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Deal Or No Deal
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Deal Or No Deal live Casino Show by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.10 - $9,000
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Arabic, Portuguese
💬 Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Armenia, Belgium, Canada, Georgia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain, USA
🎲 Game type: Casino Show
💵 RTP: 95.42%

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Deal Or No Deal live Casino Show by evolution Review

Of course, you’ve heard of the world-popular and iconic American TV show Deal or No Deal. Although the TV show no longer airs, it lives on as a live casino game, thanks to Evolution, one of the world’s best providers of live casino solutions. Therefore, Evolution Deal or No Deal follows pretty much the same gameplay. Players have 16 briefcases, each with a varying cash prize. The main objective is to choose the briefcase with the highest reward at the end of the game. However, before that, the show host will ask you the famous question: Deal or No Deal?

If you choose “Deal,” you accept the banker’s offer. On the other hand, if you select “No Deal,” you reject the banker’s offer and play till the last briefcase is opened, hoping for the highest prize. Fortunately, the Deal or No Deal Live online game offers multipliers between 75x and 500x in the highest-valued case while offering the chance to top up money in any of the sixteen briefcases. This Deal or No Deal casino game review will explore its rules, interface, betting systems and tips, and alternative game shows.

What is Deal or No Deal Live?

As mentioned before, the Deal or No Deal game online is like a replica of the famous TV show of the same name. The live game is the first of its kind to offer 24/7 access to all players globally, allowing you to immerse yourself in this suspense-filled gambling action anytime when you play for real money. Deal or No Deal from Evolution Gaming is yet another title from this provider that gracefully fuses aspects of RNG and live casino gambling. In that regard, the Deal or No Deal game has three phases:

  • The qualification round
  • The top-up stage
  • Live game show round

The RNG (random number generator) algorithm is used in every game phase, from spinning the three-reel bank vault in the qualification round to deciding which briefcases are opened first or remain last in the Deal or No Deal live game show round. The best part is that the live game offers multipliers of up to 500x in the highest-valued briefcase, and you can also top up cash prizes in any of the cases to boost your payouts. Of course, the higher the rewards in the cases, the more lucrative the banker’s offer in the last game show round. In this guide, we’ll explore how to play the Deal or No Deal live game in expansive detail. Also, you’ll find the top live casinos online to enjoy the game, whether on a desktop or mobile casino.

Deal or No Deal game interface

Evolution did its best in adapting this TV show into a live casino game, and in truth, the company did an excellent job. The Deal or No Deal online game features crisp graphics, superb and intuitive design, and top-notch cross-platform compatibility. When you launch Deal or No Deal Live, you’ll be greeted with a massive three-reel wheel (bank vault) in the centre of the game screen. 

The wheel has gold and black segments. In the middle of this wheel, you’ll see a timer, which counts down the time you have left to spin the wheel and qualify for the live game show round. The middle upper section of the wheel has a huge padlock icon with the label “Locked” underneath. Notably, this label changes to “Unlocked” when you qualify for the game show round where show hosts are present.

Just below the qualification wheel, there’s a spin button, which you hit to rotate the black and gold segments of the wheel. On either side of the “Spin” icon, there are (+, -) buttons that you can use to increase or decrease your bet per spin and toggle among the available spin modes (more on this later). If you’re keen, you can see the game show round proceeding in the background during the qualification round. Also, on your game interface’s left and right sides, you’ll see boxes labelled 1-8 (blue) and 9-16 (red). These boxes (briefcases) contain cash prizes with the highest valued case labelled (????) before qualifying for the live game show.

Bet limits

In the Evolution Deal or No Deal live game, the minimum betting limit is $0.10 per spin, like in most online slots. This is a fair minimum bet amount. As such, it wouldn’t be very costly before qualifying for the game show. On the other hand, the maximum bet is about $9000 per round or the equivalent amount in crypto tokens like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc., for those who prefer gaming in cryptocurrency online casinos. For any high roller, this maximum bet is optimum.

However, you should note that these limits may vary from one live casino to another. So, the betting thresholds you find in your favourite platform may differ from what we’ve specified. Besides that, it’s important to note that there are different betting limits in the Deal or No Deal online game, depending on the game stage (qualification and top-up). Luckily, you can view these betting limits by hovering over the top-left section of your game interface. On the bottom left segment of the screen, you can view your bankroll balance and the total bet per round when you play for real money.

