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Football X
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Football X Crash Game by smartsoft gaming Details

🎰 Software: SmartSoft Gaming
💰 Bet Limits: $1 - $100
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 95.2% - 97%

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Football X Crash Game by smartsoft gaming Review

There’s no better football-themed casino game than SmartSoft Gaming’s Football X crash game. As the name suggests, this crash casino game is based on a football theme where you must pick an avatar, place your bet, and hit the play button. The footballer will then start juggling, and for as long as the ball is in his feet, your initial bet amount continues to increase. You must, however, cash out before the ball falls to win real money. These are the basic rules of playing the Football X game. But there is more to these basic rules, which is what this Football X review will look at. Discover features that make the Football X bet game stand out from the rest of the other crash casino games. Read more about the game rules, bet limits, bonus features, and more. Can you play Football X crash game for free? Get your answer below. 

What is a crash game?

Crash games first appeared online in 2014. The first release was based on a provably fair code, the same technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since then, however, there have been other releases that don’t necessarily use this technology in their development. Whether you are playing a crash game that uses provably fair technology or a regular version, the goal remains the same: cash out the expected winnings before it crashes from the screen. This has always been and is still the objective of any crash game.

What varies are the themes used in designing these games. The most popular themes are crash games based on airplanes. These games include titles such as Aviator (Spribe), Aviatrix, JetX (SmartSoft Gaming), and many more. Some are based on money markets, such as Lucky Crumbling (Evoplay). Football X (SmartSoft Gaming) and Cricket X (SmartSoft Gaming) are sports-themed crash games. 

Football X game rules

The game rules you must follow while playing Football X are simple and direct. You must pick your preferred football avatar, select the amount you’d like to spend, and hit the play button. To win real money, you must cash out before the ball drops from the footballer’s feet. It’s as simple as that.

The simplicity and directness involved in playing Football X is one of the main reasons it’s pretty popular among players. It makes it easy for players who have never interacted with crash games before to have an easy time playing the game. Additionally, having the power to determine how much you’d like to win makes it even more appealing to players. Lastly, the bet limits are quite friendly, enabling both casual and high-roller casino players to play the game without breaking their bankroll. So, if you are ready to play the Football X game, below is a step-by-step guide to elaborate on how you should pick your avatar and place your bet, as well as the different tools you can use to simplify your gaming experience.

You can play Football X for real money or for free. In the demo mode, you get to enjoy all the features currently offered in real money play, except for not being able to win cash. When you switch to Football X real money play, you’ll have to spend money. This is the only way you can win withdrawable cash. 

Pick your avatar

The first step to playing the Football X crash game is picking your preferred avatar. There are five footballers with jerseys that represent some of the best football teams in the world. They seem to be players from Argentina, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, and Italy.  Whichever player you pick doesn’t matter, as they are only avatars and don’t affect your chance of winning. They don’t affect the RTP of the game, the bet limits, or other features directly related to winning. 

Pick your bet amount

Once you are satisfied with your avatar selection, the next step is to pick a bet amount. Click on the – or + buttons to adjust your bet amount, which can vary from $1 up to $100 per round. However, it’s worth mentioning that this bet limit can vary from one online casino to another. Some platforms offer much higher limits (as much as $200) per round, while others offer a lower limit.

Besides manually picking the bets, you can also use the ‘Auto’ feature. This is tucked away in the bottom right corner of the screen. By tapping the button, you can choose to autoplay the game for 10, 25, 50, 100, or 500 rounds.

There are a few advantages you’ll notice when setting your bets in Football X. For example, you don’t have a time cap of a few seconds like most of the other crash casino games. This means you can take your time and set the perfect range that fits your bankroll. Additionally, the auto-play feature is quite flexible and brings a lot of options to the table.  

Hit the play button

Once satisfied with the bet amount, hit the ‘Play’ button (if you are manually playing the game). If you are using the ‘Auto’ feature, selecting ‘Okay’ will automatically start playing the game. A samba tune will start playing in the background, and your player will juggle the ball. You will also notice that as the multiplier continues to increase, so does the meter bar on the side of the screen.

There is also the option of tapping the ‘Play’ button and holding it down for as long as you wish. When you release the button (before the player falls), the expected winnings automatically cash out. This is a much quicker way to play Football X crash game compared to when you have to tap to cash out your winnings. 

A significant disadvantage of playing Football X crash game is that there’s only one betting section. Usually, most crash casino games tend to feature two betting sections from which you can place your bets. Having two betting sections is advantageous because you can always cash out one of the bets and use the other to hedge the cashed-out bet.

If this is your playing strategy, you will be disappointed with the Football X game, which only features one betting area. Having one betting section, however, can be advantageous financially because if you don’t win, it means you’ll only have lost one bet instead of two. 

Cash out to win

The player won’t juggle the ball forever. In some cases, he might fall almost immediately after starting. If you are lucky to have cashed out before the player falls, the winnings are automatically credited to your account.

Calculating wins in Football X game

Calculating how much you’ve won in Football X game is a direct process. You don’t even have to bother about it because the whole process is automated. You simply need to place your bet and time the perfect moment to cash out your winnings. Winnings in the Football X crash game are determined by multiplying your bet amount with the multiplier coefficient at the time of cashing out. For example, if you wager $10 and cash out at a multiplier coefficient of 1.50x, your winnings will be $15. So, the higher the multiplier coefficient, the better the expected returns. Additionally, staking low will only result in small returns, even at higher multipliers.

