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Mines Crash Game by spribe Details

🎰 Software: Spribe
📲 Play on Mobile: $0.1 - $100
💰 Bet Limits: $0.1 - $100
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 95% - 97%

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Mines Crash Game by spribe Review

If you’re trying to learn how to play blackjack or another complex game and find it tough and time-consuming, then the Mines game is the perfect solution. This game is simple to learn and play because all you need to do is flip a tile, hoping there’s a diamond behind it for your payout. From that mini-description, it’s clear there’s really no strategy to gain an edge, as the game is purely based on luck. However, the best part is that every time you win, the multiplier increases until you decide to cash out or reveal a mine. These games come in different versions, and we’ll explore three types of Mines games from three game providers (Hacksaw Gaming, Turbo Games, and Spribe) for you to understand perfectly how to play this exciting game. You can play Mines for real money in one of the top casinos listed on this page. 

What is a crash game?

There’s a crash at one point in the game if you take the name of the genre at face value. If you thought of this, you’re right. But also expect payouts. This is how a crash game works. The game features a growing multiplier. In some games like Aviator, the multiplier can go to infinity, but it will start at a certain value. But the catch is that you must cash out before the multiplier crashes. Your payout will be based on your bet amount times the multiplier value when cashing out. 

Mines game rules

Mines is part of the crash game fraternity, drawing inspiration from the popular Minesweeper game, which was famous on the Windows operating system back in the day. The game features a playing grid with tiles you must flip to uncover a mine or a diamond (which could be something different depending on the game). If you reveal a diamond, you win, and you can choose to cash out or continue playing, hoping for more wins. Keep in mind the more diamonds, the riskier it gets. On the other hand, if you uncover a mine, the game ends, and you’ll lose your accumulated winnings and the initial bet amount.

Mines by Spribe

Of all the Mines games, the version by Spribe is the most basic in gameplay. The version sticks to the old-school mines, with straightforward classic play offering amazing prizes. So, what does it entail? We find out in this section. 

Visual representation of Mines by Spribe

As alluded to earlier, the game is basic, including the landscape. The 5×5 grid layout is all sky blue. But when you choose a specific tile, the colour will change to an orange and a white star. On the other hand, if you uncover a bomb, the tile will change to a pink background and an explosion sign. 

The graphics are clean, although not as modern as you may think. It’s the same for the animations, with nothing too fancy happening when you choose a tile. Unlike many slot games that feature a theme and music, this Mines casino game only incorporates a chime sound for when you uncover a star. 

Game mechanics

Underneath the gameplay is a set of mechanics that direct the flow of the game and the outcome. But it’s worth noting that this is a game based on luck. Remember, your only job is to choose a tile. Everything else is based on an RNG. 

Kickstarting your gameplay is the bet amount. This version by Spribe caters to a wide range of players, including high-rollers. The lowest bet amount is $0.1, which is fantastic for starters looking to explore the game without yielding too much. You can raise the stakes to bet with $100 per round for the more seasoned players. 

When it comes to the volatility, expect low to medium. That means you can look forward to big wins, although they will be rarer. On the other hand, you can also expect more frequent wins but on a low scale. 

Finally, the game’s RTP is 97%. This is higher than the industry standard. The high RTP essentially means you can look out for more returns from the game as you play over a while. 

Playing Mines by Spribe

This mines crash game by Spribe may be basic, but it still offers some unique twists. Here’s how to play this exciting game:

  • Minefield: As mentioned earlier, the game is played on a 5×5 grid. That means you have 25 tiles, which you will flip, aiming to uncover the stars and avoid the bombs. 
  • Initiating the game: You must set your bet amount before flipping the tiles. At the bottom left are the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons, which you can use to choose your bet amount. Alternatively, you can click the stack of coins to choose your wager. After settling on a bet amount, click the spin button to start playing. 
  • Autoplay: There’s an autoplay function if you wish to take a break from the constant clicking of the play button. Toggle the ‘Auto Game’ mode to initiate this function. Next, choose one or more spots where you believe the star will appear. You can also opt for the ‘Random’ mode. Next, set the number of rounds to play in auto mode. The minimum is 3 rounds, while the maximum is 200 rounds. You can also change other attributes, including when to stop based on your bankroll or what should happen when you lose or win by a certain amount. 
  • Choosing the layout: One feature in the game you will love is the option to choose the difficulty level. What this simply means is choosing how many mines you want to appear on the field. In this version, the minimum number is 1, while the maximum is 20. Remember that the more mines you include in the field, the higher the rewards. However, higher rewards mean bigger risks. So, choose wisely. 
  • Payouts and symbols: The game features only two symbols: the star and the mine/bomb. Uncovering a star increases your multiplier, increasing your win potential. But if you find a mine, the game ends, and you will lose your current bet amount. Note that the maximum win in this game is $10,000 per round. 
  • Cashing out: You can count your wins for the round and choose to cash out your winnings. You can do this by clicking the Cash Out button at the bottom right of the interface. With this feature, you can avoid potential losses if you hit a mine.

