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Crazy Coin Flip
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Crazy Coin Flip live Casino Show by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.10 - $6,000
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Arabic, Portuguese
💬 Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Armenia, Belgium, Canada, Georgia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain, USA
🎲 Game type: Casino Show
💵 RTP: 96%

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Crazy Coin Flip live Casino Show by evolution Review

Evolution always has a flair for the spectacular, and one of its most recent live game releases, Crazy Coin Flip, is a testament to that. The Evolution Crazy Coin Flip live game is a mash-up of the popular RNG slots and the immersive live game show adventure. In this title, players will spin a 5-reel slot in the base game while hunting down massive multipliers in various phases of the RNG slot game for a Crazy Coin Flip big win in the final bonus round. The live bonus round is the primary part of the game, where a live dealer tosses a coin.

Then, the winning side (red or blue) awards players the respective attached multipliers. If you’ve played Evolution’s Crazy Time before, you’ll know that Crazy Coin Flip Live was adapted from one of the four bonus rounds in Crazy Time. Therefore, it should be elementary to play the new Crazy Coin Flip live game. In this Crazy Coin Flip review, you’ll find guidelines on how to play the game, odds and payouts, game rules, betting tips and strategies, and alternative live game shows to Crazy Coin Flip online.

About Evolution

Evolution (previously Evolution Gaming) is regarded as a live casino solutions leader in the iGaming industry. After its institution in 2006, the company was the first of its kind to engineer live casino games. Its live game portfolio has numerous titles, including poker, blackjack, roulette, dice games, baccarat, and TV-style game shows. These live games provide players with a unique and flawless gaming experience thanks to Evolution’s standout features, expertise, and innovativeness. The company’s live games possess excellent graphics, impeccable soundtracks, multiple cameras to capture every moment in the game, superb layouts and designs, and reasonable betting limits, accommodating low and high rollers alike.

Besides that, the software provider’s live games have well-trained and skilled real-life dealers and TV-style show hosts who professionally conduct game proceedings while conversing with players via the in-game chat feature. This social aspect provides a real casino-like gambling environment for players. The live games are usually relayed via an HD video live stream from purpose-built studios or actual land-based casino destinations and possess cross-platform capabilities, allowing gamblers to enjoy real money gambling from desktop or mobile devices. Notably, Evolution is well-known for its additional in-game features that make it stand out and offer players an engaging and stunning gambling adventure.

A great example is the inclusion of multipliers, bonus rounds, and other mechanics in its live games, which add a layer of excitement to real money gambling. This innovativeness earned Evolution the EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year Award for ten years running. In 2017, Evolution launched its first live game show, Dream Catcher. The software vendor went on to release other fan favourites like Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal, Crazy Time, and, of course, Crazy Coin Flip from Evolution, with a June 2022 release date, among others. Evolution offers its games in numerous languages and jurisdictions, thanks to its multiple licences (MGA, UKGC) and eCOGRA certification, which ascertains game fairness.

What is Crazy Coin Flip?

For seasoned players who enjoy playing Crazy Time, it’s easy to determine where the Crazy Coin Flip live casino game emerged. As such, the new Crazy Time Coin Flip bonus round has been engineered into a game of its own where players can try accumulating as many multipliers as possible to try and hit a big win in the final bonus round. As mentioned above, Crazy Coin Flip combines RNG (Random Number Generator) slot gameplay with aspects of live casino game shows into one captivating entity. During the basic slot gameplay phase, you’ll receive small payouts like you would when matching identical symbols on the reels of a regular online slot game.

However, the live game’s main objective is to qualify for the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round. This bonus round is the only section of the game with a TV-style show host (game show) and is where the coin is flipped to award players various multipliers. Below are the phases of the live game show:

  • Qualification phase
  • Top-up phase
  • Live Coin Flip bonus round

This Crazy Coin Flip review will explore all these phases in detail while explaining how to play Crazy Coin Flip, its rules, and a typical game interface.

Crazy Coin Flip game interface

Like other Evolution live casino games, Crazy Coin Flip has pretty much the same design and layout. Since it’s a live game show combined with an online slot, you’ll see a 5×3 reel layout on the right side of the main interface when you launch the game. The slot part of the game is set up like a mechanical slot machine available at brick-and-mortar casinos and features slot symbols like bells, cherries, aces, queens, kings, and 10s. The game also features special characters (Crazy Coin Flip), which trigger the live bonus round. In the background, there’s a faded view of the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus show, with the show host conducting the live bonus round. The main slot section and the live show are separated with a curtain-like display of red and blue coins and disc shapes.

