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Zeppelin Crash Game by betsolutions Details

🎰 Software: BetSolutions
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.01 - $250
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 96.4%

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Zeppelin Crash Game by betsolutions Review

Over the years, players have been hunting for casino games that offer a different kind of thrill besides the usual slot machines and table games. This is where the Zeppelin crash game comes in. But what is it? Zeppelin is a unique and popular title where players cash out multiplied winnings as an airship soars up the sky. The game features a 96.4% RTP, and you can receive multiplied payouts starting from as low as 1.0x your bet, and the coefficient can go indefinitely high. However, the game has a maximum win limit of $30,000 per round. Like most crash games, the catch in the Zeppelin game is that you must collect your winnings before the airship explodes, leading to you losing your bet.

In this Zeppelin review, we’ll discuss a few essential details pertaining to the game. These include the general info, its rules, and gaming features, among others. You’ll also find a verified list of top and reputable online casinos where you can play Zeppelin for real money.

What is a crash game?

People have been finding ways to have fun and unwind from their regular schedules for centuries, which has led software vendors to be more creative. As a result, a new category of online casino games, commonly known as crash games, has emerged. These games feature multiplied payouts, but you must cash out your winnings before the round is over, which happens instantly and without prior warning. 

Crash games usually have simple rules, and the multiplier values vary depending on your playing title. Although most of these titles require you to collect your winnings before the main object crashes, some have a different gameplay that doesn’t involve crashing, but the primary objective remains the same.

Provably Fair technology in Zeppelin

The Provably Fair technology is a unique system in which players can check a game’s fairness through a cryptographic algorithm, ensuring no third-party interference regarding each round’s outcome. For instance, in the Zeppelin casino game, the system allows you to ensure that the multiplier coefficient of each round is predetermined, and it doesn’t depend on players’ bets, behaviour, betting history, or other factors. In this game, the Provably Fair system usually involves a round key and a reliability code. So, what are they, and how do they work?

To begin with, the round key is a text comprising three parameters, i.e., round number, round coefficient, and round unique serial number. The reliability code, on the other hand, is the round key encrypted with the cryptographic algorithm. To check if the Zeppelin bet game is fair, click the history icon, where you’ll find a list of outcomes for the completed rounds and pick a random outcome. When you click on it, you’ll see a unique round key and reliability code. Copy the round key on a verifier tool and encrypt it with the SHA256 algorithm. If the produced key matches the outcome’s reliability code, then the game is 100% fair and unmanipulated.

About the Zeppelin crash game

Released in 2021 by BetSolutions, the Zeppelin casino game is a thrilling title designed based on a virtual zeppelin that awards massive multiplied payouts that start from as low as 1.0x your bet and can go indefinitely high. The Zeppelin bet game applies simple graphics and an easy-to-use interface, delivering a seamless gambling experience for its players. The game also allows you to choose between 15 languages and turn on or off the game’s sound and music. Aside from that, you can also pick your favourite avatar from 20 different options. 

The Zeppelin casino game features a virtual airship that leaves the ground immediately after the betting phase is over. As the zeppelin soars up the dark, cloudy sky, random multiplier coefficients starting from 1.0x show up on the screen, upon which you must cash out your winnings the moment the multiplier value reaches your desired figure. 

For starters, the game is built based on the crash curve gaming mechanic, meaning the airship will crash at some point without prior notice. Therefore, your primary objective is to collect your winnings as soon as you can before the zeppelin explodes mid-air, upon which you’ll lose your bet. Therefore, like most crash games, the Zeppelin game preys on your instincts and reaction speed, making it an ideal option for players who like the thrill of having the fate of their wins in their hands. 

However, you should note that the longer you wait, the greater the risk, but the reward is equally proportional. This means you should be cautious when timing your cash out, as it could cost you your funds. Despite the indefinite potential multiplier,  the game features a maximum win limit of $30,000 per round. This means no matter how high the multiplier goes, the game will automatically cash out once your winning amount reaches USD 30,000.

Zeppelin game features

Aside from the exciting gambling experience and massive payouts, the Zeppelin bet game has various gaming features, allowing you to have a seamless play session. One of the most notable and intriguing features of the Zeppelin bet game is the progressive jackpots (to be discussed later), which award players after the multiplier reaches specific values. Let’s take a deep look below at some of the features you’ll find when playing Zeppelin for real money or using virtual funds.

Betting panel

One of the key features of any online casino game is the betting interface. In this regard, Zeppelin has a simple and detailed betting panel. Whether you’re playing the game in real money or demo mode, you can enter your preferred bet amount manually or use the x2, x4, and x8 to increase the figure. For instance, if you input $1 as your preferred bet amount for the current round and want to increase it to $2 for the next round, click the x2 button, and the value will change. In addition, there’s a Max button that allows you to automatically enter the maximum allowed bet amount, which can vary across online casinos. Usually, it is fixed at $500.

