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Blackjack Party live Casino Show by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: €5 - €1000
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish
💬 Live Chat: yes
🌎 Studio Location: Latvia, Malta, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium
🎲 Game type: Casino Show, Blackjack

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Blackjack Party live Casino Show by evolution Review

Blackjack Party by Evolution Gaming is a one-of-a-kind game hosted by two dealers who talk to each other, answer players’ questions sent via chat, tell jokes, and maintain a fun atmosphere, thus, keeping the gameplay light-hearted. As in other games by that developer, the video quality is optimised automatically, and so is the screen that enlarges or shrinks depending on the internet connection speed. Gamblers will appreciate traditional perks from the Evolution provider, including high-quality streams, a wide betting range, and an opportunity to play several supplier’s games at once. Besides, you’ll like the presence of several side bets in addition to the main game. On this page, we’ll provide a comprehensive Blackjack Party live show review for online casino players searching for something non-trivial yet featuring standard rules.

Blackjack Party rules

The Blackjack Party live game is played with eight 52-card decks. The object of the game is to outscore the dealer without going bust (getting over 21). The basic rules that you should factor in when choosing an optimal action (Hit, Stand, etc.) are as follows:

  • The dealer stands on hard and soft 17s
  • Doubling down on any two initial cards
  • Splitting is allowed only once per hand, with no subsequent double down
  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2
  • Any tied hands count as a push
  • Insurance pays 2 to 1 and is offered on the dealer’s Ace

Detailed rules are accessible by clicking the “?” button on the gaming toolbar. The live game can be combined with a range of strategies and allows players to place several side bets. The blocks below will highlight some more aspects to consider before getting started.

Bet Behind option

A classic blackjack table allows up to seven players while other users have to wait for a vacant seat, which becomes an issue at busy hours when most blackjack tables are full. In Blackjack Party, the developer has rolled out the Bet Behind feature enabling users who are waiting for a seat to bet behind any seated player. The Bet Behind bet limits are the same as for a regular bet.

Due to the Bet Behind option, players can bet on a hand dealt to another player. Payouts for such bets are standard, so the outcome of the player’s hand (when the round is winning, of course) will be paid to you according to your initial stake. It’s not necessary to take a seat at the blackjack table to place such a bet, and players who play their own hand at a table can’t opt for the Bet Behind feature. When bets are accepted, you can see a corresponding spot next to each player’s seat. 

Once you are in, you can decide whether to take insurance and whether to double-up your bet when the player you are betting behind doubles or splits. However, all the other decisions for that hand are made by the player you bet behind. If the player leaves the round, you are immediately refunded for that stake. Since you share the outcome of that player’s hand, you should bet behind an experienced player who makes optimal blackjack decisions. To help you determine which of the players is more successful or lucky at the table, there is the Hot Player icon attached to each seat that shows the number of consecutive rounds won by that player.

Possible outcomes

Online blackjack is a pretty fast-paced game, so even a short gaming session is enough to have at least several rounds and experience different outcomes. A bad result for players is when the hand value exceeds 21. This means that you bust and lose the entire bet for this round. However, when your final card is closer to 21 (yet not above) than the dealer’s hand or when the dealer busts, you win and get paid 1:1. If the values of your and the dealer’s hands are equal, it’s a push, and your bet is returned. If you are lucky to get a Blackjack combination (a hand worth 21 in the initial two-card deal), it’s a better result which can bring you 3:2. Just keep in mind that a 21-worth hand resulting from a split pair isn’t considered a Blackjack.

Card values

The Blackjack Party real dealer game has quite an unusual form when it comes to live show celebration elements. However, its basic rules are standard. Since the object of this game is to get a higher card value that the dealer’s yet not to bust (going over 21), it’s worth understanding how cards are counted in live Blackjack Party. You’ll play with eight decks where cards from two to ten have their face value, while face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) are worth ten. 

