardless of the hand’s result, a fresh column is created once the previous one is filled. Like in the Big Road roadmap, when a round begins, the first outcome is inscribed on the Bead Plate’s grid top-left corner, with results recorded vertically on the six cells. However, the Bead Plate uses symbols (B, P, and T), representing the specific outcome of the numbers related to the points of the winning side. Player, banker, and tie wins on the Bead Plate are showcased with blue, red, and green circles, respectively. Of course, similar to the Big Road, pair wins are displayed with a blue spot on the bottom-right of the most recent circle for the player pair, and for the banker pair, it’ll be a red spot on the top-left of the most recent outcome.

The Derived Roads

This roadmap is also known as predictive roads since they describe various patterns in the Derived Road. As its name suggests, it’s derived from the Big Road and split into three roads, each narrating distinct patterns. They include the Small, Big Eye, and Cockroach Road. The Small Road is displayed with hollow circles and slashes for the Cockroach Road and the Big Eye Road with solid circles. These symbols are, of course, either blue or red. However, they don’t indicate player or banker wins. Instead, the blue logo depicts the shoe had no pattern, while the red indicates the presence of a pattern. The derived roads are usually on the same section at the footer of the live baccarat game interface, and you can click each road to zoom in and view the data properly.

Live baccarat card values

Although the live dealer will always announce a hand’s value, with the total and winning sides being displayed on the gaming screen, learning the card values in live baccarat is essential. That way, you can swiftly calculate the value of the hand your side is dealt. That said, cards 2 through 9 take their face value in all online baccarat live games. So, for instance, a four is worth four points, a seven is worth seven points, and so on. Additionally, all tens and face cards, such as Kings (K), Queens (Q), and Jacks (J), are worth zero points. Finally, aces are worth one point. Joker cards are not used in live baccarat online like in most card games, with exceptions in some poker and video poker titles. To win a round in a baccarat live game, your side’s hand must be the closest to nine points.

However, it’s not all that straightforward because the value of a hand in live online baccarat is calculated differently. So, assuming your side receives two cards (7 and 6) totalling 13 in the first round. In that case, your hand’s value will be determined by the rightmost digit—3, in this case. Suppose your side’s total was 17; you forego the one and remain with 7 as your side’s hand value. If the player or banker gets an 8- or 9-valued hand on the first round, that’s known as a Natural, and the game will end with no additional cards drawn.

Live dealer baccarat gameplay rules

Live baccarat uses either a deck of eight or six cards. These cards are placed in a shoe beside the dealer, and when a new shoe is introduced, the dealer will burn and cut the cards. Card burning is done every time a new shoe is introduced, and the dealer will draw one card from the shoe, and its value will determine how many cards will be Burned (removed from the deck without players seeing these cards). So, for example, if the dealer draws the first card as a 7, they’ll remove seven cards from the deck and then start dealing cards to each side for the new round. On the other hand, card cutting is the process where the online baccarat live dealer divides the deck into two and places a card-like object to separate them.

Player’s objective in live baccarat

Therefore, when playing live baccarat online, the goal is straightforward: predict which side (banker or player) will be dealt a hand that’s closest to 9 points. The side closest to 9 points wins the round. Besides these two bet options, you can go for spectacular and wager on the tie bet. With the tie bet, you predict that the player and banker sides will have hands of equal value. If a tie occurs, players with a wager on it will receive corresponding payouts, while others with stakes on the player or banker will get their bets back.

Kindly note that there’s a 5% commission on all banker’s hand wins, but there are baccarat live game variations that do away with this commission. That’s pretty much it regarding live dealer baccarat gameplay rules. However, depending on the player’s and banker’s hands, additional rules exist regarding when a third card might be drawn.

Player’s third card rule

So, in case both the banker and the player don’t get a Natural hand, the game will continue as per the following third-card rules in a baccarat live dealer game:

  • If the player’s first hand is worth 6 or 7, the player’s side doesn’t receive another card (stands).
  • Suppose the total of the initial two-card hand is 5 or less; the player’s side will get a third card.
  • And, of course, if there’s a Natural hand, the game ends, and the player’s side doesn’t draw a third card.