As mentioned, different Football X online casinos offer varying bet limits, but the multiplier coefficient is constant. This starts from a low of 1.0x up to a maximum of 100x. Once the maximum coefficient is achieved, the winnings are automatically cashed out and credited to your account. 

Football X game RTP

The word RTP stands for Return to Player. This is a number expressed as a percentage and used to show the expected return for a unit bet. The figure is theoretical, meaning it’s only meant to give you an approximate and not exact figure of the amount you can expect as winnings.

The RTP for Football X game ranges between 95.2% and 97%. The RTP of the game is determined by how fast you tap on the cashout button. The faster you rush to cash out the expected winnings, the higher the RTP in the long run. 

Football X crash game statistics

The statistics section in Football X casino game isn’t as detailed as you’d expect from a crash casino game. Usually, other crash games tend to include results for the past rounds. These are usually important as they enable a player to decide the best time to cash out.

In Football X game, the best you can get are individual statistics that indicate the amount you wagered, the multiplier for the bet, the amount won from the bet, and the time you placed the bet. The Top Wins section shows how players have been winning in the past 24 hours, 7 days, and one month. Anyone, including you, can be listed in this section. 

Football X game fairness

Unfortunately, Football X crash game doesn’t have the Provably Fair technology, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fair game. Like many other online casino games, Football X has RNG software that ensures every round outcome is completely random.

SmartSoft Gaming, the company behind Football X, is a licensed and regulated B2B entity by the Malta Gaming Authority under license number MGA/B2B/925/2021. Additionally, it’s audited by eCOGRA and iTech Labs, two of the most respectable and reputable independent third-party auditing companies in the iGaming niche. With all these certifications, you can expect the RNG in the Football X bet game to function as it should. 

Crash games similar to Football X

Football X is just one of the many crash casino games you can play online. Given the popularity of these types of games, there have been tens of releases since 2014. Of course, you cannot play all the games offered online. If you are searching for the best titles, you should consider playing Aviator (Spribe), Rocketon (Galaxsys), Cricket X (SmartSoft Gaming), Mines (SmartSoft Gaming and other providers), and JetX (SmartSoft Gaming). Below is a quick overview of each of these games and their standout features.  

Aviator (Spribe)

A list of popular crash casino games wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Spribe’s Aviator game. While it might not have been the first release, it’s perhaps the game that put crash casino games on the map. During gameplay, you assume the role of a pilot and must successfully guide the plane through the skies. The game offers you two betting sections and allows you to wager between $0.1 and $100 (although this figure could vary from one online casino to another). It also comes with a special Rain bonus feature, which can randomly be awarded through the live chat section or the casino’s promotions. 

Rocketon (Galaxsys)

If you are a big fan of plane-themed crash games, you’ll find Rocketon (Galaxsys) to be an interesting take. It not only comes with crisp graphics but also a very flexible bet range. You can play the game for as little as $1 to as much as $2000. This is one of the widest bet ranges as far as crash casino games are concerned. Many players will also find the 50% cashout feature quite useful.  

Cricket X (SmartSoft)

Cricket X is one of the many sports-themed crash casino games. As the name suggests, it’s based on cricket. The game requires you to pick a bet amount, which ranges between $1 and $100. Once satisfied with your selection, hit the play button and let the batsman hit the ball to the skies. For as long as it continues to soar, your expected win amount will increase up to a maximum of €10,000 (or x25,000 your bet), whichever is achieved first. Like Football X, it comes with a varying RTP, which ranges between 96.7% and 98.8%.

Mines (Spribe)

Spribe, like SmartSoft Gaming, is notorious for releasing some of the most entertaining crash games on the internet. When it comes to Mines, it breaks from the common theme of planes, rockets, and sports. Instead, you are required to pick a spot on a field to reveal either a land mine or a star. If you are lucky enough to pick out a star, you can cash out the corresponding amount. You can also choose to continue picking out more spots, and the more stars you receive, the bigger the payout. However, all this can come crashing down—literally—if you pick out a mine. Like Aviator, Mines comes with the special Rain Promo feature. It also comes with an RTP of 97% and a bet limit of between $1 and $100.

JetX (SmartSoft)

JetX is another popular crash casino game that uses the theme of an aeroplane to entertain you. The game is from SmartSoft Gaming, which means you can expect a lot of similarities to Football X, most notably the lack of the provably fair feature. The game comes with a multiplier coefficient of between 1.01x and 25,000x (and a maximum payout of $10,000). Whichever figure is arrived fast will be paid out. Due to its success, JetX has a sequel, JetX 3, which, instead of using one jet, has three. This means you can place three bets simultaneously while playing the sequel and have more winning opportunities. 


Unlike other crash casino games, players will appreciate the simplicity seen in the Football X game. It only comes with a single-playing section and a plain interface. There’s not much in terms of wording and numbers, too. However, this simplicity is also one of the most significant shortcomings. Football X bet game does not include important information such as past results, which can be very useful when making the all-crucial decision of cashing out. If you are also looking to chat with other players while playing, you’ll be disappointed as the Football X crash game doesn’t offer that option. During gameplay, expect a maximum multiplier coefficient of 100x your bet. The game comes with an RTP of between 95.2% and 97%. It isn’t a provably fair game compared to many other crash games, but it is completely fair in what it offers.

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