As for Aces, they are really helpful since an Ace can be worth both one and eleven, depending on what is better for a player’s combination. Thus, players getting over 21 won’t bust when an Ace can be counted as one instead of eleven (eg. Ace, eight, and five will be counted as 1 + 8 + 5 = 14 instead of 11 + 8 + 5 = 24). Natural Blackjack is the best hand. This means that the first two cards are worth exactly 21 (eg. Ace and King).

Blackjack Party Insurance

Blackjack Party online casino players can opt for Insurance once the dealer’s up-card is an Ace (not a ten or a face card). A corresponding option will be displayed on the screen even when you have a Blackjack yourself. The insurance amount is worth half of your initial bet. After you’ve made your decision, the dealer checks for Blackjack by viewing the downcard value. In the case when the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack, the game continues, but your Insurance bet expires. However, when the dealer has a Blackjack, the insurance pays 2:1.

How to play Blackjack Party live show

It’s a real-time online casino game, which means that the round also begins in real time and for all players at once. When the bets are accepted, you see a green timer and the number of seconds left to place your real money bet. After this, the bets are closed and the game begins. The main table features seven seats, and once you take one of them, your cards will be displayed right on that table in real time. However, it’s a version where an unlimited number of other players can join to get their virtual hands and enjoy any of the sessions with the dealer.

Dealing cards

When the round begins, the croupier deals a face-up card to each player, starting with the first player to their left and keeping on dealing the cards clockwise. The dealer is the last to get the face-up card. Then, players get the second face-up card, while the dealer’s second card will be face-down. Your total hand value will be displayed next to your cards so that you can quickly decide what action would suit your current hand. The dealer’s cards are also displayed in the right corner, with their value displayed for your convenience.

Actions players can take

To play Blackjack Party by Evolution for real money, gamblers need to consider several available decisions to choose from. First, you are dealt the cards, and after this, you can opt for the following actions:

  • Double
    You double the initial bet and are dealt only a single card to form your final hand.
  • Hit
    Another way to add to the value of your hand is to hit (available more than once).
  • Stand
    When you see that your hand value suits you, you can stand (no more cards dealt).
  • Split
    If you’ve got an initial hand of two equal-value cards, you can split the pair.

Please note that in the case of splitting, you get two separate hands (each one will display a separate bet equal to the initial bet you’ve placed). Each of these hands will be provided with the second card, and you’ll access all the standard actions for this (Hit, Stand). The only exception is for the pair of split Aces since you can get only one additional card per hand with no opportunity to hit.

How to play real money Blackjack Party: navigation

Evolution’s Blackjack Party rules are simple, so even newbies will find the game easy to play. The same is with its navigation and helpful pop-ups you can use as tips during the game session. The standard procedure is similar to any other real money game, so you need to choose the best Blackjack Party casino online, sign up, deposit, and open the game on a device you find convenient for your further gameplay. After this, consider the navigation tools of the game and follow the standard blackjack rules.

Chip values & placing a bet

The Evolution real dealer provider is known for its smart interfaces and advanced solutions for convenient navigation. To start playing and place your bets, you can use the following widgets:

  • The ‘Sit Here’ icon allows players to take a vacant seat at the table once it’s available. Once it’s done, your nickname is displayed beneath this seat. The ‘X’ button is used to leave the seat.
  • The ‘Deal Now’ button is used when you sit at a blackjack table and have placed. By clicking on this button, you confirm the bet and other players can see this amount on the screen next to your table seat.
  • The bet limits panel is displayed above on the left to show the minimum and maximum of what you can bet per round (it may vary depending on your casino). Below, you’ll see your current balance.
  • You’ll find realistic virtual chips of different values below the screen. By clicking on a chip, you choose it and can place it on a betting table according to the bet you want to place. The total bet is still available within your balance.
  • The game has a convenient timer to display when bets are accepted. It serves as a traffic light, so green and yellow indicate that you can place your stake, and the red light shows when the time expires.
  • Additionally, you’ll find Repeat, Double, and Undo buttons to modify the bet you’ve placed. Please note that changes are available while the bets are accepted, and when the round begins, you can’t change anything.

