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Lightning Dice
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Lightning Dice live Casino Show by evolution Details

🎰 Software: Evolution
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.10 - $10,000
🤵 Dealers Language: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Arabic, Portuguese
💬 Live Chat: Yes
🌎 Studio Location: Armenia, Belgium, Canada, Georgia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain, USA
🎲 Game type: Casino Show
💵 RTP: 96.21%

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Lightning Dice live Casino Show by evolution Review

The fans of real dealer gameplay and the simplicity of live shows shouldn’t miss the Lightning Dice casino game launched by Evolution in 2019. It doesn’t look like craps or traditional table games since the gameplay is built around the total sum formed by the dice landing from the tower. Your bet can be placed either on a certain number (3 to 18) or a combination type (Low, Any Double, etc.), and the maximum multiplier in the base game can come up to 150x. As it’s Evolution, you shouldn’t expect boring gameplay since the company keeps the brand by adding electrifying random ‘Lightning’ strike multipliers of up to 1000x. In this review, you’ll learn all the rules of the Lightning Dice game, as well as top online casinos, where to play it for real money and helpful strategies for different bankrolls.

Lightning Dice live at online casinos: basic rules

Todd Haushalter, Evolution’s Chief Product Officer, introduces the game this way, ‘We went out of our way to keep the game simple but highly visual with a giant Lightning Tower where dice come tumbling down to make it possible to win big money.’ Lightning Dice is streamed in real time from a studio with virtual elements to place a bet and a real tower where the dealer puts the dice. Electrifying lucky numbers are determined automatically, and players see the corresponding animation. 

The lightning can cover not only certain numbers but also betting positions like High or Any Triple. By pulling the lever, the dealer launches the three dice. When landed, the dice show three numbers, which are summed up. This total of the Lightning Dice set is the winning number, and players who placed a bet on this position get paid according to the displayed multiplier. In addition, this amount can be multiplied by the lucky number once the lightning has covered this position. Additionally, you can get paid for bets like Any Double, and it can be either a separate bet or the one combined with basic bets on numbers.

Lightning Dice live streaming

Evolution is fairly considered one of the best live online casino providers due to the innovative plots and gameplay mechanics of its real dealer games. Moreover, the provider has top-notch studios for its streams with all the necessary equipment. This allows users to access rounds with flawless gameplay, and when we are talking about Evolution’s Lightning family (a series of games with multipliers), its splendid, electrifying visual effects add to the experience even more. The main advantages of Lightning Dice as a live game are excellent graphics, a convenient chat to communicate with the game host, and all the necessary virtual elements to place online bets and track the balance.

Evolution’s Lightning Dice: navigation

The Evolution live online casino provider makes the interface of all its games understandable so that players focus on gameplay rather than navigation rules. The interface is standard for Evolution software, so you’ll find your balance, a chat field on the left, and a batch of menu widgets on the right. All the tools used for placing bets are below.

Live chat with a dealer

Lightning Dice Live is an online casino game played in real time with a dealer, and players can get in touch with the dealer via live chat. Its field is based above on the left, and you can open a larger version through settings. All the messages you send are moderated in real time, which means that offensive context is immediately blocked. Please note that these messages are public and displayed not only to the dealer but also to other players, and optionally, the dealer asks questions from the chat to communicate with players.

Video and sound effects

By pushing the camera icon on the right, you switch the view. By default, the stream with a dealer occupies the main screen, and when you switch the view, the window with the stream decreases, and you see more detailed chat messages and statistics instead. The basic sound widget just regulates the volume. When you open advanced settings, you can adjust the video quality (HD/high/medium or auto adjust) and regulate several sound effects (master volume, studio sound, game effects).

Rules widget

The question mark above on the right is a helping hand for newbies who want to understand how a certain button works, what betting options are available, and how the game is played in general. Once opened, the menu has a heading so that you can easily find a certain topic (winning numbers, payouts, autoplay, game number, shortcut keys, and others).