If you find a round in progress, you don’t have to wait till the next betting phase opens. Simply place your bet and wait for the next round to begin. When you launch the game, you’ll find one betting panel, but this shouldn’t worry you if you’re a high roller since you can add a second interface by hitting the (+) button.


Suppose you have placed a bet and wish to change the betting amount or not play that round. This is where the Cancel button comes in. This feature gets immediately activated after you place your bet for the next round and stays on until the betting period for that round begins. This means you can only cancel your bet before the betting phase for the next round begins.

Cash Out

The Cash Out button helps you achieve the primary goal of the game. Therefore, once the multiplier reaches your desired coefficient, simply click this button, and your winnings will be added to your player account. However, the Cash Out button is only active before the zeppelin crashes, upon which it’ll disappear, and your bet will be lost.


The Zeppelin casino game offers autoplay features (Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out) to facilitate an easy gaming session. The autoplay function is activated by clicking the switch buttons right below the betting amount windows.

The Auto Bet button allows the system to automatically place bets on your behalf for the next rounds until you deactivate it. This means you’ll set your preferred bet amount within the set bet limits in advance, and your task will be only collecting your winnings.

On the other hand, the Auto Cash Out button allows you to set your preferred multiplier value, upon which the system will automatically collect your winnings once the zeppelin reaches the set coefficient. This is quite a helpful feature, especially if you’re playing with two betting panels, as you might be exposed to the risk of losing your funds if you’re not fast enough to cash out before the airship crashes. You can set the value from as low as 1.02x and as high as you wish since the coefficient doesn’t have a maximum limit.

Zeppelin game rules

Aside from a simple user interface, the Zeppelin bet game features straightforward rules that are easy to understand. This means you can learn how to play within a short period, making it an ideal option for novices. The game also features friendly betting limits, which cater to both low-budget players and high-rollers. 

As previously stated, the game features a virtual zeppelin that takes off after the betting time lapses, and you must cash out your winnings once the multiplier reaches your desired value. However, timing is key during gameplay since the airship can explode mid-air, leading you to lose your bet.

Progressive jackpot in Zeppelin

Furthermore, the Zeppelin crash game features a two-level progressive jackpot (O2 and He) awarded if the multiplier reaches a specific value. The O2 jackpot gets awarded if the multiplier coefficient is between 500x and 900x, whereas the He jackpot is awarded if the value exceeds 900x. Please note that the jackpot value starts from as low as a few US dollars, and it can reach thousands. The jackpot amount is also split proportionally to the bets placed. However, only the players who cashed out on multipliers above 2x will receive the jackpot amount.

Zeppelin game bonuses

Although the Zeppelin crash game has a simple user interface, the game offers a few unique features. For instance, the game has a bonus program that awards free bets and a unique feature where players can award their fellow players. 

Free Bet

The Zeppelin game has a unique program where players receive bonus funds during their gaming sessions. This means if you’re among the lucky recipients, you’ll place bets without touching your player account balance until the bonus funds are depleted. However, each Free Bet comes with a set bet amount and a minimum cashout multiplier. Therefore, you’ll not be able to collect your winnings below the set multiplier since the Cash Out button will only be activated once the displayed value exceeds the specific Free Bet’s coefficient. You should note that you cannot place a bet using your hard-earned funds and Free Bet simultaneously. It’s also impossible to bet with two or more Free Bets simultaneously. Lastly, unlike with cash bets, you can’t cancel a bet once you place it using the bonus funds.


This is a unique feature in the game where players are allowed to drop money in their fellow players’ accounts. If you decide to use the Drop function, you’ll be required to enter the amount and the number of players to whom you wish to award the funds. If there are fewer players online than the figure you’ve input, the system will automatically adjust the amount and reward it as per the available users.

How to play Zeppelin

Whether you want to play the Zeppelin game on your desktop or mobile device, you must first find a safe and reliable online casino and sign up for a player account. You can also pick one from our well-vetted list of Zeppelin online casinos, create an account, and make a deposit. Afterwards, proceed to the game lobby, search the Zeppelin casino game, and launch it.

Enter your bet amount

Whether you’re playing Zeppelin for real money or using fun credits, you must first enter your preferred bet amount within the set limits and before the betting period lapses (usually around 5 seconds). For the Zeppelin casino game, the minimum allowed bet amount is $0.1, whereas the maximum bet limit is $500. However, if you have a big gambling budget, you can double your bet amount up to a maximum of $1000 since you can place two bets simultaneously in a round.

You can also use the Auto Bet feature and let the system place bets on your behalf if you don’t want to keep rushing against the betting time. Depending on your preferred gambling platform, you can place your bets using fiat or crypto coins such as Bitcoin.

