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Quantum Roulette
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Quantum Roulette live Table Game by playtech Details

🎰 Software: Playtech
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.10 - $2,000
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Mandarin
💬 Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Latvia, Romania, Philippines, Spain, Belgium
🎲 Game type: Table game, Roulette
💵 RTP: 97.30%

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Quantum Roulette live Table Game by playtech Review

Online casino live games are getting more sophisticated and flashier every day. Primarily, this is because game developers want to diversify their portfolio and deliver unique gambling experiences to gamblers worldwide. In that regard, Playtech is one of these software vendors and its live roulette variant, Quantum Roulette, is as flashy and complex as they come. Quantum Roulette has become a famous rival to Evolution’s Lightning Roulette since they share some similarities, especially concerning the addition of multipliers in live roulette.

With Quantum Roulette Live, one to five random numbers on the quantum auto roulette wheel can receive spontaneous multiplier coefficients of between 50x and 500x in each round. Once these multipliers are assigned, two other random events can occur, further boosting the multipliers on the selected numbers. Therefore, Quantum Roulette can offer more substantial payouts, thus appealing to many players. This Quantum Roulette review will exhaustively describe how the game works, the types of bets involved, the game interface, and the rules. In addition, we’ll explore how to play Quantum Roulette Live, gambling strategies, and the best online live casinos with Quantum Roulette.

What is Quantum Roulette?

Don’t let the term intimidate you; this live casino game isn’t about quantum mechanics or physics. So, even those without knowledge of quantum theory can enjoy this game. Quantum Roulette from Playtech is an RNG-powered live dealer game released in 2019. It’s the first title in the Quantum series of games from Playtech. The game is hosted in a flashy, top-of-the-line studio with a quantum auto roulette wheel at the centre and a TV-style presenter. We didn’t say live dealer because, in the live game, all the game proceedings are fully automated, from spinning the roulette wheel and dropping the roulette ball to the assignment of multipliers.

Playtech Quantum Roulette was fashioned from the popular European Roulette version. However, while there may be many similarities between these two variations, the integration of multipliers in Live Quantum Roulette makes it more entertaining and thrilling. These multipliers are randomly assigned by the RNG (random number generator) software, and the Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap features could amplify the multipliers further up to a maximum of 500x. That means players can potentially enjoy massive payouts. Nevertheless, the catch is that these multipliers are only assigned to straight-up bets, and winning straight-up bets without multipliers pays less than the standard roulette payout.

Quantum Roulette game rules

So, how does Quantum Roulette work? We must first learn its rules to understand how the live game works. As mentioned above, it was coined from the standard European roulette version. As such, Quantum Roulette rules are pretty much the same, bar a few modifications. Therefore, in Quantum Roulette, you’ll find the same types of bets, inside and outside, plus other special bets (to be covered later). The goal is to win by predicting where the ball will settle after the roulette wheel is spun. Now, since Live Quantum Roulette features multipliers, the idea is the same, but you aim at acquiring any of the applied multipliers.

During each round, the RNG algorithm spontaneously selects between one and five numbers on the roulette wheel and awards them with multipliers. These multipliers range between 50x and 500x and come in increments of 50x (100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 400x) up to 500x. The selected quantum multiplier numbers will always be displayed on the game screen.

Live Quantum Roulette multipliers

In addition to these quantum multipliers, occasionally, two special events can occur that amplify the quantum multipliers even more:

  • Quantum Boost: When this feature is triggered, some or all of the multipliers awarded during that round are boosted by 50x up to a 500x maximum.
  • Quantum Leap: This is not the famous time-travelling TV show. However, if this special event occurs, some or all of the assigned multipliers on that game round doubled or tripled up to a 500x maximum multiplier.

You can place any bet type in Quantum Roulette Live, but quantum multipliers can only boost straight-up bets. This also includes straight-up bets placed in the available special bet types (Orphelins, Voisins, etc.). Usually, quantum multipliers are awarded after you’ve placed your bets and after betting time has elapsed, but before the wheel is spun. So, you just hope that one of your selected numbers is assigned a multiplier. For instance, suppose you placed your chips on number 26 on the betting board, and this number was awarded a 100x multiplier. In that case, if the roulette ball lands on the 26-labelled pocket after the wheel is spun, this quantum multiplier will be applied to your winnings.

