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Monopoly Big Baller
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Monopoly Big Baller live Casino Show by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.10 - $8,000
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Arabic, Portuguese
💬 Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Armenia, Belgium, Canada, Georgia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain, USA
🎲 Game type: Casino Show
💵 RTP: 96.10%

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Monopoly Big Baller live Casino Show by evolution Review

The online gambling industry has existed for nearly three decades, but live casino games have recently caught most player’s attention. Live dealer games combine the best of both land-based and online worlds, allowing players to have the real casino experience while still enjoying the convenience and comfort of playing from their location. With various reputable live game studios like Evolution always at the forefront of creativity, we now have a highly immersive Monopoly Big Baller live show featuring thrilling gameplay and highly rewarding payouts.

Monopoly Big Baller is a unique live show where players take off on a virtual riverboat cruise with a chance to hit massive potential winnings. The game also features two amazing bonus games where Mr Monopoly walks around the Monopoly City collecting prizes and multipliers on your behalf. This review will provide a breakdown of how the game works, its unique features, rules and gameplay, betting options, and tips and strategies on minimising losses and maximising winnings during real money gameplay.

About Monopoly Big Baller

Released recently in 2022, Monopoly Big Baller is yet another incredible and highly entertaining live show created by Evolution that merges live gambling mechanics and augmented reality to revolutionise online gaming while providing players with the possibility of hitting massive cash prizes and multiplier wins. It’s mainly a fusion of Evolution’s Mega Ball and the classic Monopoly board game. The game takes you on a boat cruise through a canal, and the action is centred around a bingo-style ball drawing machine and one of the world’s most popular board games (Monopoly), ramping up the gambling thrill by offering numerous potential multipliers with significantly increased payouts and boost engagement.

How Monopoly Big Baller operates

Like Mega Ball, Monopoly Big Baller features an automated bingo-drawing machine with 60 coloured balls numbered 1-60, four cards (Chance and Free Space cards), and two bonus rounds with unique gameplay. If you want to play for real money, you must place your bet on any of the cards (or all) with 25 cells filled with random numbers. When a game round begins, Mr Monopoly takes charge of the boat and pulls a lever, randomly generating and assigning numerous multipliers and Free Spaces on the card numbers. Afterwards, the ball drawing round starts, and 20 random balls will be drawn. If the number labelled on the drawn ball matches a number on any of your cards, a red patch is automatically placed on that card number. 

To win the multiplied payouts in Monopoly Big Baller, the drawn balls must complete one or more lines on your card (vertically, horizontally, and diagonally) by matching the numbers. These payouts range between 2x and 199x, depending on your bingo card. Furthermore, suppose you get lucky and complete the numbers in the 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls bonus cards. In that case, you’ll be given access to the Monopoly board bonus round (to be discussed later in the article), where Mr Monopoly walks around the board collecting multipliers on your behalf.

Monopoly Big Baller game interface

Whether you’re playing Monopoly Big Baller from a desktop site or mobile casino, the game’s player interface is pretty straightforward. It is user-friendly and intuitively designed with all the necessary information and settings, allowing easy and seamless navigation for novice and experienced players.

Video and sound settings

Like all of Evolution’s live shows, a live video feed from the company’s studios is fixed on the screen. The game is usually streamed in HD video quality. However, suppose you have an unstable internet connection. In that case, the video feed automatically adjusts itself to a more suitable quality, i.e., if you have a weak connection, the game will minimise the feed’s window and provide a distant view of the studio setup. Nevertheless, if you find it annoying, you can turn off the auto-adjust function and manually adjust the video between various qualities (HD+, HD, High, and Medium) to suit your internet connection through the game settings.

Similarly, you can manually switch to full-screen view mode during a game round. This feature gives you an up-close view of the studio and every live action of the dealer, ball-drawing machine, and Mr Monopoly. Moreover, the settings feature also allows you to hide other players’ chats, show game hints, and edit your screen name to your liking. You can modify the game’s sound settings by adjusting the master volume, studio sound, and game effects. You can also turn them all off if you find them distracting during gameplay.

