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🎰 Software: Vivo Gaming
πŸ“² Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
πŸ’° Bet Limits: €25 - €250
🀡 Dealers Language: English, Spanish
πŸ’¬ Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Costa Rica
🎲 Game type: Table game, Blackjack

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Live blackjack is one of the best casino card games you can enjoy at an online live casino. Although it requires some skill and finesse, its rules are straightforward to learn, making it a suitable choice even for beginners. Over the years, technological advancements have allowed the iGaming industry to offer players a more interactive and engaging gambling experience. And with that came live dealer casino games, where players can get closer to the action via a live video stream with HD cameras and real-life croupiers dealing cards.

As such, live dealer blackjack from Vivo Gaming is amongst the top titles you can try. The game features a standard blackjack table, where seven seated gamblers can play simultaneously and chatty yet professional live blackjack dealers who accentuate the real casino gambling atmosphere. Also, the game features side bets and has an intuitive interface. This Vivo live blackjack review will extensively explain how to play for real money, the game’s rules, betting strategies, and payouts. Moreover, on this page, you’ll find some popular Vivo live blackjack variations and the top online live casinos with the provider’s games.

About Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming is a software provider in the gambling industry with over a decade of experience producing high-quality live dealer games. The slogan “Live at its Best” shows its dedication to innovation and using bleeding-edge technology in its live dealer games. Besides offering live dealer casino solutions, Vivo Gaming offers casino operators a sports betting platform and RNG (random number generator) games. The latter is possible through its partnerships with various leading software vendors like Betsoft, Spinomenal, Platipus, etc. As such, casino operators can also access online casino games like keno, bingo, online slots, and RNG table games alongside Vivo live dealer games.

With many studios from around the globe in locations like Bulgaria, Georgia, Columbia, Philippines, etc., Vivo live dealer games are accessible 24/7 and offer cross-platform functionality. That means you can smoothly play Vivo blackjack on mobile or desktop devices. Apart from live blackjack, other Vivo live dealer games include roulette, baccarat, sic bo, dragon tiger, andar bahar, teen patti, sic bo, and casino hold’em. These games are hosted in purpose-built studios, and thanks to Vivo’s Chroma Key technology, these studios are easily customisable.

The company’s live dealer games can be accessed in multiple languages, but the live games are hosted in English and Spanish only. Also, the dealers are well-trained to offer a personalised gambling experience at the live tables. Vivo’s video stream quality is commendable but not as polished as other established software publishers like Evolution. Notably, Vivo Gaming has certification from GLI (Gaming Laboratories International), an independent auditing company, endorsing their products as fair and impartial. This is further solidified by the company’s multiple licences, including the Curacao e-Gaming licence. In 2022, Vivo Gaming won the EGR Best Live Casino Supplier Award (like the Ballon d’Or for the iGaming niche), proving it can compete with the best.

Vivo live blackjack game interface

It’ll be easy for a beginner to navigate the Vivo live blackjack game interface as it’s not cluttered. The UI elements are well-placed and easily accessible whether you’re playing on a desktop or mobile casino. The game interface is designed to mimic a standard 7-seater live blackjack table at a land-based casino as close as possible to recreate the real casino atmosphere. Therefore, these are the features you’ll see after launching live blackjack from Vivo Gaming.

Studio setup

The studio’s background may vary, depending on the Vivo live blackjack variation you’re playing. However, the live blackjack table setup is the same across all versions: 7-seat and interpretations that accept unlimited players. Therefore, at the centre, you’ll see a semi-circular table with the real-life dealer sitting behind it. The table is covered in a green felt (colour depends on the variation) with inscriptions of the insurance and blackjack payouts and the dealer’s rules: when to draw another card and when to stand. Also, on your betting position (seat) on the screen, you can see the available side bets in live dealer blackjack from Vivo.

On the dealer’s left (your right side) is a shoe containing the playing cards (shuffled 52-card decks). The shoe is a transparent piece of equipment that holds the blackjack cards. When you play Vivo blackjack for real money, the croupier will deal cards from this shoe, starting from their left side and going to the right. Conversely, on the dealer’s right, there’s a box that holds the cards that have already been used in the game.

