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Aviatrix Crash Game by aviatrix Details

🎰 Software: Aviatrix
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.10 - $300
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 97%

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Aviatrix Crash Game by aviatrix Review

Aviatrix crash game perfectly combines simplicity and excitement to create a fun, thrilling casino experience. Like many other crash casino games, Aviatrix lets you place a bet and watch it grow as the corresponding multiplier coefficient increases. It’s up to you to decide the best time to cash out to win money while playing Aviatrix crash game. Of course, the cashing out has to be done before the plane ‘crashes’ from the screen.

In this Aviatrix review, we look at the game’s rules. This includes how to place a bet in Aviatrix game, the bet limits, and the features you are bound to encounter. What makes Aviatrix bet game stand out from the rest of the other crash casino games? Also, which games are similar to Aviatrix casino game? These are all answers this review will provide, plus much more.

What is a crash game?

Crash casino games made their appearance online in 2014. They have since grown in popularity and become the most sought-after form of entertainment. Regardless of the crash casino game you are playing online, you must place your bet and watch it increase as the corresponding multiplier coefficient increases. Needless to say, the higher the multiplier coefficient goes, the bigger the expected returns.

The word ‘crash’ arises from the fact that the multiplier coefficient can crash at any time, unexpectedly. It can crash immediately after starting to increase, or it can last for a few minutes. It’s up to you to know the best time to cash out to win money – but it has to be before the ‘crash’ happens.

Aviatrix is one of the many popular crash casino games. Others include Aviator (Spribe), Lucky Crumbling(EvoPlay), Spaceman (Pragmatic Play), JetX and JetX 3 (SmartSoft Gaming), plus many more. 

Aviatrix game rules

One of the reasons why Aviatrix crash game is quite a hit is due to its simplistic and direct rules. Placing a bet will only take you a few seconds. If you are unsure how to play Aviatrix for real money, here’s a step-by-step guide. By the time you are done reading this section, you’ll know how to build a plane, place a bet, and cash out your winnings. 

Build your plane

One of the outstanding features of Aviatrix casino game is the ability to build your plane. Usually, all plane-themed crash casino games tend to have a pre-defined setup. With Aviatrix game, this is the opposite.

While there’s already a pre-defined plane, you can decide to customise yours in terms of looks. You can choose the colour of the body as well as that of the wings and tail of the plane. To complete this, select the ‘Build’ icon on the playing field. Once satisfied with the selection, tap the ‘Next’ button and give it a name. Hit the ‘Build Plane’ button to complete the customisation process.

This is the first step of building your Aviatrix plane. However, you will notice that the more you continue playing Aviatrix crash game, the more planes you unlock. You’ll quickly switch from the basic 1903 Wright Flyer to the more modern and advanced fighter jets. 

Placing your bet in Aviatrix game

You can achieve this by picking a bet amount between €0.10 and €300. Like many other crash games, you can decide to place a single or double bet. Each offers its unique advantage.

For example, if you place a single bet, you’ll only lose one bet in the event you don’t win. Should you choose to place a double bet, you can hedge your bets by backing one with a big amount and the other with a small amount. The bet with a huge amount can be cashed out with a low multiplier coefficient, while the lower bet can be used to target huge coefficients that are risky. This way, you can always increase your chance of profiting from Aviarix crash game. 

This is just a tip on how you can use the two-bet feature to profit from Aviatrix game since you are at liberty to choose how you’d like to place your bets.

Auto bet feature

You have five seconds between placing a bet and the plane taking off. This can be a little overwhelming to some players as the time is not enough. However, with the auto-bet feature, you can set how much you’d like the game to place a bet during gameplay automatically. This way, you avoid the process of having to set new parameters every time you want to hit the play button. 

Cash out to win money

After placing your bet, all you have to do is wait and cash out your winnings. You can do this manually or use the auto-cash-out feature.

Auto cashout feature

Works pretty much the same as the auto-bet feature. It helps you to automatically cash out before the plane crashes and also collect winnings during gameplay. To activate this feature, you must have activated the cash-out feature. You’ll then have to set the following parameters:

  • Stop if the amount of wins exceeds…
  • Stop if the amount lost exceeds…
  • Stop if the amount within a single win exceeds…

Calculating wins in Aviatrix game

Before going into how to calculate the amount won in Aviatrix game, it’s crucial to mention that it’s not guaranteed you will win every time. The plane can sometimes crash almost instantly at a multiplier of 1.00x. It can sometimes crash when it has just started taking off at a multiplier of, say, 1.01x. In other cases, the multiplier can increase as much as 50x or 300x your bet. It will hardly reach the maximum multiplier, but it occasionally does. 