Cash out

Once the betting period is over, the zeppelin immediately takes off and leaves behind a curve as it goes up the sky. At the same time, a multiplier scale starting from as low as 1.0x starts displaying on the screen, and it keeps increasing the more the airship rises. Therefore, the higher the zeppelin goes, the higher the multiplier coefficient. To win during gameplay, you must hit the Cash Out button once the multiplier reaches your desired value, but this has to be before the airship explodes. If the zeppelin crashes before collecting your winnings, you’ll lose your bet. You can also use the Auto Cash Out feature if you feel you’re not fast enough to beat the explosion. However, you should remember that the crash happens without prior notice, meaning your desired multiplier value is not guaranteed.

Live statistics in the Zeppelin casino game

Live statistics come in handy during the cashout period. Most players use the results of the previous rounds to predict how high the multiplier value will go, upon which they’ll collect their winnings before the zeppelin crashes. In this regard, Zeppelin displays the outcomes of the last ten rounds right below the game interface in red and green. To view more, click the refresh button, and it’ll display the last 96 results and the jackpot history (time it was awarded, multiplier value when it was triggered, and the awarded jackpot amount). You should note that each colour represents different values, with the red stats representing multiplier coefficients that are below x1.99. The green ones, on the other hand, represent multiplier values that start from 2.00x and above.

On the left side of the gaming window, you’ll find three tabs. The All Bets tab features a detailed display of all the participating players (shown by unique IDs), their bet amount, cashout multipliers, and winning amounts. The My Bets tab shows your personal betting history with various details such as the bet amount, cashout multiplier, and winning amount. Lastly, the Statistics tab shows players with the highest cashout multipliers, the maximum coefficients in those rounds, and the cashout amount for each player.

Crash games similar to Zeppelin

Despite the Zeppelin game providing massive rewards and a jackpot feature, it’s not the only exciting crash game in the gambling industry. There are numerous titles in top Zeppelin online casinos created based on the same gaming mechanic (crash curve) and have multiplied payouts. Let’s take a brief overview of some of the games that are similar to Zeppelin.


Released in 2019, Aviator is one of the most sought-after and popular crash games in the online gambling market. Like Zeppelin, the game features a virtual aeroplane that takes off during the start of each round and begins launching into the sky while leaving behind a rising curve with multipliers that grow starting from 1.01x. Therefore, you must cash out your winnings before the aircraft explodes mid-air, upon which you’ll lose your bet. Although the multiplier value can go to infinity, the Aviator crash game has a maximum win cap of $10,000.


With an average RTP percentage of 96.72%, Rocketon is an exciting crash game designed by Galaxsys. Released in 2020, the game is designed based on a space theme, and a giant 3D rocket leaves the ground and shoots up the sky. To win, you must cash out your winnings before the virtual rocket disappears, at which point you’ll lose your bet. You can win from as low as 1.01x, and the maximum multiplier is set at 700,000x. One notable feature of the game is the Half Cash Out feature, which allows players to collect half of their winnings and continue playing with the rest of the funds. Like Zeppelin, the Rocketon crash game also offers a unique in-game bonus program, allowing you to save your hard-earned funds for a few rounds.

Cricket X

Cricket X is an exciting title created by Smartsoft Gaming based on the crash curve mechanic. The game features 3D graphics and real lifelike cricket players on a pitch. At the beginning of each round, a virtual cricket ball is hit with a bat, upon which it launches into the sky, leaving multipliers behind as it rises. However, the ball can burst mid-air without warning, leading you to lose your bet. One notable feature of Cricket X is that you can receive massive rewards of up to 25,000 times your bet amount.


Unlike Zeppelin, which is created on the crash gaming mechanic, Mines applies a different gameplay where participating players are required to walk on a minefield and collect multiplied rewards along the way. You can cash out your winnings as soon the multiplied payout reaches your desired amount, but you should be cautious and hope that you won’t step on a mine, during which you’ll lose your bet. Generally, behind each tile is either a multiplier or a mine, meaning the more safe tiles you find, the greater your reward.


Released in 2019, JetX is a social multiplayer title designed by Smartsoft Gaming. It’s mainly a game of chance created based on an airport background, and people board a virtual plane before it takes off. As the aircraft soars up the sky, you must strategically jump out (collect your current winnings) and avoid being blown up mid-air (lose your bet). You can receive as low as 1.01x your bet and as high as 25,000x.


The Zeppelin bet game is a popular crash game by BetSolutions, a reputable software provider that has been in the industry since 2015. Released in 2021, the game features an average RTP percentage of 96.4% and massive multiplier payouts that can go indefinitely high. However, despite the generous payout, the game features a maximum win limit of $30,000 per round, which is relatively high compared to most crash games. Furthermore, the Zeppelin crash game features an in-game bonus program (Free Bets) and a two-level progressive jackpot that awards players if the multiplier exceeds 500x.

In this Zeppelin review, we have discussed the game rules, how to play, and betting features, among other details. You’ll also find brief overviews of other crash games similar to Zeppelin and a list of reputable Zeppelin online casinos where you can play the game for real money or in demo mode.

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