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Lightning Roulette
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Lightning Roulette live Casino Show by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.20 - $20,000
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Arabic, Portuguese
💬 Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Armenia, Belgium, Canada, Georgia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain, USA
🎲 Game type: Casino Show, Roulette
💵 RTP: 97.30%

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Lightning Roulette live Casino Show by evolution Review

A unique and first-of-its-kind, the Lighting Roulette game has a huge appeal not only to live casino table game players but also to those who prefer the RNG mechanic. It’s a thrilling live dealer show that combines the adrenaline rush of spinning the wheel with the excitement of virtual lightning strikes. Developed and released by Evolution in 2018, Lightning Roulette has quickly become a favourite among online players worldwide. It’s a fast-paced game of chance that entails one to five Lucky numbers, increasing the potential payouts for straight-up bets. Thanks to the innovative feature of Lucky numbers and payouts, players can experience a different type of excitement and enhance their chances of hitting massive electrifying wins. With its eye-catching graphics, immersive gameplay, lightning strikes, and insane payout multipliers, Lightning Roulette offers an incredible gambling experience that keeps low-roller and high-roller players on the edge of their seats.

In this Lightning Roulette review, we will explore how the game works, describe Lucky numbers and Lucky payouts, outline the game rules and gameplay, its house edge, and offer Lightning Roulette tricks to improve your chances of winning.

About Lightning Roulette

Launched in 2018, live casino Lightning Roulette is a fast-paced, innovative, and enhanced roulette game that blends traditional world-class live roulette with advanced RNG gameplay, providing players with a unique and electrifying gambling experience. It’s a popular roulette variant that imitates the classic European roulette but with a few added exciting features that enhance the gambling thrill by offering massive potential payouts through random multipliers. Thanks to its popularity in the online gambling world, Lightning Roulette has received numerous prestigious accolades, including Game of the Year at the American Gambling Awards 2022, Product Innovation of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards, G2E Las Vegas and EGR’s Game of the Year 2018, among others voted for by the industry operators.

How Lightning Roulette works

Despite being similar to the European roulette variation, Lightning Roulette features “lightning numbers” with massive payout multipliers. Thus, the rules slightly differ because the potential payouts of one to five randomly generated numbers on the wheel are boosted after all bets have been placed, i.e., if a player predicts that the ball will land on one of the numbered pockets that have been selected (struck by lightning), the winning bet will receive much higher payout odds than the standard bets. These randomly generated numbers and payouts in Lightning Roulette are known as lucky numbers and lucky payouts (to be discussed later in the article). They usually offer payouts with multipliers ranging from as low as 50x and as high as 500x. Notably, non-multiplied straight-up bets are awarded 30:1 payouts, whereas all other bets, including splits, corners, etc., feature standard payouts.

Wheel layout

Like the classic European Roulette variant, live Lightning Roulette features a wheel with 37 pockets, with the numbers 0-36 labelled on it. The wheel pockets are evenly split and alternately coloured in black and red, except for the zero-numbered slot, which is green. These colours are allocated to each wheel pocket through a preset pattern. For instance, the even number pockets lying between 1 to 10 and 19 to 28 are coloured in black, whereas the odd number pockets are in red. 

Moreover, the odd and even-numbered slots lying between 11 to 18 and 29 to 36 are coloured in the opposite order, i.e., all odd numbers are coloured in black, and the even-numbered pockets are in red. Therefore, players can place all the main roulette bets (red or black, odd or even, high or low, etc.) in Lightning Roulette online alongside additional betting options that feature randomly generated Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

Lucky numbers

As mentioned earlier, live casino Lightning Roulette adheres to the standard roulette rules, offering players the full range of roulette bets, i.e., you can place your bets on straight-up numbers, red or black, low or high, and splits, among others. However, Lightning Roulette adds a twist to traditional roulette, taking the gambling excitement a notch higher.

