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Rocketon Crash Game by galaxsys Details

🎰 Software: Galaxsys
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.50 - $100
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 96.72%

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Rocketon Crash Game by galaxsys Review

Get ready for an interstellar adventure filled with instant payouts and excellent multipliers with the Rocketon crash game from Galaxys. With the famous Rocketon game, players worldwide can enjoy a social gambling experience via the live chat feature while placing real money bets when the rocket takes off. As the rocket launches into space, it’ll award multipliers, and players can instantly cash out their winnings at their preferred multiplier coefficient. However, players must do this (cash out) before the rocket explodes (crashes). As it is with all online crash casino games, crashing before you take your winnings means you’ve lost your bet. The Rocketon game offers new features, like the Half Cashout, which we’ll cover in this Rocketon review, plus the game’s features, payouts and RTP, rules, and more. Also, players will find a list of the top Rocketon online casinos on this page.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are also referred to as fast, mini, arcade, or instant-win games. So, a crash game is a title that uses the crash gaming mechanic, where the gameplay ends when the crash event occurs. Take, for example, Rocketon. In this arcade game, when the rocket flies away (crashes), the game ends, and only players who cashed out their winnings before are successful in that round. Generally, crash games offer players fantastic multipliers starting from 1.00x and can rise infinitely or up to a pre-decided limit, depending on the online crash game.

About Rocketon game

Rocketon was developed by Galaxys and released in 2020 to the iGaming market. The Rocketon crash game features an inventive design with a stunning backdrop of space exploration, vivid graphics and animations and impressive soundtracks. Playing this already globally popular crash game feels like taking an adventure to uncharted worlds in the universe, and the rocket is your spaceship. The intricately designed backdrop showcases different planets, which you’ll pass the longer the rocket flies. Of course, you’re not physically strapped on a seat in the rocket (but your bet is), so you should save yourself before the rocket crashes.

Suppose you’ve turned on the animation effect when playing Rocketon for real money. In that case, when the rocket explodes, you’ll see it dropping the rocket thrusters. Therefore, you should be quick to collect your winnings before the crash. You must click the ‘Cash Out’ button to do this. Clicking this button locks in the active multiplier coefficient automatically, giving you a corresponding payout depending on your bet amount. In the Rocketon casino game, the multipliers can reach up to a whopping 700,000x, meaning if you’re brave and patient enough, you can get massive payouts.

Still, it’s not that easy since the game can crash at any time, leading to losses. So, your instincts, discipline and judgement will play a significant role in your success when you play Rocketon for real money. To make the game more enjoyable, the provider added some nifty features like Auto Bet, Auto Cashout, Half Cashout, etc. These features make gameplay easy and smooth. Players will also find a global chat forum when playing the Rocketon crash game, where they can exchange tips and strategies, share their experiences, engage in real-time conversations, and socialise.

Rocketon game limits, payouts, and RTP

The minimum you wager when playing the Rocketon casino game for real money is $0.10 per round. Conversely, the maximum is about $500. However, these limits may vary across Rocketon online casinos, with some offering higher or lower thresholds than others. As such, we advise players to confirm the betting limits on their respective gambling platforms. The minimum bet is ideal for beginners and budget players. High rollers who wish to play with higher limits can activate the two bet panels with the max bet, which means they can play with $1000 per round in this case.

Payouts in the Rocketon casino game will be made depending on the locked-in multiplier and your bet amount once you initiate the ‘Cash Out’ or ‘Cash Out 50%’ instructions. For instance, if you placed a bet worth $20 and cashed out with a 43x multiplier, you’ll receive $860 (43×20) as your payout. Simply put, your bet amount is multiplied by your locked multiplier to give you your winnings. The Rocketon game has a published RTP of 97% (96.72%, to be precise). This is a good value, showcasing that players can expect to win back about $97 from a $100 wager in an extended gambling period. Of course, shorter sessions can yield better profits since it’s a game of luck.

Rocketon game interface

As mentioned before, the Rocketon game is intricately designed, and you can see this before and after a round starts. The game is set up on a replica rocket launch site (Houston comes to mind), and when taking off, you’ll see a smoke animation indicating a lift-off. It’s impressive that you’ll see the rocket leaving Earth behind when the multipliers start. You’ll see all these in the main game area and the results of the previous rounds directly below. At the base of the game interface, you’ll find the two betting panels, enabling you to place two simultaneous bets of the same or different amounts.