Lightning Dice statistics

In the rightmost corner below, you can see three rows with numbers. These are Lightning Dice statistics online casino players can use to analyse the outcomes of previous games. Standard numbers are displayed in the black background, and when Lightning Multipliers have been applied, the numbers are highlighted in yellow, and you can see the value of these multipliers. By switching the view via the video widget above on the right, you open more detailed statistics with percentages for each number. This shows the frequency of certain outcomes so that you can analyse what values are the most frequent and what numbers are less popular (payouts for such cases are usually above average).

Balance & real money bets on Lightning Dice

The main tip on how to win Lightning Dice is, of course, to play for real money since only such bets bring real wins. Moreover, live dealer games have a free version, which allows players to watch gameplay, while the demo mode with fun coins like slots have is absent. These are all the game elements associated with your balance and bets:

  • The balance in your account currency is displayed in the leftmost corner below the screen.
  • Chips of different values and the betting table are based below in the middle.
  • The total bet displays the amount of all the chips you’ve placed on the preferred positions on the table.
  • Minimum and maximum betting limits are displayed above on the left, and this limit may vary from casino to casino, but in general, both a careful newbie and a high roller will find this limit convenient.
  • When you get wins, they are displayed in the section for your total bet. Then, the winning amount is added to your balance, and you can place new bets or cash out.
  • After each round, the total winning amount of all players and the number of gamblers are displayed on the left. Plus, you see their nicknames and winning sums, which may be helpful for your strategy and analysis.

Lightning Dice betting chips

Below the screen, you’ll see betting chips of different colours. They display values to suit different budgets, and once you place several chips on the table, their values form the total bet. Unlike slot machines, where you just pick your total bet per round, here, you can modify your stake by placing chips on different positions of the table. For example, you can place a massive bet on a single number or use several medium-value chips to cover several betting cells (eg. number 13 and Any Double). 

On the left of the chips, you can find the ‘Undo’ button to undo the last step (when you hold the button for a few seconds, all the chips will be removed). On the right, there is a ‘2x Double’ button. It’s a convenient option to multiply all your bets for this round by 2x. These options are both available only when bets are accepted, and when the bets are closed, you can’t remove chips and wait for the end of the round to find out whether you win or lose.

Lightning Dice betting table

Before each round, players see a timer with the number of seconds left before the start. First, the timer is green, and then it changes the light to yellow and red. The latest means that the bets are closed. When the bets are accepted, players can deal with betting chips and the betting table with different betting options.

The numbers you see on the table are the sum of the three dice landing from the tower, so you try to predict the total amount. For example, when the Lightning Dice set displays 5, 3, and 6, it’s a total of 14, and this position on the betting table has a 10x multiplier. Plus, it’s a winning combination for the High position (12 to 18).

In total, the betting table displays numbers 3 (the minimum of 1 point on each dice) to 18 (the maximum of 6 points on each dice). Additional betting options are Low (3 to 9), High (12 to 18), Any Double, and Any Triple. Conveniently, by choosing a single chip and pushing ‘Bet on All’, this chip will cover each position of the betting table and the total bet will be calculated accordingly.

How to play Lightning Dice by Evolution

Due to Evolution’s smart navigation and quite simple rules of the game in general, it takes up to a few minutes to understand how to play Lightning Dice for real money at the best online casinos. The game’s rules you access in the menu and our review with helpful tips can help a lot, and these are the steps gamblers should take to get started.

Pick a top live dealer online casino

Reputable online gambling sites deal with the Evolution live casino provider in nearly 100% of cases once the brand is available in that geo. That’s why finding a good Lightning Dice casino won’t be difficult. However, when just good isn’t enough for you, pay attention to a range of factors to have smooth games. Since live dealer games are played for real money only, consider available payment options, limits, and the deposit turnover requirement. Among the other details, pay attention to licensing, customer support, and other live games on offer. On this page, you can find a rating of the top live dealer casinos to play Lightning Dice.

