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Baccarat live Table Game by microgaming Details

🎰 Software: Microgaming
📲 Play on Mobile: No
💰 Bet Limits: €10 - €300
🤵 Dealers Language: English
💬 Live Chat: No
🌎 Studio Location: Canada
🎲 Game type: Table game, Baccarat

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Baccarat live Table Game by microgaming Review

Baccarat is a classic casino card game in which the player’s primary objective is to predict which of the two hands (Player’s or Banker’s) will have a combined card value closest to 9. Thanks to its pretty straightforward rules that are easy to understand and apply, the game has grown in popularity among online and land-based casino players. Moreover, it’s an ideal table casino game for novices as it is mainly based on luck and not skill. Nevertheless, you must first learn the basic rules for a successful gambling session.

Thanks to the internet’s emergence and technological advancements in hardware and software, you can now play baccarat from the comfort of your home. You can now enjoy different baccarat variants from Microgaming run by real-life professional dealers and streamed live in HD from the company’s studio. This review will give an in-depth overview of how live baccarat works, its rules, odds and payouts of the bets, the different live baccarat variations by Microgaming, and provide strategies to enhance your winning odds.

Microgaming live baccarat card rankings

Like the traditional game, Microgaming live casino baccarat is played with eight standard decks of 52 cards. Each card in the deck has an assigned value used to calculate a player’s hand total when playing for real money to determine the winner. But what are these assigned values? To begin with, all numbered cards (2-9) are worth their face value. For instance, a three is worth its numerical value of 3, a six is calculated as 6, and so on. In addition, all tens and face cards, i.e., Jacks (J), Queens (Q), and Kings (K), are calculated as 0, whereas the Ace card is valued as one. However, you should note that, unlike many casino table card games, the joker cards are not used in the Microgaming online live baccarat game.

During a real money game round, the winning hand is usually the one whose card values add up closest to 9. Nevertheless, suppose a hand’s total value exceeds 9 during a game round. In that case, the rightmost digit will be used to indicate its value. For example, suppose you get dealt a hand consisting of 7 and 5. This means that your hand’s total value will be 12. However, since the total value has exceeded 9, your hand’s value will be 2, i.e., you’ll drop the first digit (1) and use the remaining number (2) as your hand value. On the other hand, if the Player’s or Banker’s hand value on the first two dealt cards equals 8 or 9, it’s called a natural hand. The game round usually ends in such cases, and all bets are collected or paid out.

Microgaming live casino baccarat interface

Despite its popularity, Microgaming online live baccarat lacks cross-platform capability as it’s not optimised for mobile gameplay. This means that you will not be able to play the game on a mobile casino. Nevertheless, you can access the game from a desktop site and have a seamless gambling experience navigating its interface. The game interface is well-arranged and intuitive, with all the required details and features strategically displayed on the screen.

Video and audio settings

Similar to other live dealer games from Microgaming, the game is broadcast from the company’s studio in Canada with the live video stream fixed on the screen. Microgaming live casino baccarat features a High-Definition video feed, but the video quality automatically adjusts itself depending on the stability of your internet connection. Luckily, if the auto-adjust feature appears to bother you, you can navigate to the video settings icon and turn it off. This will allow you to manually modify the video quality settings per your preference and the strength of your internet connection between Low, Standard, and High Definition. In the event of a flaky internet connection, you can turn the video stream off with a click and continue playing the game since there’s a virtual graphical representation of all dealt cards on the screen.

Generally, the settings functionality allows you to perform numerous actions, including sound adjustment, switching the dealer’s voice on or off, volume control for music and sound effects, and setting your user name to your liking, among other functions. However, there’s a downside to the video feed since you can see various game hosts on the dealer’s background running different table games. Nevertheless, you can turn off the video stream and audio settings to eliminate background noises and distractions from the studio. Furthermore, there are two camera views provided in the game. You can switch to full-screen view mode during gameplay for an up-close view of the studio and get a more authentic casino experience of the dealer shuffling and dealing cards from different camera angles.

