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Blackjack live Table Game by xpg Details

🎰 Software: Xprogaming
📲 Play on Mobile: Android
💰 Bet Limits: €5 - €500
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Turkish
💬 Live Chat: No
🌎 Studio Location: Bulgaria, Moldova
🎲 Game type: Table game, Blackjack

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Blackjack live Table Game by xpg Review

Blackjack is one of the best table games in the industry. It has transitioned from being a favourite to many players in land-based casinos to becoming a well-followed title at many online casinos. But the game has since grown into a more compelling activity similar to what you have at physical casinos. Specifically, many software providers have come up with live versions of blackjack, which provide all the fun and entertainment players need. The idea of live blackjack is to remove the distractions you may face in playing at a brick-and-mortar casino while you play at any place and time.

To this end, Xpro Gaming has focused on creating a range of live dealer games, including live blackjack. The company has a few live blackjack titles in its collection. All the in-house actions take place in two studios in Moldova and Bulgaria and are presented in compelling graphics for your satisfaction. 

In this review, we shed light on who XPro Gaming is, what they do, their live blackjack offerings, and how to play live blackjack. We also dissect the rules of the game and explain various odds and game features like side bets and bets behind. In addition, you’ll find useful tips to improve your chances at live blackjack at the best XPro Gaming casinos.

About XPro Gaming

Xpro Gaming (XPG) is a live games developer headquartered in Slovakia, with offices in Moldova and Bulgaria, where the games are streamed. XPG has been in the industry since 2005, which makes it a well-known brand in the iGaming landscape. For many years, the company provided content mainly for the Asian market, offering titles in English and other popular languages in Asia. Currently, XPG serves the European and Asian markets, with some operators offering their games in African countries as well.

All XPG live titles are designed with HTML5 technology, making them suitable for play on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The company’s studios boast ultramodern equipment that makes it possible for all games to be presented in HD, with cutting-edge audiovisuals.

Card ranking in live blackjack

The cards you see at live blackjack have distinct values. If you wish to play for real money, one of the fundamental steps you should take is understanding the value of those cards. Card values determine your moves at the table and the right time to make those moves.

Notably, all XPro Gaming live blackjack games are played with six decks; each deck has 52 cards. Joker cards are not present. Cards 2 to 10 have the exact value appearing on them. That is, each time you have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10, the card is counted as the number on it. However, should you get the King, Queen or Jack, any of this is counted as 10. Meanwhile, the Ace card is counted as 1 or 11. For instance, If you have a King and an Ace, the Ace is counted as 11 – which gives you a Blackjack. But with an initial hand value of 15, if you draw another card and get an Ace, the Ace is counted as 1, giving you 16.  The Ace card is thus very important as it has two value options, any of which can help you win the game round.

Live blackjack hands

Like all table games, the hands in live blackjack depend on the cards you are dealt. These hands fall into three simple categories: Natural, Soft or Hard. These categories often determine your winning chances and are always based on the card value.

A Natural hand in blackjack involves having an Ace and a 10-value card. This is the strongest hand in blackjack, as it guarantees a win unless the dealer has the same. Unfortunately, pairing your ace with any 10-value card (King, Queen, or Joker) is also one of the rarest combinations in blackjack.

A Soft hand is the next best hand you can get in this game. The soft hand comes from pairing an Ace with any other card. Since Aces generally count as 11 or 1, the value of your card depends on the dealer’s hand or your next card. For example, If you get an Ace and a Seven, the value can either be a soft 18 or an Eight. A soft hand is beneficial because it is flexible enough to counter the dealer’s hand. 

The hard hand may or may not contain an Ace. This hand is not as flexible as the soft hand and can function fully without any Aces. And when it contains an Ace, the Ace is counted as 1. This is because counting it as 11 will result in a bust. Unlike soft hands that encourage you to make flexible choices, your choices with hard hands are limited by the card value. 

XPro Gaming live blackjack game interface

The XPG live blackjack game interface recreates a land-based casino experience. The studio design and game interface offer an interactive experience that maintains similar quality across desktop and mobile devices.

Video feed and settings

XPG runs a variety of live blackjack games, and they all have excellent video coverage and viewing options. The game generally has a lobby of about five blackjack tables operated by different dealers. The video in each game offers a quality view of the selected table to show the cards, their values and the available side bets. 

