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Funky Time live Casino Show by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: €0.1 - €5000
💬 Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Latvia, Malta, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium
🎲 Game type: Casino Show
💵 RTP: 95.99%

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Funky Time live Casino Show by evolution Review

Since the release of the Crazy Time Evolution game show in 2020, most software providers have been trying to manufacture a title that matches its flair and aura, but to no avail. However, as we all know, Evolution is a master in its trade, and recently, it released an equally enthralling, immersive, and visually-striking sequel to Crazy Time, Funky Time Live. Evolution Funky Time is a 1970s discotheque-themed live game show with disco balls, ambient 70s music, and entertaining game show hosts. The game show uses the money wheel concept, and instead of the 54 wheel segments like Crazy Time, Funky Time has 64 sections, which means additional betting options for players.

In addition, the Funky Time game show by Evolution employs a technologically advanced wheel known as a DigiWheel with high-octane multipliers and highly-engaging bonus games that offer eye-catching payouts of up to 10,000x your bet. Funky Time Live has been tipped to be the successor of Crazy Time, but can it live up to the billing? Let’s find it out in this Funky Time live show review which offers an in-depth analysis of the game show’s rules, bonus games, odds and payouts, gameplay, and more.

About Evolution

Evolution is a pioneer in the live casino scene. It was the first iGaming software provider to develop the highly engaging live casino games. Established in 2006, the company has received many accolades, including the EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year Award for ten consecutive years. Since its formation, Evolution has produced live casino games like roulette, poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Still, it wasn’t until 2017 that the game studio released its first live dealer game show, Dream Catcher. From then onwards, the company released numerous live game shows, including the ever-popular Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal, and others. Evolution is plausibly the best live casino solution vendor in the iGaming industry due to its standout features.

For example, its live games stream in HD video quality from purpose-built live casino studios, like in the case of Funky Time Live. Also, some titles are aired in real-time from actual brick-and-mortar casinos. The company’s live dealers and TV-style show hosts are professional, skilled, and entertaining, bringing out the fun in live casino gambling. Most importantly, Evolution employs cutting-edge technology in its live games, providing players with a stunning and smooth gaming adventure. Evolution is multi-licenced (UKGC, MGA), meaning its titles are available to players in many jurisdictions. Notably, the company spurred its growth and popularity through a series of acquisitions of top iGaming studios like NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, and Ezugi.

Funky Time studio

Like other Evolution game shows, Funky Time is hosted at a purpose-built studio. The studio is bright and well-coloured, featuring a 70s disco theme. While most studios use a green screen to design the background, Evolution seems to have gone the extra mile to actually design everything from the characters, theme and the general live show atmosphere. This is particularly evident when the DigiWheel stops at one of the four bonus games, Bar, Disco, VIP Disco, and Stayin’ Alive. Depending on the landed bonus game, a new interface will launch, and you’d actually see the show host entering a new section of the studio to conduct the bonus game. 

For example, with the Disco and VIP Disco bonus rounds, the show host will go to a DJ Booth to spin a mini wheel with four directions (down, up, right, and left) which helps the Mr Funk character navigate the dance floor while awarding multiplier wins to players (more on this later). Ideally, if Funky Time were disintegrated, these bonus games could function as standalone betting games. You’ll understand it better if you see how these bonus rounds work. The Funky Time game show hosts also complement the studio environment with their 70s party-themed clad and sometimes even briefly dance to the groove music in the background.

Funky Time game interface

This new Evolution live show features a simple interface. If you’ve played Evolution game shows before, it’ll be easy to navigate Funky Time. Therefore, Funky Time is hosted in a dedicated studio, as explained above, with the main game based on the huge money wheel, DigiWheel (we’ll look at it in detail later), at the centre of the game screen. On the top left, you can view the bet limits of each bet type in the game. On the opposite side, there are several game icons to help during your gameplay. For starters, you can click the chat bubble to open the chat, text with other participating players, or converse with the show host. Also, you can toggle between playing the live game show in full screen or normal mode and mute or unmute the in-game sounds via the speaker icon.