In case the player’s side doesn’t draw a third card, the banker’s side will stick to the above player’s rules. That’s to say that the banker will only get a third card with a hand total of 5 or less and stand on a sum of 6 or 7.

Banker’s third card rule

These are the banker’s third-card rules. Please note that they only apply if the player’s side gets a third card:

  • The banker will receive a third card if its initial total is between 0 and 4 and if the player’s third card is a 2 or 3. Nevertheless, the banker’s side will stand on a total of 5 to 7.
  • When the player’s third card is 4 or 5, the banker will draw a third card if its initial total is between 0 and 5. But if the banker’s total is 6 or 7, it stands.
  • The banker draws a third card if its current two-card total is between 0 and 6 and in the case where the player’s third card is a 6 or 7. Otherwise, the banker’s side will stand with a total of 7.
  • If the player’s third card is an 8, the banker will only draw a third card if its initial total is between 0 and 2. However, the banker’s side will stand if it has a total between 3 and 7.
  • Lastly, if the player’s third card is a face card (K, Q, J), an ace, 9, or 10, the banker will draw a third card if its current total is between 0 and 3. However, if the banker’s total is between 4 and 7, it will not draw a third card.

How to play online live baccarat

We’ve covered the live baccarat game interface, roadmaps, and the rules of play. Now let’s get to the real deal: playing online casino live baccarat real money games. The gameplay is easy and fun. Although the third-card rules can be a tad intimidating, you shouldn’t worry, as a dealer in live baccarat casinos announces each time a third card is drawn. Therefore, you’ll never miss any action, but grasping these third-card rules will come in handy. That aside, here’s a laydown of the procedure of playing live casino baccarat:

  1. Find a live baccarat online casino and register. But, of course, you can skip the searching process by registering at any of our top live dealer baccarat online casino sites to enjoy a smooth live gaming experience. Provide the necessary personal information to register, and also, you can claim any bonus offers if you wish after your first deposit.
  2. Select your best live baccarat game variation and launch it.
  3. The next step would be to place your bet, and to do so; you must choose your desired betting amount by using the corresponding betting chip (s) on the gaming screen. Then place your chips on your preferred betting option in the betting area (player, banker, or tie). Remember, you’ll only have about 15 seconds before the betting window closes.
  4. Afterwards, the live baccarat dealer will announce, “No more bets,” and then deals two cards each to the player and banker sides. These cards may be dealt face-up or face-down, depending on the live baccarat game provider.
  5. Finally, the game will be decided depending on the total points of the player and banker’s sides. So, the game ends if there’s a Natural win (8 or 9 points). However, a third card may be drawn according to the above rules if there’s no Natural win. All winning bets are then paid out while losing bets are collected.

Please note that in cases of a tie, all bets on the player or banker’s sides will be returned. Also, all banker wins are subject to a commission of 5%. Still, you can play the zero commission baccarat in a live baccarat casino that eliminates this commission on banker’s wins.

Popular live baccarat variations

Although you’ll find numerous live baccarat casino games, there are two primary variations of live baccarat, punto banco/American Baccarat and No Commission Baccarat. The other baccarat live titles in live baccarat online casino sites are derived from these two variations and added a few twists for entertainment. For example, Lightning Baccarat from Evolution features additional in-game multipliers offering massive payouts, ultimately making the game overly exciting. That’s just one example, but there are others, such as Live Baccarat Squeeze, Speed Baccarat Live, Golden Wealth Baccarat, Baccarat Control Squeeze, Live Peek Baccarat, etc. Whichever live dealer baccarat game you choose, the rules are derived from these main live baccarat variations:

Live Punto Banco

This is the most popular variation in any live baccarat casino site. It’s also known as American Baccarat, and its name comes from the main bet options in baccarat live dealer- player (punto) and banker (banco). Punto Banco uses a deck of six or eight cards and features the same bet options discussed in this article- player, banker, and tie. Besides these main bets, players can place multiple side bets, which offer better payouts but, at the same time, lower winning odds. We’ll review these Sidebets later in this review. Notably, with Punto Banco, all winning banker’s hands are subject to a commission of 5%. This commission is the casino’s advantage, meaning instead of the banker winning hand paying even money (1:1), it pays (0.95:1).