Video and sound

Deal or No Deal from Evolution features best-in-class graphics, sound, and video quality. By default, the video settings are set to adjust the video quality automatically according to your Wi-Fi strength. You can bypass this setting by unchecking the Auto Adjust option after clicking the setting icon on your game interface’s top right. Afterwards, you can select the video quality of your choice (HD, High, and Medium) to match your preferences and internet speed. Also, you can modify the sound options by adjusting the game effects or studio sounds using the slide bar volume calibrator. Alternatively, you can mute all the game sounds entirely using the master volume option. You can also change your screen name from the settings menu and hide other player’s chats.

Live chat and game rules

There’s a live chat panel just below the betting thresholds on the top-left corner of the game interface. You can click it and chat with other online players. On the right side, you’ll also see a chat bubble icon, which you can use to open a window to converse with the show presenters. Notably, you can move this chat window to any location on the screen, given it doesn’t interfere with your gameplay or resize it however you want. If you wish to access the Deal or No Deal game rules, you can hit the (?) icon to view more details about the online live game.

From this menu, you can view how to play the Deal or No Deal game for real money, the rules, game objective, payouts, how to place bets, the game’s RTP (return to player) percentage, and more. When you play for real money, you access your betting history by clicking the game history button (icon with a timer). The resulting window will display the precise time of your bets, outcomes (win or lose), and total wagers at the top. You can switch from the default gaming mode to full screen for a better view of the game.

Live game show studio setup

We mentioned earlier that you can see a faded view of the game show in the background during qualification real money gameplay. However, you’ll be transferred to the live game show round after successful qualification. This round is hosted in a state-of-the-art, purpose-built studio. The studio is aesthetically set up with beautiful lighting and background to emulate the popular Deal or No Deal TV show atmosphere. Notably, the live game show stage has two hosts. So, in the background, you’ll see an elegantly dressed hostess with 15 briefcases placed in varying batches on what seems like cocktail bar seats.

In the foreground, you’ll see the show host, and in front of him, one briefcase (the 16th) placed on a circular table and beside the case, a telephone. The show host here acts as the banker and conducts the game, asking the famous question: Deal or No Deal after each cluster of boxes is opened. If you’re keen, you’ll see what seems like the shadow of the real banker in the background picking up the telephone each time a Deal or No Deal offer is made. During the Deal or No Deal game show round, you’ll still see the 1-8 (blue) and 9-16 (red) boxes on the left and right sides of the gaming screen.

Deal or No Deal Live game rules

Playing the Deal or No Deal game online might seem hectic for novice gamblers since the game rules are a bit confusing at first. But that’s nothing a few Deal or No Deal gaming sessions can’t fix. The main goal of this live game show is to guess if the total cash prize in the last of the sixteen briefcases will be more lucrative than the amount the banker offers. But how would you get there? The Deal or No Deal casino game features three phases: the qualification, top-up, and the ultimate live game show round. Please note that the RNG software produces outcomes in this live casino game show. So, all results are completely spontaneous and not dictated by the online live casino or the game presenters.

Qualification round

This is the initial phase of the Deal or No Deal Evolution Gaming live casino title. In the qualification round, you must align three gold segments of the three-reel wheel or bank vault to unlock it, thus opening the live game show round. Notably, you’ll have two minutes to qualify for the game show, but if you don’t, wait for the next round and try your luck again. The qualification wheel is divided into three sections with twelve divisions, each of black and gold segments as follows:

  • Outer ring: 6 Black, 6 Gold.
  • Middle ring: 8 Black, 4 Gold.
  • Inner ring: 8 Black, 4 Gold.

To qualify for the last round, you must spin the wheel and align a series of golden segments in the upper middle section labelled “Locked.” Simply choose your desired bet amount ($0.10 minimum) and hit the “Spin” button. You’ll unlock the next phase if you match three golden segments after your spin. Nevertheless, since you’ll need to spin the wheel several times before qualifying, Evolution Gaming integrated four spin modes into the Deal or No Deal online game. These spin modes not only increase your chances of qualification but also make gameplay more captivating and engaging.