The game history symbol will display the details of all your placed bets, including the time, bet amount, and the outcomes of the wagers. Moreover, you can use the settings icon to adjust the video quality from low, medium, and high to HD, HD+, and vice versa. Alternatively, you can select the Auto Adjust option for the video stream quality to match your internet speed connectivity. You can adjust the game’s sound and effects from the settings window and hide or unhide other players’ chats. The most important icon on the top of the game’s screen interface is the game help symbol denoted by (?). If you click this icon, you’ll get more information about Funky Time Live, including how to play, game rules, return to player (RTP), bonus games, payouts, etc.

The bottom section of the Funky Time game show interface is generally designated for placing bets. As such, on the bottom left, when your play for real money, you’ll see your actual balance and, next to it, the total you’ve wagered. At the centre of the bottom betting area, you’ll see a betting board with the bets you can place (letters, numbers, and bonus rounds). Below this betting block, you can see chips of various denominations that’ll help you to increase or decrease your bet amount per round. 

On the far end, you can click the Statistics icon to view the Funky Time statistics of the previous rounds and an auto-play option which plays the bets you selected when you activated the feature up to the next 100 rounds. Finally, as with all Evolution live dealer games, you can click the (+ TABLE) icon to play other titles simultaneously or hit the LOBBY button to view other live games from Evolution.

Funky Time DigiWheel

As promised, here’s what you should know about Funky Time’s new money wheel technology- DigiWheel. The DigiWheel is made up of LED panels to vividly display the multipliers and composition of the wheel segments. With the LED display, the images of the various wheel sections maintain the same orientation even while the DigiWheel is spinning. Think of it as printed images on a conventional money wheel. In addition, the DigiWheel technology enables additional information, such as random multipliers, to be assigned and updated on different segments in real time as the wheel is spinning.

Besides that, the DigiWheel has more sections than a regular money wheel: Instead of the 54 slots on a standard wheel like in Dream Catcher, Evolution Funky Time has 64 segments with varying payouts. These wheel segments are divided as follows:

  • Number 1 occupies 28 slots on the DigiWheel.
  • Also, you’ll see the letters P.L.A.Y, F.U.N.K, T.I.M.E spelling out PLAY, FUNK, and TIME taking 24 spots on the wheel.
  • Finally, there are 12 segments representing the four bonus games in Evolution Funky Time Live: Bar, Disco, VIP Disco, and Stayin’ Alive. Of these 12 segments, the VIP Disco bonus has one section, the Disco bonus has 3, the Stayin’ Alive bonus round has 2, and the Bar bonus has 6 partitions on the wheel.

In the middle of the wheel is a disco ball which generates random multiplier coefficients when the wheel is spun. Also, there’s a flapper at the top of the DigiWheel that helps determine the winning slot when the wheel stops rotating. The additional sections mean that players can enjoy more multipliers since random multipliers are assigned to different sections when the wheel is spun each time and even more substantial payouts.

Funky Time Live game show rules

Now that you have an idea about Funky Time, let’s get to the main course, gameplay rules. If you’ve played Crazy Time before, playing Funky Time for real money will be a breeze since the concept is the same. For beginners, no worries; the Funky Time live show has easy-to-understand rules. Therefore, with a few live gambling sessions and after going through our Funky Time review, you’ll be set to play for real money. The game’s objective is to guess the spot in which the flapper will halt when the wheel stops. If the flapper stops at one of your selected segments, you win. Of course, if it doesn’t, you lose. 

Betting options and random multipliers 

You can only place bets before a round begins, and as such, you can wager on one of the bonus rounds (Bar, Disco, VIP Disco, and Stayin’ Alive), number 1, or one of the 12 letters P.L.A.Y, F.U.N.K, T.I.M.E. Therefore, when a round begins, random multipliers will be generated and assigned spontaneously by the disco ball to various segments of the wheel. Interestingly, the multipliers could be given to both regular betting spots (numbers and letters) and bonus games. 

