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Spaceman Crash Game by pragmatic play Details

🎰 Software: Pragmatic Play
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $1 - $100
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 95%

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Spaceman Crash Game by pragmatic play Review

Spaceman Crash game is not your typical Pragmatic Play release. The game was unveiled in March 2022 and incorporates a ‘crash’ mechanism. It is one of the two crash games (alongside Big Bass Crash) in Pragmatic Play’s portfolio. Spaceman game offers a more interactive experience and requires your active participation to win money. During gameplay, you place a bet and watch it increase concurrently with the multiplier coefficient seen in the play area. You must cash out your bet before the spaceman crashes from the screen.

In this crash game review, you’ll learn more about the Spaceman bet game in detail. How do you place a bet and win as you play Spaceman for real money? Is there a workable Spaceman game strategy that ensures you win every time you place a bet? Get the answers to these questions, plus much more. Also included is a list of top-rated Spaceman online casinos you can visit. 

What is a crash game?

Crash games are not your typical online gambling games. They first appeared online in 2014 and have gained a massive following due to their unique and simplistic format. Unlike traditional casino games, where you’d place a bet and leave the winning part to fate, crash games allow you to determine how much you’d like to win from a given round. You place a bet, watch it grow as the multiplier coefficient increases, and cash out before the coefficient crashes from the screen. If you manage to do this, you win your bet. 

About Spaceman casino game

Spaceman casino game was the first of Pragmatic Play’s crash games. It uses basic crash mechanics and a space exploration theme. However, instead of jets, planes, and other flying objects you see in space-themed crash games, you have a suited spaceman who goes on an expedition to outer space.

At the start of each round, you are required to place a wager. The spaceman then takes off to the skies and flies for as long as possible. To win money, you must cash out the expected returns before the spaceman crashes from the screen. During gameplay, you’ll come across many interactive features on the screen meant to make your gaming experience more engaging and fun. There are auto-play and auto-cashout buttons that will help you automatically place and cash out a bet during gameplay.

There’s also the statistics feature. Spaceman bet game has two sections for this; one is found on the home screen, while the other can be accessed by clicking the ‘graph’ button on the right-hand side of the ‘balance’ section. At the top left corner of the screen, there are ‘history,’ ‘help,’ ‘volume,’ ‘settings,’ and ‘turn off notification’ buttons. All these buttons do what they say on the tin. 

Like many of its other casino games, Pragmatic Play has a unique promotion for its crash games. When you play Spaceman for real money, you can decide to opt into the Big Bass Galaxy Smash tournament. This allows you to compete for a share of the 1000 daily cash prize drops. 

Spaceman game rules

The rules involved in playing the Spaceman casino game are very easy to follow. You can play the game from your desktop or any internet-enabled device. Follow the steps below to place your bet, cash out the bet, and win money.

Placing bets in Spaceman

The first step to playing Spaceman for real money involves placing your bet. You can do this by clicking the ‘<’ and ‘>’ buttons found on the home screen to decrease or increase your bet amount, respectively. The bet limits start from a low of $1 and culminate at $100. Unlike other crash casino games that have two betting areas, the Spaceman casino game comes with only one.

During gameplay, you have up to five seconds to place your bet. In case the window lapses before you place your bet (when the ‘Bets Closed’ message appears on the screen), you’ll have to wait for the next round. 

Watching as the bet multiplier increases

After you’ve tapped on the ‘Confirm Bet’ button, the multiplier starts increasing gradually at the beginning of a new round. The bet multiplier can increase from 1.01x up to 5000x. The game also comes with a maximum payout of $500,000.  

Cashing out your winnings

To win real money playing the Spaceman crash game, you must cash out before the spaceman crashes from the screen. He can crash at any time when he takes off to the skies. It is up to you to know the perfect time to cash out your bet to win real money. However, if you are lucky to attain the 5000x multiplier on your bet, the winnings are automatically collected to your account. 

Spaceman game features

Like many of its online slot games, Pragmatic Play has included multiple in-game features to make your experience seamless and fun. Most notably, you can use the auto-play and auto-cashout features when betting and cashing out. 

Auto-play feature

The auto-play button can be accessed by clicking the button next to the 2x figure. Once you activate this, you are required to set parameters as indicated in the auto-settings.

Auto-cashout feature

Sometimes, you don’t have to stress yourself and keep track of the multiplier as it increases to win money. Through the auto-cashout feature, you can automatically set parameters that will collect your winnings. The best part about it is you don’t have to collect the full amount. Pragmatic Play has included the 50% cash-out feature that lets you collect half the expected returns and let the remaining amount continue increasing until you are ready to collect it.  

The full cash-out feature and 50% auto-cash-out features are independent. You can customise both of them differently to fit your gaming preferences. Both auto-cash-out features have a range of between 1.01x and 4999.99x. 

Spaceman bet game RTP and volatility

Spaceman comes with an RTP of 95%. This number is meant to show you the expected returns as you play Spaceman for real money. From this figure, if you place a bet of $1, you can expect a return of $0.95. Of course, this is usually not the case in practice, and you can win more or less depending on other factors, such as volatility. As far as volatility is concerned, it varies depending on how fast you cash out your bet. The faster you cash out your bet, the lower the volatility. 

Calculating winnings in Spaceman

Bets in the Spaceman casino game are calculated automatically. Once you’ve placed your bet, the game automatically starts calculating the expected return as the multiplier increases. So, you don’t have to stress about this. 

The expected win amount is determined by multiplying your wager and the multiplier coefficient when cashing out. For example, if you wagered $100 and decide to cash out at a multiplier coefficient of 1.56x, it means your return (inclusive of the profit) will be $156. Needless to say, the higher the bet amount and the multiplier coefficient, the bigger the return. 

