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Roulette live Table Game by xpg Details

🎰 Software: Xprogaming
📲 Play on Mobile: Android
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Turkish
💬 Live Chat: No
🌎 Studio Location: Bulgaria, Moldova
🎲 Game type: Table game, Roulette

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Roulette live Table Game by xpg Review

XPG is known for live dealer casino games with quite plain graphics yet engaging gameplay and a variety of different titles, including XProGaming Roulette. Live Roulette, developed by XProGaming, is a European roulette with 37 numbered pockets (numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero). There are not many features in the game, and the user interface looks a bit outdated as compared with other developers’ live solutions; however, the gameplay is smooth, and croupiers are very attractive. Besides, the provider created several variations, including Auto Roulette and Dragon Roulette, to suit different players’ needs. In this XPG roulette online casino review, you’ll learn everything about these table games, including navigation, rules, working strategies, and other XPG games to try out.

XPG Roulette: interface & navigation

Unlike live dealer online casino games from giants like Evolution and Pragmatic Play, XProGaming software has very plain graphics which could be improved to meet the needs of demanding players. However, the menu and tools you see on the screen are enough to understand the rules, find game history, and place your real money bet.

  • The stats are presented in easy-to-understand graphs that show the percentage of Red/Black and Even/Odd winning numbers. There are also six hot and cold numbers, i.e. the numbers that have appeared most and least often for a certain number of wheel spins.
  • One of the information panels displays table limits broken down by bet types.
  • A chat box for writing to the dealer. Other players’ messages are not visible there.
  • A dealer tipping slot.
  • Favourite Bets feature. This optional feature enables players to save their betting patterns and then place the saved bets quickly without having to click on the chips and betting fields numerous times within the allotted betting time.

Info widget

The small ‘i’ widget on the left won’t provide you with full details or rules of the game, so you can find only the most basic information here. These are the round ID which may be required in case of problems or issues with this round, the game name, the dealer’s name, and the player’s name (used to identify your account in the game history).

Live chat

The chat button is also on the left. It may be less advanced compared to chats offered by competitors like Playtech or Evolution since, in this case, XPG allows users to contact dealers only after depositing, and the chat doesn’t display messages from other players. This way, you can get in touch with the dealer when you play for real money, but it’s impossible to communicate with other online casino players.

Balance & betting tools

Your balance is displayed on the left in your currency. It’s highlighted in green. Once you’ve placed a bet, it’s displayed in the corresponding field next to your balance, and when the round is over, the next field displays the last win. On the right, XPG live roulette online casino players can find chips of different values to place a bet. The three widgets in the middle (Undo/Repeat/Cancel) allow players to modify the bet before the round starts or remove chips fully. You can also find the ‘Favourite Bets’ button on the right to save bets you want to repeat during the next games.

Game statistics

Players who want to see the outcomes of previous XProGaming live roulette rounds and form further strategies accordingly can track gaming statistics displayed on the right. An imitation of a desktop monitor displays the numbers which used to be winning in the last ten rounds. In addition, you can see their colour (black/red). In addition, you can open the detailed statistics window via the button to the left of the live game’s screen. This way, online casino gamblers access not only information about winning numbers but also a percentage of certain outcomes during the previous round, as well as hot and cold numbers.

Tips for dealers

Interestingly, live casino roulette games hardly ever have a tool to tip dealers, so XProGaming went the extra mile here. This widget is based on the table on the right. You can press the arrows to increase or decrease the amount you want to tip.

Video and audio

The video stream quality is very good, and so is sound. The dealer and roulette wheel (there is no real-life table on the screen) are shown from a fixed position that cannot be changed by a user. At the end of the betting time, the wheel starts spinning, and the camera shifts its focus to give a close-up view of the wheel until the ball lands on a winning pocket. By using a magnifying glass icon on the gaming screen, a user may zoom in on the video box to see the action in more detail. Audio options are volume control and sound muting.

XPG live roulette stream tools

The betting table is in the middle of the screen, while the screen with the live roulette online casino stream from XPG is based above. Users can turn on/off the sound, change the stream quality (low/high/HD), or zoom in via corresponding buttons on that screen.

Game rules & history

These are the two red buttons below on the left. Unlike games from most other providers, XPG doesn’t display rules or history within the game. The buttons lead you to separate pages where you see a manual with the rules of all XPG games and the game history displaying the round ID, status, result, game name, total bets, total prizes, profit, payout, and date. Though the rules from the manual don’t cover some aspects, you’ll find a detailed table displaying payouts for all bet types and the game’s layout explained.

