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Immersive Roulette
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Immersive Roulette live Table Game by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: €1 - €1000
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish
💬 Live Chat: yes
🌎 Studio Location: Latvia, Malta, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium
🎲 Game type: Table game, Roulette

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Immersive Roulette live Table Game by evolution Review

The roulette game has stood the test of time and continues to provide novice and experienced players with incredible entertainment. Throughout the years, numerous technological innovations have emerged since the game first appeared in the iGaming market. Today, we have live dealer games that blend the real casino atmosphere with the comfort and convenience of online gambling. Thanks to the significant technological advancements, first-class game providers such as Evolution take pride in understanding the various needs of players and have advanced the innovations further to create Immersive Roulette, a unique roulette variant with slow-motion replays that allow players to watch every action closely as the ball bounces on the wheel pockets and lands on the winning number.

This Immersive Roulette review will describe how the game works, give an overview of the wheel layout and user interface, outline the game rules and how to play, discuss various Immersive Roulette bet types, and offer tips and betting strategies to improve your chances of winning, among other relevant details.

About Immersive Roulette

Introduced to the public in the summer of 2013, Immersive Roulette is a unique roulette variant from Evolution that provides a more engaging and realistic experience compared to the traditional roulette game. It’s a uniquely designed premium-quality game that draws players into the real action through multiple Hollywood-style cameras and various random auto-camera sequences, keeping the presentation of every spin fresh and distinct while capturing the roulette wheel spin and live dealer’s actions from numerous dimensions. 

Since its release, the game has achieved significant commercial success and gained massive popularity among online roulette players. Thanks to its vast appeal to gamers, Immersive Roulette received the “Game Of The Year” award at the 10th annual EGR Operator Awards 2014. The accolade was granted to acknowledge Evolution as the game studio that had produced a stand-alone game that made the most significant impact by cutting through a crowded roulette market during that year (2014).

How Immersive Roulette works

Like all Evolution titles, Immersive Roulette is streamed live in HD from the company’s studio in Riga, and players can play the game from the comfort of their homes while interacting with real-life dealers in real time. During the game round, the real-life dealer spins the ball in the opposite direction of the rotating wheel, and players can see and follow every movement of the ball, all in 200 frames-per-second HD video stream and with a slow-motion replay of the winning number as the ball lands on one of the wheel pockets, allowing participating players not to miss a split-second of the action. 

Therefore, the immersive feature allows players to watch closely as the current round outcome unfolds, enhancing the game’s excitement and suspense. Furthermore, the Immersive Roulette setup aims to create a more dynamic and cinematic environment, making players feel as if they are actively present at the company’s studio.

Wheel layout

Although the game offers a cinematic online gambling experience, the wheel layout in live Immersive Roulette is similar to the classic European and French roulette wheels. Like the European and French versions, the live Immersive Roulette wheel features 37 pockets, with the numbers 1 to 36 labelled on it, and an extra zero-numbered pocket. The numbered pockets (1-36) are arranged in a non-sequential order around the wheel and are alternately coloured red and black. The layout of numbers is intentionally set in this order to create a balanced distribution and minimise patterns, ensuring randomness and fairness of the game’s outcome. In addition, the zero-labelled pocket is coloured green and is usually located between a red and black-coloured pocket.

Immersive Roulette game interface

If you have ever played any live casino games by Evolution, you’ll have no difficulty navigating through its Immersive Roulette game interface. The interface is well laid out and user-friendly, allowing easy navigation and seamless cross-platform gaming experience through desktop and mobile devices.

Video and sound settings

To begin with, the game is broadcast from the company’s studio and the live video feed is fixed on the screen. Like all live dealer games from Evolution, Immersive Roulette features a High-Definition video stream. Nevertheless, the live feed quality automatically adjusts itself depending on the stability of your internet connection. For instance, if you have a flaky connection during gameplay, you’ll notice that the game will automatically minimise the feed’s view and offer a distant window of the studio setup. 