Normal spin mode

This is the standard spin mode, where you use a minimum bet of $0.10. To select this mode, click on the (+, -) icons on the left side of the “Spin” button depending on the current mode spin until the “Normal” mode is highlighted. Notably, during this spin feature, each spin that you make that eventually leads to the Deal or No Deal online game show qualification sets the reward in the most- prized (highest-valued) briefcase by 75x to 500x your initial bet amount. As mentioned, the highest-valued case by default is case 16, usually labelled with (????).

However, players are allowed to select any briefcase from 1-16 to become their most-valued. To do this, click any box number on the screen before spinning the qualification wheel. In “Normal” spin mode, you start spinning with zero locked gold segments on the wheel. Also, please note that increasing the minimum bet from, for instance, $0.10 to $0.20 increases the cash prizes in all the briefcases.

Easy spin mode

This is one of the first spin options if you’d like to improve your chances of qualifying for the live game show round. With the “Easy” spin mode, one golden panel (the innermost) is automatically locked into position (in the upper middle section of the wheel). As such, this leaves you with the somewhat easy task of landing two more golden panels in the middle and upper segments of the wheel to qualify. However, this spin mode comes at a cost.

Instead of using the minimum bet, say, $0.10, you’ll pay an extra 3x your wager ($0.30) to play with the Easy spin mode. Notably, this spin mode doesn’t increase the cash prizes in the briefcases. To play with cases with higher values, increase your initial minimum stake, but please note that this will also increase the total spin bet amount in the Easy spin mode. For instance, if you improve the minimum bet to $0.20, it will cost you $0.60 (0.20 x 3) per spin in Easy mode.

Very Easy spin mode

As its name suggests, this feature gives you the uncomplicated task of looking for one golden panel in the outer ring section of the wheel. That’s because when selecting the “Very Easy” spin mode, two golden panels (in the inner and middle rings) are automatically locked into position on the wheel. Nevertheless, you’ll incur an extra cost, 9x your initial minimum stake, for activating the Very Easy spin feature. For example, if your minimum bet amount is $0.10, you’ll spend $0.90 per spin bet during the Very Easy spin mode. Again, this spin mode will not amplify the cash values in the briefcases; you’ll only be charged more per spin.

Instant spin mode

Why go through all that hassle of spinning the qualification wheel when you can negate all those formalities and leap straight to the Deal or No Deal online game show? That’s “Instant” spin mode for you. Hot knife through butter, huh? So, with the Instant spin mode, all three gold panels (outer, middle, and inner) are automatically locked into position on the wheel, thus offering instant qualification. Then again, it’s not all roses and butterflies since this spin mode will cost you an extra 18x your minimum bet.

For instance, if you select a $0.10 minimum bet during Instant spin mode, you’ll use a total of $1.80 (0.10 x 18) per spin. Although costly, you immediately play the Deal or No Deal casino game show. Like all the other spin modes, you will not play with higher-value briefcase cash prizes after selecting the Instant spin feature. If you qualify before the previous Deal or No Deal live game show ends, you’ll be transferred to the top-up stage.

Top-up stage

How much time you spend in the top-up stage depends on how fast you qualify for the live game show after the timer starts countdown. Remember, you have two minutes to qualify; the sooner you do, the more time you’ll have in this phase. So, after qualification, a top-up wheel will appear. The wheel has 15 segments with varying cash prizes. The objective of this stage is to add more funds (top-up) to any of the briefcases you desire.

If you have a considerable bankroll, you can top-up all 16 briefcases. The briefcases are numbered 1-16 and marked with red and blue. The blue cases indicate the low-value briefcases, while the red ones denote cases with higher cash prizes. Therefore, you can choose to top up the red or blue cases. The implication is that going into the Deal or No Deal game show with briefcases with large cash amounts increases your chances of winning big in the final round.

Topping up the briefcases

However, to add funds to any of the cases, you must once again spin a wheel (the top-up wheel in this case) at an extra cost. The wheel has the following cash prizes relative to the minimum bet amount you selected before qualifying. Assuming this amount is $0.10, the wheel will have the following cash prizes:

  • $0.50
  • $0.80
  • $1.0
  • $1.5
  • $2.0
  • $2.5
  • $5.0

Notably, if you increase the top-up phase minimum bet amount, the cash rewards on the wheel also increase. The top-up wheel will award random multipliers between 5x and 50x your bet. As such, to top up your desired cases, simply click on any numbered briefcase (red or blue), select your minimum top-up bet amount and hit spin. Whichever section the wheel stops at, that amount is added to your chosen briefcase (s), which you’ll take into the Evolution Gaming Deal or No Deal game show round. Just hope the wheel halts at segments with higher cash amounts to boost the values of your briefcase (s) quickly. You can do this as often as you desire before the next live game show commences as long as the timer hasn’t run out. Please note that the top-up phase is optional for all players. Hence, if you wish not to play this round, let the time run out and join the live game show phase.