Studio setup

The Monopoly Big Baller game is broadcast through a virtual setup of an animated boat cruising through a river. Like in an actual river, you can see boats, steamships, palm trees, waterfalls, dolphins, bridges, and a view of Monopoly City in the background. A professional real-life dealer usually stands on the left side of the feed, and Mr Monopoly on the right sips tea or holds his fancy walking stick (both dressed like ship captains). 

Between them are a fully automated bingo drawing machine placed on a golden stand and the RNG lever that Mr Monopoly pulls to assign Chance multipliers and Free Spaces. On the dealer’s right hand are a pair of dice placed on a cube-shaped holder and a beach chair on the deck, while on the left side of Mr Monopoly is a metallic sailor’s storage box set on top of a wooden one.

When the betting period starts, you’ll have a view of the whole studio setup, including the wooden boat floor. Once the phase is over, the camera focus switches to Mr Monopoly as he pulls the lever and later on to the ball-drawing machine as it sucks out the balls and magnifies the numbers marked on the drawn balls through a glass display, allowing you to keep track of all the balls spiralling down the tube.

Live chat box

A live chat bar is placed on the top left side below the bet limits, and you can share strategies with other players, interact with the dealer, or ask the chat moderator about Monopoly Big Baller stats by typing on it. The chat button on the top right section of the screen activates a chat window that you can resize and place anywhere on the screen. However, this is not recommended as it overlaps a portion of the video feed, blocking some essential game details.

Moreover, a help menu with all the game info, including the rules, payouts, RTP, error handling, shortcut keys, etc., is displayed on the top right. Although the interface lacks a Monopoly Big Baller tracker for live stats of the previous rounds, the game has a history feature (between the settings and menu icon) that shows a clear record of all your previously played Evolution games with all the details, including date, bet amount, and the results of each bet (win or loss).

Betting area

On the screen’s bottom middle section is a dedicated betting field with four bingo cards (two Chance cards and two Free Space cards) representing each betting option and the 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls bet spots for the bonus games. There’s also a golden betting spot between the cards and the bonus game spots, where you can place your chips and easily bet on all cards simultaneously. During the betting period, the main betting grid switches positions, allowing the betting chips with different monetary values to be displayed right below it. You must place your bets using these multi-coloured chips during the betting phase.

Betting features

If you have played any Evolution live dealer game, you’ll have an easy time using the Monopoly Big Baller betting features since they’re standard across all titles. For instance, a Double x2 button on the right side of the betting chips allows you to double your current betting amount up to your desired amount or maximum limit. Notably, you must have a sufficient account balance to double your bets. You can use the Repeat button to place your exact previous bets in the current round. However, this button is only activated before you place your first chip. In addition, you can remove your last placed bet using the Undo button on the chips’ left side. Clicking on this button repeatedly eliminates bets (one by one) in the reverse order they were placed, while holding it deletes all your current bets.

Bet limits

Whether you’re playing on a desktop gambling platform or mobile casino, the set Monopoly Big Baller bet limits are pinned on the screen’s top left section. Depending on your preferred online casino, the minimum allowed betting amount in this game is $0.10, and the maximum limit can go as high as $4000 (or the equivalent in Bitcoin for crypto players) per game round or higher, making it an ideal choice for high rollers. Nevertheless, you should note that there are set individual limits for each type of bet, which you can view by hovering your cursor over the limits. At the bottom left of the feed is a display of your current balance and the Total Bet indicator showing your total bet amount in the current round beside it.

Other game features

After every game round, you’ll see live Monopoly Big Baller stats with the total number of winning players scrolling up on the left side of the screen and their respective winning amounts. On the feed’s bottom right is a display of all the numbers on the 20 drawn balls. If you like non-stop action, the game offers a unique multi-game play feature that allows you to join other games (up to 4) while still playing the current one by clicking the “+ Table” button right below it. You’ll be able to view and play your selected games in the same window simultaneously.