On the left side panel of the main interface, you can view the currently active gamblers, how much they’ve staked, multipliers, and win amounts. If you switch to the history tab, you can view your bets (win or lose), multiplier, and round ID. On the opposite side, you’ll find the game rules, sound and animation options under the settings menu (gear icon).

You can turn the sound and animation on or off. Notably, turning the animation on gives players a more immersive experience since you’ll see the rocket flying into space and dropping the thrusters when crashing. If you turn it off, you’ll just get a static view of the rocket and progressing multipliers. You’ll also find the results of the previous rounds and the next five rounds on the same panel. The results of the following rounds are pre-generated for transparency since the Rocketon casino crash game is provably fair.

Rocketon game features

The state-of-the-art game design can be seen across all sections of the Rocketon game. This also applies to the game features incorporated into this instant crash game to enhance the overall gambling experience. One of the notable and nifty features is the Half Cashout option. Here’s a review of all the features in the Rocketon crash game.

Betting panels

It has become somewhat of a standard in almost all online casino crash games to provide two betting panels. This is also true in the Rocketon casino game. As such, at the base of the main game interface, you’ll see two panels, but you can remove or add a panel by clicking the (x) on the top-right corner of the panel or the (+) sign, respectively. On the bet amount field, you can enter your desired bet amount or use the ‘-’ / ‘+’ signs to decrease or increase your bet size. You can also use the x2 toggle to double your bet amount. To place your bet(s), click the ‘Bet’ button on your respective betting panel.

Half Cashout

After you place the bet and the round begins, the ‘Bet’ button will switch to ‘Cash Out’ and ‘Cash Out 50%.’ If you click the former, you’ll take all your winnings, depending on the locked-in multiplier coefficient. On the other hand, clicking the latter will give you half of the winnings on your bet, while the other half remains in play in search of more significant multipliers.

For example, suppose you had a wager of $10 and clicked the ‘Cash Out 50%’ button at a 20x multiplier. In that case, you’ll receive half of the winnings ($100 ($5×20) instead of $200), while your other half of the bet ($5) remains in play. This is an innovative feature that cushions players against absolute losses. Still, at the same time, it can be costly if the remaining half of the bet doesn’t attract better multipliers.

Auto Bet system

The Rocketon game has an Auto Bet option on each betting panel. You can toggle this option on or off. When turned on, this feature enables players to place bets automatically without selecting the ‘Bet’ button each time. The Auto Bet system is convenient for gamblers who fancy a hands-off gambling approach and want to save time. Still, players must click the ‘Cash Out’ or ‘Cash Out 50%’ buttons to collect their winnings if they’re not using the Auto Cashout feature.

You can set the Auto Bet feature to play from one up to 100 rounds non-stop, but you should be keen on your balance when this feature is on. A smart move is to set your preferred number of rounds and bet amount to manage your funds adequately. Notably, you cannot adjust your bet size when the feature is active. You must cancel Auto Bet first to change the bet amount.

Auto Cashout

The Auto Cashout feature enables players to quickly secure their winnings once the set multiplier coefficient in the Rocketon crash game is reached. This feature is effective for players who might be slow to click the ‘Cash Out’ button. To use Auto Cashout, simply turn it on and set your desired multiplier and bet amount. Notably, even when still active, you can click the ‘Cash Out’ or ‘Cash Out 50%’ buttons to take your winnings if your set multiplier hasn’t been activated. If you click the ‘Cash Out 50%’ button, you’ll collect half of your winnings, and when the set Auto Cashout multiplier is reached, the rest of the winnings will be cashed out automatically.

Rocketon game rules

There are no complicated rules you should be worried about when playing the Rocketon crash game, as you would certain casino skill games like online blackjack or roulette. All you have to do is get your timing right to cash out at the perfect moment before the rocket explodes to collect all your winnings. Another important thing to note is that Rocketon features a maximum win limit. Although this limit isn’t clearly defined when playing for real money, once the threshold is reached, the system will notify you immediately. Regardless of how long you continue playing after this notification, your winnings won’t increase. Furthermore, you run the risk of losing all of your accumulated winnings if you play on.

How to play Rocketon for real money

Before delving into actual money gameplay, we recommend starting with the demo version of the Rocketon crash game. You’ll find this play-for-fun version in your respective Rocketon online Bitcoin casinos or from the provider’s website. Demo play will allow you to test different betting strategies for free without cutting into your actual funds. In truth, after a few playing sessions, you should be ready for real money gaming on your desktop or mobile device. To kick off your gambling adventure, choose your ideal gambling platform from our list of the best Rocketon casinos online on this page and register. 