XPro Gaming live blackjack offers different video quality, allowing you to move from HD to high or low-quality feeds depending on your internet connection strength or viewing preference. All XPG live blackjack games also have the fullscreen option in the desktop and mobile browser versions to give you an immersive experience.

The game setting tabs are available at the top right corner of every game screen, and they contain options like the game info, where you find the player’s details, the name of the dealer, the table range, the last results, and game history. Other tabs, including the game rules and control options for video quality and sound settings, are also in the menu at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Studio setup

All XPG live blackjack games have interactive studio background setups. Depending on the blackjack option, you may get a fireside background, a colourful backdrop or a wide casino floor where you can see other tables in the background. The studios are well-lit to suit the background perfectly.  

The tables in most XPG live blackjack titles have similar seven-seat variations, but XPG Unlimited Blackjack allows more than seven players at the same table. Each table has different inscriptions, such as the Blackjack and Insurance payouts and the dealer’s hit-and-draw rules. These inscriptions are pretty much the same as in most blackjack games – virtual or live.

Betting area

The seven seats on each table are usually open to all qualified players. You can join any table by selecting it in the lobby and clicking the “+” to take a seat at the table. The XPG Classic Blackjack titles mark the occupied seats with the first letter of the player’s username, but this does not apply to the Unlimited Blackjack. There are no marked seats in XPG Unlimited Blackjack because the game is open to infinite players. However, all XPro Gaming blackjack games allow players to use the Bet Behind option even when they don’t occupy any seat at the table.

The betting round lasts 8 seconds, after which each bet’s value appears as a chip above each player’s name on the table. There is a window at the bottom left corner of the screen to help you keep track of your bet, balance, and last win. 

One notable feature of the XPG live blackjack is that you can play in multiple tables at once. Pressing the “+Table” option at the bottom right corner of the screen takes you back to the lobby, where you can see all available tables and open a table to join.

Bet limits

The bet limits for each XPG live blackjack game are pinned at the top of the games in the lobby. These limits differ with the games, but the minimum bet you can place in most XPG Classic Blackjack is $5 or equivalent in other currencies. This minimum changes with the game title, reducing to $1 in Unlimited Blackjack and going as high as $25 in the XPG High Blackjack variation.

The maximum in these live blackjack games also varies with the titles. The maximum in Unlimited Blackjack and Live Blackjack is currently $500, while others range from $1000 to $5000.

The limit for side bets is consistent across all XPG live blackjack games, allowing players to bet at least $1 but not more than $20 per round.

Cards replacement

All XPro Gaming live blackjack tables have two plastic card shoes. The dealer draws new cards from the card shoe to the dealer’s left and deals them. Meanwhile, used cards are put into the card shoe situated to the dealer’s right. The unused cards are removed after the cut card is reached.  

Betting options

XPro Gaming live blackjack titles maintain an interactive design that allows you to navigate the game options seamlessly. The betting features allow you to place bets, double your bets or even remove your bets within the 8-second betting period.

During the brief betting time at the start of every game, a couple of chips appear in the centre of the screen to show your betting options. These chips may appear between $1 to $200 or $500, depending on the XPG blackjack variation you are playing.  Some other options also appear around the chips to help your betting options.

One of the betting features in XPG live blackjack is the Undo option. This feature appears on the left side of the chips, allowing you to cancel your bets before the end of the 8 seconds. The other feature you find is the x2 option, allowing you to double your bet without clicking the chips. This feature multiplies your bets two times their original value, but it cannot exceed the bet limit for that game. 

You can also undo the multiplied bet by clicking the undo option. Holding “Undo” down is a good way to clear out all your multiplied bets and start over. When you are satisfied with the bets you have placed, press the Deal button to confirm the bet and start playing. It is important to note that these betting features are only available for the 8-second period at the beginning of every round, and you cannot participate in that round unless you put your bet and press the “deal” button within the eight seconds.

Live Blackjack dealer rules

Some rules are applicable to the dealer across all XPG games. You also see these rules on the game table, so you can easily keep them in mind during action. This section takes a detailed look at those dealer rules at XPG live blackjack.

