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Save the Princess
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Save the Princess Crash Game by turbo games Details

🎰 Software: Turbo Games
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.10 - $100
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 95%

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Save the Princess Crash Game by turbo games Review

Launched by Turbo Games in 2022, Save the Princess crash game is an excellent example of non-trivial gambling solutions. It definitely doesn’t look like standard slots, but it also doesn’t look like most crash games with planes or rockets. Save the Princess is like a real arcade game where players enjoy well-known 8-bit graphics and gameplay elements with reference to the legendary Super Mario console game. As well as in other crash casino games, Save the Princess game allows you to make your own decisions and determine when to cash out. Moreover, the game has three volatility levels that players adjust by adding extra abilities to the character. The full Save the Princess review over here will explain in detail how to play this instant-win game for real money.

What is a crash game?

Crash games, also known as instant wins, are designed for gamblers who want to get involved to the maximum and make certain decisions during the game. Still, any online casino game is based on random outcomes, but in the case of crash games, it’s up to you to determine volatility and decide at what multiplier you want to stop if you manage to do it before the game crashes. This type is especially popular among cryptocurrency players placing bets in Bitcoin and other blockchain currencies.

Save the Princess game rules

This time, Turbo Games developed a non-trivial crash game. It’s certain to win the hearts of gamblers due to both stunning visual elements and extra options in the form of protection elements. Players’ reviews show that the game attracts players with different bankrolls and tastes. Let’s learn Save the Princess’s casino game rules to find out why it’s so popular.

Navigation elements

Save the Princess bet game has an unusual gameplay model, but its navigation is quite straightforward. By pushing ‘+’ and ‘-’, you can increase or decrease the bet. Alternatively, there are buttons to set the minimum of $0.1 or the maximum of $100. Your balance is displayed above on the right. By pushing the question mark widget, the game will launch education mode, where a cartoon character explains gameplay rules, highlighting essential elements. 

The other two buttons are for regulating sound effects and extra settings. The mobile version can have minor differences, but in general, the game is optimised for all gadgets, so your desktop experience will be as good as playing on iOS or Android. The game begins when you press the ‘Start Game’ button, and it’s pretty unusual that the game has no auto cashout option.

How to play Save the Princess

As well as other instant win games, the Save the Princess crash game has standard elements when a player has a chance to cash out before the game is over. Unlike most other crash games, this one has no flying elements, such as planes. Plus, you don’t wait for the beginning of the round with other players since it’s up to you to start the game whenever you want. 

When you push the ‘Start Game’ button, the knight finds himself at level 1. You can’t cash out at this level since the game only begins. On the right, you’ll find a virtual game console, and you have to choose a door for your character. When this door reveals bones, the game is over. As for goblins, dragons, and vampires, they can also kill your character, but protection elements can prevent this.

If the door is clear, you move to level two. Location and visual elements change, but the concept is still the same; you need to open a new door to proceed. However, you can cash out at level two and further, though the multiplier will be extremely low in the beginning. This approach can be suitable for players testing Save the Princess for real money for the first time.

Save the Princess protection elements

Besides the basic opportunity to cash out whenever you want, Turbo Games added a feature to activate protection elements and regulate volatility this way. These are armour against goblins, an extinguisher against dragons, and garlic against vampires. When one of these characters is at the door, the protection element works and kills the enemy, so you can continue playing. Each element makes the game safer yet lowers potential multipliers, so volatility and paytable change accordingly:

  • When they are all inactive, it’s the extremely high volatility level where multipliers are equal to 1.24x, 1.69x, 2.45x, 3.85x, 6.9x, 16.12x, and 81x.
  • If you activate at least one protection element, the multipliers are 1.15x, 1.44x, 1.87x, 2.58x, 3.86x, 6.76x, and 16.92x.
  • With two protection elements active at once, your potential multipliers are 1.08x, 1.24x, 1.47x, 1.79x, 2.31x, 3.23x, and 5.4x.
  • The safest mode with all the three protection elements offers players 1.01x, 1.08x, 1.17x, 1.29x, 1.45x, 1.69x, and 2.12x.

These are the only bonus options of the game, so players can’t count on built-in free bets like in Aviator by Spribe. However, not all crash games have bonus features, so the presence of these protection elements is much better than nothing.

Save the Princess online casino strategies

The Turbo Games provider added engaging elements to regulate risk levels, so you can play Save the Princess for real money with four different volatility levels. Moreover, it’s up to you to decide when to cash out. The further your knight reaches, the closer he is to his beloved, but you could guess that the castle is guarded by different creatures, so the task isn’t easy. That’s why you can choose from the Save the Princess crash game strategies below to maximise your chances.

Weird Guy low-risk Save the Princess strategy

Our character wants to see the princess, but when he has all this heavy equipment, he looks weird and it’s impossible to reach the castle. That’s why low volatility Save the Princess strategy includes the following:

  • All three extra elements are active (armour, extinguisher, garlic)
  • You cash out after the first or second step (level 2 or 3)
  • Your bet per round is up to 10% of your bankroll
  • Winning potential is 1.01x to 2.12x

First Meeting medium risk Save the Princess strategy

Well, when a man has no extinguisher, he has more chances to meet a woman, though it’s not always enough to win her heart. That’s why the medium-risk strategy of the Save the Princess crash game is like this:

  • You have only two active elements (armour and garlic)
  • Now, cash out after the second or third step (level 3 or 4)
  • The bet can be 10% to 20% of your bankroll
  • Winning potential is 1.08x to 5.4x

First Date hard-risk Save the Princess strategy

When we are talking about a man who doesn’t hide his face, the dating is going to be not so strange, so hard risk strategy for Save the Princess implies the absence of both an extinguisher and a helmet:

  • Activate only garlic against vampires
  • Focus on levels 4 to 6 to cash out (third to fifth steps)
  • Bet 20% to 30% of your bankroll per round
  • Winning potential is 1.15x to 16.92x

First Kiss extreme-risk Save the Princess strategy

How can we talk about the first kiss when there is so much garlic? Remove this element and try to go as far as possible to let the knight kiss his beloved princess. Here’s Save the Princess’s extreme risk strategy:

  • Don’t activate protection elements
  • Cash out at level 7 or try to reach the princess
  • You can bet 30% to 50% of your bankroll per round
  • Winning potential is 1.24x to 81x

About Turbo Games provider

Turbo Games is a relatively new gambling company launched in 2020. The same year, the company penned a deal with the Hub88 integration platform. With nearly 30 titles in the portfolio, the supplier doesn’t offer slots or live games. Fast games are the provider’s trademark, so you can also play its popular instants like Vortex, Aero, Bubbles, Neko, Double Roll, Trading Dice, and others. In 2021, the team released CrashX, its first crash online casino game. Vadym Potapenko, head of sales at Turbo Games, said a few words about Turbo Games at SIGMA Europe: ‘Having a super-experienced team, we deliver new content the way no one did. And we do our best to merge casino games with betting and instant games altogether.’

Save the Princess crash game tips

In addition to basic tips like choosing safe Save the Princess online casinos and playing responsibly, you can consider several working tricks which are directly connected to gameplay rules and have been tested by our team:

  • Try not to lower multipliers
    When you activate all protection elements, it really looks safe, but when a single element turns the maximum 81x potential into 16.92x, and all three active ones make the max win worth as low as 2.12x, it doesn’t seem to be so profitable, so try at least not to use all of them at once (unless you are a newbie).
  • Avoid the lowest bets
    Well, low rollers will enjoy $0.1 bets per round, but when you want to see something significant when your knight reaches the princess, try out larger bets. Even the low 1.15x multiplier looks better when you win $11.5 ($10 bet, $1.5 profit) rather than $1.15 ($1 bet, $0.15 profit), but don’t forget about higher risks.
  • Don’t be afraid to cash out
    Yes, your knight may miss the princess, but it doesn’t mean that reaching the highest point is the best option. When you see that the amount to cash out looks decent (eg., $187 at a $100 bet with one protection element), take the money at least from time to time so as not to run out of funds in a few rounds.

Crash games similar to Save the Princess

If you are fond of the Save the Princess casino game, then other crash games with similar plots or mechanics may interest you. Of course, you still experience something different since crash games don’t look like each other, and that’s their beauty. From experience, we can say that these crash games at online casinos are the most popular.


Spribe created the incredible Aviator crash game with an aeroplane and two betting options up to $100 each in 2019, and even today, it’s one of the most renowned instant win titles. The rules are simple; the plane sets off, and you need to control when to stop it before it crashes. Gamblers adore not only its simplicity but also helpful statistical details and random bonuses which players can receive during the game.

Space Taxi

Lambda Gaming launched this new cryptocurrency casino crash game in 2023. Space Taxi has quite a standard concept. Punters place one or two bets and wait for the rocket with passengers to start flying. Statistics display previous winners, highlighting their usernames, bets, multipliers, and net profit. There is also a unique bonus round when the rocket capsule lands on a planet instead of exploding and brings multipliers of 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, or 100x.


CrashX was the first game from Turbo Games. It was released in 2021 with a 95% volatility and appealing space-themed graphics. Again, players access two betting options per round. Additionally, this casino crash online game boasts a loyalty program where your status grows with the number of real money flights you have. This doesn’t influence winnings and is designed only for players who want to get involved in additional competition within the same game.


Actually, this game type is now extremely popular, so you can find Mines from several providers, including Spribe, Turbo Games, Hacksaw Gaming, Pascal Gaming, Stake Original, and more. In general, the concept is the same; your goal is to open as many cells as possible without stepping on a mine. You can cash out earlier or take higher risks and try to finish the game with the highest reward by opening the entire field.

High Striker

Evoplay launched High Striker in 2019. Both its graphics and rules are extremely plain. When the round begins, you see the line growing, and as usual, you have to stop in time to get a good multiplier yet not to experience the line crashing. This time, you have only one betting option per round, but it’s convenient that you can set auto cashout.


This Save the Princess review is certain to prove that casino games can be non-trivial and very catchy. Turbo Games played the nostalgia trick and did it really well since this casino online crash game really looks like Super Mario adventures, and its gambling elements add spice to the gameplay. The game was released in August 2022, but even in 2024, it doesn’t look outdated, so you can find it at top online casinos. Players can regulate risks by cashing out whenever they want and using additional protection elements, so the Save the Princess crash game is suitable for all bankrolls and tastes.


Where can I find the Save the Princess game?

This page displays the best crash game online casinos that have Save the Princess. You will like their payout speed, customer support, and decent payment limits.

How to play Save the Princess?

It’s a crash game where you begin the round yourself by pushing the start button. Your task is to open the doors and try to reach higher levels to get higher multipliers and save the princess.

How much can I win in Save the Princess?

The game’s lower multiplier is 1.01x, and the highest one is 81x. With a maximum bet of $100, you can potentially win up to $10,000 if you play with no protection elements and reach the castle.

What are the bet sizes in Save the Princess?

Save the Princess online casino game is suitable for all budgets due to accepted wagers of $0.1 to $100 and many interim bets within this range.

Is the Save the Princess game fair?

Sure, Turbo Games delivers 100% provably fair games where no one influences results. Outcomes are always random and fair. Plus, the game is available at licensed casinos you can trust.

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