Once all the bets have been placed and closed, the ball will automatically be spun using compressed air. Afterwards, before the ball rests on one of the pockets, the game host pulls a lever on the studio’s wall to begin the lightning round, and RNG software picks random numbers (usually between 1 and 5) on the wheel and randomly assigns a multiplier value to each of the selected numbers. Similarly, when the real-life dealer pulls the lever, random numbers on the dedicated betting section at the bottom of the screen will be struck by a flash of virtual lightning. These randomly selected numbers and multipliers are highlighted with unique lighting effects to make them stand out and are displayed on the wall and the screen’s bottom left side.

Lucky payouts

The randomly generated numbers are known as Lucky numbers, and each Lucky number comes with a random multiplier that awards an enhanced Lightning Roulette payout, commonly referred to as a Lucky payout. If you have placed a straight-up bet on one of the numbered pockets and it appears on the display as a Lucky number, the random multiplier will be applied to your wager accordingly if your bet wins. 

For instance, suppose you place a Straight Up bet of 100 US dollars on number 20, and after the betting phase has closed, the game host pulls the lever, and 20 comes up as a Lucky Number with a 300x Lucky payout attached to it. In that case, your excitement will turn to joy when the ball lands on the 20-numbered pocket on the roulette wheel because your payout will be USD 100 multiplied by 300. Therefore, your lucky payout will be $30,000. You should note that the Lucky Numbers usually feature numerous multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, and 500x.

Lightning Roulette game interface

Whether you’re playing the game from a desktop site or mobile casino, you’ll have a seamless experience navigating through the Lightning Roulette game interface, as it is user-friendly, with all the required information and features displayed on the screen.

Video feed and settings

When you launch the game, a live video feed from Evolution’s studios is fixed on the screen. The game is live-streamed in HD, but the video quality adjusts itself to suit your internet connection. For instance, if you have an unstable connection, the game will minimise the stream’s window and offer a distant view of the studio setup. Nevertheless, like all live dealer games by Evolution, you can turn off the auto-adjust feature in Lightning Roulette through the game settings and manually reduce the video quality between HD, High, and Medium if you have a poor or weak internet connection.

You can also switch to full-screen mode while the game is going on and get a close-up view of the studio and every real action, like the ball spinning, the host pulling the lever, etc. In addition, under the settings feature, you can hide other players’ chats, leave the winning bets on the table, and modify the screen name to your liking. You can also change the game’s sound by adjusting the master volume, studio sound, and game effects. If you wish, you can turn them all off to avoid distraction during gameplay.

Studio setup

The game is set in a stunning black and gold Art Deco environment to light up the live gambling atmosphere. Lightning roulette features a dark display on the background where all the Lucky numbers and multipliers are displayed. A well-dressed professional real-life dealer usually paces between a giant round golden roulette wheel, the black display, and the RNG lever.

During the betting period, the whole studio setting is displayed. Once the time is over, the camera focus switches between the roulette wheel, the lever, and the Lucky number display, allowing you to have a close-up view of the ball spinning, the host pulling the lever, and the randomly selected numbers being struck by the virtual lightning. After the lightning round, the camera shifts to the rotating wheel until the ball lands on a pocket.

Betting area

On the screen’s bottom area is a dedicated betting section with a board and a race track representing the actual roulette wheel in the studio. The betting section is divided into three fields, with the standard layout of all main roulette bet types in the centre of the display and a racetrack for placing call and neighbour bets on the right. The first segment of the main betting board features numbers 0-12, 1st 12, 1-18, and Even betting boxes, whereas the second section has numbers 13-24, 2nd 12, Red, and black betting spots. The third segment features 25-36, 3rd 12, Odd, and 19-36 betting slots. During the betting phase, the main betting grid switches positions, and numerous betting chips with different monetary values are activated right below it. As a player, you must place your bets using these multi-coloured chips.

