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Plinko Arcade Game by spribe Details

🎰 Software: Spribe
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.10 - $100
🎲 Game type: Arcade Game
💵 RTP: 97%

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Plinko Arcade Game by spribe Review

Turbo games, also known as arcade games, take the gambling scene by storm due to their simplistic and fast gameplay, elementary rules, and massive payout potential. One of these captivating arcade titles is the Plinko game from Spribe. This online casino game uses provably fair technology that offers players excellent transparency of game outcomes. Therefore, you can trust all game results (win or lose) to be fair and manipulation-free. This online Plinko game features various multipliers, awarded depending on which pocket the Plinko ball lands.

You only need to press one of the three coloured (red, green, or yellow) buttons to launch the respective Plinko ball in the game. Afterwards, you’ll receive a payout corresponding to your bet amount and the won multipliers. However, please note that the maximum win for one bet is capped at $10,000 in this Plinko game from Spribe. Read this Plinko online game review to learn more about the game, including how to play, payouts, volatility levels, betting tips, RTP, and more.

About Spribe

Spribe is an innovative iGaming software vendor founded in November 2018. Despite its relatively young age, the company has carved its name as a top supplier of turbo or instant-win games. The provider doesn’t produce online slots, but you’ll find poker titles and a simplified online roulette version in its catalogue. The company’s titles feature commendable graphics, unique designs, and impressive soundtracks that align with the game’s theme.

A notable feature in most of Spribe’s online casino games is the integration of its Engagement Tools module, aimed at providing additional exciting experiences to players. Therefore, when you play for real money, you can tweak a game’s settings to chat with other online players, share your bets, view how much other users are wagering and winning, and participate in races, promotions, and free bets.

Spribe online casino games

One of the first arcade games Spribe launched was Aviator in January 2019. The Aviator online game was a huge success, it still is, and it’s one of the major reasons Spribe became popular. With this online Aviator game, you bet on a flying aircraft that awards multipliers as it flies. The higher it flies, the higher the multipliers it’ll award. The catch is to cash out your winnings before the aircraft flies away or crashes. If it crashes, you lose your bet. Since then, Spribe has released top online crash casino games like Mines, Dice, HotLine, Keno, Goal, HiLo, and Plinko, among others.

The game provider’s titles offer cross-platform capabilities, functioning smoothly on desktop and mobile casinos. More importantly, Spribe has multiple licences and certifications, allowing the company to supply its products in many jurisdictions worldwide. Some of the notable licencing authorities include the MGA, UKGC, Gibraltar Gaming Commission, AGCO, etc. Furthermore, the studio’s games have provably fair technology that provides players with transparent and fair gambling experiences.

Origin of Plinko

Perhaps the most frequent question in players’ minds is, what is Plinko? Basically, it’s a board game, but to understand it better, we’ll look at its origin. Therefore, Plinko is a game taken from the Japanese Pachinko game or a title taken from the American “The Price is Right” TV show, depending on your knowledge of pop culture. Plinko and Pachinko have some similarities, mostly related to gameplay. With Pachinko, a famous Japanese game in the 1940s, players used to frequent Pachinko Parlours (like physical gambling establishments). 

They would then insert money in a machine (like a pinball machine) and receive tiny metal balls. The player would then release the metal balls (playing pieces) into the Pachinko machine by pulling a lever. If these balls landed on the bonus sections, players would receive more metal balls, which could later be exchanged for prizes or tokens in the Parlour. Notably, Pachinko is still a popular game in Japan.

The adaptation of the Plinko game from the most-watched TV show in the 1950s, The Price is Right, is also feasible. In the show, Plinko was also known as a pricing game, and contestants would receive a round disk (Plinko chip). Players could earn more disks (up to 4), bringing their total to five if they correctly guessed the digit of the little prizes offered. Later, the player’s disks would be dropped from the Plinko board’s top section, one after the other. The Plinko game board had pegs pinned on the board and, at the edges, zig-zag shapes that diverted the disks to the centre of the board.

At the base of the board were nine pockets, each inscribed with a varying prize, with $10,000 being the highest. If the disk landed in a slot with a cash prize, the participant would receive the amount in that slot. If a player had more than one disk, they would drop each disk and sum up the cash prizes where the disks landed to award a cumulative reward. Sometimes, these disks would get stuck on the board, and the show host would knock them free.