So, suppose a multiplier lands on a regular slot, and the flapper stops at that particular segment. In that case, the multiplier will be multiplied by the standard payout of that bet. For instance, if the number 1 segment (which pays even money 1:1) received a 30x multiplier and the flapper stopped at that specific pocket, all players with a wager on the number 1 will receive a 30:1 payout instead of the standard 1:1.

In the case where multipliers are allocated to bonus game segments, the multiplier will be added to the total multipliers awarded during the bonus game when the bonus round ends. Please note that only players who had wagered on the winning bonus round (where the flapper stops) can participate in the bonus game. Others will only watch as the action unfolds. Also, if you get disconnected from the game during a bonus round that requires your decision (Bar bonus), the decision will automatically be made for you.

Funky Time bet limits

Like other Evolution live casino games, Funky Time has minimum and maximum bet limit rules you must adhere to while playing for real money. These limits are visible from the top-left panel on your gaming screen. Depending on your Funky Time online live casino, you can have varying maximum bet limits ranging from $2500 to $5000. Still, you can find live casinos online offering max bet limits upwards of $10,000, favouring high rollers. However, for the minimum bet limit, the threshold is the same for most safe and secure online casinos, $0.10. If you’re playing at a crypto online casino supporting tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc., the betting limits will always be indicated. Please note that the different bet options in Funky Time have varying maximum bet limits, especially for the bonus games due to the set 10,000x maximum payout. Kindly review the bet ceilings in your game’s bet limits panel for the precise minimum and maximum thresholds.

How to play Evolution Funky Time

The Funky Time live show is an alluring game filled with multipliers and bonus rounds that take the gambling excitement to another level. Coupled with its simple rules and reasonable bet limits, it’s clear why the Funky Time game show by Evolution has rapidly become so popular. The big question, however, is how do you play Funky Time? The goal is simple, correctly predict which segment the pointer will point to when the DigiWheel stops rotating to win. Since that seems a tad vague, here’s a step-by-step process of how to play Funky Time:

  1. Choose a reliable Evolution live casino online.

Since Funky Time is a title from Evolution, the first step is to find a reliable online casino with Evolution games. Fortunately, instead of going through the tedious task of finding a trustworthy platform, you’ll find the best online casino sites with Funky Time on this page.

  1. Create an account.

The registration process is fast and easy and can be completed from a mobile casino. Therefore, to register, provide your details like name, gender, passphrase, country, currency, email address, mobile number, and any required information.

  1. Fund your player account.

You must deposit funds into your account to play Funky Time for real money. Depending on your casino, you’ll have many options, from credit/debit cards and e-wallets to cryptocurrencies, vouchers, bank transfers, and mobile payment systems. Choose one that suits you and deposit, considering the casino’s minimum deposit limits.

  1. Launch Funky Time.

Go to your platform’s live casino lobby and click on the Funky Time game tile to launch it.

  1. Select your bet size and place your desired bets.

Before a round begins, you must choose your desired bet size and then place your wagers. The betting area has multicoloured chips of varying denominations starting from $0.10 up to the casino’s limit. Therefore, tap on your preferred bet size, and on the betting panel above the chips, click on any of the blocks representing the wheel segments to place a bet. The available bet options include 1, PLAY, FUNK, TIME, Bar, Disco, VIP Disco, and Stayin’ Alive. If you wish to bet on all the letters or bonuses simultaneously, just click the “All Letters” or “All Bonuses” buttons. Remember, you’ll have about 15 seconds to place your desired bets before the round begins. No more bets can be placed after this betting period ends. As such, you must wait for the next round to wager.

  1. The presenter spins the wheel

The round will then begin with the show host spinning the DigiWheel. The wheel will be rotated either clockwise or anti-clockwise. While the wheel is rotating, the disco ball will generate spontaneous multipliers and assign them to random segments of the wheel. The round’s outcome will be determined by the wheel section the flapper points to when the DigiWheel stops rotating.

  1. Payouts

The winning number or letter will be displayed on the screen and automatically updated on the Funky Time statistics panel. If you win, you’ll receive a corresponding payout as per the paytable and related multipliers (if any). In case the pointer lands on any of the bonus game sections, the game will launch new interfaces depending on the bonus. Remember, if the bonus sections were allocated a multiplier, the multiplier would be included in the winnings at the end of the bonus game.