Monopoly Big Baller rules

The Monopoly Big Baller game is an ideal choice for novice and experienced players as it features straightforward rules that are easy to grasp and apply. Thanks to significant technological advancements, you can play the game alongside other players online from across the world through your desktop or mobile device. Whether you’re playing using your hard-earned money or bonus funds, Monopoly Big Baller features a main game and a bonus round. 

Although the bonus round has all the thrill and insane rewards, all interested players can participate in the main game round. Therefore, the game’s primary objective is for you to place a bet on the bingo cards (Chance or Free Space) and bonus cards and hope that the numbers on the randomly drawn balls match any of the numbers in your cards. Your bet will have won if the matching numbers complete a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line in any of your cards.

You must place your chips on the 3 Rolls or 5 Rolls bet spots to participate in the bonus round. If all numbers for either bet spot are drawn, your bet will win, and the bonus round (to be discussed later in the article) will begin.

Chance and Free Space cards

If you wish, you can use the slider at the bottom of the cards to switch each card from a Chance card to a Free Space and vice versa. But what are they? To begin with, a Free Space card has a cell at the centre that acts as a drawn number. This means that betting with this type of card gives you a higher chance of completing a line since you will need four numbers instead of five. On the other hand, the Chance card’s centre cell features a multiplier instead of a free space. Therefore, a Chance card features enhanced odds of higher payouts than a Free Space card. However, this card offers a lower chance of completing a winning line. You should note that random free spaces may land on the bonus bet spots once the betting time is over, but multipliers cannot.

How to play Monopoly Big Baller

For you to begin playing Monopoly Big Baller for real money, we recommend first choosing an online casino that best caters to your gambling preferences, such as an exclusive welcome live casino bonus, an extensive range of banking methods, including fiat and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, a good selection of Evolution live dealer games, glitch-free mobile casino, effective customer support options, such as live chat and toll-free phone numbers, etc., and register for a gambling account.

Deposit into your account

Once you have signed up for an account, proceed to the cashier section and choose one of the available deposit options (fiat or crypto) to fund your player account. Afterwards, click the live casino page, where you’ll find numerous Evolution live dealer games. Find the Monopoly Big Baller title and launch the game. Whether you’re playing on your desktop or mobile device, you’ll be prompted to set up your preferred screen name if you are a new player in the online casino.

Place your bets

If you find a round in progress, you’ll see a message on the screen asking you to wait for the next game. After the current game round ends, the game presenter (and Mr Monopoly at times) will announce the bets are open. In the immersive view, a timer placed at the centre of the feed will start counting down from 12 seconds. Therefore, you must be quick with your betting decision since the time is limited. As mentioned earlier, the video will automatically adjust to the classic view if you have a poor internet connection. In this low-quality view, you’ll be informed of the current status in the betting phase using traffic lights. For instance, the green light will indicate that the bets are open, the yellow light will inform you that the betting period is almost up, and the red light means that the betting time has expired.

Main game round

When bets are open, all interested players must click the chip with their preferred value and place it in their desired betting spot. You should note that only chips that your current bankroll can cover will be activated. Once the set betting time is over, the game host will announce that all bets are closed, and Mr Monopoly will pull the RNG lever and place random free spaces (daubs) and multipliers on the playing cards. Afterwards, 20 out of the 60 numbered balls in the bingo container will be sucked out by the ball drawing machine. If the number on a drawn ball matches a number in any of the cards you’ve bet on, a red patch is automatically placed on that number. Therefore, red balls represent numbers on one or more of your cards, while grey balls indicate no matches in any of your cards.

Monopoly Big Baller multipliers

When Mr Monopoly pulls the lever, random multipliers are assigned to each card. Below is an overview of the three types of multipliers that can be generated.


These multipliers are usually 10x or 20x. If you get a number with a standard multiplier during a game round and that particular number becomes part of a winning line in a card, your winnings for that line will be multiplied by that coefficient. In a different scenario, if your winning line comprises several numbers with standard multipliers, they’ll all be added up before being multiplied by your bet amount. For instance, suppose you place a $10 bet on a card and form a winning line with three multipliers of 10x, 10x, and 20x. In that case, your payout will be $10 x (10+10+20) = $400.