Live No Commission Baccarat

This is another live baccarat variation popular in live casinos. This live baccarat online version is similar to Punto Banco regarding rules and gameplay but has a few notable distinctions. For example, the 5% commission subtracted from all winning banker’s hands is forfeited in this version, ergo the name No Commission Baccarat. Therefore, the banker’s side pays even money (1:1) in this live dealer baccarat version. Nevertheless, there’s a catch, which somewhat shifts the advantage to the casino’s side. All banker bets that win with six points will receive half of their wagers (0.5:1).

Despite that, Live No Commission Baccarat features an insurance side bet known as Super 6. With this side bet, if the banker’s side gets six points and you had a wager on the Super 6 side bet, you’ll receive a payout of 15:1. That makes the game more exciting. However, that’s not the only side bet offered since you can have others like perfect pair, either pair, player pair, banker pair, and more. Theoretically, Live No Commission Baccarat has a 98.76% return to player (RTP) percentage.

Mobile live baccarat

Since the genesis of baccarat, the iGaming industry has witnessed remarkable technological advancements, particularly in the realm of online casino gambling. The gap between desktop and mobile gaming has been effectively bridged thanks to live software developers, such as Evolution, Vivo Gaming, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, and more. As a result, players can now enjoy a wide array of online casino games, including live dealer baccarat, directly from their mobile devices. Additionally, incorporating HTML5 technology into casino games has enhanced the mobile gaming experience by enabling smooth and sleek gameplay through web browsers, eliminating the need for app downloads.

Although mobile apps exist, some don’t support real money gambling, especially the ones downloaded from branded stores. If you’d like the convenience and flexibility of live gambling from a mobile app, we recommend downloading the APKs from the live baccarat casino site’s page. For iOS users, PWAs (progressive web apps) are ideal since you cannot install third-party apps on your iPhone or iPad. Instead, PWAs are installed directly on your phone’s home screen from your browser, Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android), and give you instant access to various live baccarat games for real money.

As such, with a stable internet connection and a compatible iOS or Android device, players can play various live online baccarat games offered by the safe and secure online casinos on this page. In addition, you’ll never miss any action because the live HD video stream seamlessly adapts to your device’s resolution, delivering stunning graphics and an immersive online live baccarat experience while you’re on the move.

Side bets in live dealer baccarat

When you play baccarat online live, you’ll usually have two bet options; the main bets (tie, player, and banker) and several side bets depending on your online baccarat live game. Generally, side bets offer massive payouts, but that comes with strings attached. For example, side bets usually feature a higher house edge than the main bets. Also, they have a low probability chance. So, while the massive payouts will lure you in, you should be keen on side bets, especially if you’re a beginner. These bets are more common with high-roller players with excellent expertise in live baccarat who like diversifying their baccarat live dealer bets. That said, these are some of the live baccarat side bets you can wager on when you play for real money:

Either Pair

The Either Pair side bet would offer a payout if only the first two dealt cards on either the player’s or banker’s side form a pair. The pair should be of the same rank, such as two Kings, two 4s, or two Queens. If you had a wager on this side bet and it wins, you’ll receive a 5:1 payout. However, you should note that it has a 14.54% house edge.

Player and Banker Pair

This side bet is similar to Either Pair but has few distinctions. Instead of either side receiving a pair to win, one side, either the banker or player, must receive a pair on the initial two-card draw for the Player and Banker Pair bet to win. This side bet pays 11:1 if the Player or Banker pair wins. Notably, this side bet has a 10.36% house edge.

Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair side bet features two unique payouts. For the first, if the initial two-card draw to the banker and player sides forms a pair of the same rank and suit, a payout of 200:1 will be issued. This could be like this: both the player’s and banker’s sides receive two 4s of diamonds each. On the other hand, this Perfect Pair side bet sits a 25:1 payout that is successful if the first two cards dealt to either the player or banker form a pair of the same rank and suit. For example, two 5s of clubs dealt to either the banker or player will result in a win. This side bet has an 8.05% house edge.