Betting features

A Double x2 button on the right side of the chips allows you to place to double your current betting amount up to your desired amount or maximum limit, and the Repeat button will enable you to place your exact previous bets in the current. Notably, the Repeat button is only available before you place your first chip, and you must have a sufficient account balance to double your bets. The Undo button on the chips’ left side allows you to remove the last wager you placed. If you tap the Undo button repeatedly, you’ll eliminate bets in the reverse order they were placed, or you can hold it to delete all your current wagers.

Bet limits

Whether you’re playing on your desktop or mobile device, the set Lightning Roulette bet limits are pinned on the screen’s top right section. Depending on your preferred Evolution online casino, the minimum allowed betting amount starts from as low as $0.20 and goes as high as $1000 per game round or the equivalent in Bitcoin for crypto fans. Like in all live casino Evolution games, a display of your current bankroll is pinned at the bottom left of the screen, with the Total Bet indicator showing the total stake you’ve placed in the current round beside it.

Live statistics

On the right side of the live feed is a racetrack-shaped betting layout with live Lightning Roulette stats of the last 13 rounds above it. You can also get a display of the previous 500 rounds by clicking the Statistics button right below the racetrack. Use the slider below the stats window to choose the number of past rounds you’d prefer to see. 

When you open the live statistics window in a close-up view mode, a wheel diagram with hot and cold numbers (to be discussed later) from most recent rounds is displayed, with two bars on the wheel’s left and right side, one with a red flame and the other with an ice symbol. The red flame panel shows the hot numbers, whereas the ice panel indicates the cold numbers. Additionally, you can change the stats section to display advanced records of outside and call bets. After every game round, you’ll see live Lightning Roulette stats with the total number of winning players scrolling up on the left side of the stream and their respective winning amounts.

Live chat box and other features

A live chat bar is placed right below the bet limits, and you can interact with other players or send questions to the game host by typing on it. You can also click the chat icon on the top right section of the screen, and a chat window will appear. You can resize and place it anywhere on the screen.

Furthermore, a help menu with all the game details, including the rules, bet types, payouts, RTP, etc., is displayed on the top right. Next to the menu icon is a game history feature which shows a clear record of all your previously played rounds with all the details, including date, bet amount, wins/losses, etc.

Favourite bets feature

The favourite bets button is a unique feature in live Evolution roulette games. This function allows players to save their preferred bets or a combination of different types of bets for easier placement in future game rounds at any live roulette table. This feature allows you to save and edit up to 30 favourite bets under different names. Lastly, you can delete any listed bet by clicking the Edit button when the Favourite Bets window opens.

Hot and cold numbers

The live Lightning Roulette stats show the hot and cold numbers of the previously played rounds. But what are these hot and cold numbers? Hot numbers represent the pockets on the roulette wheel where the ball frequently lands after it stops spinning. On the other hand, cold numbers are the numbered slots that haven’t won for a long time in the previous rounds. Therefore, the hot and cold number stats system gives players a deeper understanding of prior outcomes and helps them make more informed betting decisions.

Some experienced players hold the belief that these Lightning Roulette statistics reveal winning and losing trends. As a result, they often use them as a basis for their betting choices during real money gameplay, i.e., if they notice particular numbers consistently appearing on most rounds, they will start betting on those pockets. On the other hand, some players apply an opposing strategy and bet on the cold numbers, believing that the ball will eventually land on the pockets that have been without wins for a considerable period.

Lightning Roulette rules

Evolution’s Lightning Roulette is modelled after the standard single-zero variant (European), with a few unique features added to the game. Therefore, the game features a wheel with inside and outside sections like the standard single-zero roulette wheel. The inside section comprises a betting area with 36 pockets, numbered 1–36 and an extra slot labelled 0. As mentioned earlier, these pockets are evenly distributed and alternately coloured with red or black, except for the extra zero-numbered space, which is coloured green. In live roulette games, the zero pocket represents the casino’s advantage over the player’s game, commonly known as the house edge (to be discussed later).