Deposit and launch Lightning Dice

Once you’ve picked a suitable online casino live to play Lightning Dice, sign up and select a payment option to deposit. In some cases, you will be prompted to activate a bonus upon registration or depositing, but it may be a bad idea due to a sky-high wager, especially when you plan to play live dealer games only. Depending on the deposit method, your payment may have different limits, but in most cases, you can deposit up to $5,000 per transaction. However, a cryptocurrency casino can help high rollers searching for larger deposit limits. You can deposit much more via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and alternative cryptocurrencies.

Select a betting option and amount

After depositing, the money displays on your balance within a few seconds. Now, you can play Lightning Dice for real money. Wait for the green timer indicating that bets are accepted and click on the chips you choose according to their value. Then, click on the position on the betting table to place a selected chip accordingly. When the timer displays that the bets are closed, the round begins (unlike slots where you determine yourself when to start), and you wait for the dealer to launch the dice and announce the result. You can also enter the game and learn its features, including the menu and statistics, without placing bets.

Withdraw wins after successful games

The only limit for your gameplay is your balance, so you can keep on playing as long as you want (just make sure to play responsibly and within the gaming session limits you’ve determined for yourself). When you think that it’s enough and you’ve won a certain amount which meets the casino’s minimum cashout limit, close the game, head over to the casino’s cashdesk, and leave a withdrawal request. Make sure to consider fees, if any, verification of your account and a payment option you choose, the processing time on the casino’s side (eg. up to 3 business days), and the payout speed of a selected payment method.

Lightning Dice game: RTP & payouts

Due to the knowledge of the game’s RTP and potential payouts, you’ll understand how to win Lightning Dice. You won’t find secret tips or cheating solutions to fully beat the house edge, but it’s a good way to understand the game’s potential, depending on the betting options you choose.

Lightning Dice RTP

Compared to games like blackjack, where the house edge is minimised, Lightning Dice live dealer game has a quite low RTP of 96.03% to 96.57%, but it still sounds good for the industry’s average. The highest rate of 96.57% is based on the ‘Any Triple’ bet, which is quite infrequent, so your main game strategy should focus on the lower rate in the long run.

Lightning Dice payouts

The game’s potential of 1000x is really good for a table game, especially with such simple mechanics. The game has 16 sectors with numbers and 4 additional options to bet on. The lower the possibility of getting a certain outcome (eg. three dice, six points each), the larger the potential payout (eg. 150x for 18). Please note that not all betting positions can reach 1000x since lightning numbers increase the existing multiplier, and when the initial payout is small, it can’t increase significantly. These are the available betting options and potential payouts in the main game and with lightning multipliers applied:

  • Low/High: 1:1, up to 9:1
  • Any Double: 1:1, up to 3:1
  • Any Triple: 24:1, up to 249:1
  • Total 3 or 18: 149:1, up to 999:1
  • Total 4 or 17: 49:1, up to 499:1
  • Total 5 or 16: 24:1, up to 249:1
  • Total 7 or 14: 9:1, up to 99:1
  • Total 8 or 13: 6:1, up to 49:1
  • Total 9 or 12: 5:1, up to 49:1
  • Total 10 or 11: 4:1, up to 49:1

Lightning Dice probabilities

When you see high winning potential, this betting option seems very tempting. However, the higher the winning potential, the lower the probability. That’s why gamblers should find the middle ground between these two parameters. One of the Lightning Dice winning tips is considering probability:

  • Total of 3: 0.46%, the lowest probability
  • 4: 1.39%, very low probability
  • 5: 2.78%, low
  • 6: 4.63%, moderate
  • 7: 6.94%, moderate
  • 8: 9.72%, high
  • 9: 11.57%, very high 
  • 10: 12.50%, the highest 
  • 11: 12.50%, the highest
  • 12: 11.57%, very high
  • 13: 9.72%, high
  • 14: 6.94%, moderate probability
  • 15: 4.63%, moderate probability
  • 16: 2.78%, low probability
  • 17: 1.39%, very low probability
  • 18: 0.46%, the lowest probability

According to these calculations, bets on a total of 3/18 have the lowest probability yet the highest potential, which is a suitable betting model for high rollers. Newbies, on the other hand, will appreciate bets on a total of 10/11 due to the highest probability of 12.50%. You can operate with these two scores (potential payout and probability) to form your Lightning Dice strategy and better understand the game’s payout potential.