Luckily, if it appears a bother to you, you can navigate to the settings icon and turn off the auto-adjust feature under the video tab. Turning off this feature allows you to manually modify the video settings according to your preference and the strength of your internet connection between HD, High, and Medium quality.

Generally, the settings feature allows you to perform numerous actions, including hiding other players’ chats, leaving the winning bets on the table, altering your user name to your liking, auto zoom-in video during a spin, and modifying the game’s sound by playing around with the master volume, studio sound, and game effects. If you wish, you can turn them all off to avoid distraction during your gaming session. In addition, you can also switch to full-screen mode during gameplay for an immersive and up-close view of the studio and the live dealer from different camera angles.

Studio setup and dealer

The game is set in a beautiful night sky-themed environment with a blend of pink, blue, and gold panels on the background. Immersive Roulette is usually hosted by well-dressed female professional real-life dealers who switch after every half an hour. Unlike the standard European roulette variant, the game has only a giant round black roulette wheel placed on a magnificent gold-coloured stand with white lighting inside to make it stand out.

A live display of the entire studio setting is shown during the betting phase. Before the time is over, the camera focus switches to the dealer’s hands as she spins the roulette wheel and the ivory ball, giving you a close-up view of all the action. The camera stays on the rotating wheel until the ball lands on a pocket, after which a zoomed-in view of the slow-motion replay is activated.

Live chat and other features

Right below the game’s bet limits is a live chat bar where you can interact and share gambling strategies with other players or send questions to the live dealer by typing on it, and she’ll respond verbally in a professional manner. You can also click the chat icon on the display’s top right area, and a chat window which you can resize and place anywhere on the screen will appear.

A help menu (with a “?” icon) with all the relevant game details such as the rules, bet types, game settings, payouts, disconnection policy, etc., is placed on the top right. Next to the help menu is a game history icon which displays a detailed record of all your recently played rounds with dates, games, bet amounts, and all your wins and losses.

Betting area

Although the game features no real table in the company’s studio, Evolution employs incredible and innovative technology that pops a virtual roulette table on the bottom of the screen. The virtual roulette table is usually divided into three sections, with the standard layout of all accepted main roulette bet types in the centre of the screen. The first section is labelled with numbers 0-12 and features the 1st 12, 1-18, and Even betting boxes. On the other hand, the second section features numbers 13-24, 2nd 12, Red, and black betting spots, whereas the third segment is labelled with numbers 25-36 and features 3rd 12, Odd, and 19-36 betting boxes. On the virtual table’s right is a racetrack-shaped layout representing the actual roulette wheel in the studio. The racetrack-shaped board is mainly used for placing call and neighbour bets.

During the betting period, the main betting grid (virtual roulette table) switches positions, and various betting chips with numerous monetary values pop up right below it. All interested players must place their bets using these multi-coloured chips before a game round begins.

Betting features

If you’re a loyal player of Evolution’s live dealer games, then you have indeed come across the various standard betting features found in the games. For instance, there’s a Repeat button to allow you to place your exact previous bets in the current round, and a Double x2 button on the multi-coloured chip’s right side allows you to keep on doubling your current betting amount up to your preferred value or the game’s maximum betting limit. 

However, you should note that the Repeat button is only activated before you place your first chip, and you must have enough funds in your casino account to double your wagers. The Undo button on the left side of the betting chips allows you to eliminate the last bet you placed. If you wish to remove multiple bets, tap the Undo button repeatedly, and it’ll help you do away with bets in the reverse order they were placed. Lastly, if you hold the Undo button, you’ll delete all your current bets.

Favourite bets feature

This is a unique and innovative feature in live roulette variations from Evolution. Players can use the favourite bets function to save their preferred bets or a combination of different bet types for straightforward placement in future rounds at any live roulette table. If you wish, you can delete any listed bet by clicking the Edit button when the Favourite Bets window pops up. Notably, you can save and edit up to 30 preferred bets under different names with this tool.