Studio setup

To begin with, the game is broadcast in an Asian-themed setting, and the dealers running the tables are of Asian descent. The well-dressed professional real-life hosts usually sit behind a giant kidney-shaped table with golden edges. A stunning maroon cloth is spread on the table’s surface, where the croupier shuffles and deals the cards. A shoe filled with a shuffled deck of 52 playing cards, where the host draws and deals them to players, is placed on the dealer’s left-hand side, and an empty (or with cards) glass cubicle is placed on their right. 

All the cards played during a game round are put in this glass box. A live display of the entire studio setting, including other table games, is shown during real money gameplay using a single camera view. The camera focus remains fixed on the dealer as they shuffle, draw, and deal the cards, giving you a close-up view of all the action in real time.

Betting area

Right in front of the dealer is a dedicated betting section, with the standard layout of all accepted baccarat bets displayed in the middle of the table. Like in a traditional baccarat table, the betting area is typically divided into three fields representing the three main bets (Player, Banker, and Tie). The Microgaming live baccarat table has the Player’s betting field on the dealer’s right side coloured blue, the Tie bet spot in the middle coloured green, and the Banker’s fields on their left in red. In addition, all available side bet spots for unique wagers are placed on the bottom section of the main betting grid. Multiple chips with numerous monetary values and colours (blue, green, black, red, etc.) are activated during the betting phase and pop up on the screen’s bottom section. All interested players must place their bets using these multi-coloured chips before a game round begins.

Betting features

If you’re a loyal player of Microgaming’s live casino games, then you are aware of the various standard betting features in the titles. For instance, there’s an Autobet feature that allows you to pre-customise your bet sizes and set the number of rounds to be played in your preferred order. This feature mainly helps you automatically place your selected bets and play the game for the entered number of rounds, saving you time since you don’t have to make betting decisions in a rush in every round. 

There’s also a unique feature that allows you to automatically confirm all the bets you place on the table without having to click the Confirm (tick) button after each chip placement. Furthermore, a Repeat button on the game’s interface allows you to place your exact previous bets in the current round, and an Undo button will enable you to eliminate the last wager you placed. If you have placed multiple bets and wish to do away with them in reverse order one by one, tap the Undo button repeatedly. If you hold it, you’ll remove all your current bets.

Bet limits and menu

The set bet limits in all Microgaming baccarat live casinos are pinned on the screen’s bottom section. Depending on your preferred online casino, these bet limits usually vary from one operator to the other. For example, some online platforms allow minimum bets of $10, while others have higher minimum bet limits of $30 and $50. Similarly, the maximum allowed betting amount per game round also varies among live casino operators (including crypto casinos), with some having low maximum limits of $200 and others with slightly higher limits of $300 and $500 or the equivalent in crypto for Bitcoin live baccarat players. 

With such low maximum limits, Microgaming online live baccarat is ideal for low-budget novices and regular players who are not high-risk takers. Your current account balance is also displayed at the bottom left of the screen, and the Total Bet indicator is beside it. The indicator shows the total amount of bets (in USD, in our case) you’ve placed in the current round.

A help menu is pinned on the bottom left of the screen, where you can learn more about the card rankings, game rules, types of bets, payouts, return to player, roadmaps, and so on. You can also switch between different views, activate the full-screen mode, analyse your autobets, or close the table on the menu function.

Scorecard and roadmap grid

The live stats section is on the screen’s bottom-left side, showing all the winning bets in the past rounds through a graphical grid representation. Like in most live baccarat casinos, these past results are displayed as P (Player), B (Banker), or T (Tie), but you can change the content to display the winning value of each round. Notably, the scoreboard shows results for the most recent 66 game rounds.

Furthermore, on the right side of the live stats cell grid is a display of different roadmaps (to be discussed later). The Road Probing features are placed on the right section of the screen. These buttons will help you predict the following round results by displaying the streaks and patterns in the Small Road, Big Eye Boy, and Cockroach Road if either the Player or Banker result is added. You can press the Next Banker button to see if the subsequent result is a Banker win or the Next Player button to see how the roadmaps will look if the following result is a Player win. Please note that the symbols next to the buttons represent the actual symbols used in the different roads.

Right below the Road Probing buttons is a live game statistics display with details about the shoe and game round number, the number of times a particular bet has won, and the number of bets (in percentage) placed on the main betting layout with Player, Banker, and Tie fields.