The live game show round

This is the central part of the game- Deal or No Deal? Would you stick (reject the banker’s offer) or twist (take the deal)? Let’s find out how this round of the live casino game unfolds. The goal of this game phase is to wait out and win the money in the last briefcase (if a high-value case is remaining) or take the banker’s offer. Since we already know the setup of the Deal or No Deal live game studio, we can dive right into specifics. 

The hostess will open the briefcases in different batches during the game show. However, the RNG software will randomly choose the revealed numbered briefcases and each time a briefcase is opened, the corresponding numbers on either side of the game screen disappear. Afterwards, the banker will call and make the Deal or No Deal offer. In total, four offers will be made:

First briefcase opening and offer

Immediately after qualification, you’ll see the hostess in the background opening three briefcases at first. As mentioned, these cases are randomly chosen, and the revealed numbers are scrapped off the briefcase cash prizes board. The banker will then call and make the first offer, and the show host in the foreground will ask you the famous question: Deal or No Deal? You’ll see the Deal or No Deal buttons on your gaming screen. If you click “Deal,” it means you’ve accepted the banker’s offer, and the game show ends there.

On the contrary, hitting the “No Deal” button means you’ve rejected the offer, and you’ll play on. You’ll have about 10 seconds to make this decision. If you haven’t made a decision by the time this period elapses, the system automatically interprets that you’ve rejected the banker’s offer. Please note that each player will receive a personalised offer depending on the cash prizes of their remaining briefcases.

Second and third briefcase openings and offers

If you play on, the hostess will open the second and third batch of briefcases. Four cases will be opened each time during the second and third offers, revealing the case numbers and deleting the opened briefcase numbered from the board. Each time, the banker will call with corresponding offers. Tapping “Deal” on your screen means you’ve cashed out your winnings while rejecting the deal means you’ll play on to the final round of offers. 

During this time, you should be taking note of the remaining briefcases. If the remaining ones have substantial cash prizes (more than what you invested), you should consider waiting till the final offer. However, this is a personal decision. Again, during these second and third openings, you’ll have about 10 seconds to make your Deal or No Deal game online decisions.

Fourth briefcase opening and final offer

By this time, you’ll have only five briefcases remaining, as indicated on the board, with their respective cash prizes. The hostess will then open three briefcases, and afterwards, the banker will call with an offer. Here, you’ll see the show host picking a telephone call in the foreground to make gameplay more realistic. You’ll then be offered three options this time: Deal, Switch Briefcase, and No Deal. Kindly note that your subsequent decisions will depend on the cash amounts of the remaining briefcases. So, if the cash amounts in the remaining briefcases aren’t worth risking at all, you can click “Deal” to take the banker’s offer. If you take the deal, the game ends, and you return to the qualification round.

Conversely, if the values of either or both briefcases are high and worth the risk, you can click “No Deal.” If you click “No Deal,” you’ll win the cash prize of your assigned briefcase (the one in the foreground). There’s a third option we haven’t tackled- switching briefcases. Now, since there are two remaining boxes, one in the foreground and another in the background, you can click “Switch Briefcase.” If you do, you’ll receive the cash prize from the remaining briefcase in the background. This is where the suspense that intrigues most players lies- you don’t know which case number will be on the front or back briefcase. Therefore, once you’ve made your decision (Switch Briefcase or No Deal), the case will be opened, revealing the briefcase number and your payout amount. Here, you just hope you selected the briefcase with the most substantial cash reward.

How to play Deal or No Deal Live

We believe we’ve expertly digested the Deal or No Deal game rules and made them easy-to-understand for all players, including beginners. Now, here’s the most exciting bit- playing the Deal or No Deal game for real money. As highlighted throughout this page, the main goal of playing the Deal or No Deal game online is to choose the briefcase that offers the largest cash reward when the game ends. Along the way, can you be tempted by the banker’s offers? Let’s find out below in our meticulous procedure on how to play the Deal or No Deal game.