Bonus games in Funky Time Live

Evolution Funky Time has four bonuses, which are the highlight of this Funky Time live show. The rounds are fun, electric, nail-biting, and spine-chilling; we leave the definition to your imagination. That’s because some of these bonus games can award payouts of up to 10,000x your bet, and above all, some are highly engaging since they require your input and decisions to determine your winnings in the end. However, during some of these rounds, the RNG software comes into play since you’ll be watching, hoping you land a massive multiplier to boost your overall payout. Remember, if you didn’t have a wager on the ongoing bonus game, you cannot participate but just watch. That said, here’s a review of the bonus games in Funky Time Live.

Bar Bonus

On the DigiWheel, the Bar bonus has six segments (the most of any Funky Time bonus games). So, when the flapper stops at any of these Bar bonus sections, every player with a bet on it will be taken to a virtual bar to play the bonus round. The bar is well-designed, with a robot bartender standing behind a counter, and behind the Robot, you can see the name “BAR.” So, the game begins when the live show host rings the bell on the counter, and three cocktail glasses appear on the counter. You must choose one of these cocktail glasses, represented by Purple, Blue, and Yellow colours. Suppose you don’t make your decision (pick one cocktail glass) in the allocated time, or there’s a disconnection; the decision will be made for you automatically.

Afterwards, the bartender will start pouring drinks into the cocktail glasses randomly, starting with any coloured glass while awarding random multipliers to each glass. Kindly note that these multipliers range from 2x to 20x. Later, one of the three cocktail glasses will receive a garnish and an extra multiplier alongside it, which multiplies it by the initial multiplier of the glass. For this to happen, the Robot bartender will pull a lever to spin a single-reel machine on its head to award the garnish multiplier, which ranges between 2x and 5x. 

For example, if you receive an extra multiplier of 5x and your initial glass multiplier was 7x, the total multiplier at the end of the Bar bonus round will be 35x (7*5). Suppose the flapper pointed at a Bar bonus section with a multiplier when the wheel was spun. In that case, the multiplier coefficient of your chosen glass will be multiplied by this multiplier to award you even eye-catching winnings.

Disco and VIP Disco bonuses

Do you have your discotheque party shoes ready? These Evolution Funky Time bonus games take you on the dance floor for an excruciating adventure filled with superb winnings. When the flapper stops at either the Disco or VIP Disco bonus segments, Funky Time will launch the respective bonus rounds, and you’ll see a dance floor with Mr Funky at the centre of the dance floor. For the Disco bonus, the dance floor has 37 squares, while the VIP Disco bonus game has 63 squares. Despite this difference, the mechanics of these two bonus games are the same. Therefore, regardless of the bonus game (Disco or VIP Disco), the game presenter will go to a dedicated DJ booth where they’ll spin a mini wheel with eight partitions displaying four directions (up, down, left, and right).

And whichever direction the mini wheel stops at is the one Mr Funky will take on the dance floor. For instance, if the mini wheel stops at Up or Left, Mr Funky will move accordingly on the floor while showcasing his dance moves. This will continue until Mr Funky moves into a hollow square and falls off the virtual dance floor to end the game round. As such, when Mr Funky moves along the squares on the dance floor, he collects multipliers which are awarded to players. After he steps on a tile, it becomes empty for two consecutive moves, but it resets to the same multiplier coefficient it started with when Mr Funky stepped on it at the beginning of the round before any modifiers were applied.

Please note that some squares are empty (without multipliers) and don’t affect the game when Mr Funky steps on them. Suppose the bonus round (Disco or VIP Disco) received a multiplier during the wheel spin, and the wheel stops at the multiplier-infused bonus segment. In that case, it’s multiplied by each regular multiplier on the respective dance floor prior to Mr Funky’s dance. Notably, the maximum multiplier in these bonus rounds is capped at 10,000x, and when it’s reached, the bonus game ends. Also, please note that the max bet limits in these bonus rounds are lower than what you can wager on other bets.

