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Roulette live Table Game by lucky streak Details

🎰 Software: Lucky Streak
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: €1 - €2500
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Russian, Turkish
💬 Live Chat: yes
🌎 Studio Location: Lithuania
🎲 Game type: Table game, Roulette

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Roulette live Table Game by lucky streak Review

LuckyStreak, a well-established casino software developer, launched live roulette games featuring some interesting innovations that make it stand out from other live roulette solutions. The brand itself is fully live software-oriented, which allows gamblers to enjoy streams from the company’s own studios equipped with professional cameras and other tools or even from real casinos with other visitors placing bets in real time. The main roulette game types include Oracle 360, Portomaso Roulette, Auto Roulette, or a standard Roulette table. The review on this page will describe these games in detail, considering graphics, navigation tools, and technical advantages, after which, you will easily pick the best LuckyStreak online casino with all the games and other perks for your taste.

LuckyStreak Roulette live variations

Though the diversity of live dealer software can’t be compared with slots since the former’s number is not that massive, you can still find several roulette live variations offered by LuckyStreak. Basically, these variations are similar since they are all based on the European Roulette concept. Unlike online casino variations like Lightning Roulette by Evolution and Quantum Roulette by Playtech, here, you won’t find extra multipliers or other features (at least, for now). Just simple roulette games streamed from well-equipped studios and hosted by professional dealers.


This real-time roulette LuckyStreak review should start from the standard version of the game. Actually, it’s the standard European Roulette version which is played with real dealers of the LuckyStreak team. The interface is standard for the provider’s games, so you easily explore the rules, open the menu if necessary, place chips on the betting table, and wait for the outcome.

Oracle 360

LuckyStreak has an excellent studio for live streams, but the provider decided to go even further and sign a deal with a real casino so that players can place bets while watching a real brick-and-mortar gambling hall and people visiting it. It’s Oracle Casino based in Qawra, Malta. You’ll watch a real table for placing bets from above and will have an additional virtual table to place your bets. 

Portomaso Oracle Roulette

Here’s another real dealer roulette game streamed from a land-based casino with real customers visiting it right during your sessions. LuckyStreak partners with Portomaso Casino based in Malta. As well as in the case with Oracle, here, you watch a real dealer and see a real gambling hall with corresponding equipment. In addition, you get a virtual version of a betting table and chips for your bets online.

Auto Roulette

Unlike the previous versions, it’s a rapid variation where up to 60 games are played per hour. It’s not run by a dealer, but all the action of the automatic roulette is streamed from a real casino right to the player’s device, be it a mobile phone or a desktop. If you are into long and fast-paced gaming sessions rather than just the action of real dealer streams, it’s a good option from LuckyStreak to try out.

Roulette Live LuckyStreak: layout & features

Your LuckyStreak casino may have somewhat different filters to sort games from this provider, but once you are in the game, you can enjoy a convenient interface with special features inherent in the provider’s software. The LuckyStreak team makes sure that players enjoy understandable gameplay with convenient tools for different betting types.

Video and graphics

The video stream is nearly perfect; the only downside is that players cannot change the camera view and the table is shown from one fixed perspective. When the betting period is over, a smaller screen appears at the corner of the main video feed screen showing the spinning wheel in a close-up. The video quality is adjustable from the best (High) to the worst (Low), with two options in between. Graphics, especially the deep blue colour of the table, are impressive, and so is the user interface. Besides, the game software shows useful tips when you hover the mouse pointer over some controls or buttons.

Game statistics

The statistics are presented in a very unusual way. When loading the game for the first time, you will see the table grid with the percentage values superimposed on numbers and outside betting areas. These overlaid figures show the number of times each given number or betting area has won. You may hide the superimposed statistics by clicking the on/off switch button at the top left corner of the screen. Further to this, players may view the hot/cold number chart, the last 10 numbers and the player’s history.

Other features

All user interface elements are displayed in the upper and bottom menus, thus making the gaming screen clean and uncluttered. Players may open the chat box and drag it to any desired place on the screen. House rules are also available in the game, and they open in a new browser tab. Besides, you can change the interface language in the drop-down box inside the game.