Lobby and +Table: play several XPG games

Interestingly, you can play XProGaming Roulette together with up to three other live online casino games from the provider. You must push the ‘+Table’ widget and select other games from the vendor’s portfolio. The screen is divided into several parts, depending on the number of games you launch, and you see betting tools for each of them. Gamblers can place bets on each screen; the balance will change with each new bet and winning. It’s a convenient option for players who enjoy fast-paced gameplay and want to experience several games at once. Evolution offers the same option for its software. The ‘Lobby’ button is also helpful when you want to try out other games. You can see the entire XProGaming catalogue sorted by categories.

How to play XProGaming Roulette

As with other live dealer casino online games, XPG roulette requires simple steps like registration, depositing, and navigating through the game to play for real money. If you are a newbie who hasn’t picked an online gambling site yet, follow this guide with five simple steps:

  1. Choose a top XProGaming Casino
    On this page, you can find the most reliable XProGaming casinos online. Not all operators work with the brand, and not all brands 100% meet modern gambling standards, so a rating which considers all these things is a helping hand.
  2. Sign up and top up your account
    It takes up to a few minutes to sign up (make sure to add correct details for smooth further verification). After registration, head over to the cashdesk and choose a deposit option (fiat or cryptocurrency) to make a deposit.
  3. Wait for a new round and place a bet
    If you enter the game during an active round, you can just watch it. When the round is over, feel free to place chips on betting positions of the table in the middle of the screen to place your wager while the bets are accepted.
  4. Wait for the outcome of your round
    When bets are closed, you don’t do anything else. Just wait for the dealer to throw the ball on the launched in the opposite direction roulette wheel. When they stop, the ball determines the winning pocket, and you see whether your bet has worked.
  5. Use other game’s features optionally
    Optionally, you can add other games via the ‘+Table’ option, place complex bets, such as Orphans, tip the dealer, analyse statistics, and do lots of other things. When the game is over, you can withdraw wins if they meet the casino’s limit.

Rules of XProGaming live roulette

Actually, the rules, payouts and winning odds of this roulette are common for any European roulette. The table layout displayed on the screen accepts all classic bet types, including inside and outside bets. An oval-shaped racetrack near the main table layout is designed for accepting call bets and neighbours. As distinct from other live roulette variants, this game allows placing only three call bets: Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, and Tier. Players are given ample time for betting (35 seconds, to be specific). The blocks below will display the game flow, available bets, and their payouts.

XProGaming Roulette game flow

XProGaming live roulette is a real dealer game played in real time. You see the roulette wheel above the screen. Below, you’ll find a betting table with a range of options to place real money wagers. While bets are accepted, you put chips on those positions. When the round begins, the dealer launches the wheel and throws the ball. Different camera angles display both the croupier and the wheel. When you use the chat, the dealer can communicate with you. When the round is over, the winning position is displayed in the middle of the screen. All your wins, if any, are counted automatically, after which you see the total winning amount and your balance changes. Then, this winning outcome is added to the game’s statistics, and players can place bets for the upcoming new round.

XPG Roulette basic bets & payouts

Players can get wins at real money XProGaming casinos once the game outcomes coincide with the placed bets. The betting options are diversified, and it’s convenient that you can choose several or even all betting positions within the same round:

  • Straight Up: a bet on an individual number (eg. number 10), 35:1, 2.70% odds
  • Split: betting on two adjacent numbers on the line between two numbers (eg. 1-2), 17:1, 5.40% odds
  • Street: betting on three numbers in a row. A chip is placed at the end of the row (eg. 3-2-1), 11:1, 8.10% odds
  • Corner: you bet on four adjacent numbers, so it’s necessary to place a chip in the corner where these four numbers meet (eg. 7-8-11-10), 8:1, 10.81% odds
  • Six-line: here, the bet is on six adjacent numbers, so the chip is at the end of two rows (eg. 7-8-9-12-11-10), 5:1, 16.21% odds
  • Dozen: you bet on all numbers in a selected dozen (eg. 1st dozen 1–12, 2nd dozen 13–24, and 3rd dozen 25–36), 2:1, 32.43% odds
  • Column: the chip is placed on one of the boxes labelled ‘2 to 1’ on the right to cover the entire column (eg. 1 to 34, 2 to 35, or 3 to 36), 2:1, 32.43% odds
  • Low/High: numbers 1 to 18 belong to the Low group, while 19 to 36 positions are High (eg. number 7 is Low), 1:1, 48.65% odds
  • Even/Odd: you find a corresponding betting box market with a corresponding sign and place on all even or all odd numbers (eg. number 2 is even), 1:1, 48.65% odds 
  • Red/Black: the bet is placed on a group of red or black positions of the betting table (eg. number 1 is on a red position), 1:1, 48.65% odds
  • Max bet: you push the ‘Max Bet’ option next to your chips and click on a number on the table. Thus, you bet on this number, including its splits, corners, streets and six lines, all on the table maximum (payouts as for individual bets)