Lightning numbers

It’s the beauty and the main bonus of the Lightning Dice live online game. Before each round, two to five lightning positions are randomly selected on the betting table. This can be applied to both betting cells with numbers and betting options like Any Triple. When these numbers are selected, the initial multiplier is increased up to a certain limit (eg. up to 9:1 for Low/High and up to 999:1 for Total 3 or Total 18). If the winning position determined by the dice coincides with the lightning position and it was your bet, you get paid accordingly. It’s worth noting that you aren’t guaranteed to get the highest possible multiplier. For example, you can get 50x for a total of five with the lightning multiplier applied, though the potential max win for a total of five comes up to 249:1.

How to win Lightning Dice: strategies & betting systems

If there were Lightning Dice cheats, gambling wouldn’t exist, and today, we have a fair industry which can provide players with nice winning potential yet has a house edge which wins in the long run. That’s why real money wagers are risky and should be considered as gambling entertainment rather than stable income. When you understand this and know that there are no 100% winning schemes, you can focus on the game rules and operate with this knowledge to form a Lightning Dice strategy to suit your bankroll and the determined length of the gaming session.

Low-risk Lightning Dice strategy

Due to a wide range of betting options within a single round, both newbies and high rollers can find an optional strategy to play Lightning Dice for real money. The most suitable strategy for careful players should be based on bets with the highest probability, but you should consider that wins here are quite average or even low. The bet can be distributed to cover a long gaming session. Let’s consider the $100 bankroll and a session of at least ten rounds. Here are several variations to spend $10 per round:

  • $5 on the total of 10 and $5 on the total of 11
  • $5 on the total of 9 and $5 on Low
  • $5 on the total of 12 and $5 on High
  • $10 on the total of 10 or 11

As you can see, low rollers should focus on the total of 10/11 which has the highest probability of 12.50% and can combine it with bets like High/Low. The 11.57% probability of 9/12 totals makes these bets also appropriate for this strategy level. You can distribute your bankroll to cover several bets, but you avoid too many stakes and stay away from high-risk bets with the lowest probability.

Medium-risk Lightning Dice strategy

In this case, you can focus on higher potential yet lower odds. You can also combine these options with different other betting variations, including high-risk and low-risk ones. The main totals to focus on are 8/13 with the 9.72% probability (payouts of 6:1, up to 49:1 with lightning multipliers) and 7/14 with the 6.94% probability (payouts of 49:1, up to 499:1 with lightning multipliers). Adding side bets also works well here. With a bankroll of $100 and at least 8 rounds, we’ll focus on the $12.5 bet per round:

  • $6 on the total of 8, $5 on the total of 7, $1.5 on Low
  • $6 on the total of 13, $5 on the total of 14, $1.5 on High
  • $5 on the total of 13, $4 on the total of 18, $3.5 on High
  • $5 on the total of 8, $4 on the total of 3, $3.5 on Low

High-risk Lightning Dice strategy

Wins on Lightning Dice can be huge, coming up to 1000x per round. This makes this live casino table game suitable for high rollers. But you should note that such massive wins are hard to achieve. Moreover, they are available only on certain bets, so you should plan your Lightning Dice high-roller strategy accordingly. For a bankroll of $500, we’ll consider the betting range of $100 per round:

  • $40 on the total of 18, $40 on Any Triple, $20 on High
  • $40 on the total of 3, $40 on Any Triple, $20 on Low
  • $30 on the total of 4, $30 on the total of 3, $40 on Low
  • $30 on the total of 17, $30 on the total of 18, $40 on High

Totals of 3/18 have the lowest probability of 0.46%, but it’s the only chance to reach the highest reward of 149:1 (up to 999:1 when lightning multipliers are applied). Since getting 18 means getting three dice values worth 6, a combo of the total 18 bet and Any Triple will let you win both bets once you get a corresponding outcome. Betting on High also suits here. But you should consider that such low probability means that you can run out of money quickly, so it’s not the best strategy for those looking for a long gaming session.