You’ll need to provide your name, address, email address, password, mobile number, and other details to create an account. Usually, for Rocketon crypto casinos, your email address, username, and password are enough to complete registration. Afterwards, you can follow the below procedure to play Rocketon for real money:

  1. Real money gameplay requires actual fund deposits. Therefore, log in to your new account and go to the cashier’s page to deposit. Choose your desired deposit option from the provided list, which may include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., and enter your deposit amount. Once completed, the funds should appear in your player account immediately. If you’re offered a bonus usable in the Rocketon crash game, you can claim it, given the bonus terms and conditions are favourable.
  2. Find the Rocketon game from the online casino’s catalogue and launch it. You can use the search filter to find the game quickly. You must wait for the current round to end if you find an ongoing one.
  1. You’ll have about five seconds to place your bet (s). So, select your desired bet amount on the betting panel (s) and wait for the rocket to lift off. Notably, you’ll see a ‘Bets are Closed’ notification before the round commences. If you want to play many rounds continuously, you can use the Auto Bet feature.
  1. When the game begins, you’ll see multipliers rising from 1.00x. These multipliers can go up to 700,000x the further the rocket moves into space. The logic is that the higher the rocket flies, the more significant the multipliers. However, the rocket can overheat and explode randomly without notice. So, you must click ‘Cash Out’ to take your winnings before that happens. Also, you can exploit the Half Cashout and Auto Cashout features for a more enhanced gambling adventure.

Please note that if you fail to cash out your winnings before the rocket crashes, you lose your bet and the round. We recommend using the Auto Bet feature in conjunction with the Auto Cashout option for a seamless experience since you’ll be playing many rounds continuously. Simply adjust the Auto Bet number of rounds to your preferences and set your ideal Auto Cashout multiplier in each round.

Provably Fair technology in Rocketon

The Rocketon crash game uses provably fair technology to ensure transparency and fairness of results during gameplay. This technology gives players a hands-on approach when verifying the honesty of game outcomes, which is why it’s highly rated in the iGaming industry. To check fairness in the Rocketon game, confirm the round ID from the History section. Afterwards, go to the Results panel on the right side of the game interface and click the shield icon on the same round ID as your result. Finally, after pasting the Salt and Key codes on the appropriate field, click ‘Check,’ and if the Hash generated is similar to the one provided, then the outcome was honest.

Crash games similar to Rocketon

Below are some other crash games you might like if you’re impressed by Rocketon.


In Aviator, you’re betting on a flying aeroplane instead of a rocket in Rocketon. The gameplay mechanics are similar as you must bet and cash out your winnings before the aircraft flies away (crashes). However, Aviator lacks the Half Cashout feature in Rocketon, but it offers much higher maximum multipliers (over 1,000,000x).

Cricket X

With this crash game, you’ll have a different theme: Cricket rather than the space theme in Rocketon. So, with Cricket X, the pitching side will throw the cricket ball, and the batting side will hit it. The ball will then fly to the sky while awarding multipliers. Notably, the multipliers are infinite. Like other crash games, you must collect your winnings before the ball crashes.

Football X

This is a football-themed crash title where players choose a character before the game begins. You then select your bet and press and hold the play button to play. During gameplay, your character juggles the ball continuously, but they can drop the ball randomly. You must release the play button to collect your winnings. The maximum multiplier in Football X is 100x.

Comet Crash

With Comet Crash, you’ll be wagering on a moving comet with a multiplier curve. Make sure to collect your winnings before the comet crashes. Depending on the provider of this game, you can have maximum multipliers of over 1000x or 1,000,000x. The further the comet moves, the higher the multipliers.


This crash game is similar to the Aviator online game. When the aircraft takes off, it starts awarding multipliers. The longer it flies, the higher the multipliers players get. However, it can explode randomly, and you must collect your winnings before this happens. The max multiplier in this crash game online is 10,000x, and you can build your plane to receive daily rewards.


Rocketon is a top online instant-win game popular among risk-takers and novice gamblers alike. The game is easy to learn and has elaborate graphics and animations alongside nifty features that enhance the overall gambling experience. Besides Auto Bet and Auto Cashout options, the Half Cashout (Cashout 50%) feature can benefit players who’d like to shield themselves from absolute losses. Moreover, the Rocketon crash game has reasonable bet limits and a 700,000x maximum multiplier that entices players. With our Rocketon review, players can learn to play for real money and find suitable alternatives that are similarly entertaining. Simply join any of our top Rocketon online casinos on this page and fire away.

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