Video quality and settings

Unfortunately, live dealer blackjack from Vivo doesn’t offer a feature to toggle the video stream quality, like low, medium, high, and HD, depending on your internet strength. Instead, the real-time video stream is automatically adjusted to fit your connection speed, and you can only play in normal mode with a small game window or in full-screen mode. If your internet connection isn’t fast, we recommend sticking to the default game screen, as switching to full-screen will distort the video quality. However, if you’ve got fast internet, the full-screen mode is ideal as you’ll get fine video quality with a broader view of the game.

The full-screen button is on the far end of the top-right corner of the game screen. If you fancy a close-up view of the hand the croupier deals you, you can click the zoom button at the bottom left of the game screen to zoom in on the cards. This is a nifty addition from Vivo Gaming. Regarding sound, you can only mute or unmute the dealer. There are no options to adjust the sound settings: game sounds, main volume, or studio sounds.

You can click the (i) icon to view the game info like table number, round ID, and player name. Click the small pencil icon next to your player name to edit your in-game user name. The game rules icon (?) will reveal the vivo blackjack rules, such as how to play, available side bets, card rankings, etc. Also, you can view your entire real money betting history by clicking the game history button. All these user interface features are on the game screen’s top right. Sadly, live blackjack from Vivo Gaming doesn’t feature an in-game chat option.

Betting area and features

In a 7-seat Vivo live blackjack game, the betting section is located at the bottom of the game screen and at the base of the blackjack table. In case you join when all seats are taken, you must wait for a player to leave before joining. Fortunately, live dealer blackjack from Vivo offers a Bet Behind feature. So, this should keep you entertained before an empty slot at the table emerges. If there’s a vacant seat (s), you’ll see a blinking arrow animation indicating an empty slot is available. Besides, you can see the various player names of the active users in the table below their seats (ring-shaped icons). To take a seat at the table, click the (+) sign in the middle of the ring (seat), and when leaving, click the red (-) symbol below your live blackjack player name.

During the betting period, various multi-coloured chips of different value denominations will pop up at the centre of the game screen. So, to place a bet, simply click on any of these betting chips and click on your preferred bet type, main or side bet. Please note that you must place the main bet before wagering on any of the side bets. When the betting chips appear, you’ll see other betting features below the chips. These include:

  • Rebet: Clicking this button will allow you to repeat your previous round’s wager (s).
  • Remove: If you click the remove button, it will undo your current bets.
  • Rebet x2: This button will double the previous bet made by the player. Ensure you have enough funds in your bankroll to double your bet.

Betting limits

The betting limits are similar whether you’re playing Vivo blackjack on mobile or desktop devices. You’ll find these limits pinned on the top-right section of the game screen. Simply click the symbol next to the game info (i) icon to view the bet limits. The maximum and minimum bet amounts will vary depending on the online live casino and the Vivo live blackjack variation. Regarding the minimum bet amount, players can stake anything from as low as $1 per round to even more than $25. This minimum bet limit may or may not be the same when playing with side bets. So, kindly check the bet limits section keenly.

Similarly, the maximum bet limit in live blackjack from Vivo Gaming will vary. Most live casinos with the provider’s blackjack titles will allow a maximum wager of about $500 for the main bet. Still, you’ll find tables offering higher maximum limits of $1000, $1500, or more. For the side bets, the maximum amount you can wager is usually 50% of the maximum limit of the main bet. So, if the main bet has a maximum bet limit of $1500, the maximum you wager while playing with side bets is $750. Your bankroll balance and the total bet per round are usually displayed on the bottom left of the game screen.

Vivo live blackjack rules

Blackjack is a captivating card casino game, and to be successful at a live blackjack table, you need both luck and prowess. However, to do so, you must first learn the Vivo blackjack rules, and luckily, we’ll cover that. So, live blackjack from Vivo Gaming uses eight standard 52-card decks. The primary aim is to defeat the dealer by getting a higher combined card value than the dealer. A live blackjack round begins with the croupier dealing cards from their left side to players on the table, going to the right. Each gambler and the dealer will receive two cards each, making up their hand. These cards are dealt face-up except for one of the dealer’s cards, which is dealt face-down. This is a standard procedure when you play Vivo blackjack live games.