Microgaming live baccarat roadmaps

As mentioned earlier, various scoreboards or electronic display boards on the game’s interface depict different roadmaps. But what exactly are roadmaps? If you’re a novice baccarat player, roadmaps refer to the various graphical representations of the previous winning bets of the shoe in play. These roadmaps are helpful as they help players quickly analyse the history of the current shoe, identify patterns, and attempt to predict future outcomes when playing baccarat live from Microgaming.

Therefore, a live statistical roadmap begins when the first cards of a new shoe are dealt in a real money round and continues until the cutting card appears. Once the last hand of the shoe in play is dealt, all the current data in the roadmap is cleared, and the process begins again when a new shoe is introduced. There are numerous live dealer baccarat roadmaps, each with its set of symbols and trends. Below is a detailed overview of the various roadmaps used in Microgaming online live baccarat.

Big Road

This is the main road from which all other roads are derived in a live online baccarat table. It’s usually a grid with six cell rows and unlimited columns. When a round begins, the first result (Player or Banker) is recorded on the top-left corner of the scoreboard. Suppose the second outcome is similar to the first. In this case, the result will be registered under the first outcome, and the process continues throughout the shoe unless otherwise, i.e., until there’s a different winning bet type. When a different hand wins, a new column is started.

Pair, Banker, and Tie symbols

The Big Road uses hollow circles as its symbols. It usually comprises a series of columns of alternating hollow circles, with a minimum height of one circle and no maximum height. A blue circle represents a Player win, while a red circle represents a Banker win. Unlike the Banker and Player Wins, a Tie win is not displayed in a separate column on the electronic board. Instead, it’s simply recorded as a green line that cuts across the most recent circle. In the case of multiple Tie wins, a small number indicating the number of Ties is displayed next to the green line. Moreover, suppose a Tie outcome happens before a Player or Banker wins in a shoe. In that case, the green line will be recorded in the top left column on the grid, and when the first Player or Banker result happens, the circle is shown in the same cell under the green line.

Pair and Natural symbols

Unlike the other bet outcomes, which are recorded as open circles, Pair wins in the Big Road are recorded as a dot on the edge of the most recent circle. A blue dot at the bottom-right of the circle represents the Player pair, while a red one at the top-left represents the Banker pair. Lastly, Natural results are recorded as a yellow dot at the centre of the most recent circle.

Dragon’s tail

Suppose there are more than six consecutive Player or Banker results. In this case, the board will run out of vertical space. Therefore, the winning streak’s pattern will turn right and continue being recorded along the bottom row. It’ll form a pattern commonly known as “the dragon tail” by most experienced live baccarat players. In addition, suppose a string of consecutive wins bumps into another outcome’s dragon on the bottom row. In this case, the new column will instantly turn right (despite the row it’s in) and form its dragon, a pattern known as “double dragon.” Some players use the dragon’s tail as a strategy (follow the dragon) for making betting decisions. This is because they hold the belief that the longer the tail, the better the chance of winning.

Bead Plate

This is an exact and comprehensive visual representation of every hand of a shoe. However, unlike the Big Road, the Bead Plate depicts a Tie outcome in a separate cell on the scorecard. In addition, during real money gameplay, a new column is started once the previous column has been filled, regardless of the following round’s outcome. When the game round begins, the first outcome is recorded on the top left corner of the electronic board, and the road is filled downwards through all six cells of the column. The symbols used in this roadmap are colour-filled circles superimposed with P, B, and T or numbers. The letters represent the particular outcome in a round, while the numbers correspond to the points totals of the winning hand.

Bead Plate symbols

A blue circle represents a Player win, while a red and a green circle represent Banker and Tie outcomes, respectively. Similar to the Big Road, Pair wins are recorded as a dot on the edge of the most recent circle, with a blue dot at the bottom-right representing the Player pair and a red one at the top-left for the Banker pair.

Derived Roads

Also referred to as predictive roads, derived roads are roadmaps formed from the main road (Big Road). They usually describe the various patterns in the Big Road but don’t tell you exactly what happened. Instead, these roads tell you whether there were trends in what happened.

Types of derived roads

There are three different types of derived roads in baccarat live from Microgaming, each describing slightly different patterns. These derived roads include Big Eye Boy, Small Road, and Cockroach Road.