The slot section offers all the features that a slot game would, including buttons to increase or decrease your bet amount per spin. The spin button is also available, but if you’d like non-stop spin action, you can use the Autoplay feature, which allows you to make 100 spins. Of course, you can customise this feature to stop if a certain loss limit is reached or when a single win exceeds your specified amount. Nevertheless, you should note that the slot bit doesn’t feature other mechanics or special symbols like wilds, sticky wilds, cascading reels, etc., that you’d find in other slot games.

Crazy Coin Flip game icons

On the top right side of the game’s interface, you’ll see multiple icons to help you during gameplay. To begin with, you can use the chat icon to open the chat box and text with other players and the dealer. Also, you can click the sound icon to mute the game entirely or customise the game sounds and effects via the settings icon, where you can also calibrate the video stream quality from HD, high, medium and low and vice versa. Checking the “Auto Adjust” box will automatically change the video stream quality according to your internet speed. You can view your bet history by clicking the “Game History” icon, which details all your bets and outcomes.

Clicking the (?) icon on the top right of the interface will provide more exhaustive data about Crazy Coin Flip Live. This information includes how to play the game, game objectives and rules, Crazy Coin Flip RTP, placing bets, and more. On the top left of the interface, you’ll find the betting limits and symbol payouts of the Crazy Coin Flip game. By default, the betting limits and payout table will appear if you hover your cursor over this section, but you can tap the “Pin” icon to pin this table to the game screen. We’ll look at the payouts and bet limits later in this game review. 

Lastly, at the bottom left section, you can track your bankroll balance and the total bets you make each round. Notably, although it possesses significant elements of an online slot, like all live casino games, there’s no Crazy Coin Flip demo version. Besides that, you must deposit and play for real money to view the game proceedings.

Crazy Coin Flip game rules

The Crazy Coin Flip live show features a 5×3 slot layout with ten fixed paylines. Like any other online slot game, you must match a particular number of identical symbols on the reels to receive a payout. In this online slot live game show, you must match three or more identical symbols to get a win. Paylines are formed from the left-most to the right-most reel, and only the highest win per winline is paid. This basic game phase plays out like a usual slot game.

Still, the main idea in this Crazy Coin Flip game from Evolution is to qualify for the live bonus game filled with lucrative multipliers, which essentially means higher payouts than what the regular slot gameplay offers. There are three rounds prior to you reaching the bonus round, where a real-life show host appears to oversee the game, including the qualification, top-up, and the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round. So, how do you qualify for the ultimate bonus round?

Qualification phase

This is the first phase of the Crazy Coin Flip live casino game. Therefore, to qualify for the coin flip crazy time-like bonus round, you must land three scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. The scatter symbols in this live show are the game’s logo (Crazy Coin Flip). These special scatter symbols, which trigger the Crazy Coin Flip bonus round, occasionally appear on the reels attached with various multipliers. The multiplier coefficients could be of any value from 2x up to 10x. If your bonus-triggering scatters come with multipliers, they’ll be added together for use in the next phase.

For example, if you land three scatters, of which two gave 2x and 3x multipliers, these coefficients will be summed. As such, you’ll go into the next game phase with a 5x multiplier. Interesting, huh? During the qualification slot phase, there are three spin modes, some of which help you qualify for the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round much faster:

Normal/regular spins 

This is the default spin mode, like in a standard online slot. With this mode, you select your base bet while spinning the reels, and this bet amount will be used to calculate your winnings according to the winning combinations formed on the paylines. Here, you’ll have no help in landing the scatter symbols.

XXXtreme spins 

With this spin mode, you’re guaranteed to land one scatter symbol on the reels per spin. However, activating and using this spin mode will cost you five times your base bet. For instance, if your base bet is $0.20 and you activate the XXXtreme spins, it’ll cost you $1 per spin, but with each spin, you’re guaranteed at least one scatter symbol. So, your chances of triggering the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round are increased. Besides that, you’ll get almost regular multiplier-induced scatter symbols.