Focus on additional options

Unlike Lightning Roulette, where lucky multipliers cover only numbers and you have to place Straight-up bets to get them, here, lightning multipliers can cover all winning positions, including side bets (Low, High, Any Double, Any Triple). Thus, one of the Lightning Dice cheats (in terms of a legal strategy, not cheating) is to focus only on these bets. Your chances to get a certain number are a bit lower compared to landing, for example, the low value (3 to 9). These are several betting variations for the $100 bankroll and ten rounds:

  • $5 on High and $5 on Any Double
  • $5 on Any Double and $5 on Any Triple
  • $10 on Any Triple
  • $10 on Low

Lightning Dice gameplay: payout examples & calculation

Due to several examples of Lightning Dice payouts, online casino players can better understand how the game works and how betting options can be combined. Let’s take a look at three different situations and calculate potential payouts in these cases.

Total of 14

Let’s consider the dice values of six, four, and four. Together, they provide a total of 14, which pays 9:1 (10x). Thus, players who placed a bet of $10 on this betting position will get $100. But we can add some more bets to this case. For example, the two dice with the value of four can bring 2x at the Any Double bet, so $10 on that position will bring $20. Since the total of 14 meets the High bet (12 to 18), the $10 bet here will bring $20.

Total of 3

This is one of the rarest betting options, and there is only one way to get the total of 3. You need to get three dice with the value of one each. When this happens, a $10 bet on the total of 3 turns into $150. Plus, Low and Any Triple bets will work here, bringing 2x and 25x, respectively. As a result, by placing bets of $10 on number 3, Low, and Any Triple, you’ll get $420 ($150 + $20 + $250).

Total of 5 with a lightning multiplier

We’ll take a look at the values of two, two, and one. Basically, the total of 5 can pay 24:1 (25x), but let’s consider that the multiplier is increased thanks to lightning numbers. According to the game’s settings, the maximum potential in this case can come up to 249:1, but it can be lower as well. For example, it can be 50x. Thus, players betting $10 on the total of 5 will receive $500. Other bets which can work here are Low and Any Double.

Lightning Dice winning tips

The Lightning Dice real-time game can’t be hacked, but gambling experts can analyse payout potential and available betting options to select an optimal strategy and use this knowledge as an advantage. Here are some Lightning Dice winning tips to help with this:

  • Combine betting options
    Combine betting options which depend on the same outcome. For example, when you bet on Number 18, High, and Any Triple, the three dice with six points each will make all these positions win, and you get paid for each bet.
  • Be careful with ‘Bet All’
    This approach guarantees at least one win within the round since you’ll get paid for the winning total and, in most cases, for high/low (unless it’s 10 or 11), but you also bet on loads of non-winning positions, which will drain your money.
  • Consider the risks taken
    Besides basic responsible gambling rules, consider how frequent certain outcomes are according to Lightning Dice statistics and probability. For a long gaming session with frequent wins, choose bets with lower winning potential yet higher odds.
  • Launch other Evolution’s games
    Evolution has a unique ‘+ Table’ option adored by gamblers who want to test several games from the vendor within a single session. Via this widget below, you can add a new Evolution game to the screen and play several games at once.

Evolution provider: review & other games

Evolution is a gambling giant launched in 2006. Its numerous licences allow the company to operate in loads of geos, while the acquisition of large brands like NetEnt and Nolimit City provides the supplier with new facilities and professionals working on its projects. On the official site, the team describes their work this way: ‘We thrive on pushing limits and doing what hasn’t been done’. Evolution’s main products are live dealer games for top online casinos, including blackjack, roulette, live shows, and other variations. And these are the other top live Evolution games to play for real money.

Monopoly Big Baller

Unlike Evolution’s Monopoly Live version, this one is a bingo-based game. It has a bingo-drawing machine with numbers 1 to 60, four cards for bonus options, and two bonus rounds. The 3D Bonus Game still takes place in the 3D world where players can come across GO, Chance, Community Chest, Jail, and Super tax elements.