Players’ actions come first

After the dealer deals cards, players are allowed to make a decision and act on it. By the blackjack rules, the dealer can only perform any other action on the table after completing the player’s hands. The dealer must wait for each player to take their actions before moving to the next person at the table. For example, after all moves by players, the dealer can then reveal the face-down card. And the dealer’s next move depends on the value of the revealed card.        

Dealer draws on 16 and stands on 17

This is one of the rules clearly written on the blackjack table. When the dealer has a hand value of 16, they must draw another card to reach at least 17. When the dealer has 17, they must stand on it and will not draw any other card.

Live Blackjack’s main objective

The goal of every blackjack player is to win the game, and this is only possible when you understand the game objective. XPro Gaming live blackjack all have the same rules, gameplay and outcome: for the dealer or players to have higher card value than the other without exceeding 21. This objective means that you can win any blackjack game if you have the higher card value or if the dealer goes bust. When you play XPro Gaming Blackjack, the goal should be to maintain any strategy that allows you to stay ahead of the dealer without going bust.

Live blackjack hands

As stated earlier, winning a blackjack hand requires a strategy that helps you stay ahead of the dealer, and there is no better strategy than having a blackjack hand. The blackjack hand is also called Natural, and it is the best hand you can get blackjack. The natural is a combination of an Ace and a 10-value card. This combination gives you a total of 21, the ultimate blackjack value. The blackjack round ends for a player when that player has a blackjack. If the dealer has an Ace and a player has a blackjack, XPG blackjack titles allow the player to select the Even Money payout option. When you go for this option, you’ll receive a 1:1 payout (instead of 3:2) 

How To Play XPG live blackjack

XPG live blackjack games are some of the most popular options because they are extremely easy to play. To play these games for real money, you only need to join an online casino that offers XPro Gaming live casino titles. It is also essential that the casino meets your preferences in payment options, rich promotions for live dealer games, customer support, and other factors you prefer in a live gaming platform.

Create a player account

While some mobile casinos may allow you to start playing the games without registration, real-money XPro Gaming casinos require basic registration. You must fill in your personal information, like your name, email address, or any other required detail before you can enjoy the best gambling options.

Make a deposit

To enjoy these rich XPG live blackjack options, you must make real-money deposits into your casino account. Go to the Payment or Account section and select a convenient deposit option. Several betting sites offer different payment options, from fiat payment through bank transfers, eWallets and credit//debit cards to crypto options like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is important to register with casinos that support instant payment. The best online casinos use payment methods that will process your deposit and fund your wallet instantly. Making these deposits is also beneficial because some casinos allow their players to enjoy XPro Gaming live games with Bitcoin bonuses and other deposit rewards.

Place your bet

Now that you have secured your place in the casino, locate the XPG live blackjack titles in the live casino collection to start enjoying this exciting live betting experience. Your live casino experience starts in the game lobby with different XPG live blackjack tables. The lobby includes game titles like Live Blackjack, High Blackjack, Unlimited Blackjack or Turkce Blackjack (For Turkish players). Each table will also contain other information like the bet limit, the Dealer’s name and the number of players at each table. Select any table to start playing.

Most XPG blackjack titles have the same seven-seat design, but they are all open for players to participate either directly or through the bet-behind option. Press the “+” to take a vacant space at any table, and wait for the betting period to place your bet. Your username will appear in the space you occupy, and you can see the first letter of every other player’s username.

The dealer announces the end of every round and tells players to place their bets for the next round. As stated earlier, XPG live blackjack titles have an 8-second betting period, so you must place your bets within that time and ensure the bet is within the defined limit. To place your bet, select any chip that meets your preferred bet value on the blackjack table. Fortunately, you can place two or more bets on each table. You can also play at more than one table at the same time.

Bet Behind

Like most live blackjack options, all XPG titles offer the Bet Behind option. This feature lets you place your bet on another player’s hand at the table. Bet Behind is a great option for when the table is full or when you don’t feel confident about your winning chances. 

This Bet Behind feature lets you place your bet on any other player’s hand. You can also bet behind multiple players at the table, and this improves your winning chance. Unfortunately, this feature does not give you any control over your winning chances. The player decides when to Double Down, Hit or Stand, and you have to follow their decisions.