Online Plinko game

Whichever theory of the Plinko game adaptation you do with, the modern online version of the game is almost similar. A player drops a ball or several balls from the top of a Plinko board and receives rewards depending on which pockets the ball(s) landed. Nevertheless, the online Plinko game version has some alterations to fit the online casino setting.

For instance, the meander (zig-zag) patterns on the board’s edge to ricochet the disks to the centre aren’t available in online Plinko game boards. The RNG and provably fair algorithms take this role in the Plinko online game, randomly deciding the ball’s trajectory and the multiplier outcome. Also, in the online Plinko Bitcoin game, the balls cannot get stuck on the pegs on the board. You only need to press a button to start playing (no lever available), and payouts depend on your bet amount and awarded multiplier. Moreover, you can enjoy the title on any device at your convenience and play the Plinko game via crypto tokens like Bitcoin.

Spribe Plinko game interface

When you launch the Plinko gambling game from Spribe in any top online casino, you’ll see a peg-filled pyramid-shaped board at the centre of the game interface. The Plinko game board is filled with multiple rows of white pins/pegs. The entire interface is blue-coloured, and below the pyramid-shaped board, you’ll see three lines of multipliers with different colours. These are green, yellow, and red. Each coloured row of multipliers represents the game’s volatility level and the associated multiplier coefficients.

Pin row options

Directly above the top of the online Plinko board, you’ll see a tab labelled “Pins: 14.” Clicking this tab will open a small window below with the following pin row options: 12, 14, and 16. By default, when you open the Plinko online game, the number of pin rows is set to 14. Still, you can adjust the number of pin rows you want to play per your preferences. Just to clarify, pin rows are the number of horizontal white pins you see on the Plinko board online. 

If you count them from the top, they’ll match the number of pin rows you’ve selected. Does changing the pin row numbers affect the game? Yes. Reducing or adding the number of pins you’re playing with from 12 to 16 and vice versa also changes the number of multipliers and the multiplier coefficients below the Plinko board. For instance, here’s a sample of multipliers at each pin row level at the lowest volatility (green):

  • 12 pins: 0.5, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.6, 3.2, 11
  • 14 pins: 0.5, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 3.2, 18
  • 16 pins: 0.4, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 2.5, 7.7, 35

Game menu and settings

At the top left corner of the game’s interface, there’s a tab labelled “Plinko.” Clicking the drop-down arrow on this tab will allow you to switch between the different Spribe turbo games offered on your chosen online casino site. Next to this tab is an orange button with a “?” sign and the inscription “How to Play.” Pressing this button will open a window showcasing how to play the Plinko game online for real money.

Alternatively, you can click the hamburger icon (game menu) on the top right corner of the interface to access the how-to-play procedure. Also, you can view other settings from the game menu, such as switching in-game sounds on or off, Free Bets (if your online casino offers Plinko free bets, you’ll find them here), game rules, limits, and provably fair settings.

Game history

Above the pyramid-shaped board, you’ll see a horizontal empty tab next to the pin row button. This Last Results tab is usually empty when you launch the game. However, as you release the Plinko balls in the game, the multipliers they land on are updated on this tab. As such, you’ll find the multipliers of your last rounds, each represented by the ball colour of the volatility level you chose. For example, if you select the low-risk level (green), a green ball will be launched, and the multiplier it landed on will be updated in green in the Last Results tab.

If you want a more vivid history of your last played rounds, you can head to the Bet History section after hitting the game menu icon. Here, you’ll find the time and date of your bet, bet size, cash-out amount, and the multiplier of that round. A green shield symbol is at the end of each round’s result. Clicking this symbol will open further details of that round, like the number of pin rows, etc., and the client and server seeds that are used in the provably fair confirmation process. We’ll look at the provably fair technology system later on this page.

Bet panel and limits

Although your balance is displayed in the top right corner of the interface, you’ll find the betting area at the bottom. Here, you’ll see your bet amount per round displayed in your player account currency. You can use the (-, +) buttons to adjust (increase or decrease) your bet amount appropriately or simply click the bet amount section to enter the desired amount manually.

The least you can wager when playing the Plinko casino game for real money is $0.10. This means that the game is suitable for beginners and low rollers. On the other hand, the maximum bet stands at $1000, which also accommodates high rollers. Players can use the autoplay button or click any of the buttons labelled “Green,” “Yellow,” or “Red” to start the game. Please note that clicking the green button will release a corresponding-coloured ball; the same goes for the yellow and red buttons. As mentioned, these colours represent the volatility levels in the game, which we’ll review later.