Bet limits

Whether you’re playing Immersive Roulette on a desktop site or a mobile casino, the set bet limits are pinned on the platform’s top right section. These bet limits usually vary from one online casino to the other. For instance, some online operators allow low minimum bets of $0.1, while others have higher minimum bet limits of $1. Nevertheless, the maximum allowed betting amount per game round across all live casino operators, including crypto casinos, is $2000 or the equivalent in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In addition, a display of your current account balance is pinned at the bottom left of the screen, and the Total Bet indicator beside it shows the total amount of bets (in USD, in our case) you’ve placed in the current round.

Live statistics

Right above the racetrack-shaped betting board is a live display of the winning numbers in the last 13 Immersive Roulette rounds. The result of the most recently completed round is usually listed on the left and is replaced by the next round’s winning number once it’s over. If you’re playing the game in an immersive view, you must click the stats icon to get a display of the last 500 rounds. However, in the classic view (minimised video window), the detailed live Immersive Roulette stats are usually displayed on the feed’s right side. You can use the slider below the stats window in the immersive view to choose the number of previous rounds’ statistics to be displayed.

The detailed results are usually displayed using a wheel diagram with hot and cold numbers from the most recent rounds. Two panels are placed on the wheel’s left and right sides, one with a red flame (right) and the other with an ice symbol (left). The red flame bar shows all the hot numbers in the preset previous 500 rounds, while the ice bar similarly indicates the cold numbers. You can also modify the statistics window to display advanced records of outside and call bets. Moreover, you’ll see live stats of the total number of winning Immersive Roulette players and their respective winning amounts scrolling up on the left side of the screen after every round.

Hot and cold numbers

As earlier stated, the red flame panel in the live Immersive Roulette stats show the hot numbers of the previously played rounds, whereas the ice bar shows the cold numbers. Simply put, hot numbers indicate the numbers on the roulette wheel where the ball often settles after it stops spinning, while cold numbers are the numbers that haven’t appeared for a long time in the last rounds. These winning number statistics usually allow players to understand better and analyse the previous outcomes and, in turn, help them make more informed betting decisions.

Some experienced roulette players use the hot and cold number system as a betting strategy since they believe that these statistics reveal winning and losing patterns in the coming spins, i.e., they hold the belief that previous outcomes influence future outcomes. Thus, they usually consider them when making real money live roulette betting decisions. Generally, some players will start placing bets on the pockets they notice frequently appearing on most rounds, while others apply an opposing approach and bet on the cold numbers, believing that the ball will eventually land on the numbers that have not appeared for a considerable period.

Immersive Roulette rules

Despite the game having unique zoom-in and slow-motion replay features, Immersive Roulette is designed after the traditional European roulette variant and adheres to the standard roulette rules. As mentioned earlier, the game is played using a wheel that features inside and outside sections. The inside table section consists of 37 numbered spots, i.e.,  36 pockets labelled with numbers 1 to 36 and an additional pocket labelled with number 0. The zero-numbered pocket usually represents the casino’s advantage over the player’s game (2.7%) in live roulette games, commonly called the house edge. On the other hand, the outside section of the table comprises areas that cover numerous bet types, including Red, Black, Even, Odd, Dozen, Columns, and more. Lastly, the racetrack-shaped betting layout on the virtual roulette table’s right side allows you to place various unique side bets alongside the main live roulette bets.

Since the game follows the standard roulette rules, Immersive Roulette’s primary objective is pretty straightforward, i.e., when playing for real money, you must predict where the ball will land as accurately as possible once the spin is over. To make these predictions, you can place various bets in Immersive Roulette (to be discussed later in the article).

How to play Immersive Roulette

Although the game rules are pretty easy to understand and apply, there are a few steps you must follow for you to begin playing for real money.