Player and Banker Bonus

The Banker Bonus bet pays out when the banker’s hand wins the round with a natural 8 or 9 or by a margin of at least four points. So, for example, if the banker’s side gets 7 points from the initial two-card draw and the player’s side gets 3 points, then the Banker’s Bonus side bet will win. In a similar fashion, the Player Bonus bet rewards players if the player wins the round with a natural 8 or 9 or by a margin of at least four points. The Player and Banker Bonus side bets pay even money (1:1) for a natural hand, and all stakes are returned in case there’s a natural tie. Regarding non-natural wins, the payouts for the Player and Banker Bonus side bets differ based on the outcome. Here is a summary of the payouts for non-natural wins:

  • Hwins and by 9 points: Payout of 30:1.
  • Hand wins by 8 points: Payout of 10:1.
  • Hand wins by 7 points: Payout of 6:1.
  • Hand wins by 6 points: Payout of 4:1.
  • Hand wins by 5 points: Payout of 2:1.
  • Hand wins by 4 points: Payout of 1:1.

Dragon Bonus

The Dragon Bonus side bet offers payouts based on the margin of victory in the game. This side bet can be placed on either the banker’s or the player’s hand. The payout amount is determined by the winning hand’s number of points, with the highest payout of 30:1 awarded for a 9-point winning margin.

Super 6

With the Super 6 side bet, popular in Live No Commission Baccarat, if the banker’s side wins the round with six points and you had a wager on the Super 6 side bet, you’ll receive a payout of 15:1. However, to wager on this bet, you must have running bets on the main bet options (player, banker, or tie). This side bet has a 13.82% house edge.

Royal Match

It’s required that either the player or the banker receives a King and Queen as their initial two dealt cards to win a wager on this particular side bet. If these two cards (Q, K) belong to the same suit, the bet pays out at a ratio of 75:1. Alternatively, if the cards do not share the same suit, the bet pays out at 30:1.


The Big and Small side bets involve predicting the total number of cards dealt in a game round. For example, if the number of cards dealt is 4, the Small side bet wins and offers a payout of 1.5:1. On the other hand, if the number of cards dealt is 5 or 6, the Big side bet is successful and pays out at 0.54:1.

Live baccarat odds and payouts

In live online baccarat, the outcomes are primarily determined by chance, but the odds of specific results can be calculated based on probability. When you play live baccarat for real money, the likelihood of winning depends on the live dealer baccarat variation of the game. In the case of an 8-card deck live baccarat game, the banker’s hand holds the highest probability of winning at an incredible 45.87%. For that reason, the banker’s bet is widely considered the safest bet option in online live baccarat. The payout for the banker’s hand is 0.95:1, as it statistically emerges as the winner more frequently. However, it is essential to note that a 5% commission is deducted from all winnings on this bet.

On the other hand, the player’s hand offers an even-money payout (1:1) with a 44.63% chance of winning. The tie bet carries the lowest probability of winning at 9.51%. Thus, it is generally regarded as a risky wager, and experts often discourage placing tie bets. Nevertheless, the tie bet has the highest payouts at 8:1 or 9:1, depending on the live baccarat variation. The optimal return to player (RTP) percentages for the banker, player, and tie bets in real money online casinos with baccarat live dealer games are 98.94%, 98.76%, and 85.64%, respectively.

Live baccarat betting tips and tricks

We’ve covered every aspect of live baccarat online, from gameplay procedure, rules, odds and payouts, and side bets. In this section, we’ll cover the dos and don’ts while playing live dealer baccarat to help you manage your bankroll and boost your live baccarat winnings. These are our recommended tips and tricks when playing live baccarat for real money:

  1. The banker bet is considered the safest wager in live dealer baccarat since it has higher winning odds. Although this bet features a 5% commission on all wins, it makes sense to bet more often on the banker’s side due to the higher statistical advantage of the banker’s side winning more times. Still, live baccarat is a game of chance, and any outcome is possible. As such, you should trust your instincts when playing online live baccarat.
  2. The tie bet is considered risky despite the alluring 8:1 or 9:1 payout. That’s because the probability of winning on a tie bet is low, about 9.51%. In addition, this bet has a high house edge. As such, it’s advisable to avoid it.
  3. Bankroll management. This is a crucial aspect when playing live baccarat. Poor control of your finances may lead to immense losses, especially when chasing losses. Therefore, we advise players to set win and loss limits, keep their gambling sessions short, and know when to quit, especially after several winning streaks since they’re most accompanied by losing streaks.
  4. When playing with side bets, ensure you choose them wisely. Despite the charming payouts they offer, they usually feature a more significant house edge and, at times, lower winning probabilities. If you’ve to play with a side bet, the Big/Small wager is considered safer.