Furthermore, the outside wheel section consists of areas that cover a broader range of bets, such as Columns, Dozens, Red, Black, Even, Odd, etc. Lastly, there’s a racetrack-shaped betting layout, where you can place numerous side bets alongside the standard live roulette bets.

Despite Lightning Roulette having additional features and slightly different gameplay, the game follows the standard roulette rules. Therefore, as a player, the game’s primary objective is for you to predict where the ball will land as accurately as possible when the ball stops spinning. However, for you to experience the complete Lightning Roulette thrill, you must place one or more straight-up bets and hope that your bet will be a winner and cover one of the lucky numbers. Other popular bets you can place during real money gameplay include straight-up, corners, high or low, even or odd, splits, etc., which will be reviewed later in the article.

How to play Lightning Roulette

For you to begin playing for real money, you must choose an online casino with a diverse range of Evolution live dealer games, a range of banking options including fiat and crypto alternatives such as bitcoin, an exclusive welcome live casino bonus, effective customer support options, such as live chat and toll-free contact numbers, seamless mobile casino, etc., and sign up for a player account.

Deposit into your account

Upon account registration, choose one of the available deposit options to fund your desktop or mobile casino account, and proceed to the live casino lobby, where you’ll find numerous live Evolution roulette variants. Find the Lightning Roulette title and launch the game. If you are a new player in the online casino, you’ll be prompted to set up your preferred username.

Place your bets

If you find a round in progress, you should wait for the next betting phase to start. Once the current game round ends, the game host will announce the bets are open, and in the immersive view, a timer pinned at the centre of your screen will start counting down from 20 seconds. If you’re playing in the classic view, the traffic lights on the screen show the current status in a round by informing you when you can start to bet with a green light, yellow light for when the betting period is almost up, and red light once the time expires. All interested players must select the chip with their preferred value during the betting period and place it in their desired slot on the betting grid. You should note that only chips that your current account balance can cover will be activated.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in making other bets alongside the main roulette bets, you can set your chips in the racetrack-shaped betting layout. Once the set betting period expires, the game presenter will announce that all bets are closed, and the ball will be shot in the opposite direction of the rotating wheel by the automated wheel using compressed air.

Lightning round

Before the ball lands on one of the numbered pockets, the live dealer will pull a golden lever on the wall to start the lightning round. An RNG software randomly selects between one to five numbers on the wall and assigns a random multiplier value to each lightning-struck number. Moreover, when the game host pulls the lever, random numbers on the dedicated betting layout at the bottom of the feed will be struck by a flash of virtual lightning. 

After the lightning round, these lucky numbers and payouts will be lit to make them stick out and displayed on the wall and the screen’s bottom left side. After a few spins, the ball will rest on one of the numbered pockets on the roulette wheel, which will be the winning number for that round. The assigned multiplier will be applied to your payout if the winning number is among the randomly selected numbers and is covered by your straight-up bet.

Types of bets in Lightning Roulette

Although Lightning Roulette has some unique additional features, the game adheres to the standard roulette betting rules, allowing players to make numerous bets predicting where they think the ball will rest after it stops spinning. To begin with, the inside and outside sections of the roulette wheel represent the two main bets named after them. In addition, each bet (inside or outside) features other minor betting options with different payouts and rules. Therefore, all participating players can place multiple bets in a round using their hard-earned money or bonus funds. Furthermore, Lightning roulette features numerous unique betting options, including call bets, finals, complete bets, and straight-up. Below is a detailed review of all the bet types you can find in the live casino Lightning Roulette game.

Inside bets

As mentioned earlier, the two sections in the roulette wheel represent the main bets. Therefore, inside bets are placed in the roulette wheel’s inner or central section, consisting of the numbered pockets (0-36), and are distinct due to their high potential payouts. However, inside bets come with significantly lower probabilities of winning. Therefore, novice players are advised to refrain from placing this type of bet during real money gameplay since they feature a high financial risk, rendering them more suitable for seasoned high-roller players who are comfortable with placing risky bets and have a large gambling budget. Below is an overview of the numerous inside bets you can make when playing Lightning Roulette in a fiat or crypto casino.