Therefore, as mentioned, the goal is to beat the dealer in a round, and you must get a higher-valued hand than the croupier closest to 21 points without exceeding this 21-point mark (busting). In case either the player or the dealer busts, the game ends. For players, busting means you’ve lost the round. In addition, if the croupier busts, it means all players with a main bet wager in that round will win, except for players who also exceeded the 21-point mark. Please note that depending on the cards you’re dealt, you can make one of the following decisions: stand, hit, split, or double (we’ll look at this later in detail).

Live blackjack card values

Similar to other card casino games, when playing Vivo blackjack for real money, you must learn the rankings of the cards used in the game. That way, you can easily calculate your dealt hand’s value and compare it to the dealer’s face-up card before making an appropriate in-game decision (stand, hit, double, or split). So, first things first, it’s essential to understand that card suits (clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades) don’t matter in live blackjack. As such, they have no impact on game proceedings.

The face/picture cards are worth 10 points in live dealer blackjack from Vivo. These picture cards include the Jack (J), King (K), and Queen (Q). Additionally, cards 2 through 10 are assigned their face/pip value. For instance, a 2 is worth two points, a 5 is worth five points, an 8 is worth eight points, and so on. Ace cards can be worth 1 or 11 points, depending on which value grants you a better chance of beating the dealer. Usually, most players at the table with a hand containing two Aces split this hand and receive an additional card on each Ace to try and increase their winning odds. However, this is a personal decision. Notably, a new shoe with a new deck of cards will be introduced when playing Vivo blackjack if the dealer reaches the cut card. Otherwise, the game continues with the current shoe after each game round.

Types of hands in Vivo live blackjack

When playing for real money via crypto or fiat, you can be dealt various types of hands depending on the cards you receive:

  • Blackjack hand: Also referred to as a Natural, a blackjack hand entails an Ace, valued at 11 points and any 10-point card (K, Q, or J). A blackjack hand is automatically a winner, and the game round ends if the dealer or the player possesses a blackjack. This hand pays 3:2, as indicated on the blackjack table. Notably, in the scenario that both the dealer and player have a blackjack, the round will be deemed a push or tie. That means the player will get his stake back.
  • Soft hand: As mentioned, Aces can be worth 1 or 11. So, a hand with an Ace worth 11 points and with an accumulative value of less than 21 is considered a soft hand. This could be an Ace combined with 4, 5, 8, 9, etc.
  • Hard hand: A hand without an Ace card is usually known as a hard hand. However, hands with an Ace worth one point can also be considered hard.

The dealer’s rules

Similar to how players on the table must stick to specific game rules, the live blackjack dealer must also adhere to the set table rules. The dealer’s rules generally secure the game’s house edge and ensure evenness when you play for real money. So, as per the Vivo blackjack rules, the dealer must hit (draw another card) if they have a hand value of 16 or less than 16. The dealer will keep drawing more cards until the hand’s value equals 17 or until they go over 21 points (bust). Moreover, the live dealers must stand (don’t draw any cards) on a soft 17. A soft 17 is a hand with an Ace worth 11 points and a 6. Suppose the dealer’s hand has a value of between 17 and 21. In that case, they must stand regardless of whether it’s a soft or hard hand.

How to play Vivo live blackjack

Before you play Vivo blackjack for real money, you must first find a top online live casino or mobile casino that matches your gambling preferences and offers live games from Vivo Gaming. Luckily, you don’t have to look far to find such online casinos, as we’ve recommended some of the best gambling platforms on this page. Our experts have tested these online live casinos over unforgiving criteria, ensuring players get only the best services. However, since players have different preferences and tastes, we recommend you try at least three online casinos, checking their interface, bonuses for live games (if any), payment methods, etc., before commencing real money gameplay. Therefore, after choosing your ideal online casino, register by providing information such as your email address, passphrase, name, date of birth, country, preferred currency, address, mobile number, etc.