Live dealer chat

It’s a cool feature which makes live dealer games even more atmospheric. Via the chat field above on the left, you can communicate both with the game host and other players. The rules are quite standard, so gamblers can’t use offensive language or send links to third-party sites via this option. The chat field can be resized or moved anywhere on the screen.

Game History

This helpful tool is often used by players who want to plan the live Blackjack Party strategy or just track the results of the previous games in the long run. The two available options will help you view the account history for the entire profile or just track the game history related particularly to this title.

Shortcut keys

Some online casino players may find shortcut keys more convenient for fast navigation. In this case, you can use the following buttons:

  • Number keys from 1 to 9 are used to select the desired chip for a further bet (eg. key ‘1’ for the leftmost chip)
  • The spacebar is used to repeat the most recent bet, and if you press it the second time, the bet is doubled
  • To undo the last bet, you can push ‘CTRL + Z’, ‘Delete’, or ‘Backspace’, and when you hold the button for 3 seconds, all bets are removed
  • ‘ESC’ will let you exit the full-screen mode or close an open pop-up window with rules

Other widgets

In addition to the main buttons and tools you’ll use in the main game, you can also click on the corresponding buttons above on the right to modify the stream quality, sound effects, and other settings. If necessary, you can always find the game’s number, which may be suitable when you’ve faced difficulties within a certain round and need customer support help. The question mark will be helpful to open Blackjack Party rules so that you can learn more about this live casino game.

Real money Blackjack Party: payouts & RTP

To understand how to win in the Blackjack Party live dealer game, you need to learn not only the game rules but also the payout potential of bets you can place. Payouts will be higher when you opt for side bets, but their high risks should also be considered, as well as the RTP for these different cases. The smallest payout is 1:1, but it’s the most common and frequent amount players can get, and the most desirable side bet can pay 100:1. The RTP will vary from 95.90% to 99.29%.

Blackjack Party live payouts

Basically, real dealer Blackjack Party payouts are standard, so you get 1:1 for a winning hand, and in the case of a Blackjack combination, the payout is 3:2. For example, when your bet is $10, you spend $10 and can get $20 if you win ($10 is your net winning). Lucky gamblers who get a Blackjack from a $10 bet will get $15 as the net winning ($25 in total). If you’ve opted for insurance and the dealer has a Blackjack, your payout is 2:1. 

Blackjack Party RTP

Blackjack Party RTP influences your payouts, so it’s worth considering this rate both for the main game and side bets. Since blackjack boasts nearly the highest RTP rate out there, you’ll like the game for this, but be careful with the lower rate for side bets:

  • Blackjack – 99.29%
  • Perfect Pairs bet – 95.90%
  • 21+3 bet – 96.30%

Evolution’s multi-game mode

Blackjack Party is a real dealer show full of excitement and cool features. However, when you want to double your fun or increase it even more, try out Evolution’s multi-game mode, which allows users to enjoy up to four games at once in real time. You need to press the ‘+ Table’ widget and pick another game from the supplier’s lobby to add to your screen. Your balance will change in real time depending on your bets and the outcomes of the played rounds.

Mobile Blackjack Party gameplay

Since Evolution partners with the best online casinos, it won’t be a problem to find a gambling site which will offer users to play Blackjack Party on mobile. You can install the casino’s app or try out the browser version, depending on the functions of your casino and your preferences. The game is optimised for iOS and Android, so you can use different portable gadgets for your gameplay on the go. These can be smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Playing Blackjack Party: side bets

You could notice that live online Blackjack Party boasts a really high RTP of over 99%, as well as other blackjack games, and it sounds attractive. But you could also pay attention to relatively low payouts for winning hands, compared to games where you can win 10x, 100x, or even more. Well, these wins are riskier, though the potential is really more catchy. That’s why Evolution added several side bets to its blackjack live game. You can stick to the main game with 1:1 and 3:2 payouts or try out some side bets with payouts of up to 100:1. In Blackjack Party, there are two side bets that can be placed optionally once you have made the main wager, giving you a chance to win a hefty 100 times your original side bet, so we’ll consider both.