Super XXXtreme spins 

This spin mode is an upgrade of the XXXtreme spins. With the Super XXXtreme spins, you’re sure to land at least two scatter symbols on the reels with each spin. Nevertheless, activating this spin mode will cost you 50 times your base bet. For example, with a $0.20 base bet, you’ll use $10 per spin in the Super XXXtreme spins mode. Yes, it’ll be much more costly, but your chances of activating the live show bonus round significantly increase. In addition, you’ll get even more frequent multiplier coefficients.

To play with either of these spin modes, click the “Activate XXXtreme Spins” button on the slot interface and then click “Activate” on your preferred spin mode. You can always adjust the bet per spin in these spin modes using the (+, -) icons. However, please note that all winnings are calculated from the base bet, not the selected amount per spin in the XXXtreme spins mode.

Top Up phase

You’ll be taken to the next phase regardless of whether you land three scatter symbols during regular or XXXtreme spins mode. The next stage is the top-up slot multiplier phase, where players get the chance to add to their total multipliers in the final round. Therefore, during the top-up slot phase, a three-row, three-reel classic slot machine will appear with two-coin symbols, red and blue. 

The 3×3 classic slot has a single payline (the middle row), and you must align three matching coin symbols (red or blue) in the middle row to win multipliers. These multipliers will then be added together and pooled into the top-up multiplier for the won coin colour. For example, suppose you spin the 3×3 top-up slot and land three blue coin symbols with multipliers +3x, +10x, and +20x in the middle row.

In that case, these three coefficients will be summed (+33x) and added to the total multiplier of the blue coin symbol in the top slot. This will happen for the red and blue coins until the designated spin-time expires. 

Top-Up phase gameplay

Usually, you’ll have about 50 seconds to spin the 3×3 slot and accumulate as many multipliers as possible. However, this time will be shorter depending on what time you qualified for the bonus round. To spin the reels faster, you can activate the “Turbo Spins” feature to get your top-up spin results quicker and save time for more top-up spins. 

In case you qualified just before the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round, you have the option to stay in the top-up slot phase to try and accumulate as many multipliers or go into the final bonus round without the additional top-up slot multipliers. In doing the latter, you’ll be depending on the multipliers you earned during bonus qualification (if any) and the ones allocated by the show host in the final round.

Collecting multipliers

Also, if you don’t want to spin the classic slot in the top-up phase, you can wait out the allocated time to elapse. This will mean going into the final stage without additional multipliers. In truth, this would be a wrong move since the goal is to get the highest multipliers to maximise your winnings. The highest multiplier that can be awarded during the top-up slot phase is +50x. Although these multipliers are randomly awarded, you can increase your top-up slot bet amount if you’d like to land high-value multipliers (your base bet is deducted for each spin in the top-up phase). Please note that during the top-up phase, you can see the show presenter conducting the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round in the background, but it’s only after the top-up phase time has elapsed that you’ll be transferred to the final round.

Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round

This is the final stage in the live Crazy Coin Flip game. A real-life TV-style show host will supervise this round, aired in a purpose-built studio. The Crazy Coin Flip studio is well-designed, with a coin-flipping machine in the middle of the studio and blue and red drapes on either side. So, in this phase, you’ll have the chance to win even more multipliers. 

How multipliers are calculated

When the live bonus round begins, the red and blue coins will receive random multipliers between 5x and 100x. These multipliers will be awarded spontaneously by the RNG software. These multipliers will then be added to the coefficients you earned during the qualification and top-up phases (if any).

For example, let’s assume during the qualification phase, you landed three scatters with a total multiplier of 4x. In addition, in the top-up slot phase, you raked up multipliers of +80x and +90x for the red and blue coins, respectively. Therefore, in the final round, if the red and blue coins receive multipliers of, say, 25x and 40x, this is how the total multipliers will be calculated. Since we receive a scatter multiplier in the qualification phase (4x), this coefficient will be multiplied by the awarded multipliers in the live bonus round. 

This would be 4*25 (red coin) = 100x and 4*40 (blue coin) = 160x. So, these total multipliers will be summed by the coefficients we received in the top-up phase for the red coin (100x + 80x) = 180x and blue coin (160x + 90x) = 250x.