Disco and VIP Disco bonus multipliers

There are two types of multipliers in these bonus games that Mr Funky can collect on the dance floor:

  • Regular multipliers occupy each tile on the dance floor and add to your total multiplier coefficient when Mr Funky lands on the tiles. For example, if you receive a 3x regular multiplier at the beginning and an 8x multiplier afterwards, these two values will be summed up, giving you a higher coefficient: in our case, 11x. The regular multipliers range from +1 to +100 in the Disco bonus game, while its values range from +1 to +500 in the VIP Disco bonus game.
  • Floor multipliers, on the other hand, will double any 5 regular multipliers on the dance floor. The floor multipliers are labelled X on the dance floor, and if Mr Funky moves to a tile with a floor multiplier, the RNG algorithm will pick five numbers and double them. So, for example, if one of the chosen regular multipliers is 2x, it’ll be doubled to 4x; if it’s 3x, it’ll be doubled to 6x, and so on.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus

This is the last bonus game, and its concept is in the title. Stay as long as possible in the game to walk away with the most fantastic multipliers. The Stayin’ Alive bonus game features a lottery-style bingo ball drawing machine which draws different coloured balls that help you progress the paytable ladder upward, and as expected, the higher you climb, the bigger the winnings you’ll enjoy. Therefore, the multiplier paytable ladder has 20 levels, from the lowest multiplier value at the bottom (where you’ll start when the round begins) to the highest at the top. This is what the multiplier paytable ladder looks like:

  • Level 20:      1000x
  • Level 19:      800x
  • Level 18:      700x
  • Level 17:      600x
  • Level 16:      500x
  • Level 15:      300x
  • Level 14:      250x
  • Level 13:      200x
  • Level 12:      150x
  • Level 11:      100x
  • Level 10:      70x
  • Level 9:        60x
  • Level 8:        50x
  • Level 7:        40x
  • Level 6:        30x
  • Level 5:        25x
  • Level 4:        20x
  • Level 3:        15x
  • Level 2:        10x
  • Level 1:        5x

If a multiplier is applied to the Stayin’ Alive bonus segment on the wheel during the spin, the multiplier will be applied to these 20 levels on the paytable. For instance, if there were a 10x multiplier on the Stayin’ Alive bonus, the lowest multiplier (5x) would be boosted 50x while the highest (1000x) would be increased to 10,000x. However, please note that the multiplier in this bonus game is capped at 10,000x. So, in case the bonus multiplier exceeds this value after the wheel multiplier is administered, the value is automatically replaced with the max multiplier- 10,000x.

During the Stayin’ Alive bonus round, a drawing machine is placed at the centre of the stage, drawing one ball from the 90 balls in the drawing machine each time. So, before the round begins, you must choose a team by selecting one of the ball colours (orange, green, and purple) which are present in the drawing machine. You must make this decision before the allocated time expires; otherwise, the system will make the decision for you. Also, in the case of an interruption, a random team colour will be chosen for you. 

Types of balls in Stayin’ Alive bonus

During the ball-draw process, three types of balls can be drawn, which will determine how far you’ll progress on the multiplier paytable ladder since you’ll be granted four lives on your lives counter:

  • Stop ball: This is a black ball, and each gambler playing Funky Time for real money in the Stayin’ Alive bonus round loses one life from their lives counter each time a stop ball (black) is drawn. Also, when this happens, you’ll remain at your current multiplier level. For example, if a black ball is drawn while on the 10th multiplier level of 20, you’ll stay on the 10th level until the next draw.
  • 1-step ball: This ball can be of any colour (orange, green, or purple). The balls are usually inscribed with “1” on them. Therefore, when it’s drawn, you’ll move up by one level on the multiplier ladder.
  • 2-step ball: This is like the 1-step ball, but you advance two steps on the multiplier paytable level instead of one. Typically, the balls (orange, green, or purple) will be labelled “2” on them.