Derived roads generally consist of red and blue symbols. The hollow circles represent the Big Eye Boy, while solid circles and slashes represent the Small Road and the Cockroach Road, respectively. However, you should note that the red and blue symbols don’t correspond to Banker or Player outcomes. Instead, a red symbol shows that there’s a pattern, and a blue one indicates that the shoe has no pattern (choppy).

Derived roads entries

As earlier stated, each roadmap describes the game outcomes using a different pattern, with the key difference being the starting point and the results recorded in the Big Road. Simply put, the second result in the Big Eye Boy Road is displayed in the second column, while the second result for the Small Road is recorded in the third column. Furthermore, the second result in the Cockroach Road is recorded in the fourth column. Once a derived road begins, an extra red or blue symbol is added to that road after every hand outcome. You can click on any of the derived roads to zoom in on the road content.

Rules of Microgaming live baccarat

Despite being considered a complex game for the sophisticated, live dealer baccarat online features pretty straightforward rules that are quick to grasp. You can play the classic Microgaming multi-player variant (7-seater) online in a live baccarat casino or the single-player variant with unlimited seats. Simply put, the single-player baccarat variation allows you to play against an infinite number of players online from across the world. Nevertheless, the rules and gameplay are standard across the game regardless of the number of players.

To begin with, Microgaming live casino baccarat is played with eight standard decks of 52 cards, and the dealer manually shuffles the cards. Like in the traditional baccarat table, a cut card is usually placed in front of the seventh last card. When the real-life dealer draws the cut card during a round, it indicates the shoe’s final play. Like in other dealer’s baccarat variants, cards are burned to the empty glass container on the dealer’s right side at the beginning of every new dealing shoe and game round. With a new shoe, the burn card is usually dealt face-up from the top of the new deck. Depending on its respective numerical value, the croupier burns as many cards face down, ensuring no card counting and random outcomes.

Baccarat’s primary objective

As mentioned earlier, the game’s primary goal is for you to bet on the hand that you believe will have a total value of as close to 9 points as possible. When you’re playing for real money with your hard-earned cash or bonus funds, you’ll only have three main betting options. The most common bets in a live baccarat table include Player (punto) and Banker (banco). During the betting phase, you must place your chips on the field you think will be the winner, i.e., the Player’s or the Banker’s bet spot. Furthermore, you can bet on a tie outcome between the Player’s and the Banker’s hand, which usually pays out at a higher rate than the other two bets. With baccarat live from Microgaming, the payout for a winning Tie bet is usually 8:1.

How to play Microgaming live baccarat

Before you begin playing for real money, we recommend choosing an online casino that best caters to your gambling needs, such as a diverse range of live dealer games from Microgaming, an extensive selection of banking methods including fiat and crypto options like bitcoin, an exclusive welcome bonus for live casino games, and effective customer support options (live chat, toll-free contact numbers, etc.), among others. After selecting, sign up for a player account.

Deposit into your account

After registering for a player account, head to the cashier section and choose one of the available deposit options to fund your casino account. Upon receiving the funds, claim the live welcome bonus (if any) and proceed to the live casino lobby, where you’ll find numerous live Microgaming baccarat variants. Click on one of the titles and launch the game.

Place your bets

If you find a round in progress, you should wait for the next betting period to start. Once the current game round ends, the friendly game host will say their name and ask you to place your bets. Before beginning each game round, you must place your bets within the specified time (usually 20 seconds) by selecting a chip with your preferred value and placing it on the respective betting field (Player, Banker, Tie, or side bets).

Game round

Once the set betting time ends and you have placed your desired bet, the live baccarat dealer will scan and burn the top card. Afterwards, they will scan and deal four cards face up. The first and third cards will be dealt to the Player’s hand, and the second and fourth cards to the Banker’s. During a round, all the dealt cards are virtually displayed in correspondence to the respective hand on the screen’s left section.