Coin flipping

By this time, you’d be aware of which coin (red or blue) will be possessing the highest multipliers and then comes the adrenaline-pumping moment- Crazy Coin Flip! The show host will place the two-sided coin (red and blue) on the coin-flipping machine and then pull a lever that activates the coin flip. Depending on which side of the coin (red or blue) faces upwards after the coin flip is the winning colour. 

Therefore, the total multiplier of that colour (180x for red and 250x for blue, as per our example) will be applied to your base bet to award you your corresponding payout. If you don’t receive scatter multipliers during the qualification round, only the bonus round and top-up phase multipliers will be used to calculate your final payout. Please note that the game software will automatically do these calculations. So, you need not worry about it.

How to play Crazy Coin Flip Live

Now that you know what to expect when you launch Crazy Coin Flip, how winning combinations are formed, and its rules, you can get to the main course: how to play Crazy Coin Flip for real money. Crazy Coin Flip is a captivating live show packed with mind-blowing multipliers. Its simple rules and slot-related gameplay make it a popular choice for gamblers who enjoy a mash-up of epic slot adventure and live casino gambling. In a nutshell, the main objective of the Crazy Coin Flip live game is to qualify for the live bonus round. As such, below, we’ll explore a step-by-step guideline to help our readers effortlessly play this entertaining live game show at top Evolution live casino sites.

Select a safe and secure online live casino

The first step is to find a reliable and licenced Crazy Coin Flip casino online. Although there are numerous live casinos offering Evolution games, not all are trustworthy and reputable. Therefore, to save you the hassle of finding these sites, you’ll find a list of the best Crazy Coin Flip online casinos on this page. These gambling websites are thoroughly vetted to offer players a smooth live gambling experience.

Sign up for an account

Generally, creating a new player account is pretty straightforward and can even be done from a mobile casino. To sign up, provide personal information such as name, address, mobile number, country, email address, date of birth, password, and any other relevant data. We recommend testing at least three Crazy Coin Flip casinos on this page before settling on one that matches your preferences regarding UI, online casino games range, bonuses and promotions, customer support, payment methods, etc.

Fund your new account

Since you cannot play Crazy Coin Flip for fun, you must fund your account to enjoy real money gameplay. The deposit process is usually elementary. After clicking the Deposit button, choose one payment option, ranging from e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and vouchers to mobile payment options and crypto tokens like Bitcoin, Tether, etc. Lastly, enter your desired deposit amount, factoring in the operator’s minimum and maximum deposit thresholds and complete the transaction. Your funds should reflect almost immediately.

Launch Crazy Coin Flip

Go to your online casino’s Live Casino/Games section and find Crazy Coin Flip from the list of available live game shows. Alternatively, if the live casino platform doesn’t provide filters to help you find your game quickly, use the search function and type in “Crazy Coin Flip” on the search bar. From the search results, select the game to start playing for real money.

Play the qualifying slot

Before spinning the reels of the 5×3 slot, select your desired bet amount between $0.10 and $6000 (This will be your base bet). Afterwards, start spinning the reels in the qualifying slot phase until you land three scatter symbols on the reels to trigger the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round. To be eligible faster, you can use the XXXtreme or Super XXXtreme spins, which come with guaranteed scatters in each spin and more frequent scatter multipliers. Please note that payouts will be awarded normally, like in a regular slot game, for successful winning combinations formed on the paylines for matching identical symbols on the reels.

Play the top-up slot multiplier round

If you trigger the live show bonus round, you’ll play the top-up slot for a chance to boost your multipliers before the final round. Therefore, in this phase, you’ll spin a 3×3 classic slot with red and blue coin symbols attached with different multipliers (the max is +50x). To earn multipliers for the red or blue coin symbols, you must match three identical coin symbols in the middle row, which will then be summed up and added to the respective red or blue coin top-up slot totals. Please note that you’ll have about 50 seconds to accumulate as many multipliers as possible in this round. However, depending on when you qualify for the top-up slot multiplier phase, this period may be shorter. That’s because the Crazy Coin Flip bonus round is usually ongoing as players qualify at different times.

Live Crazy Coin Flip bonus round

This is the hallmark and final phase of the live casino game show. During this round, players are transferred to a dedicated studio with a TV-style presenter, where all the accumulated multipliers in the qualification and top-up slot phases are carried forward to the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round. The RNG software will then award random multipliers (up to 100x) to the red and blue coins, which will be tallied with the accumulated multipliers (if any) in the prior two rounds. Lastly, the show host will pull a lever to toss the coin on the flipping machine. So, the Crazy Coin Flip result will be determined by which side of the coin (red or blue) faces upwards, and players will receive payouts corresponding to the winning side’s multiplier.

