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Crash X
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Crash X Crash Game by turbo games Details

🎰 Software: Turbo Games
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.10 - $100
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 96%

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Crash X Crash Game by turbo games Review

With the ever-expanding online gambling market, numerous players from across the world have been looking for new ways to have fun besides the usual online casino games, such as slot machines and classic table games. This has led to the introduction of innovative titles such as the Crash X crash game, which features straightforward rules and massive rewards up to x999,999 your bet. On top of that, the game offers various state-of-the-art features for betting and cashing out, alongside an average RTP percentage of 96% and ping time. 

True to its name, the game is designed based on the crash curve mechanic, and its primary objective is for you to cash out before the spaceship explodes, leading you to lose your bet. In this Crash X review, we’ll shed light on various aspects of the game, such as its rules, gameplay, live statistics, etc. You’ll also find brief reviews of other crash games you can play in Crash X online casinos and a well-vetted list of reputable online casinos where you can play the game.

What is a crash game?

With the fierce competition that we have been witnessing in the online gambling industry, online operators and software providers have been pushed to be more creative and release innovative gaming products that will keep players glued to their screens. This factor has led to the introduction of multiplayer games that allow different players from across the world to compete for a common reward (the highest multiplier). 

On top of that, these games offer instant wins, but with a catch, i.e., you must cash out your winnings in time before the main object (plane, rocket, ball, astronaut, etc.) vanishes, leading you to lose your bet. Although most crash games are designed based on a crash curve mechanic, some have a different gameplay that doesn’t involve crashing.

Provably Fair technology in Crash X

The Provably Fair technology is a system in which players are allowed to verify the results of each game round, eliminating suspicion of the outcome being manipulated. This system uses a cryptographic algorithm that generates a round’s outcome based on three variables. So, how does it work?

Suppose you’re playing in a Crash X online casino. In that case, you’ll receive an encrypted string (server seed) from the online operator before the beginning of each round, ensuring that the result is pre-determined and cannot be modified. Afterwards, a modifiable client seed, which the online casino is unaware of, is randomly generated by your browser. The last variable is known as a nonce, which starts at 0 and keeps growing every time you place a bet. 

Therefore, the cryptographic nonce keeps track of the number of wagers placed. This system has helped boost the popularity of most crash games, such as Crash X since it allows players to experience how it feels to win or lose in a fair game.

About Crash X casino game

Released in 2021, the Crash X bet game is an exciting title by Turbo Games that features a space theme and massive multiplier rewards that can pay up to x999,999.99 your bet. Regarding its outlook, the game features a background made of a sky full of stars and a virtual spaceship that takes off immediately after the betting time is over. As the name implies, the game is designed based on the crash curve gaming mechanic, and you must collect your winnings during gameplay before the rocket bursts into flames mid-air, leading you to lose your bet. Therefore, Crash X is an ideal game for players who like the thrill and adventure of being in control of their wins.

At the beginning of each round, the rocket takes off and starts soaring up the sky, upon which random multiplier values starting from 1.0x begin to pop up on the screen. Whether you’re playing Crash X for real money or in demo mode, you must jump out of the spaceship as soon as it reaches your desired multiplier coefficient, but only before it explodes. Although the longer you wait, the greater your reward will be, you’ll also be exposed to more risk. On top of that, you can only win up to a maximum of $10,000 in every round despite the game having a maximum multiplier of 999,999.99x. 

Aside from the exciting gaming experience and massive rewards, the Crash X casino game offers various betting features to help make your gambling session easy and enjoyable. For instance, you can change your nickname, turn on or off the game’s animations, and view your betting history, all under the gear icon at the top right of the game screen.

Crash X game features

To facilitate a seamless and exciting gambling session, the game provides players with various betting functions. Let’s take a look below at some of the features you need during real-money gameplay.

Bet features

When you launch the game, you’ll find two betting tabs that you can use to place your bets during the betting period. Whether you’re playing using your hard-earned funds or the virtual credits provided in the game, you can place your bet using a single panel or both windows for simultaneous wagers in a round. Please note that you can input your preferred bet amount manually or click the (+) button to increase the figure and (-) to reduce it. You can also place a bet for the next round if you missed the chance to bet on the current round or if it’s in progress.