These multipliers are usually 20x or 50x. Unlike standard multipliers, which are assigned to individual numbers, line multipliers are assigned to individual lines. If you match all numbers during a round and form a winning line on a card with a line multiplier, your winnings will be multiplied by that coefficient. If that winning line consists of numbers with standard multipliers, they’ll be added up with the line multiplier before being multiplied by your bet amount. For instance, suppose you place a $10 bet on a card and form a winning line with a 20x line multiplier and two standard multipliers of 10x and 20x. In that case, your winning will be $10 x (20+10+20) = $500.


These are unique multipliers, usually 2x or 3x. Suppose you get a number during the drawing round with a global multiplier. In that case, the assigned global coefficient will multiply your winnings for all lines on that card, including standard and line multipliers. For instance, suppose you place a $10 bet on a card with a 50x line multiplier and a 10x standard multiplier, and one of its numbers matches a drawn number with a 3x global multiplier. In that case, your payout will be $10 x (50+10) x 3 = $1800. Please note that the number with the global multiplier doesn’t have to be part of a winning line for the multiplier to be applied. Moreover, the maximum number of global multipliers that can be assigned per card is 2.

Monopoly Big Baller bonus round

This is where you’ll experience the true magic of Monopoly Big Baller. As earlier stated, you must place your chips on the bonus game bet spots (3 Rolls and 5 Rolls) to participate in this round. The 3 Rolls card has three numbers, while the 5 Rolls has four. Suppose during the main game round, some of the drawn balls match all three or four numbers on the bonus bet spots. In this case, the bonus game will be activated and start right after all 20 balls have been drawn. In case of not placing any bonus bets, you can still watch the bonus round as others win the associated prizes. Once the bonus round is enabled, Mr Monopoly invites everyone to join him on the 3D Monopoly board. He leaves the boat to the Monopoly City, represented by a massive three-dimensional game board. Before the round begins, he hops on the starting square (Go).

Monopoly board

The bonus round is usually played in a virtual world based on the classic Monopoly board game, where players can buy, trade, and develop properties to amass wealth and drive their rivals into bankruptcy. Like the actual Monopoly board, Monopoly Big Baller’s board has the same layout with numerous spots such as Properties, Utilities, Free Parking, Railways, Taxes, Jail/Go to Jail, Chance/Community Chest, and Go. You should note that Properties, Utilities, Free Parking, and Railways have basic prizes. When the bonus round begins, random houses and hotels will be built on some properties, increasing their multipliers, which range between 1x and 500x.

Dice shake

The bonus round is usually played with a pair of dice. If you win your bet on 3 Rolls, the dice will be rolled three times and five times for the 5 Rolls. Please note that if you bet and win on both bonus spots, they will be played separately as individual bonus games. An automatic dice shaker on the dealer’s right hand is used to roll the dice, ensuring each outcome is random. The dice shake determines how many steps Mr Monopoly will walk around the 3D board, collecting cash and multiplier prizes for you.

During this period, the elastic surface on which the two dice rest will vibrate, making the two start to bounce up and down. After a few shakes, the surface and the pair of dice will halt and display random numbers on each (between 1 and 6). Afterwards, Mr Monopoly will walk the number of spaces on the board corresponding to the dice-roll value, and your winnings will be added, and the total will be displayed on your screen.

Bonus round rules

To begin with, if Mr Monopoly stops on the Chance or Community Chest spot, you’ll win a random cash prize or be charged a fee. If he stops on Go to Jail, he’ll be locked until doubles are rolled, i.e., the dice-roll outcome on each must be the same. For example, 2+2, 4+4, 6+6, etc. You should note that Mr Monopoly being locked up doesn’t affect your previous bonus winnings, even if he remains there until the round is over. If there are two unsuccessful double roll outcomes, he’ll be automatically released and able to move around the board as per the subsequent rolls.