Player blackjack decisions

The goal in blackjack is for you to have a higher card value than the dealer without exceeding 21. You might be lucky to win the round after the dealer deals out the two cards, but that is not always the case. The decisions you make in a blackjack round will affect your winning chances, so it is important to know your options. Let’s explore the choices you can make in a live blackjack game.


This is the most delicate decision you can make in a blackjack game. XPG blackjack games represent the Hit option with a green (+) on your username after the dealer distributes the cards. Choosing to Hit means you want the dealer to deal you one more card to boost your card value. Hit is a strategic option when you have a soft hand and are confident that another card will improve your winning chances. However, Hit is quite risky since you can’t predict the next card. If the next card raises your card value over 21, you would lose that round even if the dealer busts, too.


Stand is the satisfied player’s choice in any blackjack game. With this option, you choose to accept the outcome of the next card the dealer would get from the deck. You will not get any additional cards even if other players get more card value. A red slash (-) button on the username represents the Stand option in XPro Gaming blackjack titles.


Split is another helpful blackjack move, but it is also rare. You can only use the Split option when you have two cards of the same value. An example is when the two cards you get from the dealer are both 9. You can split the cards into two hands and let the dealer deal you another set of cards. 

After selecting the Split, you would be considered to have two different hands instead of one. At this point, you have to make two different decisions on the cards. You can choose to Hit one hand and Stand the other. They have two different values, so they don’t affect each other.

One challenge with Split is that the payout is less than your regular blackjack payout. While a single blackjack win should have a 3:2 payout, the payout in Splits is 1:1 per hand.

Double Down

This is the boldest move you can make in any blackjack game. The Double Down option allows you to place an extra wager on your original bet, and this extra must be equal to your original bet. As the name implies, you would be placing Double your original bet for a chance to get more payout.

The interesting part of this move is that you also get an extra card after you place the double bet. Placing a Double Down bet shows that you are confident in your hand value and in the next card you will get from the dealer.


XPG blackjack offers an insurance option bet whenever the dealer gets an Ace as their first card. The insurance bet serves as compensation for the chance that the dealer may have a blackjack.

This insurance bet does not stop you from making other moves like Hit, Stand or Split that affect your win; it only protects against the dealer’s blackjack win. If the dealer gets a blackjack, that is An Ace and a 10-value card, you will get a 2:1 insurance payout against your losses. This insurance bet costs half of your original bet and is only compensation when the dealer wins that round. 

Even Money

Even Money is the rarest option you can get in blackjack games by most providers. This option is only available when you have a Natural and the dealer has an Ace on their first card. Natural is a hand in blackjack where the player has an Ace and a 10-value card. This is automatically a winning hand unless the dealer counters it with another Ace.

The standoff between the player’s natural hand and the dealer’s Ace makes it challenging to decide who wins that round. Where this occurs, the player has the option to select Even Money, allowing them to work away with instant payout. However, the payout ratio for Even Money is 1:1 instead of the usual 3:2 for a blackjack win.

Live blackjack titles by XPro Gaming

XPro Gaming has been offering excellent casino game options since 2005, but the developer’s live blackjack title remains some of the leading live casino games in the industry. Players love XPG blackjack games because they offer unique features, including variation for different player categories, convenient gaming options for low and high rollers, excellent betting features, and consistent payout rates.

XPro Gaming is now more popular than ever with its growing live blackjack variants. These variants maintain the basic features of popular live blackjack categories, Classic and Unlimited blackjack, but they also have special features you won’t find in your regular blackjack games. Let’s explore the leading blackjack titles by XPro Gaming.

Classic Live Blackjack

Classic live blackjack is a typical seven-seater game with a limit on how many persons can place main bets on each round. The best feature of these games is that they also have behind bets that allow any player to get a piece of the action. These live blackjack titles don’t have special requirements or unusual features; any new or experienced blackjack player can play these games without much help.

Game interface

XPro Gaming classic live blackjack titles use simple interfaces that evoke a land-based casino experience. The games all maintain similar casino lobby backgrounds. Some classic titles have beautiful fireside backdrops, while others show the wide casino floor where you can see other tables in the background. A common feature of all classic blackjack titles is the seven-seater table operated by dealers who guide players through each round. It is a semicircular table with a card scanner and card shoe to the dealer’s left. There’s also another card shoe to the dealer’s right, where the used cards are placed. The scanner ensures an accurate display of the players’ and dealer’s card values.