Mines by Hacksaw Gaming

Another version of Mines, this Minesweeper casino game by Hacksaw Gaming, takes things to the next level compared to the Spribe version. However, the gameplay remains the same. That is, choose a tile where you believe there’s a diamond while avoiding mines. Let’s dig further into this game. 

Mines by Hacksaw Gaming visuals

Similar to the Spribe version, there’s no actual theme in this Mines bet game. However, you’ll notice the cleaner, more polished, and slicker appearance compared to the version by Spribe. 

The game combines four colours: black, yellow, lime green, and dark blue, which blend perfectly to give it a more appealing look. It also features a jazz type of music to keep you company and calm, considering the tension that comes with each tile flip. Speaking of flipping the tiles, you’ll hear a chime sound every time you flip a tile. 

The Hacksaw Mines game mechanics 

The gameplay remains the same, which is to uncover a diamond to win, and the game is based on luck. It all starts with the bet amount, which is set at $0.2 on the lower end for a budget player. But players who’ve already found their footing can opt for the maximum amount of $1,000. 

The game’s variance also oscillates between low and medium. That means you’ll swing between periods when you’ll receive frequent wins with small payouts and periods of moderate payouts staggered across your gameplay. 

Finally, the game’s RTP is 98%, which is higher than the 97% offered in the Spribe version. As a result, you can look forward to higher returns. 

How to play Mines by Hacksaw Gaming

The Hacksaw Gaming Mines game is more advanced for even more exciting gameplay. Let’s explore the intricacies of this version:

  • Minefield: Unlike the Spribe version, you can switch between four minefield layouts. You have the 3×3 for 9 tiles, 5×5 for 25 tiles, 7×7 for 49 tiles, and 9×9 for 81 tiles. Remember, the bigger the minefield, the lower your payouts and risk. 
  • Choosing the number of mines: A settings button is next to the ‘Bet’ button. Clicking it will display the grid size option and the number of mines you want on the minefield. Note that the minimum and maximum number of mines is based on your chosen grid size. For the 3×3, the range is between 1 and 4. The 5×5 grid ranges between 1 and 7, while the 7×7 has a maximum of 15. Finally, the 9×9 offers a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20. Remember, the more mines you choose, the higher your payouts, and of course, the greater the risk. 
  • Initiating the game: To start playing the game, you must set the bet amount. Do this by using the up and down buttons. Next, click the ‘Bet’ button to start the game. 
  • Autoplay: Interestingly, this version doesn’t feature an autoplay function, which is disappointing. 
  • Payouts and symbols: The game features only two symbols. That is the diamond and the mine. If you uncover the diamond, you win. But if you uncover the mine, the game ends. Similar to the Spribe version, the maximum payout per round is $10,000. 
  • Cashing out: As described above, once you uncover a diamond, you win. You can opt to continue flipping the tiles for more wins, or you can cash out. For the latter, click the ‘Collect’ button to bag your win. 

Mines by Turbo Games

When comparing the visuals, Mines by Turbo is a step ahead of the Spribe and Hacksaw Gaming options. We’ll explore this difference in detail. But regarding gameplay, nothing changes. You still have to uncover a diamond (gift box) to win. Reveal a mine, and the game ends. Let’s find out how different this version is. 

Mines by Turbo Games visuals

A more modern playing field and user interface greets you when you load the game. Starting with the colour, you’ll spot an earthy tone. The gift box you uncover is blue, making for a beautiful contrast, which makes them pop on the field. 

The graphics are crispier, making the entire playing area more appealing. Add smooth animations when flipping the tiles, and the entire game becomes more engaging to play. Suspenseful sounds make up the music to add some tension to the game. And when you reveal a gift box, you will hear a chime. 

The Mines casino game mechanics

It all starts with the betting options. The game accommodates the entire range of players, with $0.1 as the lowest bet amount. This is suitable for players with a limited bankroll. However, for crash game high-rollers who don’t mind splashing some cash, $100 is the maximum wager amount. 