Choose your preferred online casino

To begin real money Immersive Roulette gameplay, you must identify a live casino operator that best suits your gambling needs, such as an exclusive welcome live casino bonus if you wish to familiarise yourself with the game using virtual funds, a diverse range of payment options including fiat and crypto alternatives such as bitcoin for funding your casino account, great collection of Evolution live dealer games including Immersive Roulette, and effective customer support options, such as live chat and toll-free contact numbers for quick assistance. Afterwards, sign up for a player account with your preferred casino and claim the bonus funds (if any).

Fund your new casino account

Whether on desktop or mobile casino versions, proceed to the cashier section and select one of the available deposit options to fund your casino account after signing up. Upon completion, proceed to the casino’s live section and find the Immersive Roulette title. Click Play to launch the game and set up your preferred screen name if you are a new player in the online casino.

Betting round

The betting round is uniform across all live dealer games from Evolution. To begin with, if you find a round in progress, there’ll be a “Wait for next game” message on the screen. The live dealer will announce that the bets are open after completing the current game round. In the immersive view, an image of a clock at the centre of the screen will start counting down, and if you’re playing in the classic view, there’s usually a conspicuous bar right below the live feed informing you when the bets are open, about to close, and closed.

When the bets are open, all interested players must choose a chip with their desired monetary value and place it in their preferred box on one of the betting grids (virtual table for main roulette bets and racetrack for the side bets). Please note that only chips that your current bankroll can cover will be activated. Before the set betting time expires, the real-life dealer will spin the wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction. Once the betting round is over (usually around 20 seconds), she’ll announce that all bets are closed and wait for the ball to land in one of the pockets.

Despite your view mode, Immersive Roulette uses traffic light colours to show the current status in a betting phase. The green light informs you when bets are open so you can start placing your bets, whereas the yellow light indicates that the betting time is almost over. On the other hand, a red light on the clock or bar indicates that the time has expired and no more bets will be accepted, during which the betting layouts are deactivated.

Zoom-in round

After a few spins, the ball will land on one of the labelled pockets on the wheel. Like in a traditional roulette game, the winning number for that round will be the one marked on the landing pocket. After the ball has landed, the zoom-in feature is activated, and a slow-motion video replay of the ball bouncing through the pockets and finally settling in the winning number is shown.

Types of bets in Immersive Roulette

As mentioned earlier, despite the game’s unique zoom-in and slow-motion features, the game follows the standard roulette gameplay and betting rules. Therefore, all interested players can make various bets predicting as accurately as possible where they think the ball will land once the spin is over.

The wheel is divided into two sections (inside and outside), usually representing the two main roulette bets. Furthermore, each main bet (inside or outside) consists of other minor bets with different payouts and rules. Therefore, Immersive Roulette allows willing gambles to place numerous bets when playing for real money using their hard-earned money or bonus funds. Lastly, like in a standard live roulette table, Immersive Roulette offers multiple unique betting options alongside the main bets. These include call bets, finals, and complete bets. Below is a detailed overview of all the bet types you can find in Immersive Roulette online.

Inside bets

These bets derive their name from the fact that they’re placed on the table’s inner section, which usually comprises numbered pockets. Although inside bets feature high potential payouts, they come with significantly lower winning odds. Therefore, we recommend inexperienced players avoid making this type of bet when playing for real money since they have a high financial risk. This makes them ideal for experienced high-roller players who are comfortable making risky bets and have a large bankroll. Below is a table of the various inside bets available in the Immersive Roulette game.


These bets are also known as classic bets and are quite popular among experienced live roulette fanatics. As the name implies, straight-up bets are pretty straightforward as they usually involve betting on an individual number (s), between 0 and 36, on the roulette wheel. If you get lucky and the ball lands on your predicting pocket, you’ll be awarded a 35:1 payout.