Notably, if a double is rolled during a regular bonus game, all participating players will be granted an extra dice roll. When this happens, the number on the dice-roll counter will remain intact. Moreover, if Mr Monopoly lands on the Taxes space, you’ll be charged a 10% fee as Income Tax and 20% as Super Tax, reducing your winnings by the corresponding percentages. However, these taxes will only be deducted if you have sufficient bonus winnings. Lastly, although rare, when Mr Monopoly moves around the board and lands on Go again or passes it, all the subsequent prizes and multipliers will be doubled.

The bonus round will end when no more rolls are left on the counter, and all your bonus winnings will be combined with any winnings from the main game.

Monopoly Big Baller house edge

House edge is the statistical advantage that a land-based or online gambling platform has over the player in any given game. It represents the casino’s built-in perk that ensures the operator’s profitability, i.e., house edge indicates the average amount of every stake the casino will likely keep as profit. It’s a way for the online casino to cover operation costs such as procuring games, licences, labour, etc., and benefit from the bets placed by participating players. Although house edge is expressed as a percentage, they are not exact predictions for each wager but quantitative estimates based on many bets.

In a Monopoly Big Baller live game, the house edge for the Free Space and Chance bets is 3.9%, whereas the 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls bets offer a 4.2% and 4.8% house edge, making them risky bets. In a real money case, for every US 100 dollars you bet on Monopoly Big Baller, you can expect to lose an average of USD 3.90 on Free Space and Chance bets, USD 4.20, and USD 4.80 on 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls bets over the long run.

Monopoly Big Baller payouts and RTP

Whether you’re playing for real money using your hard-earned money or bonus funds, the RTP is an essential factor to consider in any game, especially if you’re a full-time professional gambler. The live Monopoly Big Baller game features an RTP percentage range of 95.20% and 96.10%, depending on the betting spot. Nevertheless, the optimal theoretical Monopoly Big Baller RTP (return to player) percentage is 96.10%. Below is a list with the RTP overview of the four betting options in this live show:

  • Free Space: 96.1%
  • Chance: 96.1%
  • 3 Rolls: 95.8%
  • 5 Rolls: 95.2%

On the other hand, every player’s goal is to win on every bet they place during real money gameplay. Like the RTPs, Evolution’s Monopoly Big Baller payouts differ depending on the betting option. Below is a list of the different payouts in the game show:

  • Free Space: 2-39:1 per winning line
  • Chance: 2-199:1 per winning line
  • 3 Rolls: Depends on the bonus round outcome
  • 5 Rolls: Depends on the bonus round outcome 

Please note that the base payout per winning card without any multipliers is 3x, i.e., if you form a winning line on a card without any multipliers, your bet amount will be multiplied by 3. In a different scenario, if two or more lines win without multipliers, their base payouts will be combined. For instance, suppose one of your cards wins with three lines without multipliers. In that case, your final payout will be 9x (3+3+3). However, if your card has a standard or line multiplier, the base multiplier will not apply.

Moreover, the maximum payout for all winnings per game round is limited to $500,000. This limit is applied only at the end of the round. Therefore, the game round will continue even if you reach the maximum payout limit before the round is over.

Monopoly Big Baller tips

Despite the game having pretty straightforward rules with simple gameplay, there are a few factors that you should consider to enhance your overall gaming experience and maximise your winning chances before joining a real money table and risking your hard-earned cash.

  • Understand the game: Before you start playing for real money, you should read and understand the game rules, the different bet options, and payouts. This helps you familiarise yourself with the game and know how it works, allowing you to make informed betting decisions.
  • Manage your bankroll: If you’re a cautious gambler, we recommend you place small bets during your gambling sessions to manage your bankroll wisely. This will help you maximise fun while reducing the risk of losing significantly during real money gameplay. Therefore, you should avoid betting more than you can afford to lose and gamble responsibly.
  • Set winning and losing limits: For a productive gambling session, you should always have a preset winning and losing limit before you place your real money bets. This means that if you reach your winning limit, you should cash out and end your session. On the other hand, if you reach your losing limit, you should stop placing more bets to avoid incurring further losses.
  • Although there’s no Monopoly Big Baller tracker for the live results of the previously played rounds, you can ask the chat moderator for the stats. However, you should not consider these past results as they don’t determine the future outcomes.