Autoplay feature

Plinko game casino players will find the autoplay option in Spribe’s title very useful. The autoplay feature has multiple advanced settings that will allow players to customise their gameplay as they wish. These are the autoplay settings you can tweak:

  • Bet colour: This is the first option after hitting the autoplay button. When you pick the bet colour, you’re essentially choosing the game’s volatility level. So, if you select the yellow bet colour, a yellow ball representing medium volatility will be dropped when you start autoplay. Notably, you can choose all the bet colours when customising the autoplay feature. If you do and choose three rounds, one ball of each colour will be released.
  • Number of rounds: With this setting, you’ll choose how many rounds the autoplay feature should spin before stopping. There are six options: 3, 10, 25, 100, 200, and 500 rounds.
  • Stop condition: There are three options in this category: Stop if cash decreases by, Stop if single win exceeds, and Stop if cash increases by a player’s desired amount. Use the (-, +) buttons to adjust or set your thresholds for when the autoplay feature should stop.
  • Win or lose actions: You’ll find these advanced settings after clicking the “More Options” button in the autoplay panel. Depending on the activity: “If I Lost” or “If I Win,” you can customise the autoplay feature to return to your initial bet or increase or decrease the initial bet by your set value without interrupting the autoplay mode.

After optimising your autoplay settings, click the green “Start Auto” button to play rounds continuously. During autoplay, the autoplay button changes into a counter and will display the number of remaining rounds in your feature. You can click the counter to stop the autoplay mode. Please note that not all crypto Plinko game online casinos may offer this feature.

Volatility levels in Spribe online Plinko

The Plinko gambling game is ideal for all types of players because it features reasonable bet limits, and players can easily adjust the game’s volatility level to match their style of play and budget. So, what is volatility? It’s also known as variance, a measure of the rewards compared to the risks involved in an online casino game. Usually, it tells players how much they can expect to win and how the wins are spread over a certain timeframe. In that regard, the Plinko game from Spribe offers players three variance levels, each represented by a different ball colour, trigger button, and multiplier row, as explained below.

Low volatility

The green colour represents the low variance gameplay mode in Spribe online Plinko. That means you must tap the Green UI button on the betting panel, which will, in turn, launch a green ball on the online Plinko game board and eventually land on the green-coloured row of multipliers below the Plinko game board. With the low volatility mode, players will experience wins more frequently, but the payouts are smaller compared to other variance play modes. That’s why the multipliers in low volatility mode are lower regardless of pin lines. Here’s an example:

  • 12 pins: 0.5, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.6, 3.2, 11
  • 14 pins: 0.5, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 3.2, 18
  • 16 pins: 0.4, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 2.5, 7.7, 35

This play mode is ideal for gamblers on a limited gambling budget and beginners who are not yet ready to take risks.

Medium volatility

The yellow colour in the game depicts this variance level. As such, you must hit the Yellow UI button on the betting area to play in this mode. Consequently, a yellow ball will be launched and land in the yellow line (2nd row) of multipliers. This gameplay mode offers players a moderate winning frequency and balanced wins. You should consider playing at this variance level if you’re willing to take a few risks and have a somewhat high gambling budget.

High volatility

The red colour exhibits the high variance gameplay mode in online Plinko from Spribe. So, you must click the Red UI button on the betting panel to start playing. Afterwards, a red ball will be launched on the Plinko online game board and eventually land on the red-coloured line (last row) of multipliers. In this play mode, wins are rare (low hit frequencies), but the payouts are massive. High rollers usually enjoy this mode since they have considerable balances that can ride out the false wins (explained later) and losses in the Plinko game in search of the high multipliers. Here’s an example of multipliers in all the pin rows in high volatility mode:

  • 12 pins: 0, 0.2, 0.7, 2.3, 8.1, 25, 141
  • 14 pins: 0, 0.2, 0.5, 2.1, 5.3, 14, 49, 353
  • 16 pins: 0, 0.2, 0.5, 2, 3.5, 8.5, 26, 122, 555

As seen above, the highest multipliers are won in the high volatility mode. Still, players will experience many losses or false wins since the Plinko balls are more likely to land in the central pockets with false multipliers than the ones at the edges with superb multiplier coefficients.