Regarding variance, the game also sits in a low to medium range. As such, you can look forward to smaller payouts happening more frequently. The medium variance means there’s a balance between the frequency of the payouts and how big they are. 

The RTP (Return to Player) is at 95%, lower than the Spribe and Hacksaw Gaming versions. It’s also lower than the industry standard (96%), which means slightly lower returns in your overall gameplay. 

Playing Mines by Turbo Games

  • Minefield: The game is played on a 5×5 fixed grid. That means you cannot adjust the number of tiles.
  • Setting the number of mines: While you cannot adjust the playing field, you can choose the number you want on the field. Below the betting section on the left panel is a section you can use to choose the number of mines you want on the field. You can choose from the preset values, or you can use the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons to set a custom number. 
  • Initiating the game: On the interface’s left is a section where you can place your bet. Using the  ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. But you can also use the ‘min’ and ‘max’ buttons to set the lowest or the highest wager amounts. Once you’re ready, click the ‘Start Game’ button to choose your tiles. 
  • Autoplay: You can switch to the autoplay function using the ‘Auto’ button. This presents you with a chance to set the number of rounds you want the machine to play for you. The minimum round is one, and you can go to infinity. But on further inspection, we found you can go to 9,999,999. The auto-play function also allows you to set other parameters, such as reset or increasing your bet by a certain percentage when you lose or win. Furthermore, you can also set the function to stop at any win. 
  • Payouts and symbols: The mines and wrapped gift boxes and the primary symbols in the game. Reveal the latter while flipping the tiles, and you will hit the respective multiplier. But if you uncover a mine, the round will end. That means losing your bet amount along with other accumulated winnings. 
  • Cashing out: As you reveal the gift boxes, you accumulate more wins. Additionally, you will see the ‘Cash Out’ option active on the left panel. Once satisfied with the current wins, hit this button to end the round and collect your wins. 

Crash games similar to Mines

Mines aren’t the only crash games available at online casinos. You’ll find many other crash games similar to Mines. However, the gameplay is different, but what is certain is there are multipliers to boost your ultimate payout. Here are some top crash games you can check out when you want to switch things up. 


This Spribe release features a 97% RTP with low to medium variance. Released in 2019, Aviator comprises a plane that represents a growing multiplier. As it takes off and flies higher, the multiplier attached to it also grows. The best part is the multiplier can grow to infinity. However, the maximum win per round is $10,000. Also, note the minimum bet is $0.1, while the maximum is $100. 


Released in 2020 by Galaxys, and just like in Aviator, there’s a growing multiplier. However, this time, it’s represented by a rocket ship cruising into space. The most captivating feature of this game is the half cashout. If you opt for this feature, you can cash out half the winnings and let the remaining half continue in play in the hope of bigger multipliers. The game’s RTP is 96.72%, which is just above the industry standard. 


A crash game as well, but instead of planes or rockets, it’s about a cricket theme. There’s a batting side and a pitching side. The latter will pitch the ball, and the batting end will hit it to send it into the sky. As it travels in the sky, it will award multipliers until the ‘Burst’ word appears to end the round. 

Lucky Crumbling

Developed by Evoplay, Lucky Crumbling offers a pure crash game experience. The game features a coin shooting upward before crashing. Your job is to collect winnings before the crash. The maximum multiplier here is 1,000x, and you can play the game with a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $30,000 per round. Additionally, the game has a 96% RTP.  


From the name of the game, there’s a jet that takes off when the game starts. As it flies higher, the multiplier attached to it grows, and you can cash out before it crashes. The lowest bet amount is $0.1, while the highest is $100 per round. You can win up to $10,000 per round even though the multiplier can reach 25,000x. 


A blend of innovation and nostalgia. This is what you get when playing the Mines casino game. Additionally, it’s about taking risks when flipping the tiles, and visuals add some suspense to every action. But the ability to set your risk level by either adjusting the number of tiles or the number of mines is what will capture your attention. You can adjust both parameters, such as in the Hacksaw Gaming version. As a result, it offers varying gameplay experiences for the risk-takers and the more wary players. Of course, there are plenty of wins to look forward to based on how well lady luck smiles on you. The ball is now in your court. Get your mine detectors out and head into the minefield for a pulsating experience. However, if you’re unsure whether to play the Mines crash game, consider testing the game for free at one of our recommended online casinos.

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