Choose a reputable and licenced live casino online

To play Deal or No Deal for real money, you must first find a licenced and reliable online casino site. Betting in a safe and secure online casino ensures you enjoy the best services, including fair games, lucrative live casino bonus offers, a wide range of live casino games online, diverse payment methods, and more. Fortunately, you’ll find the best Deal or No Deal Evolution Gaming online casinos recommended on this page.

So, the next step would be creating an account. Generally, this process is straightforward and will take less than two minutes. Simply find and click the Join/Register/Sign Up buttons, depending on the online casino and provide your details, including name, password, mobile number, email address, DOB, country, address, etc. Lastly, you may need to verify your email address after registering to activate your new gambling account.

Deposit into your gambling account

The next step will be funding your player account. To do so, go to the cashier/banking section of your chosen Evolution Gaming Deal or No Deal online casino and select your ideal payment method from fiat or cryptocurrency options (if offered). Typically, you can deposit via credit/debit cards, e-wallets, vouchers, and crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Please ensure you meet the operator’s minimum deposit requirements. After completing the deposit, you should instantly see the funds in your account.

Launch Deal or No Deal Live

Now, click the Live Casino/Games page to open the range of live games offered. From the available list, find Deal or No Deal from Evolution Gaming. However, the easier route would be using the provided search function to quickly find the live game show. Afterwards, select the live game to play. If it’s your first time playing the Deal or No Deal online game in your chosen casino, you’ll be required to enter a preferred screen name, which will appear when chatting with other players or the show host.

Play the qualifying round

The objective of this round is to qualify for the Deal or No Deal live game show within the allocated two-minute period. Therefore, you start by spinning the qualification wheel. As such, select your minimum bet (as low as $0.10) and hit the green Spin button. If you align three golden panels in the top segment of the wheel, you qualify for the live show round. However, since it can take you many spins before qualifying, you can use the Easy, Very Easy, and Instant spin modes, which boost your qualification chances at an extra cost of 3x, 9x, and 18x your initial bet, respectively.

With the Easy mode, you’ll start spinning the wheel with one golden panel already locked into position, two golden panels with Very Easy mode, and with Instant mode, three panels already locked, immediately taking you to the next round. Please note that you can choose any briefcase from 1-16 to be your highest-valued in this phase. Also, each spin that eventually leads to live game show qualification will set the amount in your chosen highest-valued briefcase between 75x and 500x your bet.

Play the top-up stage

Whatever time is left after qualifying for the game show is spent in the top-up stage. This stage is optional. You can let the timer run out if you don’t want to top up any cases. As such, in this round, you spin yet another wheel with varying cash prizes, and whichever section the wheel stops at, that cash reward is added to the briefcase you selected to top up. You can decide to add more money to as many briefcases as you want before the time runs out. However, spinning this wheel will cost you your initial minimum bet. So, checking your balance while topping up your desired cases is critical. Please note that increasing your bet amount also increases the cash rewards on the top-up wheel.

Play the Deal or No Deal game show round

Now, this is the most soul-stirring part of the game. You’ll be transferred to the Deal or No Deal game show studio, where 15 briefcases are arranged in batches in the background and one in the foreground. So, this is how this round plays out:

  1. The hostess will open the first batch of cases (three), and depending on the remaining briefcases, the banker will call with an offer. You can take the offer by clicking the “Deal” button on your screen or reject it by hitting the “No Deal” button. You’ll have about 10 seconds to decide whether to take the deal or leave it. If you reject the offer, you continue in the game show.
  2. The second set of cases (four) will be opened, and again, the banker will give you an offer. If you take the offer, you cash out your winnings, but if you don’t, you continue in the game. During this time, your eye should be on the remaining cases and if they have substantial cash rewards. The exact process is repeated when the third set of briefcases (four) is revealed.
  1. If you reject the banker’s third offer, you’ll play to the fourth and final round. Three cases will be opened when the last offer is made, and the show host will ask; Deal or No Deal? Only two cases remain now, and if neither are high-value briefcases, you should consider taking the banker’s offer to avoid losses. However, if a high-value case is still in play, you can click “No Deal” and receive the cash amount in the case in the front. Also, you can click “Switch Briefcase” to receive payouts from the last case in the background. If you’re luck-struck, your decision will win you the highest-valued case, if any remains.