Please note that the quantum multiplier will replace the regular straight-up bet payout of 29:1 in Quantum Roulette instead of the standard 35:1 in European Roulette. Therefore, in this case, you’ll receive a 99:1 payout (plus your stake back to make it 100) and not 100 x 29:1. Notably, the reduced straight-up payout was incorporated in the game to compensate for the losses of the house due to the multipliers.

Roulette wheel

Like the standard European Roulette, Quantum Roulette Live employs a single-zero (0) wheel layout with 37 pockets as opposed to the 38 slots in American Roulette with two zeros: single (0) and double zero (00). However, Quantum Roulette’s wheel isn’t operated by the dealer; it’s automated (Slingshot Wheel). The wheel uses advanced motors, lasers, and compressed air, allowing automatic spinning and releasing the roulette ball on the wheel. Due to this automation technology, the quantum auto roulette wheel is regularly adjusted and monitored to ensure wheel balance and avoid bias.

This is the exact wheel technology used in auto-roulette versions. So, in some respect, Quantum Roulette can be said to be auto roulette. As said, the Quantum Roulette has 37 pockets numbered 1-36 (with red and black colours) and a zero-numbered pocket (in green). The wheel is usually spun clockwise in one round and anti-clockwise in the following round. The roulette ball, on the other hand, moves in the opposite direction of the wheel.

Quantum Roulette game interface

You can enjoy Quantum Roulette in instant play via a desktop or mobile casino- no download needed. Whichever the device, you’ll enjoy smooth gameplay as the live game has an intuitive UI, and you can easily access game features like stats, betting limits, video settings, etc. Here are the features you’ll see when you launch the game. Notably, there’s no Quantum Roulette demo version, but you can open the game and watch the game proceedings.

Live studio setup

Quantum Roulette is a Sci-Fi-themed live game, and when you launch it, the first thing you’ll see before the actual studio is a quantum vortex (spiral). Afterwards, when the game loads, you’ll see a state-of-the-art studio in a dark and blue décor and flashing lights. At the centre of the studio, there’s a giant Slingshot auto roulette wheel. The wheel is automated, as mentioned, and the presenter doesn’t operate it at any point. When you start real money betting, you’ll get a complete view of the studio.

Behind the presenter, there’s a massive gate, which opens after the betting period ends to display the selected multipliers and the special number (s) involved. Once the quantum multipliers are shown, the live roulette wheel will be spun, the ball will be launched, and you’ll get a close-up view of the spinning wheel until the ball lands on the winning number. Finally, the quantum gate will close, and the process will start again.

Video feed and settings

On the left upper corner of the main game screen, you can tap the menu icon and scroll down to the video, game, and audio settings. Regarding video quality, you can only switch between low, which will reduce the size of the studio screen, and high, which changes the size to normal. With the audio, you can use the slide bar to increase or decrease the studio and game sounds or use the primary volume adjuster to reduce or mute the game sounds entirely. Finally, you can modify the game’s settings to suit your preferences by checking or unchecking the welcome screen, winner’s list, and statistics on map boxes to activate or deactivate them.

Also, from the same menu icon, you can click the Change Nickname button to modify your username during the game. If it’s your first time playing Quantum Roulette Live for real money, you can change it from the default nickname (Player8702137356, for example) to your preferred name. That way, when you chat with the presenter, they mention your name to make the game more realistic. You’ll find the live chat box on the upper-right section of the screen. Moreover, you can click the history icon to view your previous bets and results or tap the help icon (?) to view the Quantum Roulette rules, odds and payouts table, how to play for real money, etc.

Betting limits

When joining a live table, there are betting limits you must stick to. With Playtech Quantum Roulette Live, you can view the table limits sheet by clicking the “Table Limits” button located on the left of the game screen, just below the menu icon. Since roulette has a variety of bet options, you can expect varying wager limits for these bets. The table limits section will always display the precise thresholds. However, with Quantum Roulette, you can always play with as little as $0.10 up to a maximum of $2000 per spin.