How to play Spribe Plinko online

Plinko is an easy-to-play crash casino game with uncomplicated rules. It’s not a skill game like online blackjack or roulette, making it fun for beginners and virtuosos alike. So, before we learn how to play the Plinko game from Spribe, players must first find a top online casino with Spribe games. Fortunately, we’ve recommended some of the best Spribe casinos online on this page, meaning you’ll have the simple task of picking any and creating an account. The signup procedure should be simple and fast, with players providing personal information like name, email address, mobile number, password, country, etc., to finish the registration process.

Deposit funds

Some online casinos allow you to play the Spribe Plinko game for free. If you’re a newbie, we recommend enjoying the free-to-play version first to familiarise yourself with the rules and gameplay before playing the Plinko casino game for real money. To play for real money, you must fund your casino account. As such, head to the cashier/banking section, click “Deposit,” and select an ideal payment option from the provided list. Some of the payment methods you may encounter include e-wallets, credit/debit cards, vouchers, and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

Select your bet amount

After authorising and completing the deposit, the funds should immediately appear in your player account. So, find and launch the Spribe Plinko game online and choose your desired bet amount. As mentioned above, the game’s minimum and maximum bet limits are $0.10 and $100. Hence, adjust your bets appropriately.

Customise Plinko game to your preferences

Afterwards, you must configure the Plinko online game to match your playing style and budget. Here, we’re talking about volatility and pin row numbers. As for the latter, Spribe Plinko allows players to increase or decrease the number of pin rows from 12, 14, and 16 pins. Please note that this action will affect the multiplier values and multipliers in the game. Regarding variance, you just need to click the appropriate colour button to play at that volatility level.

Launch the Plinko ball

Press the Green, Yellow, or Red UI buttons to release the balls on the Plinko game board, depending on your preferred volatility level. Remember, green represents low volatility, yellow is medium, and red is high volatility. Also, clicking each button will release a respective coloured ball.

Mass launch of Plinko balls

You can hit the ball-triggering UI buttons multiple times if you’d fancy playing with multiple Plinko game balls. For instance, four balls will be released to the playing board if you click the Yellow button four times. The same goes for the Green and Red. Alternatively, you can use the handy autoplay feature, which launches the balls continuously, one after the other (one second apart) to the Plinko game board. However, when using this feature, you should keep track of your bankroll since it can be depleted rapidly. Your selected bet amount is deducted from your balance for every ball released.

Plinko payouts

Eventually, the released balls will end up in any of the pockets of the corresponding row of multipliers. As such, you’ll receive payouts depending on the number of pins selected and ball colour (i.e., volatility). The highest multipliers are found at the high-risk level (red). We recommend playing several rounds while tweaking the pin rows and volatility to find your best play mode with the best outcomes.

How winnings are calculated in Spribe Plinko online

When playing the Plinko game online for real money, your payouts will be determined by the size of your bet and the awarded multiplier. Therefore, calculating your winnings in Spribe Plinko online should be a walk in the park. Basically, your bet amount is multiplied by the multiplier of the pocket the ball(s) landed. Although it can be hard to track all the balls during autoplay, the game automatically calculates your winnings, and you can confirm your payouts and awarded multipliers by visiting the Bets History section.

Let’s look at a practical example. Assuming you placed a $5 bet and after launching the ball, it lands on a pocket with a 1.7x multiplier. That means your payout will be $5 x 1.7 = $8.5, and this value will include your initial bet amount. In that case, your net win will be $8.5 – $5.0 = $3.5. Did you know you can experience negative net wins in Spribe Plinko? That introduces the concept of False Wins.

False wins in Spribe Plinko

Video slots are a fan favourite in the gambling industry, but that’s where the theory of false wins emerged. Online slots usually feature a paytable with high and low-value symbols. The high-value symbols can pay hundreds or thousands when you land the correct combination on the reels (usually a minimum of three identical symbols). On the other hand, the low-paying symbols only pay a few coins. So, picture this: For instance, you bet $3 while spinning the reels and land a winning combo of low-paying symbols on a payline, which gives you a $1.5 win. You’ve won, but the outcome is a negative net win: $1.5 – $3 = -$1.5 (negative).