Straight-up bets are commonly referred to as classic bets by most experienced live roulette players. These are straightforward bets because they typically allow willing players to bet on an individual number on the roulette wheel, i.e., between 0 and 36. In addition, straight-up bets are the only wagers that feature lucky payouts when playing Lightning Roulette online. Therefore, if you get lucky and your predicting number gets struck by the virtual lightning, you’ll receive a boosted payout rate ranging between 49:1 and 500:1. Nevertheless, standard winning straight-up bets (unlucky numbers) are awarded 29:1 payouts. However, despite having the highest payout, these bets usually have the lowest winning odds (37:1).


Split bets entail placing your chips on a line on the betting grid, separating two numbers, either horizontally or vertically. Therefore, a split bet is placed on two neighbouring numbers simultaneously. For instance, a bet can be placed on either 28 and 29 or 28 and 31. If you’re lucky and the ball lands on one of these numbers, you’ll receive a 17:1 payout. You should note that despite a split bet covering two adjacent numbers on the betting layout, they are not located next to each other on the actual roulette wheel.


The street bet is popularly known as a trio, row, or steam bet to seasoned roulette players. To make this type of bet, all interested players must place their chips at the end of any row of numbers in the betting grid. For instance, you can bet on the 28-29-30 row by placing your chip on the edge of number 28, the 4-5-6 row chip on the edge of number 4, and so on. You should note that this bet covers only three digits, and all winning bets are awarded an 11:1 payout.


The corner bet is also referred to as a square bet. It’s a combination bet typically involving betting on four adjoining numbers that visually form a square on the betting layout. To make a corner bet, you must place your chip at the junction of the vertical and horizontal lines of the four numbers. This means that your bet will win if the ball lands on any of the four digits. For example, suppose you place a bet on the intersection of 25, 26, 28 and 29, visually forming a square on the betting board. In such a case, if the ball rests on any of the four pockets on the wheel, your bet will win, and you’ll receive an 8:1 payout.


Depending on your playing roulette table, the line bet is also known as Six Line bet, double-street, or quint bet. It’s almost similar to a street bet but with a slight distinction. To begin with, the street bet involves betting on a single row. However, the line bet entails placing your chips at the intersection of two adjacent rows. Therefore, this type of bet covers six numbers on the betting grid since it comprises two rows. For instance, you can place a line bet on the 16-17-18 and 19-20-21 rows, and if the ball lands on any of the spots, you’ll receive a 5:1 payout.

Outside bets

These bets are placed on the two rows directly beneath the numbered betting grid and the three columns on the far right. Outside bets get their name from the fact that they’re placed on the outer section of the main betting layout. They involve betting on a range of numbers and colours or a pocket’s position on the betting layout. Generally, outside bets comprise five distinct wagers, most of which signify two opposites: Red/Black, Even/Odd, and High/Low. Unlike inside bets, these bets feature less financial risks, offer better chances of winning, and have low payout rates. Thus, outside bets are suitable for novice players who prefer to play safely and have a limited gambling budget. Below is a detailed review of the various outside bets you can place in Lightning Roulette online.


The name is a dead giveaway as it involves betting on any of the three columns on the main betting board. Thus, this type of bet allows you to cover an entire vertical line comprising 12 numbers with a single bet. To make a column bet during real money gameplay, you must place your chip in one of the “2 To 1” labelled betting boxes at the farthest end of the respective vertical line that covers all 12 numbers in that column on the betting grid. However, this bet doesn’t cover the zero-numbered pocket, as it’s not featured in any of the columns. If you get lucky and the ball lands on any of the three columns, all winning bets receive a 2:1 payout.