Still, these ranges may vary depending on the Playtech online casino. For example, some online casino sites may offer maximum betting limits of more than $3000, ideal for high rollers. In the case of crypto casinos, these limits are more or less the same when converted to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You can always view your bankroll balance and the total bet amount per round on the bottom left section of the game interface.

Betting area

At the bottom centre of the screen, when you play Quantum Roulette Live, is the betting section, where you’ll see a betting board and racetrack on the left side of the betting board. Both of these betting sections represent the numbers on the roulette wheel. The betting board is the most popular among roulette players, and it’s divided into three sections: 1st 12 alongside Even and Low (1-18) betting boxes, 2nd 12 with Red and Black boxes, and 3rd 12 with Odd and High (19-36) betting boxes. Also, you can use the racetrack to place Neighbour bets like Voisins, Orphelins, etc.

When playing for real money, you simply choose the betting chip of your ideal value from $0.20 up to $2000 from the section on the bottom right of the screen and click on any number (s) or spots on the betting board to place your bets. Below the betting board, you’ll find the (x2) button, which allows you to double your bet up to your preferred limit, and an undo button to clear your recent bets. If you press and hold this undo button, you remove your entire wagers on the board. Moreover, you’ll find a Rebet button that allows you to repeat the exact bets as in your previous round.

Live game statistics

Quantum Roulette from Playtech has several stats you can study if you’re one to examine game statistics. You’ll find the most recent spin results up to the last 12 game rounds on the bottom right. This might not help you much, but clicking the “Statistics” icon on the left sidebar menu will reveal the statistics of up to the last 1000 rounds. Here, you can view the percentage hit of every type of bet, from red/black and odd/even to even the special roulette bets. Of course, that’s not as profound as you’d like since players would fancy viewing more accurate records of previous rounds.

For that reason, Playtech created a Results panel just below the statistics icon. Clicking the Results menu will open a small window with the winning numbers and their quantum multipliers (if any) for the last 500 rounds. In addition, below the Results panel, you can click the Chart icon to display the hot and cold numbers. The hot numbers are on the left side of the chart, denoted by a red flame, and the cold numbers are on the right, indicated by an ice symbol. The chart at the centre contains all the numbers on the roulette wheel.

  • Hot numbers: In Live Quantum Roulette, these are the numbers or pockets where the ball has frequently landed after the wheel is spun. On the betting board, these numbers have a faded red flame underneath.
  • Cold numbers: On the contrary, these are numbered pockets that haven’t won across many spins. These numbers have an ice symbol beneath them on the betting board.

These hot and cold numbers and the game statistics in general help players to learn any trends in the results, thus helping them to make more educated or informed gambling decisions. Combining these stats and some Quantum Roulette strategies can help players boost their winning chances. Notably, you can place your ideal Quantum Roulette bets directly from these statistics panels.

Bet Creator and LuckyDip features

These are services integrated by Playtech to help players save time on placing bets while playing Quantum Roulette. With the Bet Creator (located below the betting racetrack), you can select your desired wagers from the betting board or racetrack and your ideal bet amount and save them. The saved wager will appear in your favourite bets section, allowing you to place these bets quickly before the betting period ends. For instance, instead of placing chips on each straight-up position on the roulette betting board during each round, you can use the Bet Creator feature to save this bet option and just click “Place Bet” from the Bet Creator window to instantly bet on all the straight-up numbers.

If you want to save another bet, you can update it on the existing one or save it as a new bet. The LuckyDip feature (next to the Bet Creator) will help if you’re undecided on which straight-up bets to make. When you use this feature, several bets on random straight-up positions will be made for you simultaneously. The number of straight-up positions will depend on your LuckyDip options: Lucky 5, Lucky 7, and Lucky 8, placing 5, 7, and 8 straight-up bets, respectively. Clicking the LuckyDip feature twice will place an additional eight straight-up bets if you select the Lucky 8 option.