Monopoly Big Baller strategies

Monopoly Big Baller is mainly a game of chance, like most Evolution live shows. Therefore, no foolproof strategy can guarantee wins in the long run since each outcome is unpredictable. Nevertheless, you can apply a few systems to minimise your losses to the maximum extent possible.

Bet on Free Space cards

As mentioned earlier, a Free Space card features a centre cell that acts as a drawn number, giving you a higher chance of forming a winning line since you will need four numbers instead of five. This approach is recommended since you won’t earn real money without completing a line.

Bet on the Chance card

This is a medium-risk strategy to help you increase your potential winnings in the long run. You should note that a Chance card will have higher payouts than a Free Space card but a lower chance of completing a winning line since you’ll need to match all five numbers.

Bet on the bonus game spots

This is a high-risk strategy recommended to high rollers since it can quickly deplete your bankroll. However, betting on the bonus spots can potentially grant substantial payouts if all the numbers on the cards match the drawn balls. To apply this strategy, you should turn on the autoplay feature and set your preferred number of play rounds.

Double-up strategy

Commonly known as the Martingale strategy, it’s also a highly volatile system for experienced high-roller players. This system recommends you increase your bet after every loss and return to your initial bet size when you finally hit a win. The main idea with this approach is that if you double your bet amount each time you lose, you will cover all of your previous losses in one betting unit whenever you win. Before implementing this betting approach, you should decide how many sessions you want to play. This will help you split your bankroll accordingly and avoid running out of money before hitting a win.

Alternative live shows to Monopoly Big Baller

As earlier stated, Monopoly Mega Ball is a fusion of the company’s Mega Ball and the Monopoly Live casino game. But what are these games, and what similarities do they share with Monopoly Big Baller?

Mega Ball

This visually stunning live show by Evolution features a unique lottery and bingo fusion gameplay. The game has a Mega Ball bonus round in which you can win even more with the extra multipliers. Like in Monopoly Big Baller, you must place your chips on the bingo cards you wish to play with and complete the cells in the cards by matching the card numbers with the randomly drawn balls. The game’s primary objective is for you to complete as many lines per card as possible since the more lines you form, the more you’ll win. The final ball (Mega Ball) is drawn at the end of each round, alongside a random multiplier ranging between 5x and 100x. If the Mega Ball completes any line in your card (s), your payout is multiplied accordingly by the Mega Ball multiplier.

Monopoly Live

This is another unique live show by Evolution that merges the wheel of fortune gaming mechanics from Dream Catcher with the classic Monopoly board game. The game’s primary objective is for you to predict which section the flapper will stop at after the wheel stops spinning. Like Monopoly Big Baller, Monopoly Live also has similar bonus games that will take you to a virtual 3D Monopoly City where Mr Monopoly walks around collecting prizes and multipliers for participating players. In both games, Mr Monopoly’s walk is determined by the roll of a pair of dice. To qualify for the bonus round, you must bet on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls.


True to its reputation, Evolution has impressed online players and raised the live gaming bar to newer heights by creating a unique and first-of-its-kind live show. Monopoly Big Baller is an exciting and innovative spin on the classic Monopoly board game, bingo, and lottery. The game provides its audience with a thrilling gambling experience through its eye-catching graphics, immersive gameplay, and the potential for massive payouts generated through random multipliers. Whether a seasoned live casino player or a novice looking for top-tier entertainment and massive payouts, cruising through the canal and the added thrill of the bonus round rewards make it a game worth exploring. With bets as little as $0.10, you can easily have considerable Monopoly Big Baller play sessions without depleting your bankroll.

This article has highlighted some relevant information, including defining Monopoly Big Baller, its user interface, the game rules and gameplay, house edge, and payouts. In addition, this review has provided helpful pointers and strategies for improving your winning chances when playing Monopoly Big Baller for real money.

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