Fund your new player account

You’d need a miracle to find a live online casino offering a free-to-play version of live dealer blackjack from Vivo or any live casino game, for that matter. At best, you can only log in to your new account and watch along as the Vivo live blackjack game proceeds without participating. As such, you must deposit into your new account. Go to the banking or cashier section of the online casino and choose an ideal payment method.

Depending on the gambling site, you can select among e-wallets, prepaid cards, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, credit/debit cards, and mobile payment systems. Check the casino’s minimum deposit requirements and fund your account. Afterwards, go to the live games section and select your preferred Vivo live blackjack variation to launch it.

Place your bets

Most of the Vivo live blackjack games feature a 7-seat table, except for the variation that accepts an unlimited number of players. For the best live blackjack gambling experience that comes close to that of gambling in an actual brick-and-mortar casino, we recommend choosing a 7-seat blackjack table. In case there’s an ongoing round, click the (+) symbol on the table to take a seat and wait for the next game round. Click the (-) symbol below your player name to leave your seat at the table.

Please note that inactivity will make you lose your seat. Once a new blackjack round begins and the betting period opens, the real-life croupier will announce, “Please Place your Bets.” You’ll have about 10-15 seconds during the betting period to place your bets. As such, click on your ideal chip denomination and tap your ideal betting spot on the table (main or side bet). You cannot place a side bet before wagering on the main bet. Notably, you can take several seats at the table and bet on them simultaneously in one round.

Bet Behind

So, what happens when you find all seats are occupied at the table, and you still want to participate in the game round? The Bet Behind feature is the solution. With this feature, other players without a seat at the table can place wagers behind gamblers with seats during the betting period. You can even bet behind all the seven players at the table. Furthermore, if you already have a seat at the blackjack table, you can bet behind all other players, but you cannot bet behind your sitting position.

Nevertheless, this Bet Behind feature only allows you to follow the in-game decisions of the seated gambler unless you don’t have adequate funds when they double or split their hand. Notably, the Bet Behind payouts only account for the main bet winnings of the seated players and don’t include the side bet. This Bet Behind feature is notably available in Vivo live dealer blackjack games.

Live blackjack game round

All Vivo live blackjack variations stick to the Vegas playing rules instead of the European guidelines. The Vegas rules are the most popular worldwide in most blackjack versions from other software vendors. Therefore, with the Vegas guidelines (used in Vivo BJ games), the dealer will deal two cards to the players and two to themselves. The dealer will start with one card face-up to each player, starting from the player on their left, going to the right and finally dealing one card face-up to themselves. Each card is scanned before being dealt.

Next, one card will be dealt to all the players in a similar fashion, but this time, the dealer’s second card will be dealt face-down. The dealer’s face-down card is usually known as a hole card. From there, you’ll see your hand’s total value displayed and make an ideal decision, as discussed below. Just to highlight the difference, the EU guidelines are almost similar to the Vegas rules, except that players will be dealt cards until the bust or stand, depending on their decisions, before the dealer gets his second card. Afterwards, the dealer will keep drawing cards until a winner is found.

Player’s in-game live blackjack decisions

Depending on the cards you’re dealt on your hand, you must make various decisions when playing Vivo blackjack for real money. So, before the dealer flips their hole card, you’ll be given an opportunity to boost your hand value by doubling, hitting, or splitting if you don’t have 21 points after your initial two cards. In case you feel your hand is closer to 21 points, you can choose to stand, which means you won’t receive any additional cards. Please note that the dealer asks for player decisions in the order they dealt cards (from left to right). Thus, you must wait for your turn to make your decision. You must choose an option within the allocated period; otherwise, it’ll be interpreted as an automatic stand. These are the in-game live blackjack decisions you can make depending on the cards on your hand:

  • Stand: If you think your hand value will be more than the dealer’s after they reveal their hole card, you can stand. That means your hand will remain as is, and you’ll not receive any additional cards.
  • Hit: Hitting involves asking the dealer for additional cards. So, if your hand has a low combined card value, you can hit to receive an extra card. You can hit multiple times in a game round as long as you don’t bust (exceed 21 points). If, after hitting, you go over 21 points, it means you’ve lost the round. As such, your bet will be collected, your cards piled together and pushed back, and it’ll be the next player’s turn to make a decision.
  • Double: Doubling down in live blackjack means you double your bet by your initial stake amount. For example, if your initial bet was $5, doubling down means you’ll increase the bet amount by $5, totalling $10. When doubling, you’ll receive only one additional card to your current hand. So, you can double down if you reckon your additional card will help you beat the dealer. Usually, players double down when the dealer’s face-up card has a low value.
  • Split: You can make two possible splits when playing Vivo blackjack for real money. If you have a pair of Aces (of any suit), you can split them into two individual hands, but each Ace will only receive one extra card with no possibility of hitting. Suppose you get a hand with an Ace and a 10-point card after splitting Aces. In that case, it’s considered 21 and not a blackjack/natural. So, it will pay like a regular hand, not 3:2 like a blackjack hand.

Also, players can split a pair of cards of the same value, say two 8s. When splitting pairs, the cards will be separated into two individual hands, and the live blackjack croupier will automatically deal an extra card to each hand. You can stand, hit, or double these hands after splitting depending on each hand’s total combined card values.

Live blackjack outcomes

The primary goal in Vivo live dealer blackjack is to defeat the dealer by acquiring a better-valued hand than the dealer closest to 21 or 21 without busting. So, in a table, if all the players have hands closer to 21 points than the dealer, they all win. However, you lose the round if you bust or the dealer gets a hand closer to 21 than yours. Notably, if you get a blackjack (Ace and a 10-point card) on your first two cards, you automatically win, as it outranks all other 21-point hands unless the dealer also has a blackjack. In this case, it’ll be considered a push or tie, and the player will get their stake back. Also, this is the case when you and the dealer get the same points (17 and above). And what happens if the dealer busts? In this scenario, all the players will win on the main bet unless they also bust during that round.

Side bets in live blackjack from Vivo Gaming

Live dealer blackjack games from Vivo feature the same types of side bets. These include the Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets. In addition, during real money gameplay, the live dealer may offer an insurance bet that’s also considered a side bet. These side wagers can be placed alongside the main bet, ultimately elevating a player’s gaming experience. Although these side bets, specifically 21+3 and Perfect Pairs, offer higher-than-usual payouts, they have lower odds of winning. This can be costly in the long run if you regularly place side bets. Still, if you’re lucky, they can offer fantastic payouts. Here are the side bets in Vivo live dealer blackjack games:

Insurance Bet

This side wager is placed alongside the main bet and is offered by the dealer if their face-up card is an Ace. The insurance bet shields you against the possibility of the live croupier having a blackjack. You’ll be offered this side wager even if you have blackjack. However, the Insurance is an optional bet. So, you can decide whether to take it or not. With an Ace as the face-up card, the dealer will then peek at their hole (face-down) card to check if they have any 10-point card that forms a blackjack.

The dealer will immediately turn over the hole card if they possess a blackjack. Now, since the dealer has a blackjack, all bets will lose, except for the active insurance wagers and players who also have a blackjack (push). The insurance wager has a payout of 2:1, and you can only stake half the amount of your original bet on the Insurance. Notably, if you have a blackjack, the dealer will offer even money (1:1) payout for the insurance bet.

Perfect Pairs

Like the insurance bet, this is an optional side bet placed alongside the main wager. With the Pairs side bet, you’re wagering that the first two dealt cards will have a pair of the same rank- for instance, two 5s, two 7s, or two 8s. As such, the pairs side bet will pay if the two matching cards are of the same suit, mixed colour or same colour. The Pairs bet loses if the first two cards don’t form any pair. These are the options in the Pairs side bet:

  • Perfect Pair: This bet wins if the first two cards are of the same rank and suit- for example, two 3s of clubs or two 8s of hearts. This wager offers a payout of 25:1.
  • Coloured Pair: With this bet, the suit doesn’t matter. So, to win, you must get two cards of the same value and colour. For example, this could be a 4 of diamonds (red) and a 4 of clubs (red). You’ll receive a 12:1 payout if you win with this bet.
  • Mixed Colour Pair: This side bet wins if you get two cards of the same rank but of different colours and suits. For instance, this could be a 6 of hearts (black) and a 6 of spades (red). If you win with this wager, you’ll receive a 6:1 payout.