Depending on the total value of the Player’s first-dealt cards, a third card may be dealt to the Player’s hand. If the Player’s hand scores five or less, the host will deal an extra card to the Player’s side. If the Player’s side receives a third card, whether the Banker gets an extra one or not depends on the value of the Player’s third card. You should note that the rules for drawing a third card are preset and don’t require any decision from you. After the cards have been dealt, the hand with the combined card value closest to 9 is declared the winner. If both hands have the same total value, it’s considered a tie, and all bets on the Player and Banker’s hands are pushed (returned).

Natural hand

On the other hand, an exceptional case may lead to a round being over after the host has drawn the first four cards, i.e., when the Player’s or Banker’s first-dealt two cards have a total value equal to 8 or 9 points (Natural hand). The round ends whenever there’s a natural hand in a live online baccarat table, including Bitcoin live baccarat, and all bets are collected or paid out accordingly. In a different scenario, suppose a hand’s value exceeds 9 points during the game round. In that case, the rightmost digit determines its value. For instance, a hand composed of 3 and 9 equals 12, which means the hand’s total value is 2. As earlier explained, you’ll drop the first digit (1) and have a new hand value of 2.

The Banker and Player’s third card rules

Depending on the combined value of the initially dealt cards, the preset third card rules are applied to determine whether one or both hands will Hit or Stand (get a third card or not). To begin with, the Banker’s hand must adhere to the set of rules outlined below:

  • If the Banker’s hand has a total of 2 or less, the dealer will deal a third card to the Banker.
  • Additionally, if the Banker’s total value is 3, they’ll draw a third card unless the Player’s third card is an 8.
  •  Furthermore, if the Banker’s hand value is 4 and the Player’s third card is a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7, they’ll also draw a third card.
  • If the Banker’s total is 5 and the Player’s third card is a 4, 5, 6, or 7, the Banker’s hand will get a third card.
  • Moreover, if the Banker’s total is 6 and the Player’s third card is a 6 or 7, the Banker’s hand will receive a third card.
  • Lastly, if the Banker’s combined card value is 7, it’ll stand.

On the other hand, the Player’s third-card rule is used if the Player’s hand total ranges between 0 and 5. In addition, if the Player’s hand total is 6 or 7, it’ll stand. You should note that all winning Banker’s hands in Microgaming live casino baccarat are subject to a 5% commission.

Microgaming live baccarat side bets

In addition to the main betting options (Player, Banker, and Tie), Microgaming live casino baccarat offers various side bets that you can place to add some extra thrill and flair to the game. These unique bets usually offer higher payouts than the standard bets but also feature higher financial risks. Below are the provided side bets in baccarat live from Microgaming.

Player and Banker Pair

This side bet is usually offered in the standard and bonus baccarat variants. For the Player Pair, the bet pays out if the Player’s initially dealt cards form a pair. Similarly, the Banker Pair pays out if the first two cards dealt to the Banker’s hand constitute a pair. This side bet offers an 11:1 payout on either winning hand, and each side bet features an 89.64% RTP.

Player and Banker Bonus

Like the pair side bets, the Player and Banker Bonus bets are also provided in both variants. To begin with, the Player Bonus side bet pays out when the Player wins the round on a natural 8 or 9 or by at least four points. For example, suppose the Player’s hand total value is 6, and the Banker’s total value is 1. In that case, the Player Bonus bet wins since the winning point difference is more than 4.

Similarly, the Banker Bonus bet pays out if the Banker’s hand wins with a natural 8 or 9 or by at least four points in a round. You should note that the bet sizes in these side bets cannot exceed half of the total main bet. The payout for the Player and Banker Bonus side bets is 1:1 for a natural hand, and in case of a natural tie, all bets are pushed (returned). Furthermore, the Player Bonus side bet offers an RTP of 97.35%, while the Banker Bonus features a 90.63% RTP.

Moreover, the payouts for non-natural wins vary from one outcome to the other. Below is an overview of all non-natural payouts for Player and Banker Bonus side bets.

  • For hand wins by 9 points, the payout is 30:1.
  • For hand wins by 8 points, the payout is 10:1.
  • For hand wins by 7 points, the payout is 6:1.
  • For hand wins by 6 points, the payout is 4:1.
  • For hand wins by 5 points, the payout is 2:1.
  • For hand wins by 4 points, the payout is 1:1.