Crazy Coin Flip betting limits

Generally, you can bet any amount between $0.10 and $6000 while playing Crazy Coin Flip live. If you access the bet limits section of the Crazy Coin Flip game, you can get a detailed overview of the betting thresholds for each phase of the live show. For example, in the qualification phase, these are the minimum and maximum limits:

  • Normal spins mode: $0.20 – $100                  
  • XXXtreme spins mode: $1 – $500
  • Super XXXtreme spins mode: $10 – $5000

In the top-up slot round, the minimum and maximum betting limits could range between $0.20 and $6000. However, please note that the base amount affects these limits, especially for the XXXtreme spin modes. So, the higher your base bet, the more you’ll spend per spin in the XXXtreme or Super XXXtreme spins. Also, these minimum and maximum limits may vary from one Crazy Coin Flip online live casino to another.

Crazy Coin Flip odds and payouts

This new Crazy Time-based coin flip live game show is filled with multipliers, but during the qualification round, you’ll receive payouts as you would in a regular slot machine. Therefore, as always, you’d need to land three or more homogenous symbols to form a winning combination on a payline (paylines are formed from left to right). Your payout during the qualification round will depend on the type of symbols and the number of these symbols on a payline as follows:

  • Bell: x5, x10, x20 (for three, four or five symbols on the payline)
  • Cherries: x2, x6, x12
  • A: 0.6x, 1.5x, 3.5x
  • K: 0.5x, 1.3x, 3x
  • Q: 0.4x, 1x, 2.5x
  • J: 0.3x, 0.7x, 2x
  • 10: 0.2x, 0.5x, 1.5x

The Crazy Coin Flip logo is a scatter symbol. Landing three scatters triggers the live bonus round. If you qualify for the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round, you can collect as many multipliers, exceeding even 400x. So, your final payout will be determined by the size of your base bet. The higher the base bet, the more significant your payout if you win on a lucrative multiplier. Since Crazy Coin Flip employs slot machine elements, it’s impossible to calculate your odds of winning during gameplay; every aspect is entirely random.

Crazy Coin Flip return to player (RTP)

Return to player (RTP) is typically denoted as a percentage and tells players how much they can anticipate earning back when playing a specific online casino game over a long gambling session. For example, if you play an online casino game with a 97% RTP and wager about $100, you can anticipate winning back $97 over an extended period. This is usually a theoretical value meant to guide players since shorter gaming sessions can result in more significant payouts. With Evolution Crazy Coin Flip, the RTP ranges between 95.06% and 96.05% depending on the betting options and phases in the live show as follows:

  • Normal spins: 96.05%
  • XXXtreme spins: 96%
  • Super XXXtreme spins: 96.05%
  • Top-up phase: 95.06%

Crazy Coin Flip betting tips and strategies

Unlike most live shows, there’s no dedicated Crazy Coin Flip stats section you can refer to predict the outcome of the next round. Each spin or coin flip in this Evolution live game show is entirely random and unaffected by past results. In addition, since it’s a slot-based live show, popular betting systems like Martingale or Fibonacci, ideal in games with even-money payouts, are impossible to implement here. Still, you can employ a few tips, tricks, and strategies to boost your winning chances. Nevertheless, please note that these Crazy Coin Flip strategies will not guarantee winnings during real money gameplay.

Conservative strategy

With this betting system, you need to use small bet sizes during the qualification slot phase and increase the base bet amount in the next stage (top-up slot). The approach’s primary idea is to qualify for the live bonus round while using the least amount possible. Since you’re basically playing an online slot game, you’ll receive some payouts along your journey to qualification, which is a good thing. After qualification, you should increase your base bet, say, from $0.10 to $0.50 in the top-up phase.

As mentioned in this Crazy Coin Flip review, increasing your bet amount will ensure you land higher multipliers in the top-up multiplier slot stage. The idea is to carry forward as many multipliers to the Crazy Coin Flip live bonus round as possible to boost your overall payout. So, in the best-case scenario, if you qualified for the live game show with a small bet amount and accumulated plenty of multiplier coefficients in the stages leading to the final round, you can make some decent profits.