Live Roulette XPG: winning calculations

Let’s consider a few examples. At the bet of $50 on Straight Up and the winning outcome, you get paid $1750 and get back the $50 bet. Thus, you start the round with $50 and end up with $1800. When you’ve placed several bets, the outcomes can also vary. For instance, when you bet $10 on Straight Up and $10 on Low/High, and both positions are winning, you get paid this way: $350 + $10 back and $10 + $10 back, so the round which started with only $20 ends with $380 in total. 

However, when one of these bets doesn’t work, the balance will be significantly decreased. When the Straight Up bet doesn’t work, you spend $20 on both bets and win only $10 from Low/High, so you start with $20 and end with $20 as well since you win $10 and get the $10 bet back. It’s much better when the Straight Up bet works instead since with the spent $20 for these two bets, you get paid $350 and get $10 back for Straight Up, while only $10 for High/Low is lost, so you start with $20 and end up with $360.

Call bets and neighbours in XPG Roulette

The betting options mentioned above are side and outside bets. You can differentiate them by looking at the betting table; all the bets beyond the table with numbers, such as 1 to 12, are outside bets. But when you look below the basic betting table at your XProGaming live casino, you can see an oval-shaped racetrack for call bets:

  • Neighbours: betting on a certain number plus the two numbers to the left and the two numbers to the right on the wheel
  • Tier: you bet on a ‘thirds of the wheel’ placing six chips on splits of 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36
  • Orphans: also known as a five-chip-bet, it covers all the numbers between the zero section and the tier
  • Neighbours of Zero/Voisins du Zero: actually, you bet on the ‘neighbours of zero’, so you place four chips on 0/3, 12/15, and 32/35 splits and the 26 straight-up.

Choose the best XProGaming live casino

Though real money XProGaming casinos are not so frequent compared to gambling sites with software from live iGaming giants like Evolution, the brand is still quite popular, so you can choose from available sites to find the best online casino with XProGaming live roulette. These are the most essential factors you shouldn’t miss:

  • Software diversity
    In the context of live dealer games, there should be other XPG titles, as well as real dealer software from other tops like Vivo Gaming, Ezugi, and Evolution.
  • Live dealer bonuses
    You shouldn’t count on such promotions much since they aren’t frequent for live games, and the wager can be too high due to the game contribution of about 5%.
  • Casino safety aspects
    The site should hold a licence and boast a crystal reputation. When you explore the terms, make sure that there are no controversial aspects you don’t accept.
  • Mobile performance
    You can test XPG software and the site where you want to play on a mobile device, iOS or Android, to make sure that they are both cross-platform.
  • Convenient payments
    Live dealer casino games aren’t available for free, so you should take care of good conditions for deposits and cashouts, including limits and deposit turnover.

Live Roulette XProGaming strategies

When you play XProGaming roulette with a strategy, it’s an opportunity to track the results in the long run and follow a certain plan, but still, the outcomes are random and unpredictable. That’s why you shouldn’t try to cheat or beat the casino in the long run. When you play responsibly and understand how the game works, strategies are a good way to minimise risks and the associated house edge.

Low-risk XProGaming roulette strategy

Newbies or players with a small bankroll shouldn’t focus on bets with low odds since the risks, in this case, are too high. For example, the Straight Up bet paying 35:1 features 2.70% odds, so the chances of this outcome are really low, while the Odd/Even odds are as high as 47.37%, but the payout here is only 1:1. That’s why it’s a good idea to combine several bets and form a low-risk XPG roulette strategy this way. With a bankroll of $50, you can have five rounds of $10 each, and here are several variations:

  • $5 on Odds, $3 on 1st 12, $2 on number 3 Straight Up
  • $6 on Black, $4 on any Column
  • Only one bet of $10 on Red
  • $5 on Low, $5 on the 1st dozen

As you can see, a group of bets can focus on the same outcome, so when, in the first case, the ball stops in the number 3 pocket, all these bets work. Moreover, even when it’s not number 3, you still have a chance to win when the winning number is odd or in the first dozen.