The Settings button includes a set of user-adjustable options such as video quality, sound effects and win animation. What is great about the settings is that they are linked to your profile once you have chosen them, and then apply automatically when you enter the game from any device. Interestingly, in the menu below the scream, you can find a virtual tip box on the right. Optionally, you’ll have an opportunity to tip dealers according to the limits specified on the box of the roulette live version you choose.

Live Roulette basic rules

Live Roulette by LuckyStreak is a single-zero European roulette (numbers 1 to 36 on the wheel, one zero) that accepts all traditional inside/outside bets, call bets, and neighbours. The betting field (racetrack) for placing special bets is not visible on the screen unless you click on the racetrack icon. The payouts and the theoretical return to player rate are typical of any European roulette. Payouts start from 1:1 for even money bets (such as odd/even) and increase depending on the betting type you choose. It’s a real-time game, so you place bets once they are accepted, and the round begins automatically for all players at once.

Gameplay guide

Considering the standard rules and convenient navigation provided by the LuckyStream team, online casino players will find it easy to deal with this live game. To be more specific, the LuckyStreak roulette live guide will be as follows:

  1. Sign up for a reliable gambling site or log in and deposit
  2. Choose the live roulette variation you like the most
  3. Use the chips in the middle of the table to place your bet
  4. The chips should be put on the position (or several positions) of the betting table you want to bet on
  5. Before the round begins, you can modify your bet or remove it, but when it starts, this option isn’t available
  6. After the start, you just watch the gameplay and wait for the result, and if your bets are winning, you get paid and can continue or leave the game

LuckyStreak casino roulette bets

To play live LuckyStreak roulette for real funds, you need to place one or several bets for real funds (it’s a live dealer game which doesn’t allow players to use demonstrative chips and play in demo mode). The blue betting table is based below the screen in the middle. It contains numbers 0 to 36 and some positions for additional betting variations. You’ll access inside/outside bets and some extra options we’ll describe here.

Inside bets

Inside bets can be either on a single number or on a group of numbers with certain qualities (eg. adjacent horizontally). Having greater winning potential, such bets are riskier in terms of their lower odds, so newbies should be careful with this option. That’s what side bet options are available in LuckyStreak real dealer roulette games:

  • Straight-Up
    Also known as single-number, this betting option is for any number 0–36 from the betting table. It pays 35:1 once the ball stops in this position. The odds are 2.7%, which makes this type quite challenging, especially for low-rollers.
  • Split
    You can bet on two horizontally/vertically adjacent numbers, such as 5-6 or 5-8. The payout is 17:1, while the odds are 5.4% (the ball can land on any of the two out of 36 numbers you bet on).
  • Street
    These are three consecutive numbers on a line (eg. 4-5-6), and when the ball determines one of these numbers winning, you get paid 11:1. The odds for this bet are 8.1% (three out of 36 numbers will let you win).
  • Corner
    Here, you bet on four numbers that meet in one corner (eg. 20-21-24-23). The payout here is lower since the odds are higher, so you can get paid 8:1 with the true odds standing at 10.8% (four out of 36 numbers can let you win).
  • Line
    It’s also known as the Six Number/Double Street bet. In this case, you bet on six consecutive numbers of horizontal rows, such as 13-14-15-16-17-18. The payment is 5:1, and the odds are 16.2%.

Outside bets

As for outside bets in live roulette from the LuckyStreak online casino provider, you can access several variations. They have lower payout potential yet much higher odds, which will be suitable for players following low-risk strategies. These bets don’t include the zero position, so you lose once the ball lands on zero.