This side bet is a wager based on the gambler’s first two dealt cards and the dealer’s face-up card. If the three cards combined form any of the famous three-card poker hands like Straight Flush, etc., you’ll receive a corresponding payout. These are the available options in the 21+3 side bets:

  • Suited Three of a Kind: This bet prevails if the first three cards between the player and the dealer are of the same rank and suit. For example, you could have a hand with three 5s (5, 5, 5)  each of clubs, spades, hearts, or diamonds. This side bet pays an incredible 100:1 if you win. However, the odds of winning with this side bet are pretty low.
  • Straight Flush: The three cards must form a numerical order/sequence for this bet to win and be of the same suit. This bet could look like this, for instance- a 3, 4, and 5, each of the diamonds or a 6, 7, and 8, each of hearts or any similar suit. This bet pays 40:1 if you win.
  • Three of a Kind: With this side bet, you must get three cards of the same rank but of different suits to win. For example, you can have a hand with three 4s of varying suits (4 of clubs, 4 of spades, and 4 of diamonds). You’ll receive a 25:1 payout with this side bet.
  • Straight: In this side bet, the three cards must create a numerical order, but the suits don’t matter. For example, this hand (4 of hearts, 5 of diamonds, and 6 of clubs) wins. The payout is 10:1 if you achieve this combination.

Flush: This side bet wins if the first three cards have an identical suit with no sequential order. For instance, a hand with 4, 6, and 8 all of hearts wins. The payout is 5:1.

The higher the payout the side bet offers, the more challenging it is to achieve that particular combination for a win.

Vivo live blackjack variations

Blackjack has evolved over time from the RNG (random number generator) table game versions to the more advanced and immersive live dealer games. This evolution is attributed to various live game suppliers like Vivo Gaming, which is dedicated to producing top-quality games. For that reason, you’ll find several live dealer blackjack games from Vivo, each offering something unique from the other to cater to low and high rollers alike. These are some of the Vivo’s live blackjack variations.

Las Vegas Blackjack

This is one of the best live blackjack variations from Vivo Gaming. It’s a 7-seat table game with the same game UI features as described on this page. The table has a grey tablecloth with the dealer behind it. The unique element of Las Vegas Blackjack is the studio design. In the background, you’ll see flashing lights, not too bright, though, with an imitated setting of a Las Vegas gambling establishment. You can see images of physical slot machines. This really bodes well with the game’s title.

Besides that, everything else is pretty standard, including the Vivo blackjack rules. The dealer will deal two cards to each player on the table, and before revealing the hole card, players will make the various in-game decisions, whether to stand, double, split, or hit. Las Vegas Blackjack also offers a Bet Behind feature and insurance bet alongside the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bet. The minimum and maximum bet limits in Las Vegas Blackjack are $10 and $1500, respectively. The exact minimum limit applies for the side bets, but the maximum you can wager with side bets is $750.

VIP Blackjack

The VIP version of live dealer blackjack from Vivo also hosts a maximum of 7 players at the table. You can join the table anytime if there’s a vacant seat and start real money gambling. Vivo’s VIP blackjack table is the same as the Las Vegas version. However, the background design is different. When you launch and play VIP live blackjack from Vivo Gaming, the background is simple with little distractions, but you can see another live table game progressing on the left side of the screen. The dealers are friendly, chatty, and professional. The game features the same rules. The Vivo blackjack rules seem standard across its live BJ interpretations. Please note that depending on your location, you can join a different VIP Blackjack table named by numbers, i.e., 1, 2, 3.

