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JetX Crash Game by smartsoft gaming Details

🎰 Software: SmartSoft Gaming
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.1 - $300
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 97.3%

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JetX Crash Game by smartsoft gaming Review

The online gambling industry has been evolving since its genesis, from the introduction of live table games to game shows and now instant win games. Commonly known as crash games, these titles have caught the attention of many online players who prefer instant wins and the adrenaline rush they deliver during gameplay. With its simple game rules, massive payouts, and striking graphics, the JetX crash game has been among online players’ most sought-after instant win titles. But what does it entail?

Generally, JetX is a social multiplayer game where players aim to cash out multiplied payouts, which can go up to x25,000 your bet. However, you must be cautious not to wait too long to make a move since the virtual jet can explode anytime, causing you to lose your wager. In this JetX review, we’ll tackle a few key areas of the game, including its rules, features, and RTP, among others. We’ll also provide you with a well-vetted list of top online casinos where you can play JetX for real money.

What is a crash game?

Although some players like applying skills and being challenged during a game, others prefer simple games that allow them to think on their feet and receive instant payouts. To cater to the latter, innovative software providers have been releasing numerous exciting titles, popularly known as crash games, that feature instant bets and multiplied payouts.

These games are designed based on the crash gaming mechanic, and you must cash out your current winnings before the round is over, which typically happens without prior warning. The multiplier coefficient usually starts from as low as 1.01x and can go indefinitely high or up to a set value, depending on the game you’re playing. So, basically, crash games are online casino games that allow players to cash out their current winnings before the game ends, upon which they’ll lose their bets.

Crash games algorithm

During their initial introduction into the gambling industry, crash games were more popular in crypto casinos since they are designed based on a similar concept, i.e., cryptographic algorithm. For crash games, this algorithm is integrated into most titles to ensure random and fair outcomes. Each round’s outcome is randomly generated, and you can verify the results through a Provably Fair system.

The cryptographic algorithm generates outcomes through a server seed (from the online casino), a client seed (from your browser), and a cryptographic nonce. So, suppose you have any doubts about the final result at the end of the game. In that case, you can enter the three variables into a verifier tool (provided in the game or by a third party) and confirm if the generated outcome matches the one in the game.

About JetX game

Released in 2019 by Smartsoft Gaming, JetX is among the numerous crash games that have recently and rapidly gained popularity in the online gambling industry. It’s a game of chance created based on the crash curve mechanic, delivering heightened tension in each round. The game is set in an airport-themed background, and people board a virtual aircraft before it takes off.

At the beginning of each round, the aircraft takes off on the runway and soars up the sky, upon which the passengers start jumping off using parachutes. The higher the aircraft ascends, the higher the potential multiplier, but the risk also escalates. Therefore, with the JetX bet game, placing a bet is like boarding a plane, and you must strategically jump out before it explodes mid-flight, leading to the loss of your bet. This puts all control in your hands since how much you get to earn depends mainly on luck, your instincts, and reaction speed.

Aside from the 3D animations and captivating graphics, the JetX game delivers a social aspect via an in-game live chat feature. You can throw banter with other players from across the world in the chat box, share your gaming strategies, or congratulate the winner, all in real time. You can also turn off the game’s sound and music if it distracts you during your gambling session.

JetX game features

Whether you’re playing on your desktop or mobile device, the JetX casino game also provides players with innovative gaming and betting features, ensuring a seamless gambling experience. Let’s take a look at some of the key features you can use to play JetX for real money.

Bet features

Whether you’re playing in real money mode or for free, the game offers two betting panels where you can input your preferred wager amounts and place two bets simultaneously in a round. You can enter the figures manually or use the (+) button to increase your bet value and (-) to reduce it. If you find a round in progress, you can also place bets for the next round using the same panels.