To make this bet, you must place your chips on a line on the betting grid, separating two neighbouring numbers, either horizontally or vertically. Therefore, a split bet entails making a wager on two numbers simultaneously. For instance, a bet can be placed on either 5 and 6 or 5 and 8. If you get lucky and the ball lands on one of these pockets, you’ll receive a 17:1 payout. Although a split bet covers two neighbouring numbers on the betting table, they are not located next to each other on the actual roulette wheel.


The street bet is also known as a trio, row, or steam bet to experienced roulette players. The street bet entails placing your chips at the end of any row of numbers in the betting layout. For instance, you can bet on the 1-2-3 row by placing your chip on the edge of number 1, the 22-23-24 row by setting your chip on the edge of number 22, etc. The street bet usually covers only three numbers, and all winning bets are awarded an 11:1 payout.


The corner bet is commonly referred to as a square bet because it entails betting on four adjoining numbers that visually form a square on the betting table. To make this bet, you must place your chip at the junction of the vertical and horizontal lines of the four adjoining numbers. Therefore, your bet will win if the ball lands on any of the four pockets in the roulette wheel. For instance, suppose you place a bet on the intersection of 8, 9, 11 and 12, visually forming a square on the betting layout. In such a case, if the ball lands on any of the four pockets on the wheel, your bet will win, and you’ll receive an 8:1 payout.


Also known as a Six Line bet, double-street, or quint bet, the line is quite similar to a street bet, but with a slight difference, i.e., both street and line bets entail betting on rows in the betting table. However, the line bet involves placing your chips at the intersection of two neighbouring rows, covering six numbers on the betting board since it consists of two rows. For instance, if you place a line bet on the 4-5-6 and 7-8-9 rows, and the ball lands on any of the pockets on the wheel, you’ll receive a 5:1 payout.

Outside bets

These bets are placed outside the main numbers section on the betting table, i.e., the two rows directly below the numbered betting layout and the three cells on the right edge. True to their name, outside bets get their name from the fact that they involve placing your chips on the perimeter of the main betting board. Generally, these bets entail betting on a broader range of numbers and colours or a number’s position on the betting table. They usually consist of five distinct bets, with most representing two opposites, such as Red/Black, Even/Odd, and 1-18/19-36 (High/Low). Luckily, outside bets are ideal for novice players because they are less risky and offer better winning odds. However, they usually feature low payout rates. Nevertheless, outside bets are suitable for players who are uncomfortable with high financial risks and have a limited bankroll. Below is a table with a detailed review of the numerous outside bets you can make when playing for real money.


To make this bet, you must place your chips on one of the three columns on the main betting table. Therefore, the column bet allows you to bet an entire vertical line of 12 numbers with a single click of a button. During an Immersive Roulette round online, you must place your chip in one of the labelled betting slots (“2 To 1”) at the farthest edge of the respective line that consists of all 12 numbers in that column on the betting board. Notably, the column bet doesn’t cover the zero-labelled slot since it doesn’t appear in any of the columns. If you get lucky when playing for real money and the ball lands on any of the pockets covered by your column bet, you’ll receive a 2:1 payout.


As the name implies, the dozen bet consists of 12 roulette wheel numbers. To make this type of bet, you must place your chips in any of the three betting boxes on the edge of the main betting table marked 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12. The 1st 12 usually comprises numbers 1 through 12, the 2nd 12 consists of numbers 13 to 24, and the 3rd 12 covers numbers 25 through 36. If you place a dozen bet and the ball lands on any of the pockets in your predicted dozen range, you’ll be granted a 2:1 payout.


The Red or Black bet allows you to wager on whether the ball will land on either a red or black-coloured number. However, this bet does not cover the zero-numbered pocket because it’s coloured green. Therefore, if the ball lands in the zero pocket, all Red or Black bets will lose. During real money gameplay, all winning Red or Black bets are granted a 1:1 payout.


As the name implies, the Even or Odd bet involves predicting where the ball will land based on whether it’ll be on one of the 18 even-numbered pockets or the other 18 odd-numbered pockets. The zero pocket isn’t covered in this type of bet as it is neither odd nor even. Since the probability of winning or losing with this bet type is equal, all winning Even or Odd bets are awarded a 1:1 payout.