In Spribe online Plinko, players will also experience false wins. These false wins usually occur when the ball lands on the false multipliers, which pay less than the player invested. These are the examples of false multipliers in a 16-line format at all volatility levels in the Spribe Plinko game:

  • Green: 0.4x
  • Yellow: 0.7, 0.2, 0.7x
  • Red: 0.5, 0.2, 0, 0.2, 0.5x

The highest volatility level (red) has five false multipliers, which means players will experience many false wins. Nevertheless, if the ball lands on a high multiplier in this mode, players will enjoy incredible winnings since multipliers at the highest volatility are superb.

Distribution of multipliers

When you launch the online crypto Plinko game from Spribe, you’ll notice that the low multipliers are concentrated towards the centre of the Plinko board. In contrast, the highest multipliers are located towards the edge of the board. This is true at all volatility levels, even if you switch the pin row numbers. Why is that? The multipliers are allotted based on a mathematical pattern that proposes that the Plinko ball will likely end up in the pockets in the centre of the board when dropped from the top.

In addition, there’s a 50-50 probability that the Plinko game ball will ricochet to the right or left after hitting the pins. That means the chances of the ball landing on the multipliers at the board’s edges are very low. Here’s a sample of multipliers at a high volatility level in a 16-pin format in Spribe Plinko:

  • Red: 555, 122, 26, 8.5, 3.5, 2, 0.5, 0.2, 0, 0.2, 0.5, 2, 3.5, 8.5, 26, 122, 555

The above example shows that the multiplier coefficients are symmetrically placed. That means after the 0x at the centre, there’s a 0.2x on either side of it, a 0.5x on either side of 0.2x, a 2x on each side of 0.5x, and so on.

Provably fair technology in Spribe Plinko

This algorithm based on cryptographic blockchain technology offers new levels of game results randomisation. Think of it as an upgrade of the standard random number generator (RNG) algorithm. With provably fair technology, game outcomes are decided more efficiently and spontaneously. Still, the advantage is that, for the first time, players can verify if a round’s result was fair or not. As such, it’s a more transparent technology that instils confidence in players that games aren’t rigged.

Fortunately, this technology is incorporated into the Spribe Plinko crypto casino game. You can find the provably fair option in the game by clicking the game menu icon on the top right corner of the interface and then selecting “Provably Fair Settings.” Here, you’ll find details of your next round’s client and server seed. You can click the refresh button to change any of these seeds.

How provably fair technology works

In Spribe Plinko, the provably fair algorithm works by combining the following variables:

  • Client seed: This code is provided by your device’s browser and is random on every new round.
  • Server seed: This is a SHA256 encrypted code (numbers and symbols) generated by the operator.
  • Nonce: This is a record of all your played rounds. With each new round, the nonce increases by one to help you track your bets easily.

So, the technology works by combining the hashed SHA256 server seed with the client seed. The server seed contains the random game result and cannot be altered by the casino or player since it’s encrypted. As for the client seed, you can change it. After the two seeds have combined, a SHA512 seed will be created. This is the round’s outcome. To verify the results of a particular Plinko game round, go to the Bets History section and tap the small shield icon on the right.

Plinko game with crypto

The big question is, can you play the Plinko game via cryptocurrencies? Absolutely! The crypto Plinko game can be played via any of the popular cryptos like Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

The best part is the Plinko crypto casino game features the same gameplay, rules, volatility levels, etc., as explained in this article. The only difference is that you’ll be wagering via your selected cryptocurrency. If you’re worried about currency conversions, the best crypto Plinko game online casinos usually allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies on-site while converting your fiat into your desired crypto token.

As such, your gaming balance will appear in your cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, etc. Also, the betting limits don’t change. The minimum bet limit will remain $0.10, only that this amount will be converted into your respective cryptocurrency. Payouts will also be made in crypto.

How to choose the best Spribe Plinko online casinos

For the best real-money gambling experience, we recommend playing the Spribe Plinko game at a top online casino. Although we’ve endorsed some of the best online gambling sites on this page, below are the factors you can consider when you want to find a top platform that suits your tastes and preferences:


There are countless casino sites online, and not all have a verified track record of delivering exquisite services to players. Therefore, to confirm your selected platform offers the best services, including support, fair casino terms and bonuses, proper treatment of players, etc., read genuine online casino reviews and player reviews.