Of course, the live croupier will deal two cards to players from the right, moving clockwise with one of the dealer’s cards face-down. Before turning over their hole card, the dealer will ask you to make a choice whether to stand, double down, split, or hit. These decisions will depend on the cards you possess. You’ll find the Insurance, 21+3, and Perfect Pairs side bets in Vivo’s VIP Blackjack in addition to accessing the Bet Behind feature. However, with this blackjack variation, the minimum bet is slightly higher at $25 for the main wager. Still, side bets have a lower minimum bet at $5, but you must place the main bet before wagering on any side bet. On the other hand, the maximum bet amount is $500 and 50% of this amount is the maximum for the side wagers.

Limitless Blackjack Live

This is the most recent  Vivo live blackjack variation. As its name suggests, Limitless Blackjack Live doesn’t have a limit to how many players can play at the table, unlike the above BJ versions. This is the primary difference between Limitless Blackjack and the other versions. When you launch this BJ version, you’ll see a red blackjack table with the usual dealer instructions and blackjack and Insurance payouts. In the background, you’ll see some Vegas-style decorations with depictions of mechanical slot machines further in the background. On either side of the Limitless Blackjack live dealer are two ongoing live games; on the left of the screen is a blackjack table, and on the right is a live baccarat table.

Typical gameplay in Limitless Blackjack

So, since there’s no limit to how many gamblers can play simultaneously, the dealer will only draw four cards, two for all the online Limitless Blackjack players and two for the dealer, with one face-down. When dealing cards, the dealer will scan them, and after briefly placing the drawn card on the table, the dealer will place it beneath a virtual tray on the table. The main objective is still to defeat the dealer by getting 21 points or the closest to 21 without busting. You may also win with a lower hand in case the dealer busts. Afterwards, depending on your dealt cards, you can hit or stand. These options will be displayed on every player’s screen; you cannot see what other players have chosen.

Limitless Blackjack Live doesn’t have a Bet Behind feature, as the game has no seat limits, and all players are betting against one dealer. Still, you can buy the Insurance bet and play with the Pairs and 21+3 side bets. The least you can bet in Limitless Blackjack is $1 for the main and side bet, while the maximum for the main bet is $1000. As for the side wagers, the maximum is $500. Please note that these limits may vary from one Vivo Gaming live casino to another.

Vivo live blackjack odds and payouts

A game’s winning probability (odds) can tell you the likelihood of a certain type of wager to hit or, generally, a player winning. Winning odds are usually calculated as a percentage, and when you play Vivo blackjack, the probability of the dealer winning a round stands at 49.1%. This is almost half the odds, meaning the house/casino will best the player in the long run. Conversely, the odds of a player winning stand at 42.2%, while the chances that a tie/push will happen are meagre at 8.48%. These odds are calculated based on the assumption that an eight-deck shoe is being used in the game.

Regarding payouts, the main and side bets offer varying payouts, as indicated on this page. Side bets generally offer higher payouts, with the highest being 100:1 on a Suited Three-of-a-kind wager. A blackjack hand pays 3:2, while a normal 21-winning hand pays even money (1:1). If you buy the Insurance bet, you’ll receive a 2:1 payout, but in case you have a blackjack hand, you’ll be offered a 1:1 payout on the Insurance bet. You’ll find the complete overview of the paytable by clicking the game rules icon (?) on your selected Vivo live blackjack game and navigating to the side bets and payouts tab. Scroll down to see the paytable for each bet type available.

Vivo live blackjack return to player (RTP)

The overall return-to-player percentage will depend on the type of bet you’ve placed when playing Vivo blackjack games for real money. Therefore, live dealer blackjack titles from Vivo Gaming feature an RTP value between 95.90% and 99.46%. These RTPs are distributed as follows:

  • Blackjack initial bet: 99.40%.
  • Blackjack total bet: 99.46%.
  •  Any Pair bet: 95.90%.
  •  21+3 bet: 96.30%.

The RTP percentage is a theoretical value that tells gamblers how much they can expect to win back after a very long gambling period. Assuming you’re playing with the main blackjack bet (99.40% RTP) and you’ve wagered a total of $100, you can expect to win back $99.40. However, this is only feasible over long sessions since shorter sessions can result in higher payouts. If you were calculating the game’s built-in advantage, the money you lose over the long gambling session is the casino’s house edge. In this case, based on the blackjack initial bet, the house edge of live blackjack from Vivo Gaming is 0.6%.