The name is a dead giveaway because this type of bet covers 12 numbers. To make the dozen bet, all interested players must place their chips in one of the three betting spots on the edge of the main betting layout labelled 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12. The 1st 12 covers numbers 1 through 12, the 2nd 12 covers numbers 13 to 24, and the 3rd 12 covers numbers 25 through 36. If the ball lands on any of the numbers in your predicted dozen range, your bet will win and be awarded a 2:1 payout.


As the name suggests, Red or Black allows players to predict whether the ball will land on either a red or black-coloured pocket. However, since it’s green, this bet does not cover the zero-numbered pocket. This means that all Red or Black wagers will lose if the ball rests in the zero-labelled slot. All winning Red/Black bets are awarded a 1:1 payout.


True to its name, the Even or Odd bet allows participating players to place their bets based on whether they believe the ball will land on one of the 18 even-numbered pockets or the other 18 odd-numbered slots. The zero-numbered pocket isn’t covered in an Even/Odd bet because it is neither odd nor even. Notably, the probability of winning or losing with this type of bet is equal. Therefore, all winning Even/Odd bets are awarded a 1:1 payout.


The numbers 1-36 on the main betting layout are evenly divided into two sections. The first section consists of numbers 1 through 18, usually known as Low numbers, whereas the second section comprises numbers 19 to 36, typically referred to as High numbers. Therefore, the 1-18/19-36 bet allows players to place their bets based on whether they believe the ball will land in the 1-18 (low) or the 19-36 (high) section. Notably, the zero pocket is not covered in this bet. If the ball lands in either of the sections (1-18/19-36), you’ll be awarded a 1:1 payout.

Call or Announced bets

These bets are also referred to as French bets since they’re offered in the French roulette variant. But what are they? Call bets are usually offered in high-roller land-based casino tables, and players can place this bet by simply “calling” what they want to wager on instead of placing the chips on the table themselves. Therefore, only the game host can place the chips for call bets on the betting grid on behalf of willing players. This allows players to bet on more complex combinations of numbers without hassle. Call bets are placed on the racetrack betting layout and usually cover a set of numbers (variable call bets) or specific roulette wheel segments, i.e., fixed call bets. Luckily, Evolution offers this unique betting option for Lightning Roulette players with large betting budgets and who are not afraid of big financial risks.

In Lightning Roulette, the racetrack-shaped betting layout is subdivided into three segments, each outlining numerous call bets known as neighbours.

Neighbour bets

This type of bet allows players to bet on a single number on the racetrack betting board and a range of the neighbouring numbers (usually two) on its left and right sides. There are numerous neighbour bets (each covering a different set of numbers) that you can make when playing for real money in Lightning roulette. To place a neighbour bet, click your preferred number on the racetrack, and a chip will be placed on the particular number and on numbers that neighbour it to the right and left. With Lightning Roulette, you can click the – or + button to decrease or increase the number of neighbours to the left and right of the selected number (up to 9), respectively.

Tiers du Cylindre

This French term translates to “thirds of the wheel” in English. Tiers du Cylindre comprises 12 numbers, including 27, 33, and the numbers between them on the side of the roulette wheel opposite to zero. At least six chips are required to make this bet on the following six splits (one chip each): 5/8, 10/11, 13/18, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36. If the ball lands on either of these pockets, all winning bets are awarded a 17:1 payout.

Voisins du Zéro

Voisins du Zéro is a French term that translates to “neighbours of zero” in English. This bet covers 17 numbers, i.e., 22, 25, and the numbers between them on the side of the roulette wheel containing zero. These in-between numbers include 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, and 2. A minimum of nine chips is required to place this bet as follows; 2 chips on the 0, 2, and 3 street, one chip on the 4/7 split, a single chip on the 12/15 split, one chip on the 18/21 split, one on the 19/22 split, two on the 25/26/28/29 corner, and one on the 32/35 split. Depending on the winning number, a 17:1 payout is awarded for the split numbers, 8:1 for the corner bet, and 11:1 for the street bet.