You’ll find many scam casino sites in your search. Thus, to sieve them out, only choose gambling sites with valid licences from reputable gambling authorities like the UKGC, MGA, Curacao e-Gaming, AGCO, etc. Usually, you’ll find information about the casino’s licence on the main page’s footer, along with the owner/operator. Also, ensure the platform is SSL-secured and is available in your country.

Cross-platform functionality 

In addition, choose an online Plinko crypto casino that supports gameplay from desktop as well as mobile devices. That way, you can easily switch devices from desktop to mobile (iOS or Android) to enjoy the Plinko game on the go. Aside from offering an optimised mobile casino, online casinos with compatible mobile apps provide much-needed flexibility.

Diverse payment options 

Select an online Plinko gambling platform with a vast range of deposit and cash-out methods. That way, you can easily choose a payment option that’s more suited for you in regard to safety, speed of transactions, fees, and ease of use. The best Spribe Plinko online casinos should provide both fiat and crypto payment methods.

Bonuses and promotions 

High chances are that you’ll be offered a signup bonus or other recurring promotions when you register with a new gambling platform. With that in mind, read the casino’s bonus terms and conditions to ensure they’re fair before claiming the rewards. Also, confirm that the reward is eligible for wagering in the Spribe Plinko game.

Reliable customer support 

Last but not least, we recommend choosing online Plinko casinos with a dependable customer support system. So, your ideal casino site should provide multiple communication channels like email, phone, online contact form, and live chat, available around the clock. An FAQ section should also be available to assist in case support agents are unreachable.

Payouts and RTP in Spribe Plinko

This online Plinko game from Spribe has a published return to player (RTP) percentage of 97%. Theoretically, this RTP suggests that for each $100 you wager, you’ll earn back $97. However, this RTP is calculated over thousands of gambling rounds. So, in practice, this 97% RTP doesn’t apply to each wager. Since it’s a game of luck and pure chance, longer gambling sessions may yield low returns, while shorter ones bring huge success.

Regarding payouts, how much you win will depend on your bet amount, number of lines, and volatility level. Assuming you’re playing with the max pin rows, 16, these are the multipliers you’ll have on each variance level:

  • Green: 0.4, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 2.5, 7.7, 35
  • Yellow: 0.2, 0.7, 1, 1.2, 2.3, 4.5, 12, 61, 118
  • Red: 0, 0.2, 0.5, 2, 3.5, 8.5, 26, 122, 555

If you adopt a low-risk playing strategy, the maximum you can win is 35x your bet. If you’re playing with the maximum bet limit of $100, you’ll win a $3500 payout at max. Although there are other multipliers, 118x and 555x, the Spribe Plinko game online has a maximum payout of $10,000 for one bet.

Alternative Plinko games online

Spribe isn’t the only game developer of this entertaining arcade game. You’ll find other Plinko casino game versions online from other software vendors like BGaming, Turbo Games, Hacksaw Gaming, etc. As such, if you’d fancy trying different online Plinko interpretations, these are the best options at online casinos. Please note all these Plinko games follow a universal gameplay procedure, where balls drop from the top of the pyramid-like board and land on the multipliers below to award payouts.

BGaming Plinko

With BGaming Plinko, the board is set on the right side of the interface, with the left containing the player statistics. Unlike Spribe’s Plinko game version, BGaming Plinko has a single line of multipliers at the bottom of the board and nine peg row options (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16).

This Plinko casino game features three volatility levels: High, Normal, and Low and also offers an autoplay feature. The minimum and maximum betting thresholds are $1 and $100, respectively. The maximum you can win when playing the BGaming Plinko game for real money is $100,000, assuming you were playing with the max bet and landed on the 1000x max multiplier at high volatility. This crypto Plinko game displays the probability of landing different multipliers when you hover over the multipliers. BGaming has two more Plinko games: Plinko XY and Easter Plinko.

Hacksaw Gaming Plinko

When you launch this online Plinko game, you’ll see that most of the interface is occupied by the Plinko game board with the various UI buttons on the left side. Hacksaw Gaming Plinko is an excellent option to try because it offers incredible multipliers, with the maximum being 3623.8x. You’ll enjoy the usual bet limits ($0.10—$100) and three volatility levels: Low, Medium, and High.