This button helps you achieve the primary objective of the game, which is to collect multipliers as high as you can. Therefore, once the jet reaches your desired multiplier value, click the Collect button, and all your current winnings will be cashed out. However, you should be careful and collect your winnings before the plane explodes, upon which your bet is lost.


The JetX crash game offers two autoplay functions, i.e., Auto Bet and Auto Collect.

  1. Auto bet

Activating this switch button will allow you to enter a specific bet amount that you wish to be placed automatically during each round. For instance, you can input a bet value of USD 10 to be set for the next rounds, and the game will automatically place the selected bet until you deactivate the Auto Bet button.

  1.  Auto Collect

This button comes in handy if you have placed two bets since having to press two buttons to cash out your winnings might expose you to the risk of losing one bet if the jet explodes while you’re collecting winnings on the other. Therefore, this button allows you to set your preferred multiplier values from as low as 1.01x, and the game will automatically cash out once the coefficient is achieved. However, you can’t enter the game’s maximum multiplier of 25,000x. Instead, you can only set up to a maximum of 1000x.

JetX game rules

As mentioned earlier, the JetX casino game has simple rules but delivers exciting gameplay. This makes it an ideal option for players, especially novices since the game requires no special skills to win. The game’s primary goal is for you to cash out before the virtual plane explodes mid-flight, losing your bet.

How to play the JetX crash game

To begin playing for real money, you must first enter your preferred bet on the betting window within the set betting period, which is usually between 4 and 5 seconds. Therefore, you should be quick during the betting period or use the Auto Bet button if you’d like to participate in every round. You should note that your bet amount must be within the game’s set limits. The JetX game has a minimum betting limit of $0.1 and a maximum of $100. If you’re playing in a crypto online casino, you can also place your bets in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

For players with a high gambling appetite, such as high rollers, you can place two simultaneous bets of different values since the game offers two betting windows. This means the maximum bet limit will increase to $200 for players with two active panels.

Once the betting period is over, the virtual aircraft takes off, and the multiplier value on the screen starts growing from 1.01x. The higher the jet flies into the sky, the higher the coefficient. Thus, you are required to click the Collect button as the plane soars higher and before it crashes, leading you to lose your bet.

So, how are the winnings calculated? Suppose you place a $10 bet and cash out while the multiplier value is at 30x. In that case, your wager will be multiplied by this coefficient to give you a $300 payout. Simply put, your bet amount is usually multiplied by the generated multiplier value.

Live statistics in JetX

The results of the previous rounds in the JetX bet game are displayed in green and red on the left side of the game panel. The green values represent the multipliers with values of more than 1.5x, whereas the red ones indicate multiplier coefficients of less than 1.5x. On the other hand, detailed JetX casino game stats are displayed on the right side of the window. The Current Stakes tab displays the different bet amounts in your currency (dollars in this case) placed in the current round, starting with the highest value at the top and going downwards.

For complete information on the user, bet amount, multiplier value, and payout, click the Statistics tab. You can also narrow down the displayed info and view the best wins on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. For personal history, click the My bets tab, and you’ll see a detailed report of the time you played, your bet amount, the multiplier value when the jet exploded, the coefficient when you cashed out, and how much you won.

JetX3 crash game

Due to the massive popularity and success of JetX in the online gambling industry, Smartsoft Gaming took the gameplay a notch higher and created an advanced version, JetX3. As expected, the game features improved features, graphics, bet sizes, and a different background setting. To begin with, JetX3 features three jet ships, represented by three betting panels. This increases your winning opportunities because if you bet on all ships and one explodes, you can still win with the other planes.

Aside from the additional jets, the maximum bet limit for each betting window in the JetX3 casino game is higher, with the value being capped at $200. The Auto Collect feature also allows you to set the cashout multiplier between 1.35x and 5000x. Despite having additional features, JetX 3 adheres to the same rules as the JetX crash game, i.e., players try to gather multipliers as high as possible before the jets burst into flames mid-air.