With that said, the secret to winning is knowing the perfect time to cash out your expected win. This can be achieved by monitoring how the multiplier coefficient increases. The higher it increases, the more money you are likely to win. For example:

  • If you place a bet of €0.10 and cash out at x10 multiplier, you can expect a win of €1
  • If you wager €100 and cash out at x10, you can expect returns of €1000

The higher you wager, the higher the returns you expect, although it is capped at a maximum of €10,000 or x10,000 (whichever is reached first). The winnings are then automatically credited to your account.

Aviatrix is provably fair

Provably fair technology was introduced shortly after Bitcoin was invented. It’s a technology that uses cryptographic algorithms to validate the outcome of a hand in poker, spin in online slots, or a round in crash games. In Aviatrix casino game, you will have a seed and hash that allows you to verify the game on the blockchain using third-party software.

So, in simple words, if you doubt the authenticity of the game’s outcome, you can use this provably fair technology to check if the Aviatrix online casinos you are playing manipulated the game or gave you genuine services.

Aviatrix crash game RTP

According to the game rules, Aviatrix game has an RTP of 97%. The RTP stands for Return to Player and simply refers to the theoretical expected return from a game after a certain number of rounds. With an RTP of 97%, you can expect a return of €0.97 for every €1 wagered. As mentioned, this is only a theoretical figure and is bound to vary from one player to another. That is why you can sometimes win €100 and sometimes lose the same €100. 

Aviatrix bet game statistics

At the bottom section of the playing area, you’ll notice multiplier numbers marked in red or green. Numbers appearing in red represent multipliers below 1.50, while anything above this is marked in green.

These numbers are quite important, especially to players who believe in observing patterns during gameplay. They can tell you the multiplier coefficient for the past 20 or more rounds. Some players can use this information to decide the ‘perfect’ time to cash out their bets.

Note that although you can try to observe a pattern, Aviatrix is a completely random game. The game’s results are determined using Random Number Generator (RNG) software. This sophisticated state-of-the-art software generates millions of numbers in a split second. The moment you hit the play button, a number is randomly picked from these millions to represent an outcome. 

So, unless you have a supercomputer that can correctly predict the exact multiplier coefficient, it’s difficult to hack or cheat in Aviatrix casino game. In fact, most of the Aviatrix predictor apps you find online are nothing but regular applications. They won’t increase your chance of winning during gameplay. 

Aviatrix live chat feature

Unfortunately, Aviatrix crash game lacks a live chat feature, which is commonly available in other crash games. However, it comes with a participants section, which allows you to view how other players are wagering and cashing out their bets. 

Aviatrix game bonus features

All the rules above are quite standard in most crash casino games. There are, however, a few features that make Aviatrix crash game stand out from the pack. These include earning experience points during gameplay and a nice rewards program. Let us have a quick look at each of these sections and what they offer.

Experience points

To activate this feature, you must have customised your plane at the start of each round. After this, you automatically start earning points, which are awarded for every €1 wagered. The more experience points you wager, the more aeroplanes you unlock.

Aviatrix rewards program

The rewards program ensures you receive free bets during gameplay. These are usually not common in all Aviatrix online casinos, but when they are present, they come with certain conditions. For example,

  • They are usually awarded randomly
  • You will receive at least 10 free bets
  • You can win a maximum of €200 when using the free bets

In addition to these terms and conditions, Aviatrix online casinos running this promotion tend to have their unique conditions. Always ensure you go through them before opting for the promotion. 

Daily rewards competition

This is what the game provider refers to as the ‘Buckle up tight, take a lucky flight!’ tournament, which allows you to win a share of the €1,500,000 prize pool. To qualify for this daily competition, you must have customised your plane and claimed a reward through the rewards program above. The prize money is awarded based on two criteria listed in the tournament’s section. 

Crash games similar to Aviatrix

As mentioned, Aviatrix isn’t the only crash casino game you can play online. In fact, before 2023, when the game was released, other successful titles were already receiving playtime from thousands of players worldwide. These games include the likes of Aviator (Spribe), Lucky Crumbling (EvoPlay), CricketX (SmartSoft Gaming), and Rocketon (Galaxsys), among many others.