Playing live blackjack is similar to playing blackjack games at a brick-and-mortar casino. Each game starts with an 8-second betting period where the players make their bets. It is important to note that while all live blackjack games are only open to 7 players, players who cannot secure a seat at the table can still place Bets Behind the seated players. 

At the end of this betting period, the dealer deals two initial cards to each player and then to themselves. After the initial card deals, the dealer makes inquiries across the table, asking the players what move they would like to make. You can select any of the four options we discussed: Hit, Stand, Split, or Double Down, depending on the value of your cards. When all players have made their moves, the dealer will draw another card to raise their value to 17 or more. The value of the cards drawn by the dealer will determine whether you have won or lost that round.

Bet limits and side bets

Classic Blackjack games offer more than an interactive gaming experience; their players also get fair winning chances. The bets in these titles range from $1 to $5000, making it open to all kinds of players, but the bet limit is even lower in side bets and Bet Behinds. All XPG blackjack players can enjoy the Behind Bet feature because its minimum bet is $1, while the maximum is $20 across all titles. The side bets also have similar bet limits, starting at $1 but going as high as $5000. 

There are many XPro Gaming live games with Bitcoin. Many XPG casinos allow players to stake Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, such as Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin, among others.

XPG classic live blackjack titles

Classic Blackjack remains the most popular option from XPG; it is simple to play and offers exciting winning chances. We have made brief reviews of some live blackjack titles below. The titles present different features, bet limits, interfaces, chat rooms and dealers for players who wish to play XPro Gaming blackjack for real money.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular XPro Gaming Classic Blackjack titles across Asia and Europe. This low-stake blackjack option is open to all XPG players, allowing them to play with a minimum £1 bet. This popular seven-seater title follows the typical blackjack structure. It admits only seven players for each round but permits Behind Bets and side bets from anyone present at the table. 

High Blackjack

High Blackjack is another exciting XPG live blackjack, but this game is for the more daring players. While High Blackjack maintains the same rules as other Classic Blackjack titles, it also has the highest minimum bet. If you wish to play Xpro Gaming blackjack with high bets, this is a good option for you. You can play with at least $25 at every round while the maximum is $5000. High Blackjack is popular among high rollers because it has higher stakes and brings greater payouts than others.

VIP Blackjack

As its name implies, VIP Blackjack looks like an exclusive blackjack option. The game interface has the Classic Blackjack design with a colourful background and a lower bet limit than the High Blackjack. You can place bets in VIP Blackjack with $20, while the maximum cannot exceed $1500. The rules of this game are the same as other Classic Blackjack titles, and it has the same side bets and Bet Behind options.

Lesa Turkce Blackjack

Lesa Turkce Blackjack games are the most exclusive Classic Blackjack options from XPG. These titles are only available to Turkish players, but the rules and gameplay are the same as other Classic Blackjack games.

Unlimited Blackjack

Unlimited Blackjack is the most popular blackjack title from XPG because it is open to more players than the Classic Blackjack titles. While Unlimited Blackjack maintains the usual XPro Gaming live blackjack interface and the table has a seven-seater design, the rules are quite different in this game.


Unlimited Blackjack is XPro Gaming’s leading multiplayer blackjack option, with unlimited players per round. Like all other XPG live blackjack games, Unlimited Blackjack is played with six decks of 52 cards each. The deck is divided in half by the cut card. There is also just one seat in Unlimited Blackjack, but all players can make their bets on that position. The typical gameplay options like Hit, Stand, Double Down and Split are available in this game. And it doesn’t matter the number of players at the table at any given time – you can always make your decision. 

When the players have a pair of the same value, the dealer automatically splits the cards into two hands and gives the players the chance to play with one or both hands. The hand you select becomes your hand throughout the game, but if you choose to keep playing with both hands, your bet on both hands will be equal to the original bet you placed at the start of the game.

The fold option is a special feature of the Unlimited Blackjack title. Fold allows you to withdraw your bet from the game by forfeiting your hand. This feature is extremely helpful when you are worried about your winning chances, but it has its consequences. Forfeiting your hand with the Fold option comes with a 20% penalty. You will only get 80% of your bet, while the 20% goes to the casino.