Live baccarat betting strategies

Like other casino table games, players can also use betting systems and strategies when playing baccarat online live. There are multiple betting systems that can be applied to live baccarat online, each unique from the others. However, most of the available techniques require players to have a massive bankroll since they require you to increase your betting amount gradually. Below we’ll discuss some betting strategies applicable to live baccarat. However, before we do, players should note that no betting system will enrich them, and they’re not 100% foolproof. As such, they won’t guarantee winnings. Instead, they’ll boost your winnings when playing for real money.

The Fibonacci System

This betting strategy is based on the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, etc. As such, you must decide a minimum bet amount, where you’ll begin in the sequence. In case you win a round, you move up the series, and if you lose after several winning streaks, you start afresh on the sequence. For example, let’s say you start with a $1 min bet, and you win. In that case, you’ll wager another $1 in your next bet as per the sequence. Suppose you also win that; your next wager would be $3. This will continue until you lose one round. If you lose, you return to your original minimum bet of $1. For instance, if you lose on your 11th wager of $89, you should start over with a $1 bet and continue with the sequence until you lose another bet. Notably, this betting strategy mainly works if you’re betting on the banker’s side due to the slight statistical advantage.

Martingale Strategy

Although most prevalent in live roulette games, this system can be applied when playing baccarat live. The Martingale system recommends players increase their wager by one unit after every loss. You decide the amount of your betting unit according to your bankroll. If you’re not a high roller, it’s best to start low to avoid exhausting your bankroll quickly. For example, you can start with a $10 betting unit. If you lose on that bet, the next one should be double, $20. If you lose on that, the third bet should be $40, and the fourth is $80 if you lose. The strategy’s principle is that you’ll recover all your previous losses if you win just one bet. Notably, this strategy works best with even-money bets.

The Paroli System

As good as positive, progressive betting systems go, Paroli is one of the best in live dealer baccarat. As such, this betting strategy involves increasing your wager after each win while reverting to the original bet amount after each loss. For example, let’s say you adopt the Paroli system and begin by placing a small bet. Then, if you win the initial bet, you double your wager for the next hand/round. This process can continue for up to three consecutive wins. Let’s assume you start with a $1 bet and win. Following the Paroli system, you would double your stake for the subsequent round, resulting in a $2 wager. If you win again, you will again double your bet, bringing it to $4 for the next game round.

However, if you lose during this progression, you should revert to your original betting amount of $1 and start over. That helps mitigate potential losses and maintain control over your bankroll. If you win the third consecutive hand, you should take your profits and begin again with a $1 wager, given that you have achieved a streak of three wins in a row. The Paroli system relies on the principle of capitalising on winning streaks while minimising potential losses through a reset to the original bet size after a loss.


With cutting-edge technology in the iGaming industry, players can enjoy various casino games in modern formats. An ideal example is live baccarat which has revolutionised online gambling, providing players with the thrill of a real-life casino at their fingertips or a few clicks away. With live dealer baccarat, players can enjoy an interactive gambling experience, chatting with real-life croupiers and players on the table through a sleek and HD live stream. That not only provides an immersive gambling experience but also recreates the atmosphere of gaming in a land-based casino.

In addition, live baccarat offers a blend of simplicity and elegance, attracting novice and experienced players alike. The various side bets add a layer of excitement and diversity to the gameplay, allowing players to explore different strategies that enhance their chances of winning. This review covers everything about baccarat live, from rules, side bets, odds, and payouts to the gameplay procedure, tips, and tricks to help you enjoy a smooth live baccarat gambling adventure. Join this page’s top live dealer baccarat online casino sites and test our recommended betting systems.