How to play Quantum Roulette Live

To play Quantum Roulette Live for real money, you must find a top live online casino offering the complete catalogue of Playtech online casino games. Fortunately, you’ll find a list of the best live casinos on this page, accepting players from many jurisdictions worldwide. Our recommended online live casino sites are already vetted to be secure, licenced, and reliable. Therefore, simply jump straight into creating an account by providing personal data like DOB, mobile number, passphrase, email address, name, preferred currency, address, etc. Afterwards, follow the below procedure to play for real money:

Fund your new account

Online casinos don’t usually offer Quantum Roulette demo play or any play-for-fun mode for all live casino games, for that matter. However, you can log in and watch the game proceedings without participating. Thus, you must deposit funds into your new account to play and enjoy real money winnings. Find the cashier’s section or click the Deposit button, choose your ideal payment method, enter your preferred deposit amount, and complete the transaction. The funds should appear in your bankroll balance immediately.

Launch Quantum Roulette Live

The next step is to launch Quantum Roulette Live from Playtech. To do so, go to your chosen online casino’s live casino/games section and find the game. Alternatively, you can use the search filter and type “Quantum Roulette” to quickly find the live game. So, click the Quantum Roulette game tile to launch and start playing.

Place your preferred bets

Suppose you launch the game and find an ongoing round. In that case, you must wait until that round ends to begin a new one. The presenter will announce, “bets are open,” and you can start betting. You’ll have 20 seconds to place your bet (s). Here’s the betting procedure:

  • Choose your betting amount by selecting your ideal chip denominations from the bottom right of the game screen. The minimum is $0.10 per spin.
  • Next, click on any spot (s) on the betting board or any bet type on the racetrack. Since Quantum Roulette Live has diverse bet options, you can place as many bets as you wish in a single round as long as your bankroll allows it.
  • Lastly, when the betting period ends, the presenter will announce “no more bets,” indicating you cannot place any more bets. To save betting time, we recommend using the Bet Creator feature to save your favourite bets and access them instantly when needed.

Afterwards, the next phase will begin.

The quantum multipliers round

After your bets are accepted, the presenter will announce, “Gates are Open,” and you’ll see a virtual gate opening in the background. Next, random quantum multipliers will be revealed in the studio from inside the gate, and these multipliers will also appear on the betting map/board in their corresponding straight-up positions. The RNG algorithm randomly selects the quantum multipliers, which reach up to 500x and their respective quantum numbers. Remember, only up to five numbers can receive quantum multipliers in a single round, and only straight-up bets qualify for the quantum multiplier payouts. From time to time, the Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap events may occur to enhance the multipliers in some or all of the multiplier numbers in that round.

Afterwards, the Quantum Live Roulette wheel will start spinning (clockwise and anti-clockwise in alternating fashion each round), and then the ball will be launched. The winning number is whichever pocket number the ball lands on the spinning auto roulette wheel. If this winning number had quantum multipliers attached, all players who had bet on the pocket number would receive corresponding multiplier payouts. 

If the winning number didn’t have a quantum multiplier, players with a wager on that number would receive the standard Quantum Roulette straight-up bet payout, 29:1. Also, all other winning bets like high/low, odd/even, etc., will be paid out accordingly. The next round will then commence, and you can repeat your previous round’s bets or try others.

Types of bets in Live Quantum Roulette

Despite adding multipliers in Quantum Roulette, the gameplay rules and bet options remain the same as in a standard European Roulette table. However, Quantum Roulette offers a few more betting options. Usually, players can access the primary inside and outside bets, which represent the inner and outer sections of the roulette betting map. Both of these primary bet options have other bet options sub-divisions. In addition to these main bet types, you’ll find other special bets like Orphelins, Zero, etc., in Quantum Roulette Live. Here’s an exhaustive review of these types of bets.