The numbered betting boxes on the virtual roulette table are evenly divided into two sections, with the exception of the zero-numbered slot. The first section usually comprises numbers 1 to 18, commonly referred to as Low numbers, while the second section consists of numbers 19 through 36, popularly known as High numbers. With that said, the 1-18/19-36 bet involves placing your bet based on whether you believe the ball will land in the 1-18 (low) section or the 19-36 (high). The zero-labelled pocket is never covered in this bet. If the ball lands in either of the sections (1-18/19-36) when playing for real money, you’ll receive a 1:1 payout.

Call bets

These bets are also known as French or announced bets. They were initially offered in the French roulette table, but due to roulette’s popularity, call bets are now available in numerous variants. During real money gameplay, especially in high-roller land-based casino tables, players are allowed to place this bet by simply “calling or announcing” what they wish to bet on instead of putting the chips on the betting table themselves, and only the dealers can place them on behalf of interested players. Call bets usually require the professional’s help because they involve complex betting combinations. Thanks to modern technology, you can make these bets in Immersive Roulette by placing your chips on the racetrack-shaped betting layout. Call bets usually comprise a set of numbers (variable call bets) or specific roulette wheel sections (fixed call bets).

Neighbour bets

The racetrack is uniform across all roulette variants by Evolution, with the betting layout subdivided into three sections, each highlighting different call bets popularly known as neighbours. With neighbour bets, players can wager on a single number on the racetrack-shaped layout, and the betting chips will be placed on the selected number and its neighbouring numbers (usually two) on its left and right sides. You can place numerous neighbour bets in Immersive Roulette, each with a different set of numbers. To make a neighbour bet in this game, click your predicting number on the racetrack and a chip will be placed on the selected number and the numbers that neighbour it (usually two) to the right and left. You can click the – or + button to decrease or increase the number of neighbours to the left and right of the selected number (up to 9), respectively.

Tiers du Cylindre

This is a French term translating to “thirds of the wheel” in English. Tiers du Cylindre bet covers 12 numbers, including 27, 33, and the numbers lying between them on the side of the roulette wheel opposite to zero. At least six chips are required to make this bet on the following six splits (one chip each): 5/8, 10/11, 13/18, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36. If the ball lands on any of these numbers, all winning bets are awarded the standard split bets payout of 17:1.

Voisins du Zéro

This French term translates to “neighbours of zero” in English. The Voisins du Zéro bet consists of 17 numbers, i.e., 22, 25, and the numbers between them on the side of the roulette wheel containing zero. These in-between numbers include 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, and 2. A minimum of nine chips is required to make the Voisins du Zéro bet as follows: 2 chips on the 0, 2, and 3 street, one chip on the 4/7 split, a single chip on the 12/15 split, one chip on the 18/21 split, one on the 19/22 split, two on the 25/26/28/29 corner, and one on the 32/35 split. The Voisins du Zéro payouts are awarded according to the winning bet type, i.e., a 17:1 payout is awarded for the split bets, 8:1 for the corner bet, and 11:1 for the street bet.

Orphelins a Cheval

This bet is commonly referred to as orphans bet in some roulette tables because Orphelins a Cheval is a French term translating to “orphans” in English. This bet comprises eight numbers on the two remaining roulette wheel sections not covered by the Tiers du Cylindre and Voisins du Zéro bets. A minimum of 5 chips is required to make the orphans bet as follows: one chip on 1 (Straight Up) and one chip on 6/9, 14/17, 17/20, and 31/34 splits. If the bet wins, you’ll be awarded a 35:1 payout for the straight-up bet and the standard 17:1 payout for winning split bets.