Aviator (Spribe)

Aviator from Spribe is without the most sought-after crash casino game on the internet. If you look at it, you’ll see it bears so much resemblance with Aviatrix game. It uses a plane for its theme and comes with a house edge of 3% (RTP of 97%). You must place a bet and watch as the plane takes to the skies. The higher it soars, the bigger your expected returns. Cash out before the plane flies away from the screen. It also comes with a Rain bonus feature that randomly adds free bets to the chat section of the game. 

Lucky Crumbling (EvoPlay)

EvoPlay has plenty of crash games in its portfolio. The company released Save the Hamster, Football Manager, Mine Field, High Striker, and many more. Lucky Crumbling is one of its high-profile releases and uses what seems to be a Forex-like theme in that you place your bet and watch as it grows in value, just like in the money market chart. The game comes with an RTP of 96% and a maximum payout of €750,000 (although this figure can vary from one online casino to another). Its multiplier starts from a low of 1x all the way to 1000x your bet. 

Rocketman (Elbet)

If you are looking for a feature-ladden crash game online, Rocketman from Elbet should be on top of your list. It uses the basic concept of crash casino games and has high multipliers of between x1 and 20,000x your bet. In addition to this, you can look forward to Astronaut Promo Credits, Alien Saucer Free Bets, and a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot will take 1% of every bet you place and will continue pooling the funds until one lucky player walks away with the prize money. 

Cricket X (SmartSoft Gaming)

As the name suggests, the game is based on a cricket theme. The game features cricket players and starts off as soon as you’ve selected your bet range of between €0.10 and €100. After placing the play button, the batsman hits the cricket to the skies, and you must cash out before it disappears from the screen to win money.

The game comes with an RTP that ranges between 96.7% and 98.8%. This varies from one online casino to another. At maximum bet, you can win up to x25,000 your bet (or €10,000), whichever is achieved first. 

Rocketon (Galaxsys)

Galaxsys’s Rocketon crash casino game uses a space theme. One thing that will immediately stand out is the rendering of the graphics, which are quite realistic. It also allows you to place two wagers simultaneously, much like other crash casino games. However, when it comes to cashing out, it allows you to cash out only 50% of the bets you make and allow the remaining amount to continue increasing until you are ready to collect. 


Aviatrix, like many other crash casino games, is a genuinely easy game to play. It lets you control how much you can win from the game. This is possible because you can decide how far you’d like the multiplier coefficient to increase for as long as it remains active, i.e., provided it hasn’t crashed. Additionally, Aviatrix crash game comes with provably fair technology, which lets you check the authenticity of a game’s outcome, especially after you’ve lost a bet you feel you could have won.  

However, unlike other crash casino games, Aviatrix bet game lets you customise your plane. You can decide the colour and shape you’d like the plane to take. Additionally, you can earn experience points, which enrol you into a tournament with a prize pool of €1.5 million. You can also earn rewards, which are given in the form of free bets. 


Where can I find Aviatrix game?

You can find Aviatrix at some of the best online casinos recommended on this page. You can play the game for free before switching to real money play. The demo mode will help you determine if the Aviatrix online casinos you are signing up to fit your gaming preferences, as well as familiarise yourself with the game rules before committing real money. 

How to play Aviatrix?

You can play Aviatrix bet game for free or real money. Whichever way you decide, you are first required to pick your bet amount, then select the ‘place bet’ button. The multiplier coefficient will start increasing until the plane crashes. The higher the multiplier goes, the higher the expected returns.

How much can I win in Aviatrix?

According to the official game rules, Aviatrix allows you to win a maximum of €10,000 or a maximum multiplier of x10,000 (whichever is reached faster). However, this maximum amount of €10,000 varies from one online casino to another. Other Aviatrix online casinos tend to have a much lower maximum payout.

What are bet sizes in Aviatrix?

The bet sizes in Aviatrix crash game start from a low of €0.10 up to a maximum of €300 per round. It goes without saying the higher the amount wagered and the bigger the multiplier coefficient subject to this bet, the higher the return.

Is Aviatrix game fair?

Yes, Aviatrix crash game is 100% fair and accurate. The game features provably fair technology, allowing you to verify each round’s authenticity and accuracy.

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