After the game ends, you’ll return to the qualification round to begin gameplay afresh.

Deal or No Deal odds and payouts

This live game show doesn’t have a dedicated paytable that tells you your potential payouts for a particular bet, like in live dealer table games like blackjack or roulette. This is probably due to the nature and gameplay of the Deal or No Deal casino game, where the cash rewards on the briefcases are relative to your bet amount. So, if you play with a higher bet amount, the cash in the briefcases also increases. 

That aside, the online Deal or No Deal game can offer a top prize payout of 500x your bet. However, your odds of landing the maximum prize payout are pretty slim. Still, you can boost the cash rewards in any of the 16 cases by 5x to 50x in the top-up game round. In doing so, you enter the game show round with high-value briefcases, thus boosting your chances of getting a decent payout.

Deal or No Deal Live RTP

Return to player (RTP) is a critical factor to consider when gambling for real money. Usually, when playing a particular title, a game’s RTP helps players determine their win rate over extended gambling sessions. RTP is represented as a percentage, and seasoned gamblers prefer games with higher RTP percentages since they don’t expect to lose much in the long run. 

In that regard, the Evolution Gaming Deal or No Deal game has a published RTP of 95.42%. Theoretically, this means that in a long gambling session where you’ve spent about $100, you can only expect to win back $95.42. The rest is the casino’s advantage. Still, it’s important to note that you can win more within short gambling sessions. As such, the RTP is a guiding element to help players choose titles with better returns in the long run.

Deal or No Deal betting strategies and tips

There isn’t a Deal or No Deal demo game version available, which would allow you to try out the game beforehand while learning the rules and testing out different betting systems. Fortunately, our encyclopaedic review has covered the game accurately, and what remains is to know what gambling strategies and tips you can use to improve your chances of winning. As with all casino games, Deal or No Deal depends on luck, and no betting system will guarantee 100% success.

Conservative approach

Deal or No Deal is an RNG-based live game; as such, all outcomes are spontaneous. With the conservative approach, you should use the lowest stake possible during the qualifying round since it will take several spins to qualify for the game show. The idea is to qualify after spending the least amount of money. Afterwards, during the game show round, you shouldn’t chase the high-valued briefcases (at least not every time) since you’re not sure if they’ll still be in play when the banker makes the fourth and final offer. 

So, the conservative betting strategy recommends you attempt to use less money to qualify while keeping track of what you’ve spent, and when you receive an offer from the banker that makes you even a small profit, you take it. Although the profits will be small, you’ll make some decent money in the long run.

Briefcase top-up strategy

With this betting system, the top-up game phase isn’t optional. Here, you choose three, four, or more briefcases to boost your cash rewards. Boosting one case is risky since it can be opened before the last rounds, leaving you with low-value boxes. Therefore, having more boosted briefcases ensures you receive better offers from the banker. Specifically, we recommend you top up the low-value cases (blue) on the left side of your gaming screen. The implication is that you’ll reduce the number of low-value boxes and increase the number of high-value briefcases, boosting your odds of getting decent offers from the banker and, eventually, better payouts.

Deal or No Deal betting tips and tricks

Apart from the basic tips of learning the rules before gameplay, bankroll management, and setting personal limits, you can use the below tips when playing Deal or No Deal to optimise your gameplay and try to come out on top.

  • If you wish to purchase one of the spin modes in Deal or No Deal Live, we recommend using the Instant Spin feature because it offers immediate qualification. It’ll become costly if you use the Very Easy spin mode, for example, and qualify in the next two spins, which is actually possible. The Very Easy spin feature costs 9x your bet, while the Instant mode costs 18x. So, it’ll be more expensive not to qualify after two spins (the cost of Instant spin mode) during the Very Easy spin mode.
  • Keep accurate track of what you’ve invested in the two stages leading up to the live game show round. If the banker offers at least 2x what you invested, it is best to take it and make a profit.
  • To receive better offers from the banker, consider topping up a range of briefcases while playing with an increased bet amount in the top-up round. As mentioned earlier, increasing your bet in this round also increases the cash values on the top-up wheel. So, you’ll have a good number of cases with large cash prizes.
  • Suppose many briefcases with high cash prizes remain in the last rounds. In that case, you should consider rejecting the banker’s offer and playing through while aiming for a bigger payout in your targeted briefcase.