Jeu Zero

This is a French term translating to “zero game” in English. The Jeu Zero bet covers zero and the six numbers close to the zero-numbered pocket on the roulette wheel. These numbers include 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15. A minimum of four chips are required for the Jeu Zero bet as follows: one on number 26 (Straight Up), and the other three on the splits of 0/3, 12/15, and 32/35. Like the other neighbour bets, the payout for winning Jeu Zero bets varies depending on the winning bet type, i.e., if the ball lands on 26, you’ll receive a 35:1 payout, whereas if the ball lands on any of the other three split bets, you will be awarded a 17:1 payout.

Finals and complete bets

These are special bets offered in Evolution’s Immersive Roulette. Tap the Favourite & Special Bets icon and open the “Special” tab, where you’ll find the Finales en Plein, Finales a Cheval, and complete bets.

Finales en Plein

Finales en Plein usually consists of all numbers ending with single numbers. Therefore, this type of bet involves placing straight-up bets on all pockets with numbers ending with the same digit. For instance, suppose you place your bet on “Finales 6”. In that case, your bet will comprise four numbers, i.e., 6, 16, 26, and 36.

The Finales en Plein bet will require 3 or 4 chips, depending on your selected number. For numbers ending with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, you will use four chips, while those ending with 7, 8 and 9 will require three chips. To place the Finales en Plein bet during the betting round in Immersive Roulette, click a specific number on the provided options.

Finales a Cheval

This type of bet covers finals with splits. The Finales a Cheval bet allows players to place their chips on split bets or a fusion of split and straight-up bets to cover numbers with two digits of their choice. In addition, this type of bet is also based on the selected numbers’ positions on the main betting table. The provided betting options in this title include 0/3, 1/4, 2/5, 3/6, 4/7, 5/8, 6/9, 7/10, 8/11, and 9/12.

Suppose you place a Finales a Cheval bet on 6 and 9. In that case, your bet will cover a 6/9 split, 16/19 split, 26/29 split, and a straight-up bet on the 36-numbered pocket. This type of bet will require 3 or 4 chips, depending on your pairing numbers. For instance, the split bets of 0/3, 1/4, 2/5, 3/6, 4/7, 5/8, and 6/9 will require you to use four chips, whereas, for split bets on 7/10, 8/11, and 9/12, you’ll be required to use three chips.

Complete bet

The complete bet is commonly referred to as a maximum bet in some roulette tables because making this bet usually covers all inside bets through a single number. Therefore, complete bets are ideal for seasoned high-roller roulette players with a huge gambling budget. You should note that placing a complete bet will reach the maximum betting limit in Immersive Roulette. Moreover, since this bet covers a broad range of numbers, you can effectively spread your financial risk and increase your chances of bagging a massive payout.

For instance, suppose you place a complete bet on number 11. In such a case, you’ll be required to use 11 chips as follows: one chip on number 11 straight-up bet, four chips on split bets of 11/14, 11/12, 11/10, and 11/8, and four chips on 20, 19, 16, and 17 corner bet, another one on 20, 17, 18, and 21, another one on 11, 10, 13, and 14, and the last one on 11, 12, 15, and 14. Finally, you’ll require two chips to cover two line bets on the 10-11-12-7-8-9 row and another on the 10-11-12-13-14-15 row.

Immersive Roulette tips

Despite the game having pretty straightforward rules that are easy to grasp, there are a few factors that you should consider to enhance your overall Immersive Roulette experience and maximise your chances of having a successful and thrilling gambling session before beginning to play for real money.

1.  Understand the game: To begin with, you must familiarise yourself with the game rules and gameplay, different types of bets, and the payout odds associated with each bet by observing others play or using bonus funds (if any). This help will help you understand how the game works, allowing you to make better and more informed betting decisions.

2.  Set your expected winning and losing amounts: You should set winning and losing limits for an effective gambling session before you start playing for real money. This means that if you hit your set winning limit, you should consider cashing out, and if you reach your set losing amount, you should stop and avoid further losses.