This Plinko game offers nine pin row options, 8-16 and features an autoplay and turbo mode. The autoplay option allows you to play with up to 1000 rounds, while the turbo option speeds up gameplay, meaning the Plinko balls will drop much faster. This game has a maximum payout of 3623.8x your bet, a calling card for high rollers.

Turbo Plinko from Turbo Games

Another great Plinko online game to consider is Turbo Plinko. The game features crisp graphics and an eye-catching layout. At the helm of the Plinko board, you’ll see yellow-coloured balls rotating in a bingo ball-like machine with UI buttons to adjust volatility (High, Medium, and Low) on each side of the board. The most notable feature of Turbo Plinko is that it offers nine peg-row options (8 – 16), and the minimum number of balls that are launched is five.

Players can increase the number of balls launched sequentially from 5 to 10. However, it’s important to note that each ball is valued at the minimum bet level. So, dropping 5 balls on a minimum bet of $2 will result in a $10 deduction from your bankroll. The game’s minimum and maximum bet limits are $0.10 and $100, and 1000x is the highest multiplier.

Plinko X from Smartsoft Gaming

If you’d like a more peculiar Plinko game, Plinko X from Smartsoft Gaming is the one to beat. The game doesn’t feature adjustable peg rows (fixed at 16) or variance levels. Instead, you’ll see balls of various colours, each a varying multiplier: Pink (1x), Yellow (5x), and red (10x). You can see these balls rotating in the wheel section at the top, and when you hit the “Place Bet” button, a random ball drops. Most of these balls are Pink, which carry a 1x multiplier. So, mostly, these are the ones to drop.

If a yellow ball (5x) drops and lands on any multiplier, that multiplier coefficient will be multiplied by five and then by your initial bet to award you your payout. The same happens for the other ball colours. The maximum multiplier in the game is 1000x, and the bet thresholds range from $0.10 to $100. Click and hold the “Place Bet” button to release multiple balls simultaneously.

Spribe Plinko game online betting tips

Plinko is not a skill-based casino game like online roulette or blackjack. As such, popular betting strategies like Martingale or Labouchère cannot apply here. Nevertheless, you can use some tricks and tips to increase your winning potential and enjoy an entertaining Plinko gambling adventure. These are a few tips you should note:

  1. Play Spribe Plinko at reliable and reputable online casinos. There are many rogue gambling platforms, and it wouldn’t help if you can’t cash out your Plinko winnings at one of the scam sites.
  2. The game offers three variance levels: High, Medium, and Low. Therefore, configure these variance levels to match your budget and playing style. The best way to do it is to play a few rounds at each risk level while tweaking the pin rows to find an ideal play mode. High rollers should consider the high-risk level since their bankroll can withstand false wins while holding out for the higher multipliers. The low-variance level is ideal for players on a budget.
  1. Be careful when using the autoplay feature since balls are dropped rapidly, and you can exhaust your entire balance quickly.
  1. The mass launch of Plinko balls could offer a positive net win since some may land on high multipliers. However, track your bankroll since, with each ball launched, the selected minimum bet is deducted from your balance, meaning it can be quickly depleted without noticing.
  1. If you can access the free-to-play version of the Spribe Plinko game in your online casino, that’s the best place to start. You can test the game, learn the rules, adjust volatility and pin rows to find a balance that yields the best results before commencing real money gambling. Notably, you cannot enjoy real money payouts when you play the Plinko game online for free.
  1. The Spribe Plinko casino game has a Free Bet feature. Therefore, if your selected online casino occasionally offers rewards in the Free Bets section, you should consider claiming them to enjoy longer gaming sessions. Still, online casinos may offer welcome bonuses and other promotions. If you’re to claim them, ensure the bonus terms are reasonable and the bonus can be used in the Spribe Plinko game.


The Plinko casino game from Spribe features all the ingredients to delight players. For starters, it has unsophisticated rules, making the game ideal for newbies. Secondly, it offers reasonable minimum and maximum betting limits ($0.10—$100) that accommodate low and high rollers. More importantly, the Plinko title allows players to customise the game to suit their budget and style of play.

For instance, you can tweak the number of pin rows from 12 to 16 or play with the various variance levels: High, Medium, and Low, as per your preferences. In this Spribe Plinko game review, we’ve covered the game extensively, showcasing how to play for real money and some of the best alternatives to Spribe’s Plinko versions. Furthermore, we’ve highlighted a few betting tips that can help improve your gambling experience.

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