Live blackjack betting tips and strategies

You can win or lose when playing Vivo blackjack titles for real money. When looking at the winning chances, the odds are against the player, but with the best live blackjack betting tips and strategies, you can boost your winning probability. To do that, you must employ the basic live blackjack strategy, which, statistically, will show the best move to make, depending on the table rules, the dealer’s face-up card, and your current hand. You can adjust the basic blackjack strategy depending on whether the dealer’s up card has a low or high value.

Players are usually advised to split a pair of 8s and a pair of Aces to increase their chances of beating the dealer. Also, it would be best never to split a pair of 10s, totalling 20 points, as you have a better chance of winning with them. If you have a hand worth 18 points, you shouldn’t hit (draw another card), as you can easily bust and lose your bet. These are just some of the basic strategies you should know in addition to learning the Vivo blackjack rules. Moreover, you can choose Vivo live blackjack tables with bet limits that suit your budget to ensure you manage your bankroll amicably.

Live blackjack strategies

As a gambler, the main aim is to minimise losses and make a profit because you cannot always win. So, in conjunction with live blackjack betting tips, like managing your bankroll, selecting tables with suitable limits, never splitting a pair of 10s, etc., you should employ some of the blackjack betting strategies to enhance your winning chances. Although these betting systems have proven successful over time, you shouldn’t rely on a particular system as none offers a 100% win rate success. That said, these are some of the best blackjack betting strategies you can use when playing for real money.

Parlay strategy

Also referred to as the Reverse Martingale betting strategy by some, Parlay is a positive progression strategy recommending you increase, essentially doubling your stake when you win and reverting to your initial stake when you lose. This system is suitable with live blackjack because there’s a 50/50 chance of winning or losing in the game. Most betting strategies are designed to work efficiently with games with equal or almost equal winning and losing probabilities.

The main idea of this system is to cash out your stake once you win and play with your winnings. This ensures you don’t lose your entire bankroll. For instance, if you start with a $25 wager and win, you should double your bet in the next wager. That means you’ll bet $50 next. If you win again, you use $100 as your next stake. If the winning streak continues, you should keep increasing your wager until you lose. If you lose, you should revert to your initial bet amount, $25.

Paroli system

Like the Parlay strategy, the Paroli is also a positive progression betting system. In fact, its principles are almost identical to the Parlay strategy but with minor modifications. So, with this system, you must double your stake each time you win a hand and continue increasing the bet up to three rounds or until you lose a hand. After three rounds, you start afresh with the original bet. Also, if you lose before winning three rounds, you return to your initial bet amount.

The idea is to make small but consistent winnings during the gambling session. Here’s what this betting system can look like: Start with a $10 wager. If you win this hand, increase the following bet amount to $20. If you also win, double the bet amount in the next hand to $40. This will continue up to a maximum of three hands/rounds. After three rounds, you return to your original bet, $10 and begin again. In case you lose a hand before the three rounds, you also start afresh.


Vivo Gaming has created a commendable lobby of live dealer blackjack games in an ever-competitive and expanding market of live casino game suppliers. In truth, the live blackjack games from Vivo Gaming are straightforward since the provider stuck to the basics, providing players with an authentic gambling experience that mirrors that of brick-and-mortar establishments. The provider offers several blackjack titles with an intuitive user interface, although the video quality could’ve been more refined. The available live blackjack titles include the Las Vegas, VIP, and Turkish (not featured in this review) versions, which feature the Vegas gameplay rules and a 7-seat player limit.

If you’d like a variation that accommodates more players, Vivo’s Limitless Blackjack live game is more of your style. Vivo live blackjack games feature a Bet Behind feature (except Limitless Blackjack) and three side wagers (Insurance, Pairs, and 21+3). These games offer cross-platform functionality, meaning you can play Vivo blackjack games on mobile or desktop. Also, Vivo’s BJ titles feature a broad range of limits to accommodate low and high rollers. This review has captured all the nitty-gritty about playing Vivo blackjack titles, rules, payouts, bet options, and some of the best BJ betting tips and systems to help you settle in quickly.

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