3.  Manage your gambling budget wisely: You should always keep track of your account balance, set an affordable budget for your live gambling sessions and stick to it. This will help you avoid betting more than you can afford to lose or keep on chasing losses if you experience a losing streak.

4.  Place more outside bets: Although the payouts are lower, starting with outside bets is recommended when playing Immersive Roulette for real money. Outside bets usually offer significantly higher odds of winning, allowing you to ease into the game, minimise risk, and increase your odds of having successful results before placing more complex inside bets.

Immersive Roulette strategies

As mentioned earlier, Immersive Roulette features a similar gameplay and rules as the traditional roulette game. Therefore, it’s a game of chance with pretty straightforward rules and unpredictable outcomes. Nevertheless, various roulette experts have created multiple betting systems to provide a gambling structure by instilling discipline and effectively minimising losses to the maximum extent possible. While these techniques may be productive, you should note that no strategy can guarantee constant success in the long run since it’s a game of luck. Below is an overview of various Immersive Roulette betting systems you can use to manage your bets and potentially enhance your overall winnings.


The Martingale system is easy to understand and implement. It’s a negative progression approach that recommends increasing your bet amount after every loss. For instance, suppose you start by placing a betting unit of 5 US dollars, and your bet loses. In that case, you should double the size of your next bet amount to USD 10. The main idea behind the Martingale betting system is that if you double your wager each time you lose, you’ll cover all your previous losses in one bet unit whenever you win. Nevertheless, we recommend choosing how many gambling sessions you’d like to play before implementing this betting system. This will help you split your bankroll accordingly, helping you avoid running out of cash before getting a win.

D’Alembert system

Like the Martingale, this betting system follows a negative progression approach. However, the D’Alembert system is slightly different since it requires you to gradually increase your bet amount whenever you lose and decrease it whenever you win. For instance, suppose you place an initial betting unit of $20, and you win. In that case, you should decrease your next bet and set a $10 bet. If you lose, you should increase your next bet to $25. The D’Alembert system is mainly used in even-money bets, making it suitable for novice roulette players. However, you might lose all your gambling funds if you have a long losing streak. Nevertheless, if you have a winning streak and stay in the game long enough, you’ll cover your losses and turn a profit.

Labouchere system

Commonly referred to as Split Martingale, Cancellation System, or American Progression, the Labouchere betting strategy is also similar to the Martingale system but with a slight distinction. In the Labouchere system, you are advised to increase your bet size following each loss and decrease it after every win. However, unlike the Martingale strategy, this system aims at recovering consecutive losses through a series of winning bets.

Therefore, to implement this system, you must start by writing down a series of numbers, such as 1-2-3-4-5. For your initial bet, you should place a bet equal to the sum of the first and the last numbers in your sequence, i.e., six units (1+5). If your first bet wins, you must cross out the first and the last number, i.e.,  1 and 6. Afterwards, you should place a second bet equal to the sum of the remaining numbers (2, 3, and 4). However, if you lose with the first bet, you’ll be required to add the sum of the first and the last numbers to the series. In our case, the new sequence will be 1-2-3-4-5-6 if you lose.


The online gambling industry has significantly transformed, thanks to technological advancements and the introduction of unique live dealer games such as Immersive Roulette. Due to Evolution’s implementation of cutting-edge technology, the live dealer game has successfully bridged the gap between the authentic land-based casino experience and online gaming, offering roulette players an unparalleled real casino experience. Immersive Roulette allows players to watch and follow every ball movement in 200 frames-per-second HD video feed alongside a slow-motion replay of the winning number as the ball bounces on the wheel and lands on one of the pockets, allowing you not to miss a split-second of the action.

This article has outlined various relevant details, including how Immersive Roulette works, the game’s interface, rules and gameplay, and the different betting options offered in the game. Moreover, this review has provided tips on improving your chances of winning when playing Immersive Roulette online and the most popular and effective betting systems you can apply when playing for real money.

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