  • Column
    You can pick one of three columns with numbers 3 to 36, 2 to 35, or 1 to 34. Any of them can pay 2:1, and the odds are as high as 32.40%. To place such a bet, put your chip on one of the ‘2 to 1’ sections on the right.
  • Dozens
    There are also three variations of this bet, but this time, they are based on the number sequence. You can bet on the first (1–12), second (13–24), or third (25–36) dozens paying 2:1 with 32.40% odds.
  • Red/black
    It’s one of the even money options where you get paid 1:1 yet enjoy really attractive odds of 48.60%. Just try to predict whether the ball will land on a red or a black sector. But be prepared that you can lose when it’s a zero.
  • Odd/even
    As well as the red/black option, this variation also has a 1:1 payout and 48.60% winning odds. Here, players try to predict whether the winning position will be odd (1, 3, 5, etc.) or even (2, 4, 6, etc.).
  • 1–18/19–36
    As well as dozens, this bet is based on the numbers sequence, but here, you try to guess whether the winning number will be among the first 18 numbers (1–18) or in the next group (19–36). It features a 1:1 payout and 48.60% winning odds.

Additional betting options

Besides the main betting table in the middle, players can come across an additional part for placing a Neighbours call bet. It’s an oval section which is also known as a racetrack. It’s divided into several parts so that players can choose a certain group of numbers:

  • Serie 5/8
    Also known as Tiers du Cylindre, this group is based on numbers 27 and 33, as well as the numbers lying between them on the wheel’s position opposite to zero. The chip you choose will be placed on 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36 splots.
  • Orphelins
    These are the 8 numbers of the wheel which don’t coincide with Serie 0/2/3 and Serie 5/8 positions. This way, you’ll bet on number 1 (Straight-Up bet) and on 6/9, 14/17, 17/20, and 31/34 splits.
  • Serie 0/2/3
    Some players call this group Voisins du Zero. First, you need to cover numbers 22 and 25. Then, it’s necessary to cover the other numbers between these two wheel positions, so these are two chips on the 0/2/3 street and 25/26/28/29 corners, and one chip on 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 19/22, and 32/35 splits then.
  • Zero
    You’ll cover the zero position itself and the 6 numbers close to it on the wheel (12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15). The four chips will cover 0/3, 12/15, and 32/35 splits and the 26 straight-up.

LuckyStreak real dealer roulette strategy

To play LuckyStreak games, you can either fully rely on your luck or try to develop a certain strategy. In fact, all casino games are random, and even the best strategy out there won’t let players reduce the house edge in the long run. However, the knowledge of the basic rules of the game you play, as well as the correct bankroll management can help minimise risks and enjoy the game. You can explore some popular betting systems or opt for strategies divided by risks players take (low, medium, high).

LuckyStreak roulette live betting systems

This approach isn’t based on game knowledge, so gamblers use it for bankroll management rather than strategies focused on potential, payouts, or game mechanics. Moreover, these systems should be used for even money roulette bets like red/black. Online casino players can use several popular betting systems for live LuckyStreak roulette:

Martingale roulette strategy

Also known as the double-up strategy, this approach has players doubling up the bet each time they lose, and in the case of winning, it’s necessary to return to the initial bet. For example, when you start from the $1 bet and win, your next bet is $1 again. However, when you lose, the next bet should be $2, and when you lose again, the next bet is $4. If you win at this point, you get $4, which compensates for the previous losses and you return to the $1 bet again. The risks of this strategy are associated with really high losses you can face when having a range of consecutive non-winning rounds, so playing responsibly is a must.

Fibonacci roulette strategy

The concept of this strategy may seem similar to the Martingale strategy due to the fact that casino online players will increase their bet after each non-winning round. However, the way you determine the amount to increase your bet by will be different. Here, gamblers rely on the famous number sequence of Fibonacci numbers. Each number is a sum of the two previous numbers (eg. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.). In the case of a losing round, you need to move to the next number, and if you win, you move two numbers backwards. If you are at the beginning of this sequence, just keep on placing the lowest bet from this range.

D’Alembert roulette strategy

Again, the main idea behind this casino strategy for LuckyStreak live roulette is increasing the bet each time you lose, but in this case, you increase the stake by adding a predetermined unit to this amount. For example, you place a $1 bet and choose a unit worth 1. This means that in the case of playing for $1 and losing, your next bet is $2 (1 + 1), and when you lose again, the next bet is $3 (2 + 1). However, when you win, you deduct this unit from your bet (you don’t return to the initial bet at once, just one step back). Since this approach is less risky, it’s more suitable for careful players and newbies.