Outside bets

These bets appear on the outer-most section of the numbered roulette betting map/board. Generally, these bets involve wagering on the colours and a range of numbers on the betting grid. Outside bets usually don’t offer high payouts, but their winning odds are better. So, if you’re a novice roulette player, we can recommend you start with the outside bets, as you’d likely win more times compared with inside bets. These are the popular outside bet options:


This bet involves wagering on the numbers of the betting grid since they’re divided into high and low numbers. The high numbers consist of numerals between 19 and 36 and can be found on the right part of the betting grid indicated as 19-36. Conversely, the low numbers comprise numerals between 1 and 18 and appear on the left part of the betting board denoted as 1-18. If you bet on either the high/low numbers, you predict the ball will land on either of these sections. As such, if the ball lands on any number that falls in the high or low category, you win, depending on which bet you had. Please note that the zero slot isn’t covered in the high/low bet.


As mentioned before, the roulette wheel has numbers with red and black colours. Therefore, with this bet, you win if the ball lands on a red or black-coloured number. Nevertheless, the zero slot isn’t included in this wager since it’s green. You lose your red/black bet if the ball lands on the zero pocket. Put your chips on the appropriate sections on the board to place this bet.


On the roulette wheel, there are 18 even numbers and 18 odd. So, players with this bet predict that the ball will settle on any of the 18 odd or even numbers. Put your chips on the Odd/Even boxes on the betting grid to place this bet. Since 0 isn’t odd or even, it’s not covered here.


The betting grid has three columns, each covering a vertical line of 12 numbers. As such, with the column bet, you’re betting that the ball will stop at any number within your selected column. To place this bet, put your chips in any of the boxes labelled “2 to 1” on the right-most side of the betting grid. Of course, the zero pocket isn’t part of the column bet, so it doesn’t count.


Like the column bet, the dozen bet is a wager on a range of 12 numbers. However, instead of these numbers being arranged in a column, they appear in a row in the dozen bet. On the betting grid, you’ll see these rows inscribed 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. Put your chips in any of the boxes with these labels on the grid to place your bets.

Inside bets

These bet types are located on the inner section of the betting map, hence the name inside bets. Unlike outside bets, inside bets usually offer players higher payouts. However, that comes with the risk of lower winning odds. Due to the higher payouts, live roulette aficionados tend to lean on inside bets. That said, these are the bet options under the inside bets category:


This is the most popular bet in live roulette. A straight-up bet is a wager placed on a single number on the betting grid. However, you can place as many straight-up bets as you wish in a single round to try and enhance your winning chances. Notably, in Quantum Roulette, only straight-up bets can feature quantum multipliers. For instance, you can put your chips on the number 26 to bet on it. So, suppose this number is awarded a quantum multiplier by the RNG algorithm, and the roulette ball lands on this number. In that case, you’ll receive an enhanced payout depending on the assigned quantum multiplier.


A street bet is also known as a row or trio bet. It’s a bet on any row of three numbers on the betting grid. For example, to bet on the 16, 17, and 18 numbers row, you place your chips at the borderline of the number 16. If the ball settles on any of these numbers, you win.


Essentially, this is a bet on two numbers. When you want to place a split bet, put your chip (s) on the line, dividing your chosen numbers vertically or horizontally. For instance, you can place your bet on 25 and 26 or 25 and 28.


Also known as a double street or a six-line bet, the line bet is a bet on two rows, two street bets, if you will. Ideally, with the line bet, you’re betting on six numbers appearing on two rows next to each other. So, to place a line bet, you’ll need to put your chips at the intersection line where these two rows- for example, the 10, 11, & 12 and 13, 14, & 15 rows.


The corner bet also called a square bet, involves betting on four numbers on the betting roulette table that visually form a square. To play with the corner bet, put your chips at the horizontal and vertical centre of these four numbers. Therefore, you’ll win if the ball stops at any of these numbers.

Neighbour bets

This is another group of bets in Live Quantum Roulette. The neighbour bets are usually located on the racetrack betting map, and with this bet option, you’re wagering on one straight-up bet alongside the neighbouring numbers on its left and right. Usually, two neighbouring numbers are covered in the neighbour bets. Still, you can increase or decrease the neighbour numbers, up to 9, on either side (left or right) of the selected straight-up bet number using the (+, -) buttons on the left side of the racetrack in Playtech Quantum Roulette. So, to place a neighbour bet, click on your desired neighbour bet type on the racetrack, and chips will be placed automatically on the covered numbers, depending on your selected neighbour bet. That said, these are the available neighbour bets in Quantum Roulette Live.