Crazy Coin Flip betting tips

These are some of the betting tips you can employ to ensure you manage your bankroll and enjoy extended gambling sessions while avoiding considerable losses:

  • Avoid chasing losses: This is the most popular betting tip. If you’re on a losing streak, it’s essential to call it quits since trying to recoup any losses may lead to impulsive betting and even more significant losses.
  • Set a gambling budget and stick to it. This means setting personal deposit and loss limits to manage your gambling expenditure effectively. Also, this will help develop excellent betting discipline, allowing you to enjoy playing Crazy Coin Flip.
  • You can opt for the XXXtreme, and Super XXXtreme spins if you have a considerable bankroll. Although they cost more, you qualify faster for the live Crazy Coin Flip bonus round while enjoying high-value scatter multipliers.
  • Players with a limited bankroll can avoid playing the top-up slot phase since it has a lower theoretical RTP (95.06%) than other game stages. That means you’ll mathematically spend more in the top-up slot multiplier stage. This is a marginal decision, however.
  • Use any casino bonuses and promotions tailored for live casino games as long as they feature reasonable bonus terms and conditions. These bonuses will extend your gambling sessions, and you may win some cash if you meet the attached wagering conditions.

Alternative live shows to Crazy Coin Flip

The new Crazy Coin Flip game from Evolution certainly provides an epic fusion between slots and live game show gameplay. The primary idea is to qualify for the live show bonus round, where the winning flipped-coin side will be determined and consequently award corresponding multiplier payouts. To break the monotony of playing Crazy Coin Flip live, we’ll briefly review some alternative live shows below that may offer similar untamed and engaging entertainment.

Crazy Time

Throughout this Crazy Coin Flip review, we’ve mentioned that the game was adapted from one of the bonus rounds in Crazy Time. As such, it’s only logical that Crazy Time is one of the top alternative live shows you can enjoy. Crazy Time, however, uses a money wheel mechanic as opposed to the slot machine ideology in Crazy Coin Flip. The wheel has 54 sections labelled (1, 2, 5, and 10), which you can bet on. Besides these wheel sections, four additional segments are on the wheel, representing the four bonus rounds in Crazy Time (Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Crazy Time, and Coin Flip). The Crazy Time coin flip bonus round is similar to the Crazy Coin Flip bonus covered herein, where multipliers are awarded depending on the coin flip result. As such, Crazy Time is one of the best alternative live shows since it offers four additional bonus games to enjoy!

Deal or No Deal Live

This live game show from Evolution has striking similarities to Crazy Coin Flip. With Deal or No Deal Live, you must spin a wheel with three rings to qualify for the live game show round. To be eligible for the round, you must align three golden segments on the wheel after each spin. Like Crazy Coin Flip, Deal or No Deal Live has various spin modes (Normal, Easy, Very Easy, and Instant). These spin modes, apart from Normal, offer faster qualification to the live show but at an extra cost.

The Instant spin mode directly takes you to the live show, but there’s a Top-up phase where you spin the wheel and add funds to the briefcase of your choice by 5x-50x your bet. Finally, in the live game show round, the show host will start opening the 16 briefcases in batches, revealing the contents until the banker’s final briefcase. Will you make the Deal or No Deal? Four offers will be made in total, and after each offer, you’re given the option to Deal (take the money and cash out) or No Deal (continue while anticipating better deals).


Evolution is at it again with a roof-raising live game that amalgamates the best parts of slot machine gambling and live shows. If you’re a slots fanatic and would like to join the ever-exciting and immersive world of live game shows, Crazy Coin Flip is a marvellous starting point. With Crazy Coin Flip, you can spin the slot reels while aiming to qualify for the live bonus round by landing three scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. Of course, you can qualify faster using the XXXtreme spin modes, which come with frequent bonus round qualifications and scatter multipliers but at an extra cost.

The live show bonus round is the distinctive feature of the live game, where you’re transferred to a unique studio with a show host who oversees the coin flip to determine the outcome. Depending on the winning side (red or blue), players will receive payouts corresponding to their base bet and winning side multiplier. Notably, players are guaranteed winnings if they qualify for the live Crazy Coin Flip show. With our expansive Crazy Coin Flip game review, you can learn how to play and the game rules and employ some of our recommended betting tips and strategies for a memorable gambling experience.

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