These bets entail predicting the total number of cards that will be dealt in a game round. For instance, the Big bet wins if the total number of cards dealt in a round is 5 or 6, whereas the Small bet wins if the total number of cards is 4. Every winning Big bet receives a 0.54:1 payout, while a winning Small bet receives a payout of 1.5:1. Moreover, the Big bet features a 95.65% RTP, while the Small bet has a 94.73% RTP.


These bets are based on the Dragon Tiger baccarat variant. Therefore, they involve betting on which hand (Dragon or Tiger) will have a higher card value. With this bonus, the winning bets (either Dragon or Tiger) receive a 1:1 payout.

Dragon and Tiger Tie

As the name suggests, this bet entails betting on both hands (Dragon or Tiger) having cards of the same rank (same value). With this bonus, the winning bet receives an 8:1 payout.

Turtle Pair

This bet entails predicting whether the first two dealt cards will form any pair on either of the hands (Banker and Player) or both. This side bet features a 5:1 payout and is usually deactivated after 38 rounds in every shoe.

Phoenix Pair

This bet wins if the first two dealt cards to either of the hands (Banker and Player) form a pair of the same suit. For instance, the Phoenix Pair bet wins if the first two cards dealt to the Player’s hand are of clubs. A winning Phoenix Pair bet features a 25:1 payout.

Live Baccarat variations by Microgaming

As mentioned earlier, baccarat is considered an elegant game for the elite and sophisticated. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly a table casino game admired by both online and offline players. Thanks to its popularity and opulence, Microgaming has raised the bar in terms of thrills and entertainment to provide a top-tier, Macau-style gambling experience for all sorts of players ranging from newbies and low rollers to the most seasoned high rollers. Below is an overview of the two main baccarat variations in Microgaming’s catalogue.

Live Baccarat

This is a standard baccarat variant that adheres to the traditional rules of baccarat discussed earlier. This variant comes in either a single-player table or multiplayer. To begin with, the single-player variant features an unlimited number of seats. Therefore, it allows you to play against an infinite number of players online from across the world. On the other hand, the multi-player table has seven seats, and you must choose a spot to play for real money. However, this table doesn’t have the “Bet Behind” feature. Therefore, new players must wait in line until a vacant seat is available at the table.


Despite the table, the game features a single-camera view head-on, with a close-up view of the entire studio setup. Like in a traditional baccarat table, this variant is played with eight standard decks of 52 cards, and the objective is to predict which hand (Player’s or Banker’s) will have a total point value closest to 9. If you believe that both Player and Banker will have hands of equal value, you can place a Tie bet. In addition to the main bets, this Microgaming live casino baccarat variant offers various side bets, including Player and Banker Pairs and Player and Banker Bonuses. A live croupier manually shuffles and deals the cards on a bean-shaped table where all players place their bets. Despite your preferred table (single or multiplayer), only one hand for the Player and Banker is dealt. Therefore, no individual hands are dealt to each sitting position in the multi-player table.

Betting limits and features

The game features a wide range of betting limits (a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $500) to suit different players. In addition, you can access a detailed record of your bet history through the menu icon, place exact bets as in the previous round using the Rebet button, pre-customise your bet sizes and set the number of rounds to be played using the Autobet feature and remove a bet before the betting period expires using the Delete button. These features provide an authentic gambling environment, allowing players to actively engage in the game online.

Bonus Baccarat

As the name suggests, this baccarat variant features numerous side bets besides the main Player, Banker, and Tie bets. The side bets in this variation include Player and Banker pairs, Big and Small, Phoenix and Turtle pairs, Dragon, Tiger, and Dragon and Tiger Tie bet. Despite the bonus bets, Bonus Baccarat features an intuitive user interface that’s friendly to the players, especially novices. The game is played the same way as the standard variation, with a professional live croupier dealing cards. At the beginning of each round, two face-up cards are dealt to both the Player and the Banker, and participating players can place their chips on the various side bet spots alongside the main ones (Player, Banker, or Tie). Like in traditional baccarat, the third card rules are applied depending on the total points of each hand. The shoe is dealt until the cut card appears, after which the remaining cards are discarded, shuffled, and a new deck is introduced.