So, the Stayin’ Alive bonus game will begin with the game presenter pulling the lever on the ball draw machine. Depending on your chosen colour team and the drawn ball, you’ll then advance one or two steps or remain in the same multiplier level. Since you have four lives on your counter (represented by four vinyl records at the bottom of the bonus round game screen), the game will end after your lives are depleted (after four drawn black balls). Ultimately, each player will receive a corresponding payout multiplier to their current multiplier level on the paytable at the end of the bonus round.

Funky Time game statistics

Like other Evolution game shows, you can view Funky Time’s game statistics while enjoying real money betting. These statistics are located on the bottom-right of your gaming screen and include the outcomes of the last 24 wheel spins. You’ll only see tiles with labels such as 1, P.L.A.Y, F.U.N.K, T.I.M.E, and the four bonus games: Bar, Disco, VIP Disco, and Stayin’ Alive. These tiles will also include the multiplier applied to the wheel segment (for example, M3x, P10x, 120x, etc.), if any. Although you can track the last 48 outcomes (if you click the statistics icon at the bottom page), the stats won’t show you the payouts of the bonus games. 

The workaround is to ask the chat moderator in the Evolution Funky Time chat what the last biggest payout was. The moderator will immediately reply with the latest, most significant multiplier and the precise time the multiplier was a hit. Please note that these stats data may not help you much when predicting future results since Funky Time Live is a game of chance. Still, the data can help you get a wild clue of what bets to place to place next, but a win isn’t guaranteed.

Funky Time odds and payouts

We’ve seen how to play Funky Time and how the live game show generally operates, including the bonus rounds. For a better understanding, let’s look at the game’s odds, payouts & return-to-player (RTP) percentage. As previously mentioned, the Funky Time live show DigiWheel has 64 segments, each with varying odds of winning. For example, number “1” with 28 slots on the wheel has a 43.75% chance of winning. So, if you had a wager on the number 1, and it hits, you’ll receive an even money (1:1) payout. However, if there were multipliers during the wheel spin, this section could pay up to 50:1.

The letters spelling out Funk, Play, and Time have higher payouts of 25:1, but the winning probability for all letters are a tad lower, 37.5% (3.13% per letter).  In case any of these letters were assigned the highest multiplier during the wheel spin, they would pay out at 1250:1. 

Regarding the bonus rounds, as mentioned above, they don’t feature a pre-set payout, but the maximum you can win during these bonus rounds is capped at 10,000x your bet. Despite the mind-blowing payouts you can receive in the bonus games, they have much lower odds of winnings. For instance, the winning probability of the Bar bonus stands at 9.375%, 3.125% for the Stayin’ Alive bonus, 4.68% for the Disco bonus, and 1.56% for the VIP Disco bonus.

Funky Time RTP

Without the max multiplier being applied, The RTP of the Funky Time live game show by Evolution ranges between 95.38% and 95.99%. Factoring in only the number 1 bet in Funky Time live show, the theoretical RTP percentage is 95.99%. 

If you’re wagering on all the letters in the game, their optimal RTP stands at 95.49%. Regarding the bonus games, Bar, Disco, VIP Disco, and Stayin’ Alive, their RTPs stand at 95.98%, 95.51%, 95.38%, and 95.49%, respectively.

Funky Time betting tips and strategies

Before we get to the strategies, tips, and tricks you can employ in Funky Time, it’s important to note that it’s a game of chance, and any outcome is possible. As such, there’s no 100% guaranteed method of predicting the following result. Still, you can use certain tips and strategies when playing Funky Time for real money to increase your chances of winnings, such as:

Low-risk strategy

As its name suggests, this is a conservative betting system that prioritises steady and incremental profits as opposed to chasing large payouts. The strategy aims to accumulate your winnings while growing your bankroll slowly. As such, to implement it, you must bet on all the letters in Evolution Funky Time by simply tapping the “All Letters” button on the betting area. At the same time, you must bet on the number 1 spot using the total amount of all the letter bets. 

Consider this example. Let’s say you’re betting $10 on all the letters (12), meaning you’ll wager $120. Therefore, you must also wager $120 on the number 1 bet spot, bringing your total bet to $240. With the low-risk strategy, you’ll break even if the flapper stops at “1” or make some profits if it lands on any of the letters or the number 1 with a multiplier. By wagering on number 1 and all the letters, your chances of winning are increased, while the risk of losing your entire wager is reduced.