The only disadvantage of aiming for a high multiplier coefficient is you decrease your chance(s) of winning as the volatility will be high. Smart players always aim for small multipliers that are easy to achieve. But even with the small multipliers, there is no guarantee that you will be winning with each round. 

Live statistics in Spaceman bet game

Some players strongly believe in playing crash casino games using live statistics. Past results help them determine the perfect time to cash out their bets to win. If you are such a player, you’ll be pleased to know that the Spaceman casino game allows you to view up to 500 past results. This is by far the largest range you’ll come across while playing a crash game.

You can access the past few results (in-play results) by looking at the numbers below the screen. If you want to see the full range of results (500), you must click the ‘statistics’ icon on the right side of the ‘confirm bet’ button. You can then slide the slider to pick the number of results you’d like to see, which ranges between 50 and 500.

In addition to giving you a wide range of numbers, there are also colour codes, which can help you identify a pattern. For example, all bets with a multiplier of 1.0x have a grey colour code. Multiplier coefficients of between 1.01x and 2.00x have a blue colour code. If you see a light purple colour code, it means the multiplier is between 5.0x and 10.0x. The highest colour code is red, which shows multipliers above 100.0x. 

Spaceman Provably Fair gaming

Provably fair is a concept that was introduced by crash casino games. This is a feature that allows you to verify that, indeed, the outcome of a game was 100% random and fair and that it wasn’t altered. You can do this using a client and player seed, as seen in the provably fair game.

Spaceman crash game not only comes with RNG software that warrants fairness and randomness but also offers you the probably fair feature. The RNG software ensures the outcome of each round is 100% random and unpredictable. 

Pragmatic Play is a multi-licensed and regulated company, holding a UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Licensing Authority. This means you can rest assured that the RNG software installed in Spaceman works as it should and offers a truly randomised gaming experience. If you want to check whether the game’s outcome was fair, you must click on the multiplier figure of the specific round. This will give you access to the ‘Hash’ and ‘Result’ codes, which you can use third-party software to check for randomness. 

Crash games similar to Spaceman

Spaceman isn’t the only crash casino game you can play online. In fact, by 2022, when it was released, there were quite a number of games in the market. At the time of writing this Spaceman review, at least 80 games use the ‘crash mechanism’ in the online casino niche. The popular ones that you are most likely going to bump into while playing at Spaceman online casinos include Aviator (Spribe), Save the Princess (Turbo Games), Rocketon (Galaxsys), CricketX (SmartSoft Gaming), and JetX (SmartSoft Gaming). Here’s a breakdown of each of these games and their outstanding features. 

Aviator (Spribe)

Aviator game is the most popular, sought-after, and played crash game on the internet. It’s a release of Spribe, a company with a history of releasing other popular crash games. As the name suggests, Aviator uses a plane theme and requires you to wager between $1 and $100 during gameplay. It is one of the crash games that doesn’t have a maximum multiplier, although winnings from it are capped at $10,000. When the $10,000 figure is achieved, the bet is automatically cashed out. It also comes with a special Rain Bonus, which randomly awards you free bets during gameplay or as part of the casino’s promotion. 

Save the Princess (Turbo Games)

If you enjoyed playing Mario, Dangerous Dave, and other retro games, the Save the Princess crash game will certainly thrill you. It has very basic graphics and requires you to go on a quest to save a princess. There are different levels for this, and if you manage to pass through them all, you are awarded a maximum multiplier of x81. Like classic arcade video games, you have the option of choosing the difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard). The game comes with an RTP of 95% and can be played for as little as $0.10 and as much as $100 per round. 

Rocketon (Galaxsys)

Rocketon, like Spaceman, is a space/plane-themed crash game. It requires you to place a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum of $2000 and watch as a rocket takes off. The higher it goes, the bigger the expected returns. In addition to the wide bet range, the game comes with a 50% cashout feature like Spaceman. The graphics in this game are also quite realistic and beat many other crash casino games. 

Cricket X (SmartSoft Gaming)

Are you a big sports fan? SmartSoft has a cricket-themed crash game for you! Cricket X, as the name suggests, is based on the popular cricket game. To start your gaming session, you must place a bet of between $0.10 and $100. Once the round starts, the typical cricket action unfolds: the batsman hits the ball, and it starts soaring high. The higher it goes, the bigger your bet multiplier increases. You must cash out before the ball crashes off the screen. Cricket X crash game has a maximum payout of $10,000 (or maximum multiplier of x25,000x) your bet – whichever is reached first. It also has a varying RTP of between 96.7% and 98.8%.

JetX (SmartSoft Gaming)

JetX uses a plane theme and comes with a bet limit of between $0.10 and $100 per session (although this limit varies from one online casino to another). After picking your bet amount, the game starts with a multiplier of 1.01x and can increase indefinitely. You just need to know the best time to cash out to win money. It, however, comes with a maximum payout of $10,000. If this figure is achieved before the plane crashes, it is automatically paid out. As a game that became quite popular, SmartSoft Gaming released a sequel – JetX 3 – which comes with three jets instead of one.


Overall, the Spaceman Crash game is a title many will enjoy playing. Whether this is your first time playing the game or you are a regular player of crash games, you’ll like the concept used in the Spaceman game as it breaks from the common theme of using planes. Pragmatic Play has also done a remarkable job in the graphics and animations. For players who fancy a game where they are in control, Spaceman Crash game will certainly fit their preferences. It also comes with a very flexible bet limit, which will certainly accommodate all sorts of players. The 50% cash-out feature is also a nice addition and breaks from the customary way of cashing out your bets.

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