Perfect Pairs side bets

The Perfect Pairs side bet wins if the initial hand dealt to a player comprises two cards of the same suit, colour, or both. 

  • Perfect Pair – the same suit (eg. two tens of Hearts), 25:1 payout
  • Coloured Pair – different suits of the same colour (eg. three of Spades and three of Clubs), 12:1 payout
  • Mixed Pair – different suits of a different colour (eg. seven of Spades and seven of Diamonds), 6:1 payout

For example, getting 6 of Hearts + 6 of Diamonds means you have a Colored Pair which pays out 12:1. And when both cards feature six of Hearts, the payout will reach 25:1.

21+3 side bets

The second side bet is known as 21+3, and it wins if your first two cards in addition to the dealer’s face-up card make up any of the five types of combinations: Flush (pays 5:1), Straight (10:1), Three of a Kind (30:1), Straight Flush (40:1), or Suited Trips (100:1). For example, when your first two cards and the dealer’s up-card feature two, six, and ten of Diamonds (non-sequent cards of the same suit), you get paid 5:1 for this side bet, and to get the highest reward of 100:1, collect three Kings of Spades or a similar identical triplet.

The best Blackjack Party casino strategies

Since Evolution’s live dealer Blackjack Party is based on quite simple rules, the strategies based on risk levels won’t be very different. You’ll rely on your bankroll and the presence of side bets in your gameplay model.

Blackjack Party low-risk strategy

When you aren’t into high risks, focus on the main game and about 5% of your bankroll per round. This way, you will have a quite long gaming session and can experience both Blackjack 3:2 and regular 1:1 winning hand payouts. Here, you’ll avoid not only side bets of any kind but also insurance.

Blackjack Party medium-risk strategy

For players who can afford a bit higher risks, we can recommend spending about 10% of the bankroll per round, considering the stake in the main game and a single side bet. This way, you can count not only on regular payouts but also on additional rewards (depending on the side bet type you choose).

Blackjack Party high-risk strategy

The following Blackjack Party strategy will suit gamblers who have a large bankroll and want to take higher-than-average risks. The bet per spin can be 10% to 20% of the bankroll, which will cover the basic bet in the main game and at least two side bets. This way, potentially, you can get 100:1 or even more.

Online casino Blackjack Party chart

Though gambling is unpredictable and the house wins in the long run, gambling experts who have been exploring this table game for decades have come up with the optimal blackjack strategy which will minimise the house edge and help players understand what step is optimal at the current gameplay moment. It’s based on the player’s hard/soft total and the dealer’s up-card. Here are the top-8 tips according to the Party Blackjack basic strategy chart:

  1. Always hit at your hard hand total of 5 to 8
  2. Make sure to double up on your hard total of 11
  3. You should stand on your hard total of 17 or soft total of A + 9 and A + 8
  4. At your hard 13 or 14, stand on the dealer’s 2 to 6 and hit on the dealer’s 7 to A
  5. On your soft A + 2 or A + 3, always hit, except for the dealer’s 5 and 6 where you should double-down
  6. At your hard 10, you double-down in nearly all cases, except for the dealer’s 10 and A up-cards when you hit
  7. When having a soft total of A + 6, you should double down at the dealer’s 3 to 6 and hit in all the other cases
  8. If your hand is a hard 9, hit in all cases, except for the dealer’s 3 to 6 up-cards where you’d better double down

Blackjack Party & betting systems

You may have heard about betting systems which don’t serve as strategies based on the game knowledge yet are suitable for long gaming sessions so that players can plan further stakes, manage the bankroll, and track the results in the long run. These systems are suitable for even money bets, so you’d better use them without side bets applied.