Orphelins a Cheval

Orphelins a Cheval is also referred to as orphans bet in some roulette tables. This bet covers eight numbers on the two remaining roulette wheel sections not covered by the Tiers du Cylindre and Voisins du Zéro bets. A minimum of 5 chips is required to make the Orphelins a Cheval bet, i.e., one chip on 1 (Straight Up) and one chip on 6/9, 14/17, 17/20, and 31/34 splits. If the bet wins, you’ll be awarded a 35:1 payout for the straight-up bet and the standard 17:1 payout for winning split bets.

Jeu Zero

Jeu Zero is a French term that translates to “zero game.” It covers zero and the six numbers close to the zero-numbered slot on the roulette wheel. These numbers include 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15. A minimum of four chips are required for this bet: one is placed on 26 (Straight Up), while the other three are set on the splits of 0/3, 12/15, and 32/35. Notably, the payout for winning Jeu Zero bets varies depending on the winning number. For instance, if the ball lands on 26, you’ll receive a 36:1 payout, whereas if the ball lands on any of the other six numbers, you will be awarded an 18:1 payout.

Finals, complete, and straight-up bets

These are unique betting options referred to as special bets in Lightning Roulette and other Evolution roulette variants. You can access these bets under the second tab in the Favourite Bets icon.

Finales en Plein

Finales en Plein covers all numbers ending with single numbers. Therefore, this option allows you to place straight-up bets on numbers ending with the same digit. For instance, suppose you place your bet on “Finales 2”. In that case, your bet will cover four numbers, i.e., 2, 12, 22, and 32. 

The Finales en Plein bet will use 3 or 4 chips depending on your chosen number. For numbers ending with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, the bet will require four chips, whereas, for those ending with 7, 8 and 9, you’ll be required to use three chips. Click a specific number on the provided options to place this bet during the betting phase.

Finales a Cheval

The Finales a Cheval bet involves finals with splits. With this bet, players can place split bets or a combination of split and straight-up bets to cover numbers that consist of two digits of their choice. Furthermore, the Finales a Cheval bet is also based on the numbers’ positions on the main betting grid. Although this bet sometimes allows you to place split bets alongside some straight-up bets, you can only cover it with split bets in Lightning Roulette. 

The provided Finales a Cheval betting options include 0/3, 1/4, 2/5, 3/8, 4/7, 5/8, 6/9, 7/10, 8/11, and 9/12. For example, suppose you place a Finales a Cheval bet on 3 and 6. In that case, your bet will cover a 3/6 split, 13/16 split, 23/26 split, and 33/36 split. This bet will require 3 or 4 chips, depending on your pairing numbers. For split bets on 0/3, 1/4, 2/5, 3/6, 4/7, 5/8, and 6/9, you’ll have to use four chips, whereas, for split bets on 7/10, 8/11, and 9/12, you’ll be required to use three chips.

Complete bet

The complete bet is referred to as a maximum bet in some roulette tables. As the name suggests, this bet usually covers all inside bets by placing them on a single number, making them ideal for experienced high-roller Lightning roulette players with a huge gambling budget. Complete bets cover a wide range of numbers, allowing you to spread your financial risk. Please note that if you decide to place this bet, it will reach the maximum Lightning Roulette betting limit. 

For instance, suppose you place a complete bet on 36. In such a case, you’ll be required to use 18 chips to cover your bet completely. To begin with, you’ll place a straight-up bet on 36 (one chip) and two split bets on 33/36 and 35/36 (two chips for each split). In addition, your bet will also cover one street bet on 34-35-36 (three chips), one corner bet on 32-33-35-36 (four chips), and a line bet on the 31-32-33 and 34-35-36 rows (six chips).