Live baccarat odds

Baccarat is a game of chance, and every outcome (whether Player, Banker, or Tie) has a certain probability of occurring when you play for real money in a live baccarat casino. However, these winning odds can vary depending on several aspects, such as the game variation being played and the player’s skill level and betting system, among others. Nevertheless, the standard winning odds in a live dealer baccarat table are calculated based on the notion that the cards are dealt from an eight-deck shoe.

Therefore, from the three main bets, the Banker’s hand has the highest statistical probability of winning with odds of 45.87%. On the other hand, the Player’s hand features lower winning odds of 44.63%, while the chance of winning with a Tie bet is significantly lower as it features winning odds of 9.51%. This means that placing a Tie bet is considered risky since it has a low probability of winning.

Microgaming live baccarat payouts and RTP

Depending on the bet type and game variation, Microgaming online live baccarat features an RTP percentage range of between 85.56% and 98.94%. To begin with, the optimal theoretical Microgaming live baccarat RTP (return to player) percentage for a standard game is 98.94% for the Banker bet, 98.76% for the Player bet, and 85.64% for the Tie bet.

On the other hand, the payouts for a winning Player and Banker bet are 1:1 and 0.95:1, respectively. Please note that the Banker’s bet payout in baccarat live from Microgaming is slightly lower than the Player bet since it usually comes with a 5% commission on winning bets. For the Tie bet, the payout is much higher than the other two bets, i.e., a winning Tie bet receives an 8:1 payout.

Live baccarat strategies

Before you place your first bet and begin to play for real money in a live baccarat casino, you should consider a few factors that will help you improve your odds of winning while maximising the gambling thrill. Live baccarat is primarily a game of chance, and the outcome depends on which of the two hands (Player’s or Banker’s) will have a combined card value closest to 9. Although no foolproof strategy can guarantee consistent wins in the long run, there are some that you can apply to improve your winnings and enjoy the game.


Martingale is among the most popular strategies applied to table casino games. Its popularity partly stems from the fact that it’s easy to understand and use. The Martingale system recommends you increase your bet amount after every loss. For instance, suppose you start by placing one betting unit of 10 US dollars, and your bet loses. In that case, you should double the size of your next bet to USD 20. The main objective of this system is that if you double your bet each time you lose, you’ll cover all of your previous losses in one betting unit whenever you win.


This is a positive progression betting system in which you increase your bet amount after each win and keep it the same after every loss. If you experience a winning streak, this system recommends you continue applying it for up to three consecutive wins. However, if you lose a hand, you should return to your original bet size and start over. For instance, suppose you place an initial bet of $10, and you win. In that case, you should double your stake in the next round and wager $20. However, if you lose, you should retain your original betting amount of $10. If you keep on winning, you should consider taking your profits on the third bet and start over with a $10 bet since you’ll have won three hands in a row.


This betting system is based on a predetermined sequence (1, 3, 2, 6). The system recommends you set a chip size that serves as your base bet, and after each winning round, you must follow the pattern and add chips accordingly. If you win all four hands in a row, you will have made a profit of 12 bet sizes, and you should reset and go back to your original chip size. For instance, suppose you choose one chip with an initial bet of $10 and win. In that case, you should place three chips with a $10 value each on the next round. If you experience a winning streak and reach the last stage in the sequence, you should place six chips of $10 value. In case of a win in this final stage, you should reset and return to your initial chip size.


Baccarat is a thrilling table casino game that has gone through the test of time and proven to be highly entertaining across a broad range of players. It’s an ideal game for all players, especially novices, as it’s easy to play and features straightforward rules. Despite being a game of chance and not skill, live dealer baccarat allows you to enhance your winning odds and maximise the fun by applying various gambling strategies to beat the house edge. 

Thanks to modern technological advancements, baccarat has gained popularity among online players worldwide, with various reputable iGaming providers, such as Microgaming, releasing different game variations. Nevertheless, all baccarat variants adhere to the same basic rules with a few additional features, such as side bets, making the game more enticing.

This review has provided some relevant Microgaming live casino baccarat details, including the game’s interface, rules and gameplay, and the different types of side bets allowed. Moreover, this article has given an in-depth overview of the live baccarat variants by Microgaming, the different winning odds and payouts of each bet, and some betting systems you can apply to improve your chances of winning in a live dealer baccarat table.

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