Blackjack Party

Blackjack games are all attractive thanks to a high RTP, and Evolution makes this table game even more catchy thanks to the presence of a live dealer, the Bet Behind option, and the unusual concept where dealers not just communicate with players but create an atmosphere of celebration, turning a regular game into a virtual party.

Funky Time

This new live show was launched by Evolution in 2023. The dealer spins the money wheel in the base game and deals with virtual elements in bonus rounds. Together with the dealer, you’ll visit a bar and choose one of the three cocktails with multipliers from a cartoon robot, walk on the disco platform to get as many multipliers as possible and enjoy standard bets.

Crazy Coin Flip

If you like slots with a twist and live dealer games at the same time, Crazy Coin Flip is a good match. First, you spin the reels of a slot with regular symbols. Once three Crazy Coin Flip symbols land, you enter the round where blue and red multipliers cover the reels. After this, the dealer flips the coin to determine whether red or blue collected multipliers will apply.

Crazy Time

It’s a legendary live show with a money wheel displaying available multipliers of up to 10x and bonus rounds gamblers can enter, including Cash Hunt, Crazy Time, and Pachinko. Some of these bonuses, such as Coin Flip, display the elements of other Evolution’s games. The game’s 25,000x potential makes it adored by jackpot hunters and high rollers.

Other games from Evolution’s Lightning family

The online live gambling market doesn’t have many craps games with dealers, so it’s hard to name decent analogues for now. But another outstanding feature of the Lightning Dice game is the presence of Lucky Numbers with huge random multipliers. The Evolution live casino provider has Lightning Blackjack, Lightning Roulette, Lightning Baccarat, and XXXtreme Lightning Roulette from this series. By the way, a similar system of lightning multipliers is available in Quantum Blackjack Plus and Quantum Roulette by Playtech.

Lightning Dice casino game on mobile

You can play Lightning Dice on different devices since Evolution is known for its cross-platform products and top-notch optimisation. By choosing any mobile casino online from this page, you can effortlessly play Lightning Dice on iOS and Android. The live casino game adjusts to the screens of smartphones and tablets. Via a few taps, gamblers put chips on betting positions on the table, open various menu sections, and use the casino’s services to deposit and withdraw on the go.

Casino bonuses for Lightning Dice: worth it or not?

Your online casino may have a rich bonus program, but you should be very careful with such offers, especially when you focus on live dealer games. In most cases, RNG and live table games can’t participate in casino promotions, so you shouldn’t activate the package with a match bonus and free spins when you plan to play Lightning Dice and other live software. Moreover, even when there is a special bonus for live games, pay attention to its wager. Even the standard 30x to 50x rate is really challenging to meet, and when only 5% or 10% of your bet is counted towards wagering due to game contribution, this means that a regular 40x wager turns into 400x or even 800x, and it’s definitely an experience to avoid.

RNG vs live table games: main differences

Evolution is a giant live dealer casino supplier, so its focus is on real-time games hosted from professional studios by real people. Lightning Dice Live is also a real dealer game, and this can be considered an advantage due to the realistic atmosphere, huge upper betting limits (which is quite typical for live games), and excellent visual and sound effects. However, some players may find the live version inconvenient due to the absence of a free mode and the fact that you wait for the start of each round and can’t regulate the game flow yourself.

Final thoughts

As usual, Evolution created a mind-blowing live dealer casino game which has simple rules yet big potential, especially due to the unique multipliers provided by Lightning Numbers. Getting an extra multiplier of up to 1000x sounds excellent for a table game, especially considering quite high multipliers of up to 150x in the base game (bet on number 18). Via the guide on this page, you can learn how to play Lightning Dice and what betting options are the most suitable for different bankroll amounts. Interestingly, in July 2023, Evolution launched Lightning Dice in New Jersey. It’s streamed from the company’s state-of-the-art studio in Atlantic City, established in 2018. You are welcome to try out the game with less risky betting options and 2x payouts or pick riskier yet more potential options trying to get 150x or even more.

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