LuckyStreak live casino strategies by risk levels

You can play LuckyStreak games with different bankroll amounts since the betting range is extremely wide. That’s why strategies for live LuckyStreak roulette games can also vary depending on the amount you can spend and the results you expect. Of course, everyone wants to place a small bet and hit a jackpot, but when we are talking about a more realistic scenario, it’s worth relying on the true odds, potential wins, and the bets you can place in this case.

Low-risk strategy

Here, careful players will enjoy low risks with really high odds, though the wins will be quite average. You need to focus on even money bets with no risks like Straight-Up bets featuring 2.7% odds. When you have a small bankroll and want to keep on playing for a long time, it’s a good opportunity. With a low-deposit $20 amount you are ready to spend at an online casino, you can place the following bets within several rounds:

  • Five red/black bets, $4 each
  • Two red/black, two odd/even, and one 1–18/19–36 bet, $4 each
  • Two red/black bets of $8 each and one $4 bet on Dozens

Medium-risk strategy

Medium-risk LuckyStreak roulette strategy is a good opportunity for newbies who want to try out something bigger or for careful existing players. In this case, players can combine even money bets with some riskier options so that they can hunt for larger wins yet rely on smaller bets to hedge a bit. We’ll recommend combining high-risk bets with large potential like Straight-Up with variations like black/red bets. Let’s consider the $50 bankroll for this case:

  • One Straight-Up bet worth $20, one Column $10 bet, one $10 odd/even bet, and one $10 red/black bet per round
  • Two Straight-Up bets worth $10 each, one Corner $10 bet, one $10 red/black bet, and one $10 1–18/19–36 bet per round
  • One $10 Street bet, one $10 Dozen bet, one $10 Straight-Up, and one $20 odd/even bet

High-risk strategy 

High rollers playing LuckyStreak casino online roulette games with dealers will appreciate the all-or-nothing approach. Here, you can focus on the highest winning potential and be prepared for higher risks since the odds here are the lowest. In this case, we’ll avoid less risky bets to place each and every chip only on positions which can let you get the most of the round when you are lucky to win. Here are the 3 examples for a $100 bet:

  • Four different Straight-Up bets, $25 each
  • Two Straight-Up bets, one Split, one Street, $25 each
  • All inside bets (Straight-Up, Split, Street, Corner, Line), $20 each

About the LuckyStreak provider

The LuckyStreak gambling supplier was established in 2014 with a full focus on live software, so LuckyStreak live casino solutions are all innovative and professional. The company can afford high-quality streams for their own studio, which is one more advantage. Ady Totah, CEO and co-founder of LuckyStreak, states that ‘The key factors in the growth of the sector are internet access, bandwidths and mobile phones’, so you can be sure that your cross-platform experience will be top-tier. 

Such conditions are provided thanks to a comprehensive collection of essential streaming gear, spanning from top-tier cameras and microphones to advanced monitors and lighting setups. LuckyContent is the other brand’s project connected with casino content aggregation, so it also deals with 2500+ slots, and this activity provides the company with an even deeper understanding of the gambling industry. The same can be said about its partnership with iGaming giants like Fugaso, Hacksaw Gaming, and Betsoft. The brand’s ‘Live to play live’ slogan displays LuckyStreak’s attitude to its software and players.

Licensing & safety

LuckyStreak review should cover the safety issue as well. That’s why it’s worth mentioning the company’s current licensing. It’s regulated by Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection Republic of Latvia and holds the iTechLab certificate which guarantees that the software has been audited by an independent third party. The head office is also based in Riga, Latvia, as well as the company’s 1500-square-metre studio with high-grade video and sound equipment.

Academy for dealers

An interesting fact about the LuckyStreak professional team is that the company has its own Latvian Live presenters academy for real dealers and other employees. Undergoing the intensive 3-month training before starting the work is a must for new dealers to understand the rules, mechanical skills, and how to interact with players to keep everyone involved. Moreover, LuckyStreak live casino studio employees are required to return to the academy at least once a year to upgrade their skills, learn about new tendencies, and meet up with the high standards of the company. Due to this, gamblers enjoy not only excellent mechanics but also great real-dealer interaction when playing live roulette by LuckyStreak.