Martingale strategy for Blackjack Party will be based on a system where you double up each time you lose. Due to this approach, you can compensate for the losses when you win, and you return to the initial bet after this. For example, at an initial bet of $2, if you lose, your next bet should be $4, and if you lose again, the next bet should be $8. If you win here, you get your $8 back and win $8, so this compensates for the losses of $2 and $4, and you return to the initial bet with an additional $2 ($8 – $4 – $2).

Interestingly, there is a ‘positive progression staking’ system. It’s the Paroli system which is also known as the reverse of the Martingale strategy. Here, you double the stake when you win, and the aim of this system is to double the bet for three winning spins in a row.

But you need to be careful with such betting systems, especially when it comes to large bets. The game is random, so no system can guarantee that you won’t leave empty-handed. That’s why doubling your bet many times may be a risky idea, so consider your current situation and opt for another system or simply play for fun when it goes too far with the increase of your initial stake.

Evolution provider overview

Blackjack Party isn’t the only top real-money live game from Evolution. In fact, the provider is the leader when it comes to real dealer casino games, considering that this giant company has already acquired a range of brands busy in the same area, such as Ezugi. The last awards Evolution can boast include Live Casino Provider of the Year at the SIGMA Americas Awards 2023 and Casino Supplier of the Year title at the SBC North America Awards 2023. Its stunning library has different variations of table games and live shows. In addition, its facilities are used to create games together with acquired brands like NetEnt and Nolimit City. The provider is focused on perfect mobile compatibility, its global presence (Evolution has 30+ gambling licences), and the top-notch quality of its unique games.

Top-5 Evolution’s real dealer games

If you like the Evolution live casino provider as much as we do, you’ll also appreciate its other excellent games, including mind-blowing live shows. They can be based on money wheels or separate mechanics designed right for these games:

  • Crazy Coin Flip
    You’ll access a huge slot machine and the further mini-game where the dealer flips the coin to reveal how much gamblers win within this round.
  • Crazy Time
    Here, you place bets on different sectors of the money wheel to get multipliers in the main game or access mini-games like Cash Hunt and Coin Flip.
  • Deal or No Deal
    It’s an imitation of a TV show where players can decide themselves whether to accept the banker’s offer or keep on playing, trying to win more.
  • Funky Time
    Here comes an amazing live show released in 2023. In addition to the money wheel, you’ll access four different bonus rounds, such as Disco and VIP Disco.
  • Monopoly Live
    A well-known board game turns into a live show, and the famous Mr Monopoly also goes alive, so you are welcome to bet on multipliers and enter the 3D world.

More blackjack live dealer games

Blackjack Party by Evolution features quite unusual gameplay due to fun music and the presence of several dealers from time to time. When you find this model too non-standard or just want to try out some other real dealer blackjack online games, here are a few more variations we’ve reviewed here at Play’Em Live. Actually, they all have standard rules and offer side bets of different kinds, so you just experience new visual and sound effects, as well as certain navigation features inherent in certain providers.

Live Blackjack by LuckyStreak

LuckyStreak is a leader when it comes to different live games since it’s the main product of the supplier. Its blackjack games also feature a wide betting range, as well as several side bets in addition to the standard main game. Conveniently, you’ll see frequent pop-ups with helpful tips during the gameplay.

Live Blackjack by Ezugi

Another popular live dealer casino provider is Ezugi which is, by the way, also owned by Evolution. Its popular blackjack variations include Unlimited Blackjack for an unlimited number of seats and Blackjack Salon Prive. Popular side bets are combined with more unusual Perfect 11 and Ten20 options.

Live Blackjack by Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming is the Live Casino Supplier EGR B2B Awards 2022 Winner known for its awesome real dealer games, including blackjack. You’ll experience streams from professional studios with all the necessary equipment. Popular variations include Limitless Blackjack, Las Vegas Blackjack, and more.