Medium-risk XProGaming roulette strategy

When you feel that wins from a low-risk strategy don’t fully satisfy you, here’s a medium-risk XPG roulette strategy where you concentrate on stakes with higher potential yet affordable odds. Again, we’ll combine several betting options in a group and offer some single bets as well. For a bankroll of $100 and five rounds worth $20 each, you can place the following stakes:

  • $10 on Column, $10 on Corner
  • $7 on Street, $7 on Low/High, $6 on Straight Up
  • $10 on the 1st Dozen, $10 on Split
  • $5 on Corner, $5 on Red, $5 on Odd, and $5 on Straight Up

High-risk XProGaming roulette strategy

For players who want to experience the highest risks, there is a high-roller XProGaming roulette strategy. You’ll try to concentrate only on the highest potential, but be prepared for really high risks due to low odds. Let’s consider the $1000 bankroll and bets of $100 per round, which can be distributed in these ways:

  • Just rely on the ‘Max Bet’ option
  • All $100 on any Straight Up
  • $50 on Straight Up, $30 on Split, $20 on Street
  • $30 on number 36 Straight Up, $30 on Split with number 36, $30 on Column 3, $10 on the 3rd dozen

Roulette XProGaming betting systems

Players who opt for even bets like Low/High or Red/Black can apply a range of betting systems to play XProGaming roulette for real funds. This won’t be equal to strategies since such systems aren’t based on game rules or certain knowledge to decrease the house edge. However, experienced gamblers often apply such betting systems when having long gaming sessions:

  • Martingale XPG live roulette strategy
    According to this roulette betting system, you double the bet each time you lose. This way, when you get a win, it compensates for the previous losses. However, this approach is risky since you can quickly run out of money.
  • Fibonacci XPG live roulette strategy
    This system is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, where the following number is the sum of the two previous numbers. It looks like 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and so on, so when you lose, you increase your bet by the last two numbers.
  • Paroli XPG live roulette strategy
    It’s also known as a reverse Martingale strategy or positive progression staking, so you keep your stake the same when you lose, and when you win, the stake is doubled. After this, you reset the bet to the original amount.
  • D’Alembert XPG live roulette strategy
    First, you need to select a unit which will serve as a measure to increase or decrease the bet, for example, $5. When you lose, increase the bet by this unit, and when you win, subtract $5 from this bet amount.

Playing live Roulette XProGaming on mobile

Thanks to the professional optimisation of mobile XProGaming casinos, players won’t find it challenging to sign up for a gambling site, deposit real money, and launch real dealer software on iOS and Android devices. Though XPG doesn’t boast outpacing graphics or visual elements, the mobile casino gameplay is flawless. At some online casinos, you’ll find an option to install an Android app, and even when it’s absent, the browser version can cover all your needs. When you open XProGaming Roulette on mobile, the stream is displayed right on your screen, while the quality is adjusted according to your device’s settings.

XProGaming live games with Bitcoin

You can place real money bets in different currencies, and XProGaming Roulette cryptocurrency casinos are suitable for payments in BTC, LTC, ETH, and other cryptos. XProGaming live games with Bitcoin are suitable thanks to large limits during the game (though they also vary from casino to casino) and a range of advantages:

  • Bitcoin payments are anonymous since you don’t report your winnings to your bank or other financial institutions
  • Such transactions are instant, including withdrawals, which take up to a few minutes (just consider the casino’s processing time)
  • Limits for cryptocurrency live casino transactions are higher than average, which will suit high rollers

Live Roulette XProGaming types

Though the provider’s catalogue boasts several XProGaming roulette variations, we should note that all of them have the same options and functions. All of them have standard European Roulette rules and similar navigation tools. The design may vary slightly to differentiate these types (eg. Asian style in Dragon Roulette). Additionally, players choosing a live roulette from XPG should pay attention to the betting range. These are the available online casino roulette games from XProGaming:

  • Roulette
  • Galaxy Auto Roulette
  • Fast Roulette
  • Dragon Roulette

XProGaming provider: XPG history & other games

The XProGaming live casino provider entered the iGaming scene in 2005 with a full focus on real dealer software for online gambling sites. Their goal is to create ‘a pure Live gaming experience’, provided in professional studios based in Bulgaria and Romania. XPG’s head office is based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The main provider’s advantages are a cross-platform system, chatty dealers, a user-friendly interface, and catchy live games, including Wheel of Fortune, Andar Bahar, and other solutions. 

The company also provides services to providers, offering API integration, customisation options, private tables, and different options to maintain players’ engagement. The XProGaming’s official site displays somewhat outdated events the company participated in. However, it’s still worth noting that XPG was the official sponsor of the iGaming Asia Congress (iGA) in 2018 and Juegos Miami 2019. Besides, in 2018, it could boast its 6th year of participation in G2E Macau.