The Cancel button is represented by a red (X) on the top left of the betting window. This button is activated once your bet has been accepted, and if you press it, the current bet will be cancelled, and the funds will be returned to your player account. However, this will only be possible if you click it before the betting time is over.

Cash Out

The Cash Out button helps you collect your current winnings once the rocket reaches your preferred multiplier coefficient. However, you should be careful and strategically cash out your winnings before the spaceship bursts into flames, leading to the loss of your bet.


Whether you’re playing on a desktop or mobile device, the Crash X bet game offers autoplay features for easy gameplay.

To begin with, click the refresh button at the top left of the betting panel to open the Autoplay window. The Auto Bet function allows you to pre-set the bet amount you wish to be automatically placed by the system during the set rounds. To use this feature, enter any amount manually within the set betting limits or use the (-) and (+) buttons. You can also use the ‘min’ and ‘max’ buttons, which will input the minimum and maximum allowed bet amounts of $0.1 and $100, respectively. Afterwards, enter the number of rounds you wish the bets to be placed during gameplay.

On the other hand, you can set your preferred multiplier coefficient for the game to collect your winnings once the value is achieved. You can set it from as low as 1.20x and as high as the maximum multiplier (999,999.99x). After you’re done setting everything, you can click the ‘Start Autoplay’ button, upon which the game will automatically place the set bet value and cash out your winnings whenever your desired multiplier value is reached until the set rounds are over.

The game also offers additional Autoplay settings for experienced players who want to control their wins and losses. To activate them, click ‘Open PRO Settings’, and you can set whether to increase your bet amount when winning or losing. This figure can only be set in percentages, starting from 1% up to the maximum standard value of 100%. You can also click the switch button if you wish to stop the Autoplay function at any win.


The Crash X casino game offers a unique feature that shows the delay between your device (desktop or mobile) and game servers. This figure is usually displayed at the bottom right side of the game interface. As per the game provider, it’s recommended to rely on the Auto Cashout figure if the ping value is more than 2000 ms. However, if the ping value exceeds 5000 ms, you should not play at all since the displayed screen is 5 seconds behind real time.

Crash X game rules

The Crash X game is among the easiest to play online casino games since it features straightforward rules that you can learn in a short span of time. Therefore, whether a novice or a seasoned player, you can try your luck and play Crash X for real money once you feel prepared. As previously stated, the game’s primary objective is for you to strategically collect your winnings before the spaceship bursts into flames mid-air, losing your bet.

How to play the Crash X game

Whether you want to use fun credits or play Crash X for real money, you must first find a reputable online gambling platform or choose one from our recommended list of top Crash X online casinos. Afterwards, head to the game lobby and launch the Crash X bet game.

Enter your bet amount

To begin playing, enter your preferred bet value within the set betting limits (minimum of $0.1 and maximum of $100) before the betting period is over (usually around 6 seconds). If you’re not quick enough to beat the betting phase, you can use the Autoplay function, which will allow you to enjoy all rounds. For crypto players, you can place your bets using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but only if your online casino allows. Although the Crash X game has a maximum bet limit of $100, you can double your bet amount up to a maximum of $200 since you can place two simultaneous bets in a round.

Cash out

Once the betting period lapses, the spaceship will launch into the sky, and the multiplier coefficient will start from 1.01x and continue increasing. The higher the rocket soars into the sky, the higher the multiplier value. Therefore, you must cash out your winnings once the spaceship reaches your desired coefficient. However, you should do it in good time before the rocket explodes, leading you to lose your stake. Upon hitting the Cash Out button, your bet amount will be multiplied by the multiplier coefficient that was generated during the cashout instance.

Live statistics in the Crash X game

To help you decide when to cash out or which value to set during the Autoplay session, the Crash X casino game provides live results of the previous rounds in the game. These results are displayed at the top of the game interface in blue, green, and yellow, with each colour representing different coefficients. Blue stats represent the multipliers with values below x1.99, whereas the green ones display multiplier coefficients that range between x2.00 and x9.99. Lastly, all multiplier values above x10.00 are indicated in yellow.