Tiers du Cylindre (Tiers)

This French term translates to “One-Third of the Wheel” in English since this neighbour bet covers almost 1/3 of the roulette wheel. As such, this bet covers the 12 numbers on either side of the roulette wheel between 27 and 33, including these two numbers. If you select this bet, you’ll use six chips each on these splits: 5/8, 13/18, 10/11, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36.

Orphelins (Orphans)

Commonly referred to as an orphan bet by live roulette virtuosos, the Orphelins bet covers the two sections of the wheel not covered by Tiers du Cylindre and Voisins du Zero bets. These are eight numbers: 17, 34, 6 and 1, 20, 14, 31, 9. There are two types of Orphelins:

  • Orphelins en Plein: This wager places straight-up bets on each of the above numbers. You’ll use eight chips in total.
  • Orphelins a Cheval: This wager uses five chips: one on the straight-up bet on the number 1 and four chips on the splits 6/9, 17/20, 14/17, and 31/34.

Voisins du Zero

Translating to “Neighbours of Zero” in English, the Voisins du Zero is a wager on the neighbours of zero on the wheel, covering every number between 22 and 25 on the roulette wheel. These are 17 numbers in total, including the 0, covering almost half of the wheel. With this bet, nine chips are used as follows: two chips on the corner bet 25/26/28/29, one chip each on the 4/7, 18/21, 12/15, 19/22, and 32/35 splits, and finally, two chips on the 0, 2, and 3 street.

Jeu Zero

This is like the beta version of the Voisins du Zero bet. So, the Jeu Zero bet covers the 0-numbered pocket, and the six digits close it on the wheel between 12 and 15 (12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15). If you choose this bet, four chips will be used: one chip on the straight-up bet on number 26 and three chips on the 12/15, 32/35, and 0/3 splits.

Special bets in Quantum Roulette Live

When you click the “My Bets” icon at the base of the left-side menu denoted with a star icon and tap the Special Bets tab, you’ll find the following special bets:

Complete bets

Complete bets usually cover a broader array of numbers. With this special bet, you cover all the inside bets around your selected straight-up number. For example, if you choose 15 (straight-up bet), chips will be placed on the street, line, corner, and split bets around the number 15. This special bet is more likely to be used by high rollers with considerable bankrolls since it uses 18 chips to cover your wager.

Half-complete bets

This is a smaller version of the complete bet. However, in a similar fashion, you place a straight-up bet on your ideal number, and chips will be placed on the corner and split bet around that number. Please note that line and street wagers aren’t included in Half-complete bets.

Jeu 7/9

The Jeu 7/9 bet comprises all the numbers on the roulette wheel ending in 7, 8 or 9. So, with this bet, two straight-up bets are placed on the numbers 19 and 27, and one chip each on the following splits: 8/9, 7/8, 17/18, and 28/29.

Massive Straight-up bet

This special bet in Live Quantum Roulette from Playtech allows players to swiftly place straight-up bets on all the numbers of a specific bet type. For instance, if you select “Red,” chips will be placed on all the red-coloured numbers on the betting grid. In this case, 18 chips will be used. The other available bet type options include Black, Odd, Even, Black, 1st Column, 3rd Dozen, etc.

Quantum Roulette odds and payouts

When playing Quantum Roulette Live, it’s essential you learn the winning probabilities and payouts of the various bet types offered. Since the live game features multipliers, these are the odds of the different quantum multipliers appearing in a game round: 50x (32%), 100x (32.9%), 150x (14.8%), 200x (10.5%), 250x (3.1%), 300x (3.0%), 400x (2.2%), and 500x (1.5%). For the special events, the probabilities of the Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap stand at 12% and 1.8%, respectively.