Medium-risk system-1

With this betting strategy, you’re required to bet on all the letters and the four bonus rounds: Bar, Disco, VIP Disco, and Stayin’ Alive. The underlying assumption is that diversifying your bets enhances your odds of winning, leading to substantial payouts. To implement this system, you must choose a bet unit, say $5, and bet on the 12 letters, totalling $60. Additionally, you must double your bet unit ($5) and place it on the four bonus games, leading to a total wager of $100 (60+40). So, this strategy considers the probabilities of the DigiWheel halting at the bonus rounds (18.74%) and the chances of winning with the letters (37.5%). Combined, you’ll have a 56.24% probability of winning, which, mathematically speaking, is excellent.

Medium-risk system-2

This betting system has similarities with the medium-risk approach, except that instead of betting on the letters and the bonus rounds, you wager on the number 1 spot and the bonus rounds. The idea is that the cumulative winning probabilities are pretty high, and you can win good payouts. So, to actualise this strategy, you must bet tiered wagers on the four bonus rounds and their cumulative total on the number 1 spot. 

For example, you can wager $5 on the Bar bonus, $4 on Disco, $3 on VIP Disco, and $2 on Stayin’ Alive. That means you place a total bet of $14 on the number “1” spot to counterbalance its low payouts. So, if you bet on “1,” your winning chances are 43.75% and 18.74% for the bonus games, leading to an incredible cumulative 62.49% odds.

Bet on the letters strategy.

This is a much more straightforward system to use, albeit risky. The principle is to exploit the higher payouts (25:1) on the 12 letters, which pay instantly. Therefore, to implement it, you must bet on all the letters using the same amount, say $10. That will boost your chances of winning if the flapper stops at any of the letters spelt out as Play, Funk, and Time. The Funky Time wheel has 24 sections covering all these letters giving you 37.50% odds of landing a win on these letters. Considering you’ve wagered on all the letters, theoretically, your chances are pretty high. If you’re lucky and the wheel stops at any of the letters which pay 25:1, you’d have recovered your wager ($120) and made a pretty decent profit.

Alternative live shows to Funky Time

Evolution Funky Time is an exciting live show with highly engaging bonus games that deliver spell-binding multipliers and 2x to 50x multipliers during the wheel spin that may offer fantastic payouts to players. Although Funky Time may not be everybody’s cup of tea, other Evolution live game shows that are equally or more captivating and use the same money wheel concept exist. Here’s a summary of some alternative live game shows to Evolution’s Funky Time.

Monopoly Live

Evolution Monopoly Live is an enthralling live game show you can try if you’re ever bored with Funky Time. Notably, these two live shows share a lot of similarities. For instance, Monopoly Live uses a money wheel gaming mechanic, but instead of the 64 segments in Funky Time, it has 54 sections. The Monopoly Live wheel is divided into numbered sections (1, 2, 5, and 10) and three salient sections; Chance, 4Rolls, and 2Rolls. The objective is the same as in Funky Time; predict where the flapper will point when the wheel stops to receive a payout. The Chance partition offers players multipliers and cash prizes, while the 4Rolls and 2Rolls are the bonus games. In these bonus games, a 3D virtual interface city will launch where Mr Monopoly will move across the Monopoly board, rewarding players with multipliers and prizes depending on their dice roll result.

Spin a Win

This is a live casino game show from Playtech, one of the best game providers in the live casino niche, which also releases interactive slot games, poker, bingo game, and more. Playtech’s Spin a Win is a straightforward live game show featuring a game presenter and a large wheel-of-fortune type of wheel like Funky Time. However, the Spin a Win wheel has 53 sections grouped into 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40 numbered partitions. Also, there are two sections with multiplier symbols, 2x and 7x. All these 53 sections have different colours. Of course, the objective is the same as in Funky Time; guess the correct segment where the wheel will stop after the game show host spins the wheel.