On the left side of the game panel is a detailed display of all the participating players (shown by nicknames), their cashout multipliers, and winning amounts. At the top of this list, you can see live figures of the number of bets placed and the total amount placed in each round.

For personal history, click the rank icon placed right below the Crash X game header. You’ll find detailed information on your current rank, flights, maximum multipliers, flying hours (approximate amount of time you’ve spent in the game), and average multiplier. To begin with, your current rank is determined by the number of bets you’ve placed, with Rookie being the lowest rank and Lord Supercluster being the highest. 

Flights represent the total number of bets you’ve placed, whereas the maximum multiplier displays the highest multiplier value at which you have successfully cashed out. Lastly, the average multiplier is calculated by dividing the sum of cashout multipliers by the number of rounds you’ve played.

Crash games similar to Crash X

To diversify your gambling experience, you can also play other crash games that are designed based on a similar crash curve concept and offer massive potential multiplied payouts. Some instant-win games you’ll find in Crash X online casinos include Aviator, Lucky Crumbling, Rocketman, CricketX, and Rocketon. Let’s briefly explore these games below.


Aviator is a popular social multiplayer crash game by Spribe that features an in-game chat function and a virtual flight that can crash at any time. When a round begins, the aircraft takes off, leaving behind a multiplier coefficient that grows from as low as 1.01x and can go indefinitely high, during which players are required to cash out their winnings before the lucky plane disappears. However, you’ll lose your bet if you don’t cash out in time before the lucky plane flies away.

Lucky Crumbling

Released in 2021, Lucky Crumbling is a thrilling instant win game by Evoplay that’s designed based on the crash curve concept. The game features a stock theme and a growing stock graph that can crash at any time. Similar to the Crash X bet game, a multiplier coefficient starts growing from 1.00x once the betting time is over, and you are required to collect multiplier values as high as you can before the lucky coin collapses, upon which you’ll lose your bet.


Rocketman is an exciting crash game created by Elbet and offers massive potential multiplier payouts of up to x20,000 your bet amount. True to its name, the game is designed on a rocket theme and features a crash gaming mechanic. Like the Crash X game, Rocketman’s primary objective is for you to cash out your winnings before the rocket explodes mid-air. A unique feature of this game is the shared three-level progressive jackpot prize, which deducts 1% of every bet placed in a round.


CricketX is a popular online casino game by Smartsoft Gaming, a reputable gaming provider well known for creating crash games. The game features 3D animations of cricket players and a virtual cricket ball. When the game round begins, one of the players throws the ball towards the one with the bat upon which they’ll smack it into the air. As soon as the ball is hit, a multiplier scale starts increasing from 1.0x and can go as high as 25000x. Therefore, your primary goal when playing CricketX for real money is to collect your winnings in time before the ball bursts mid-air.


Rocketon is a thrilling title by Galaxsys that was released in 2020. The game features an average RTP percentage of 96.72% and massive potential multipliers that can pay up to x700,000 your bet. Rocketon features a gigantic 3D rocket that takes off at the beginning of a round, and you must cash out your winnings before it flies away, losing your bet. Aside from the state-of-the-art gaming features and animations, Rocketon offers numerous in-game bonuses alongside a unique Half Cash-Out function, which allows you to collect half of your winnings and continue playing with the remainder of the earnings.


The Crash X casino game is a popular title by Turbo Games with an average RTP percentage of 96%. The gameplay is designed based on a spaceship that takes off at the beginning of every round and leaves behind multiplier coefficients starting from as low as 1.0x and can go as high as 999,999.99x. However, you can only win up to a maximum of $10,000 per game round. The catch in the Crash X game is that you must wait for the right moment to collect your winnings before the rocket bursts into flames mid-flight, upon which you’ll lose your bet. Aside from the generous multiplied payouts, the Crash X crash game offers various unique gaming features, including a Ping function that shows the latency between the game servers and your device.

In this Crash X review, we have outlined some essential information regarding this instant win game, including the game’s key features, rules, and how to play. We have also provided brief reviews on other crash games similar to the Crash X crash game.

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