Straight Up bet

This is an exclusive betting option offered in Evolution’s Lightning Roulette. As the name suggests, Straight Up bets allow players to place their preferred bets directly with one click of a button, covering each bet with one chip. For instance, suppose you place a Straight Up red bet. In that case, you’ll use 18 chips to cover all the red pockets in the roulette wheel.

Lightning Roulette house edge and RTP

A game’s house edge refers to an online or land-based casino’s statistical advantage over the player during a real money gambling session. It’s usually expressed as a percentage, representing the average amount of every wager the casino will likely keep as profit. Therefore, the house edge is a casino’s built-in advantage to ensure profitability by covering expenses while reaping from the participating players’ bets. 

You should note that these percentages are not exact predictions for every bet but statistical averages based on numerous bets. In this regard, the house edge for a straight-up bet is 2.9%, whereas all the other roulette bets offer a 2.7% house edge. Therefore, for every 100 US dollars wagered on Lightning Roulette, you can expect to lose an average of USD 2.9 on straight-up bets and USD 2.7 on the other bets over the long run. This means that straight-up bets are riskier than the other wagers.

On the other hand, whether you’re playing using your hard-earned money or bonus funds, Lightning Roulette features an RTP percentage range of 97.10% for straight-up bets and 97.30% for all other bets.

Lightning Roulette tips and strategies

Although Lightning Roulette features pretty straightforward rules and easy gameplay, there are a few aspects that you should consider if you are new to live roulette gambling. You can apply these factors before joining a real money table and placing your first bet, enhancing your overall roulette gaming experience while maximising your chances of having a successful and thrilling gambling session.

  1. To begin with, before placing a real money bet on Lightning roulette, you should observe the game as others play or use bonus funds if your preferred online casino offers an exclusive live casino signup promotion. This allows you to understand the game, its rules, the different types of bets, and the odds associated with each bet before risking your funds.
  1. The optimal Lightning Roulette strategy stresses placing straight-up bets since the probability or potential of hitting a lucky payout is through the randomly selected numbers covered in this type of bet. Placing the other bets means you’ll be playing standard roulette with the added excitement of friendly and highly engaging hosts.
  1. You should manage your bankroll wisely by setting an affordable budget for your gambling sessions and sticking to it. The excitement during gameplay can make it difficult to leave the table, especially if you get a few lucky payouts. Therefore, we highly recommend you avoid betting more than you can afford to lose, avoid chasing losses, and gamble responsibly.
  1.  Lightning Roulette features four neighbour bets (Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins, and Jeu Zero) that allow you to cover a wide range of numbers, giving you a chance to get a decent return. Although they may not always cover your initial bet, you should consider them because they’re easy and offer fun gameplay.
  1. Starting with outside bets is advisable when playing any live roulette title for real money. Although the payouts are lower, the odds of winning with this type of bet are high. This Lightning Roulette trick allows inexperienced low-budget players to ease into the game, reduce their financial risk, and boost their chances of winning before delving into the risky inside bets.
  1. Lastly, you can use the Straight Up bet feature and place straight bets, including all numbers with the same colour or all odd or even numbers. This will allow you to cover half of the wheel, increasing your chances of scoring a lucky payout.


Over the years, Evolution has maintained a stellar track record in the online gambling industry when it comes to pushing the gaming levels higher and creating appealing live casino games. With Lightning Roulette, the company has proven its devotion to players and outstanding reputation by incorporating unique gaming features and visually striking graphics while maintaining its entertainment standards and generosity through the game’s massive payouts. With its unique gaming concept and easy-to-use user interface, Lightning Roulette presents a captivating fusion of traditional roulette and innovative gameplay using modern RNG technology, offering players a thrilling and immersive gambling experience.

This Lightning Roulette review has shed light on essential information, including how Lightning Roulette works, the standard game interface, its rules and gameplay, the various betting options provided in the game, and its RTP. Furthermore, the article has outlined some helpful tips you can apply to enhance your winning odds when playing live Lightning Roulette in a low-budget or high-roller online casino.

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