As such, you can bet on the above options but Spin a Win comes with three additional side bets. Regarding side bets, you can bet the wheel to stop at an Odd or Even number or one of the multipliers. During the main game, if the wheel stops at a multiplier, say 7x, your original bet will be left for the next round, where all the numbers on the wheel are multiplied by that multiplier (7x). For example, 2 will be 14, 10 will be 70, and so on.

Crazy Time

At the start of this Evolution Funky Time review, we mentioned that Funky Time is a successor of Crazy Time. That’s because they both share a lot. For example, they both use the money wheel mechanic, except the wheel in Crazy Time has 54 segments, while there are 64 in Funky Time. The gameplay is the same, where you must predict where the rotating wheel will stop after the show host spins it. If you predict correctly, you win and receive a corresponding payout. The betting options represent the sections of the Crazy Time wheel, which include 1, 2, 5, and 10. In addition, there are four sections which represent the four bonus games in Crazy Time (Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Crazy Time, and Pachinko). During these bonus rounds, players are massively engaged as the game becomes more exciting. For example, in the Coin Flip bonus round, you must predict the flip’s outcome to win. Furthermore, Playtech’s Spin a Win has an additional component- a dual-reel slot. This slot spins in tandem with the primary wheel at the start of each round, producing a random multiplier of up to 50x for a randomly selected bet spot (bonus or number).

Blackjack Party

If you’re a blackjack aficionado, Blackjack Party from Evolution will definitely intrigue you. Although it has no similarities with the Funky Time live show, it’s not like your regular live casino blackjack games. For starters, the game is hosted by two dealers, one dealing the cards and the other acting as a co-host/presenter (usually male and female). Besides that, Evolution Blackjack Party is a 7-seat game. So, if you join late, you must wait for an empty seat. However, the game features a Bet Behind option that allows more players than the one seated to enjoy the game. In addition to the Bet Behind feature, Blackjack Party has two side bets that can offer payouts of up to 100:1. These side bets include the Perfect Pairs (suited or unsuited) and 21+3. Normal blackjack rules such as splitting, hitting, doubling down, and standing are also included in Blackjack Party, with the game using an eight-deck of 52 cards.

Cash or Crash

Do you remember the concept of the Stayin’ Alive bonus round in Funky Time? Well, if that bonus round tickled your fancy, then you’ll like the Cash or Crash live game show by Evolution. That’s because they’re almost the same. With Cash or Crash, you’ll have 28 coloured balls, eight red, one gold, and 19 green, being drawn from a lottery-style machine. The objective is to climb the furthest on the 20-tier paytable to enjoy more substantial winnings. The higher you climb, the better the payouts you get. As such, the balls will be drawn automatically, and for each green ball that’s drawn, you move up the paytable.

Nevertheless, you crash and lose if a red ball is ejected from the drawing machine. On the contrary, if a golden ball is drawn, you’re shielded from crashing if a red ball is drawn in the next round. During the game, you’ll get three options when you win; cash out your entire winnings, take half and leave the other half to play in the next round, or proceed while risking your total proceeds. What decision will you make? That’s where the fun and the conundrum lie. The potential payouts in Evolution’s Cash or Crash can reach up to 50,000x with a drawn gold ball.


Evolution has established itself as a leader in the iGaming industry, consistently pushing boundaries to deliver high-quality and captivating live casino games. The Funky Time live show is a testament to Evolution’s commitment to providing exceptional gaming experiences. Its fusion of style, technology, and entertainment creates an unforgettable adventure for players. The game show’s interactive nature, especially in the bonus rounds, encourages player participation, making gamblers feel like active participants rather than mere spectators.

Funky Time has so far lived up to its billing thanks to the intuitive game layout and stunning graphics, energetic game presenters, massive payouts, and the 10,000x max multiplier, as we set out to discover in this review. Moreover, in this Evolution Funky Time review, you’ll find the game’s rules, gameplay procedure, bonus games, odds and payouts, and compelling insights into winning strategies that can enhance your chances of success in the game. Ultimately, you’ll find some of the most enthralling alternative live game shows to Funky Time on this page for when you need to test different waters.

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