Crash games similar to JetX

If this game has caught your attention, you can play other crash games in JetX online casinos that are designed based on the same crash gaming mechanic and feature multiplier-based payouts. Some instant-win titles you can indulge in include Aviator, Zeppelin, Save the Princess, Mines, and Spaceman. Below is a brief overview of these games.


When it comes to popular crash games, Aviator falls into that category as it is among the most-played and well-liked titles in the online gambling world. Created by Spribe, the game is designed based on a similar gaming mechanic as JetX. The game has a virtual aeroplane that takes off, leaving behind a flight curve and multiplier values that keep increasing the higher it goes. However, you must cash out before the plane crashes. Although the multiplier in this game can go indefinitely high, there’s a maximum cap on the win amount.


Designed by BetSolutions, Zeppelin is an intriguing crash game with an RTP of 96.4%. The game features a virtual airship that climbs through space, leaving multiplier coefficients. Therefore, the game’s primary objective is for you to cash out multipliers as high as you can before the zeppelin crashes. A unique feature in this game is the two jackpots that can be won after reaching certain levels in the stratosphere. The O2 level features massive multiplier payouts of between 500x and 900x, whereas the He rewards from as low as 900x and can go infinitely high.

Save the Princess

Unlike JetX, Save the Princess by Turbo Games is not based on the crash mechanic. However, the game features multiplied payouts, delivering a similarly exciting and tension-filled gambling experience. In this title, your primary goal is for you to rescue a kidnapped princess by going through seven levels with numerous doors before getting to her. These doors decrease with each subsequent level, but the risk level inversely increases alongside the multiplier coefficient. Save the Princess also offers protection gear to defend yourself against the enemies (dragons, goblins, and vampires) you might encounter on your way.


This is an instant-win game designed based on the minesweeper gaming mechanic. Like most crash games, the Mines game requires you to collect multipliers from cells on a grid and avoid stepping on mines. Behind each tile on the grid is either a multiplier value or a mine, so you should select your cell carefully to avoid being blown and losing your bet. Basically, your potential multiplier value increases with every safe tile you find. Like in JetX, you can cash out your current winnings as soon as you’re comfortable.


Spaceman is a unique crash game by Pragmatic Play that offers a 95.5% RTP and massive potential multiplier payouts of up to x5000 your bet. As the name implies, the game features an astronaut who flies into space during each round once the betting time is over. Like JetX, you must cash out before the spaceman disappears into the sky. One notable feature of Spaceman is that you can collect all your current winnings in one go or half first and the other half later.


JetX is a popular social multiplayer crash game by Smartsoft Gaming that offers an RTP percentage of between 96.7% and 98.8%. Aside from the incredible RTP, the game delivers exciting gameplay alongside massive potential multiplied rewards that can go up to x25,000. The game is set in an airport-themed background, and you must find the right moment to jump off before the plane crashes. The JetX crash game is an ideal game for novices and low rollers since it features straightforward rules that are easy to grasp and a friendly minimum bet limit of $0.1.

In this JetX review, we have highlighted various details of the game, including its RTP, betting elements, gameplay rules, and brief reviews of games that have similar gameplay.


Where can I find JetX game?

You can find the JetX casino game in various casinos online, or you can peruse our carefully vetted list of reputable JetX online casinos.

How to play JetX?

JetX offers a simple gameplay that’s friendly to both novice and experienced online players. The game features a virtual plane, and your main objective is for you to cash out as much as you can before the jet explodes mid-flight.

How much can I win in JetX?

The game features a maximum multiplier value of 25,000x but with a maximum win limit of $10,000 per round.

What are bet sizes in JetX?

You can bet from as low as $0.1 and as high as $100. However, the JetX crash game has two betting windows, increasing the maximum bet limit to $200 if you choose to use both panels.

Is JetX game fair?

Yes, the game is built on a cryptographic system, which allows you to verify each round’s result to do away with suspicions of manipulated outcomes.

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