Regarding the various roulette bets, inside bets have lower odds of winning than outside bets, as mentioned above, but offer higher Quantum Roulette payouts. Inside bets have a much lower winning probability since you’re betting on one or a set of a few numbers on the table. A good example is the straight-up bet with a 2.7% winning chance. Despite that, it offers a 29:1 payout. In case the winning straight-up bet has a multiplier, that multiplier will replace this payout with a max payout of 499:1. These are the payouts for the other inside bets:

  • Street: 11:1
  • Split:   17:1
  • Corner: 8:1
  • Line: 5:1

As for outside bets, red/black, high/low, and odd/even bets have an almost 50% probability of winning but offer a 1:1 payout. The column and dozen bets offer a 2:1 payout each but have about a 32% chance of winning.

Quantum Roulette RTP

The big question players might be asking is- is Quantum Roulette rigged? The short answer is no! We’ll look at the RTP for the extended version of the answer. The return to player (RTP) percentage indicates the average amount players can expect to earn back when playing Live Quantum Roulette over a prolonged gambling session. In that regard, Quantum Roulette has a published RTP of 97.30%. This means that the game is actually vetted to avoid any bias.

With that RTP in mind, for every $100 you put in the game, you can expect to win back $97.30. However, this is just a theoretical RTP, and shorter gambling sessions can yield more substantial payouts. After all, it’s a game of luck. Besides that, you can use the RTP value to calculate the game’s house edge or the casino’s built-in advantage. In this case, the money you’re losing ($2.70) is the house edge in Quantum Roulette Live.

Quantum Roulette strategies and tips

The primary idea of Quantum Roulette is to hunt for those lucrative quantum multipliers. Without these multipliers, this would be just another live roulette game where the application of betting systems like Martingale would be easy. Therefore, the Quantum Roulette strategies below aim to boost your chances of landing the game’s multipliers, which go up to 500x maximum. You’ll undoubtedly make profits if you’re lucky enough to land this max multiplier. Nevertheless, these betting strategies aren’t foolproof and cannot always guarantee success.

Wheel section strategy

This page emphasises that the quantum multipliers are only applied on straight-up positions. So, with this strategy, you’re betting on specific numbers in a section of the roulette wheel. Instead of placing chips on these numbers of your chosen wheel section on the betting grid, we recommend using the racetrack where the neighbour bets are, like Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins, etc.

You must then replace the split bet numbers with straight-up bets depending on the neighbour bet you select. That way, you’ll exploit multiple sections of the wheel, thus somewhat increasing your chances of landing a quantum multiplier number. Nevertheless, this betting system can quickly run down your bankroll, but if you’re lucky to land straight-up wins and quantum multiplier wins along the way, you can garner some profits.

All numbers strategy

This is a pretty straightforward strategy. As its name suggests, you must wager on all the numbers on the betting layout. It might seem unreasonable, but with this Quantum Roulette strategy, you’re guaranteed a straight-up win, and you’ll definitely land a quantum multiplier win when it hits. This is a high-risk strategy because you’ll require a considerable bankroll to ride out the non-multiplier straight-up wins, and you’ll lose your entire bankroll if no quantum multipliers hit.

For instance, if you play with a $0.10 minimum bet and place chips on all the wheel pockets, including the zero-numbered slot, you’ll end up spending $3.7. Of course, you’ll not miss a straight-up win, which pays 29:1, meaning you’ll win $2.9 plus your $0.10 stake ($3.0). Assuming no quantum multipliers appear, you’ll lose $0.70 after each spin. If this multiplier lands later after many rounds, you can recover your balance, and an early multiplier means you’ll leave the roulette table with a profit.

Quantum Roulette Live betting tips

Prior to joining a real money Quantum Roulette table, learning the rules and how to play the game is essential. Fortunately, we’ve covered all these aspects plus more in this Quantum Roulette review, and what’s left is to share some betting tips that might help you gain an edge at the table and have fun while gambling.