Other LuckyStreak games

Real dealer roulette online games from LuckyStreak are a big part of the brand’s portfolio. However, you can play LuckyStreak games of other types as well. It has several live blackjack variations, including the ones with side bets, and some baccarat live games. Its services for other companies in the gambling sector include customisation, management, and promotions, so the company launched LuckyConnect, LuckyDedicated, and Lucky Land-Based products in addition to its software.

Roulette live LuckyStreak on mobile

The LuckyStreak casino supplier combines premium video broadcast with the latest web technology. Due to the cloud-native approach, the streams are available 24/7 and with high availability (99.9% uptime) on multiple devices. The system considers any device and bandwidth constraints to adjust the video stream accordingly. When you want to place a real money bet, be it cryptocurrency or fiat, in live roulette, you can use any mobile gadget for this. The operating system can be iOS or Android, depending on what you prefer the most. At any rate, you’ll watch the same studio, access the same betting table, and use the standard chips you could see on desktops.

Live Roulette by LuckyStreak: tips for gamblers

The LuckyStreak provider created a range of helpful tools for gameplay analysis, such as statistical details with different additional options. In addition, you can rely on certain strategies from above. To enjoy your LuckyStreak live casino games and make sure that your experience is safe, you can use several tips from this list:

  • Don’t focus on side bets
    Be careful with side bets since their promising potential is always connected with higher risks, so newcomers or players with a small bankroll should better focus on even money roulette bets (eg. red/black)
  • Double-check the odds
    Make sure to check the game’s odds since in some cases, they are non-standard, like in the case of Lightning Roulette by Evolution where Straight Up bets pay only 29:1 instead of the standard 35:1
  • Always play responsibly
    Whether you are a careful player with a small bankroll or a high roller, you should always consider responsible gambling terms since any real money bet is associated with risks you need to consider
  • Pick trustworthy casinos
    On this page, our team has listed the best LuckyStreak online casino sites which have live roulette games from this provider, don’t feature suspicious terms, and offer varied payment options, including Bitcoin
  • Check the game’s statistics
    LuckyStreak has a convenient statistical section for its live roulette games. Though you can’t 100% rely on previous results since the further games can be different, you can still use this data for analysis
  • Don’t overstate bonuses
    Though an additional amount added to your balance sounds attractive, casino bonuses don’t work exactly like this, especially when we are talking about live dealer games where the wager can exceed 500x

Alternative live roulette games

LuckyStreak roulette games are perfect, but you can easily find some more live dealer games of this kind via the Play’Em Live rating and our reviews. This can be useful for players who want to try out new features, experience a new interface, or simply have even more fun. Some of these roulette games are standard, while others can offer special options like slot machine elements or huge extra multipliers. Here are some popular roulette live dealer games to consider.

Sizzling Hot Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming

This quite unusual live roulette variation was launched by Extreme Live Gaming. It’s a blend of a standard European Roulette version and the well-known Sizzling Hot slot with traditional vibes. Of course, it’s also streamed by a live dealer, which doubles the excitement. When the round begins, not only the roulette wheel but also the mini-slot reel spin. When the ball stops on a roulette wheel, you find out the winning position and find the winning symbol (eg. Sevens pay 80:1) on that slot. To win from the slot, gamblers place Sizzling Hot side bets.

Quantum Roulette by Playtech

This online casino live roulette game is from Playtech, and you can play for real money, considering the betting range of $0.10 to $2000 per round. Basically, it’s a standard European roulette game hosted by a real dealer. You can place even-money bets or choose other variations with a larger potential. But this game is with a twist, so the Quantum multiplier within each round can multiply your Straight Up bet by 50x to 500x when you bet on this number and it’s displayed on the screen behind the dealer.