Bet limits and side bets

The rules of Unlimited Blackjack and bet limits may be different from the Classic Blackjack titles, but the side bets are still the same. The bet limit in XPro Gaming Unlimited Blackjack is between $1 and $500. There are also some popular side bets in this game, including 21+3, Perfect Pairs, Hot 3, and Bust It. Let’s review these special bets.

Hot 3

The Hot 3 side bet requires you to finish the round with three 7s, for which you receive a 100:1 payout. The side bet also has the suited options for Total Suited 19, 20, or 21 – which pay 1:1, 2:1 and 20:1, respectively. However, there’s the Total 21 Unsuited option, paying 4:1. 

Bust It

Bust in Blackjack means that the dealer’s or player’s hand value has exceeded 21. This is usually a disadvantage to players who bet real money. The Bust It side bet rewards you every time the dealer’s card value exceeds 21 with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 cards. The top payout, of course, is the dealer’s 8-card bust, which pays 250:1, and this is the highest payout in the entire game.  


This is the easiest side bet in any Unlimited Blackjack game. You can win this side bet when the combination of your first two cards and the dealer’s first card form any of these winning combinations:

  • Suited Trips: Three identical cards
  • Straight Flush: Three cards in a numerical sequence and of the same suit
  • Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same value but of different suits
  • Straight: Three cards in a numerical sequence but of different suits
  • Flush: Three non-sequential cards of the same suit

These side bets don’t affect your main bets, but they can create some extra winnings even when you lose the main bet.

Perfect Pairs

The Perfect Pairs side bet requires a two-card combination for three possible outcomes: Perfect Pair, Coloured Pair and Mixed Pair. The respective payouts for these outcomes are 25:1, 12:1 and 5:1.    

Live blackjack tips

Like every other casino game, winning a blackjack game requires a combination of skills and luck. The best tip to win any blackjack game is to spend more time with the games. Practice with the free games before you play for real money.

Another tip is for you to learn the rules of the game. It is important to know the limits of each game, especially the different rules in Classic Blackjack and Unlimited Blackjack. You should also learn to read the card values and use them to your advantage. The card value will help you decide when to Hit, Stand or Double Down without going bust or losing to the dealer.

Live blackjack tips and strategies

Blackjack is mostly a game of luck, but your skills and strategy can improve your winning chances. In fact, skills go a long way in giving you a balanced approach to your gameplay. Some common live blackjack tips include: 

  • Split a pair of Aces and 8s 
  • Double down on a hard 11 
  • Avoid the insurance bet 
  • Double down on 8, or Ace and 2, or Ace and 7 against the dealer’s 5 or 6 initial card 
  • Avoid splitting a pair of 10s and 5s 
  • Hit a soft 18 against the dealer’s Ace, 9 or 10
  • Hit a hard 12 against the dealer’s 2 or 3   

It pays to start your gameplay with small bets and improve when you have gained a solid understanding of the game. By doing this, you won’t lose all your bets during sustained losses.

Some experts recommend that you apply betting strategies like Martingale, Parlay, or Paroli to manage your losses in a blackjack game. These strategies may be helpful when you are trying to cut down on how much you lose, but there is no sure strategy that ensures that you win every round.

Learning a basic strategy is one of the hardest parts of blackjack. Thankfully, there are basic strategy charts you can download from reputable blackjack-focused platforms. After studying the charts exhaustively, you’ll have a good chance of maximising your gameplay at XPro Gaming live casinos.


XPro Gaming has become a leading live game provider in the iGaming sphere. Players across Europe, Asia and Africa enjoy XPG games because they offer an excellent gaming experience through simple design, interactive interface, well-lit studios, and exciting features. XPro Gaming has also earned a reputation for modern game concepts, such as bet behind and side bets. The Classic series maintains different actions for different audiences across similar rules. So, you can always choose the best option regarding bet limits, features, designs and overall game appeal.

Meanwhile, the Unlimited Blackjack title from XPG is also a wonderful title where you can explore all side bets. The Bet Behind feature even makes the game compelling, allowing you to play along with another player. However, the graphics area of XPG games needs to be improved to match the offerings of their competitor brands. And, importantly, to facilitate a better experience for players. Meanwhile, there are many XPro Gaming casinos offering these enticing live blackjack titles. You’ll find the very best of them on this page.

Other games by Xprogaming