  1. For players who don’t place straight-up bets, you can treat them as side bets in Live Quantum Roulette. Therefore, you can play your usual bets and place straight-up bets occasionally. You might even get a quantum multiplier on your straight-up bet. In case you win, it’s great. If you don’t, no worries.
  2. Also, you can use the hot and cold numbers chart in Playtech Quantum Roulette and other game statistics to observe which numbers have a high hit frequency or discern any patterns to make more informed bets. This way, you can enhance your chances of winning.
  3. Diversify your Quantum Roulette bets. Having many bets in a single round boosts your winning chances. If you’re lucky, you can win from more than one bet.
  4. You can use the neighbour bets in Quantum Roulette Live, which encompass a broader range of numbers and bet combinations, giving you a chance of a decent return.
  5. Beginners to online live roulette can start by placing outside bets since they have higher odds of winning than inside bets. That way, they can enjoy more frequent payouts before trying the riskier inside wagers.

Besides these tips, managing your balance wisely and gambling responsibly is advisable. You can do this by avoiding chasing losses, setting deposit, loss, and wager limits, and gambling in the right state of mind to avoid making compulsive gambling decisions.

Alternative live games to Quantum Roulette

Gamblers’ dynamic tastes and preferences have pushed iGaming software developers to engineer more engaging online live casino games like Quantum Roulette with an extra adrenaline shot, thanks to the incredible multipliers. Here are other alternative games to Quantum Roulette that you might like, offering big payouts:

Lightning Roulette

Evolution Lightning Roulette is one of the first roulette versions to add the concept of multipliers to offer an electrifying twist to the classic online roulette gameplay. In fact, Lightning and Quantum Roulette share plenty of similarities regarding multipliers since in both live roulette games, one to five random RNG-selected numbers get multipliers of between 50x and 500x. However, the mechanics in Lightning Roulette are different, with these lucky numbers getting an animation of being struck by lightning, thus awarding them these multipliers.

To receive a lucky payout from a winning lucky number (digits with attached multipliers), you must have a straight-up bet since only straight-up bets qualify for these lucky payouts (multipliers). Lightning Roulette from Evolution also offers a wide range of bets and uses an auto roulette wheel that is spun automatically. Non-multiplied single-number bets pay 29:1, while the other bets pay like in standard European roulette tables.

Power Up Roulette

This is another big-payout live roulette casino game from Pragmatic Play. In fact, this Power Up Roulette game offers higher multipliers than Lightning and Quantum Roulette. So, with Power Up Roulette, 3, 4, or 5 numbers will be selected to be PowerUp numbers during each round. In this live roulette game, the dealer actually spins the roulette wheel as opposed to the auto roulette wheel used in the other games. As such, when the ball lands on any of the selected PowerUp numbers, all the players with a straight-up bet qualify for the first bonus spin, even if they didn’t have a bet on the PowerUp triggering number.

During this bonus spin, all the numbers on the betting layout receive random multipliers of up to 500x. That’s not all. More PowerUp bonus spins can be retriggered in Power Up Roulette up to four times, further increasing the prizes up to an incredible 8000x! However, the ball must land on your selected number for you to win any of the awarded multipliers. Still, you can play other bet types like red/black, corner, split, street, etc. Notably, straight-up bets in Power Up Roulette pay 24:1.


The fusion of RNG and live dealer gaming to deliver big payout games has become trendy in the iGaming niche. Quantum Roulette from Playtech is one of the best examples. The company added a hot twist to classic roulette gameplay by introducing fantastic multipliers that simultaneously enhance player payouts and the game’s entertainment value. With multipliers of up to 500x, players will undoubtedly enjoy impressive payouts with Live Quantum Roulette. These quantum multipliers start from 50x and can be randomly applied to between one and five numbers per round.

However, these quantum multipliers are only applied to straight-up positions. So, you must have a straight-up bet when playing Quantum Roulette for real money for a chance to win on any assigned multipliers in a round. This review has illuminated how to play Quantum Roulette, its rules, and the various types of bets you can place. Moreover, you can explore our nifty betting tips and strategies to enhance your winning chances and try some of our top alternatives to Quantum Roulette for extra entertainment.

Other games by Playtech