All Bets Blackjack Live by Playtech

The Playtech gambling online provider creates immersive slots and live dealer games, so its blackjack collection is also catchy. The All Bets Blackjack version boasts a variety of side bets you’ll find on the main screen. These additional betting options are Top 3, 21 + 3, Buster, Lucky Lucky, and others.

Live Blackjack by Visionary iGaming

Also known as VIG, Visionary iGaming is a pioneer that has been around since 2008. The company creates high-quality live dealer games, such as blackjack and other variations. Side bets the provider can offer include Perfect Pairs and Rummy. In addition, you’ll find the Back Betting (Bet Behind) feature.

Choosing the best Blackjack Party live casino

You can find a plethora of trustworthy online casinos offering Evolution’s real dealer software, including Blackjack Party, available for real money. That’s why it’s worth comparing these sites before depositing and making the first deposit. On this page, we’ve also listed the best Blackjack Party online casinos, and here are the factors we considered to make sure that you access the right gambling venue:

  • The site should have a wide range of live dealer games, including software from other providers. This way, you’ll always access an alternative game or even launch them simultaneously when they are from the Evolution’s lobby.
  • The filters should separate live dealer software from regular RNG-based table games. When there are additional filters by type (eg. live roulette, live blackjack, etc.), it’s perfect.
  • In the case of payments, it’s important for the site to offer a variety of payment methods, including fiat and cryptocurrency. Deposits and withdrawals should be fast and secure.
  • The basic things like licensing, mobile optimisation, transparent terms, professional 24/7 support, and other details are a must.

Live Blackjack Party game: main advantages

You can play the Blackjack Party live dealer game with a range of advantages since Evolution developers take care of players and make sure that their products are ultimate. Besides standard advantages like high-quality streams, different angles of cameras in top-notch studios, and the company’s overall excellent reputation, we can highlight the following strong sides:

  • The game has a festive atmosphere, which adds fun to the basic gameplay
  • You can opt for several side bets which have payout potential of up to 100:1
  • Evolution allows players to launch several games in real time in the same window
  • The basic RTP is as high as 99.29%, and it won’t be lower than 95.90% for side bets
  • Players can combine the gameplay with the basic strategy chart or betting systems

Tips to play Blackjack Party by Evolution

All casino online games are based on a matter of luck, and Blackjack Party with live dealers is no exception. That’s why it’s impossible to fully predict your outcomes, even when you stick to the best strategies out there. However, some tips for playing live blackjack will help you avoid common mistakes and make your gameplay more understandable and safe:

  • Be careful with side bets
    The main game can offer you only 1:1 and 3:2 payouts, which is not much compared to side bets, but keep in mind that their RTP is not that attractive, and they are risky.
  • Try to avoid insurance
    Though it looks attractive that you won’t lose when the dealer has a blackjack, in the long run, paying 50% of your bet each time the dealer has an Ace isn’t a good idea.
  • Stick to the basic strategy
    The Blackjack Party strategy chart we’ve described above is helpful in understanding when it’s better to hit or stand according to the basic blackjack strategy.
  • Focus on top online casinos
    We’ve got a rating of the best online casinos where you can find cryptocurrency options, including Bitcoin, licensing, mobile optimisation, and other advantages. 
  • Don’t focus on casino bonuses
    Though the offers may seem to be tempting, they are hardly ever compatible with real dealer casino games, and even when they are, the wager will be too high.

Live Blackjack Party Evolution: final thoughts

Evolution, one more time, did a great job by releasing the online casino Blackjack Party game to play with real dealers. Unlike traditional blackjack versions, this one has party vibes, hence the name. You’ll listen to cool music and see the dealer dancing or singing. However, the main concept remains the same, you access a high-quality game with varied betting opportunities, including a range of side bets, and enjoy smooth navigation on desktops and mobile devices. By choosing the right strategy for live blackjack and playing responsibly, you are certain to enjoy this hit Evolution represented in 2018. We’ve also provided a rating of top casinos where to play Blackjack Party for real money, so you can test these sites and enjoy safe gameplay.

Other games by Evolution