Live Roulette by Visionary iGaming

Visionary iGaming, also known as ViG, is a strong B2B provider of live dealer solutions for different regions, including LatAm, Europe, and Asia. It boasts 30,000+ real money players per month and over €2.1 billion spent by gamblers per year. Its collection of roulette games includes several variations which are European and American roulette types. In addition to the high-quality stream and various camera angles, the provider boasts a community chat and game history for Sectors, Hot/Cold, Odd/Even, and Red/Black numbers.

Lightning Roulette by Evolution

This popular live online roulette has not only cool mechanics and a high stream quality but also a great bonus in addition to standard bets. As well as in the case of Quantum Roulette by Playtech, players can count on extra multipliers when betting on a certain number (Straight-Up bet, eg. the bet on number 10). It’s a big advantage when your stake can be multiplied by 50x to 500x, but keep in mind that basically, the Straight-Up bet brings only 30:1, compared to the standard 35:1 in other games.

Live Roulette by Vivo Gaming

Being launched in 2004, Vivo Gaming is an experienced and trustworthy live dealer supplier for online casinos with SBC, EGR B2B, and other awards. It’s not only a desktop but also a mobile casino provider, so you can be sure that all its roulette games are cross-platform. The range of roulette live dealer games by Vivo Gaming includes European, Spanish, Auto, and French variations. Due to 4HD robotic cameras and multiview video mixing, these games are catchy and immersive, which allows gamblers to enjoy an even more realistic atmosphere.

Top 7 reasons to play LuckyStreak live roulette

The vendor is serious about delivering high-quality live games, which is displayed in the company’s routine work, standards, communication with players, and lots of other details. That’s why these games are so popular at top real-money online casinos. Here are the main factors making roulette live LuckyStreak games so outpacing:

  1. Large innovative studio equipped with state-of-the-art video hardware
  2. Superb in-house video broadcasting solutions
  3. The interface supports 12 languages and is based on extensive user behaviour and UX research
  4. Managers monitor, evaluate, and record live streams to always control and improve the process and provide 24/7 customer support with any game
  5. Dealers are professionally educated and regularly upgrade their skills in the company’s academy
  6. Real-time chat functionality enables gamblers to interact both with the dealer and other users in real time
  7. Due to the LuckyStreak Live Roulette Software API, any number of players can play simultaneously

Who will like Roulette Live LuckyStreak?

Roulette live games from LuckyStreak are high-quality and engaging, not to mention the company’s reputation and novelties in gameplay. But the library is somewhat limited and can’t boast innovative solutions compared to brands like Evolution, so players searching for roulette live games with elements of live shows and extra features like multipliers of up to 500x or even higher may find this catalogue somewhat boring. Plus, the provider doesn’t have American Roulette for now (though its too high house edge makes this version less popular). However, an interesting solution offered by the brand is its range of games based on streams from real land-based casinos since not many providers can offer anything of this kind. Thus, live roulette from LuckyStreak is for the fans of classic table games software with real dealers of really high quality.

Where to play LuckyStreak roulette?

On this page, you can find not only a full guide to playing LuckyStreak live dealer roulette, including top strategies, tips, warnings, and payout potential calculations but also a rating of top online casinos which have these games and can suit even the most demanding players. The main advantages making these operators attractive are licensing, focus on live dealer games, convenient filters and navigation tools for all devices, transparent terms, fast payouts, and professional support managers. After picking the right site for yourself, you can deposit via popular methods, including crypto casino transactions, and get started in a few minutes. These operators are quick to process cashouts and provide charge-free withdrawals for most payment options.

Live Roulette LuckyStreak review: conclusion

LuckyStreak did a great job when working on its live dealer casino games. Though the range of live roulette variations isn’t massive, compared to the Evolution’s library, players will still easily find an available table and enjoy an intuitive interface, user-friendly design, varied multi-camera angles, and HD video streams of high quality yet adjustable to the current internet connection and device. Due to this online live roulette LuckyStreak review, you can find out what betting range suits you the most, choose top online gambling sites with this software, and pick a preferred roulette real dealer strategy depending on your bankroll and gameplay style.

Other games by Lucky Streak