Other games from XProGaming: top 3 titles

Players enjoy XPG roulette for lots of betting variations and smooth gameplay on all devices. Moreover, XProGaming is a trustworthy gambling provider, so players can trust its other games as well. The catalogue isn’t super large, but it’s enough to offer gamblers several variations of to-notch live dealer games.

XProGaming Blackjack

In live online blackjack from XPG, players can take one out of seven seats or bet behind. The card game has standard rules and a branded XPG interface. You still have an opportunity to tip dealers and easily place chips on betting positions.

XProGaming Baccarat

Those fond of other card games with dealers from XPG will like online live baccarat from the provider players with eight 52-card decks. Its basic rules include the 8:1 payout for a tie, 11:1 for Player/Banker Pair, and 12:1 for Super Six.

XProGaming Wheel of Fortune

As well as popular money wheel games like Sweet Bonanza CandyLand by Pragmatic Play and Funky Time by Evolution, XProGaming’s Wheel of Fortune is based on a wheel split into 54 segments and a pointer to reveal winning positions.

Other popular live dealer roulette games

If you are fond of XPG live roulette and want to try out similar online casino games from other providers, the list below can help. Though the basics are the same due to common roulette rules and the presence of real dealers, some features can make these games very different and catchy.

Lightning Roulette by Evolution

Lightning Roulette seems to be a regular live roulette game, but only at first glance. However, Evolution, known for its advanced solutions, added a great feature to this gameplay. After players have placed the bets, the dealer pulls the level to reveal up to several lightning multipliers, which are applied to certain numbers, so players who placed corresponding Straight Up bets have their initial winning multiplied by lucky numbers.

Live Roulette by Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming is a well-known live dealer gambling brand established in 2010. It has eight global studios with all the tables available 24/7. Its live roulette variations include several types streamed from a real land-based casino (Portomaso Roulette, Oracle Roulette) and roulette live casino games with cool design, including Burgas Roulette with its purple neon background and Las Vegas Roulette with a backdrop displaying traditional slot machines.

Lucky Lady’s Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming

Compared to online casino roulette games from XPG, this variation looks very unusual. First of all, it’s a live roulette game played with a dealer in real time, so you access all types of bets, including Dozens and Voisins du Zéro. But it’s hard to ignore the elements of a slot machine above on the right. It’s a side bet based on the Lucky Lady’s Charm video slot powered by Novomatic, so you can put chips on the slot’s symbols to place bets.

XProGaming vs other live providers: main differences

XProGaming looks professional due to being on the iGaming market for years, and its reputation is really flawless. But when you compare it with competitors, you can reveal some more strong sides, as well as disadvantages to consider. As mentioned above, Evolution overcomes XPG due to its larger library, various acquired companies like NetEnt, and amazing live shows like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. 

The same is true with Pragmatic Play, which boasts great live games like PowerUP Roulette and Boom City. Playtech also represents modern live software like Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball of 2023. But when talking about live online casino brands like Vivo Gaming and LuckyStreak, XProGaming seems to be quite similar in terms of graphics. Moreover, its opportunity to add up to three extra tables to play simultaneously and an option to tip dealers keep XPG’s software engaging.

Tips to play live XProGaming roulette

Since the RTP of even the most well-paying game is still below 100%, you still need to consider gambling risks. Yet, players who apply working gambling tips for live roulette can make the gameplay smoother:

  • Choose licensed XPG online casinos with convenient filters to find live games and other acceptable conditions
  • Try to avoid stakes where you cover all betting positions since lots of them won’t work, and you can lose a lot on such bets
  • Plan your strategy according to your bankroll and the risks you are ready to take within this round
  • Though the free version isn’t available for playing, you can still watch the gameplay to understand the game without depositing
  • Check statistics provided within the game to understand what the gameplay is like, but remember that outcomes can be very unexpected

XProGaming Roulette: final thoughts

XPG is an interesting live dealer brand with a long history. It’s hard to compare it with giant brands like Evolution since its catalogue is smaller, while the software has less advanced features. However, XPG stands out due to its reliability, studios with all the necessary things for a good stream, and several roulette variations with a wide betting range, as well as other cool online casino live games with dealers. Gamblers can access XProGaming live games with Bitcoin or regular fiat currencies, depending on a selected casino, and the best XPG online casinos are displayed on this site. You can stick to a strategy according to your bankroll and enjoy the realistic atmosphere of live roulette XProGaming games on multiple devices.

Other games by Xprogaming