About Evolution

Evolution is a top supplier of live casino games worldwide. The software provider began operations in 2006, becoming the pioneer of live games in the gambling industry. Since its formation, this multi-accolade game developer has made huge strides. It has engineered top-notch live dealer titles ranging from roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and dice games. In 2017, the company released its first live casino game show, Dream Catcher. Since then, it’s launched numerous popular live game shows like Crazy Time, Lightning Roulette, Monopoly Live, and Deal or No Deal Live, among others.

The company has become one of the best live game publishers by crafting titles with cutting-edge technology, excellent designs, nifty and exciting game features and bonus games. Besides that, their live game studios are elegantly designed with impeccable soundtracks, multiple cameras that offer HD quality video streams and professional staff that provide players the real casino experience. Evolution Gaming is licenced to operate in various jurisdictions, and its games are audited for fairness by eCOGRA, thus proving its games are fair and free from manipulation.

Alternative live shows to Deal or No Deal

Evolution Gaming Deal or No Deal is easy to play once you’ve learned the rules and are familiar with the gameplay. Simply play the qualifying round and enter the live game show round to try your luck and win the highest-valued case. Or will you take the banker’s offer instead? If this title intrigues you, here are other alternatives you might enjoy!

Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw

This is a live casino game show, just like Deal or Deal, except it’s from a different game provider, Playtech. Playtech’s version of the game fuses aspects of bingo and Deal or NO Deal, hence the name The Big Draw. Regarding gameplay, you don’t need to play a qualification round like Evolution’s version. Instead, you buy a ticket for any prize from as low as $1. You’re then given 16 prizes on the board and a chance to boost the amount in any of them at a small cost ($0.10). To increase a prize on the board, select any of the five briefcases provided to reveal its value and add it.

You’ll then be taken to the bingo ball-drawing machine with 60 balls with numbers corresponding to the 16 briefcases (15 with allocated numbers and one without). The bingo ball-drawing machine must then draw 7 digits that match the numbers on the cases provided for you to start receiving the banker’s offer. When the banker’s offer comes, you can take the deal, reject it, or switch briefcases, like in the Evolution’s version. Notably, Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw comes with side bets; its maximum payouts can go up to 5000x.

Crazy Coin Flip

Like Evolution Gaming Deal or No Deal, Crazy Coin Flip is a recent release from the same provider. These two live shows are strikingly similar regarding their gameplay. With Crazy Coin Flip, you’ll play three rounds: the qualification phase, the top-up round, and the Crazy Coin Flip bonus round. In the qualification phase, you’re basically playing a 5×3 online slot, which awards wins like standard slot games. However, if you land three scatter symbols on the reels, you qualify for the live Crazy Coin Flip bonus round.

Like Deal or No Deal, you can purchase special spins (XXXtreme and Super XXXtreme spins), which guarantee one and two scatter symbols at an extra cost. You’ll then join the top-up phase, where you can try to boost your multipliers by spinning a 3×3 slot that awards multipliers of up to +50x. In the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round, these multipliers will be combined with the ones gained in the last round and allocated to the red and blue coins. The coin will then be flipped, and the side of the coin that faces upwards (red or blue) wins the game, and its corresponding multipliers are applied to your initial bet.


Living up to its reputation, Evolution actually went to great lengths to adapt the famous Television show Deal or No Deal into a live casino game format. The outcome is a spell-binding live game show with the potential of offering payouts of up to 500 times your wager. The gameplay is exciting, bar a few misses, especially in the qualification round, where there’s zero interaction with the show hosts. Despite that, when the banker gives you a Deal or No Deal offer, you get to interact with the hosts in the game show round.

The goal in this game show round is to try and outwit the banker, especially when high-value briefcases are still in play, by not taking their deal and trying to win the most lucrative cash prize case. Remember, the banker’s offers are always respective to the values of the remaining cases. That said, our comprehensive Deal or No Deal game review will help you learn to play like a pro quickly, especially if you consider our expert gambling tips and strategies and our laser-guided gameplay procedure.

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