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High Striker
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High Striker Crash Game by evoplay entertainment Details

🎰 Software: Evoplay Entertainment
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $1-$100
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 98%

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High Striker Crash Game by evoplay entertainment Review

In addition to online slots, table games, and specialty games, online casino players always look for more ways to have fun. For this reason, live casino games have become a thing in the online gaming industry. However, players want more, resulting in the creation of crash games. Put simply, crash games are specifically tailored to players who want to enjoy gambling without complicated game rules. Although there are numerous crash games in online casinos around the world, the High Striker crash game stands out.

High Striker presents some exciting action for all players who appreciate simplicity and, to some extent, risk. The game comes with a high RTP, an excellent maximum payout, and a straightforward play style. The auto bet and auto cash-out features will help you make your sessions more worthwhile. This High Striker review sheds light on different aspects of the game so you can make an informed decision. You’ll also have access to our list of prominent High Striker online casinos on this page.

What is a crash game?

Crash games are social multiplayer online games with a fast-paced style. Crash games initially became very popular in the crypto gambling sphere, as they had features that stuck with crypto enthusiasts. One such feature is the Provably Fair mechanic that allows players to verify the fairness of each round using unique hashes. Following their widespread appeal to so many players, crash games are now available in most top casinos.

As multiplayer games, crash games can be played by numerous gamers around the world at the same time. These games are based on random number generators (RNG), which automatically handle the possible outcome of each round. Therefore, casinos offering crash games do not manipulate results.   

All crash games have features known as auto cash out and autobet—they make your gameplay flow easily. Often, these social multiplayer games have a free-play version from which you’ll understand how the autobet, cash out and auto cash out buttons/features work. So, you can always adopt a strategy for enhancing your gameplay.

About High Striker

The High Striker casino game is one of the social multiplayer titles from popular game developer Evoplay Entertainment. The game was released in 2019 and has since become a favourite title for many crash game fans. When it comes to graphic design and animation, Evoplay Entertainment has kept things quite basic. So, you won’t find any of those captivating animations as in other similar games. However, that doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way. Apart from the English version, High Striker has other language options, such as Chinese, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Polish.

You’ll find the bet button on the screen, with the – and + buttons for easy adjustment of your wager. The Auto Cash Out button is also on the screen, as you can set the multiplier you want the game system to collect for you. The history button gives you access to the game’s statistics, such as bet amounts, successful multiplier levels, profits, crash levels, and hashes. All these are designed to help you make firm decisions as you play. The High Striker game has multiplier limits of 1x to 1000x on each round. This game uses the Provably Fair technology, so you’ll find a hash for each round you play.      

High Striker game rules

If you want to play High Striker for real money, the best way to start is by learning and mastering the game rules. To this end, it’s instructive to note that High Striker has simple rules, which has greatly added to its popularity. You can play every round of this High Striker bet game with wagers of $0.1 to $100. It has a 98% RTP, which is one of the highest RTPs we have seen in crash games. The maximum real money win on any round is $90,000, and this is also impressive.

Available on mobile and desktop devices, High Striker has just one bet panel. You can select the manual or auto-bet option on the screen. The auto bet option allows you to input your preferred regular wager for every round, as well as the win and loss limits. For the auto cash-out option, you can input the multiplier you want between 1x and 1000x. So, the game automatically cashes out your preferred multiplier if it hits.

How to play High Striker crash game

High Striker is one such game you can play without devoting too long a time to learning the game rules. Yes, the game is straightforward to understand. The first step you should take towards playing the game is to fund your account with real money. Most of our recommended High Striker online casinos accept wagers in USD (and other fiat currencies) and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, etc. 

Afterwards, open the game and place your bet between $0.1 and $100 per round. Typically, 8 to 10 seconds are allowed for betting. So, you must wait for any current round to end before you can place a bet. Once all bets are accepted, a line starts rising from the game’s bottom. Along with the line is a multiplier that begins from 1x and can crash at any point. If the multiplier gets to your preferred point, you should hit the cashout button as fast as possible. Once the line crashes, the round ends and the multiplier you collected is automatically added to your balance. Afterwards, another round begins, and you can wager on it if you wish to.          

Crash games similar to High Striker

We all know the online gaming landscape as a very competitive place, and crash games are not left out in that competition. As such, there are numerous games similar to High Striker, such as Aviator, Aviatrix, Crash X, Lucky Crumbling, Spaceman, Rocketman, and Comet Crash, among others. You can play all these games and more with Bitcoin or regular fiat currency at any of the High Striker online casinos on this page. Also, they are all available on mobile devices. We explore some of them below.


Aviator is a crash game known almost everywhere. Aviator was released in 2019 by software provider Spribe, and it has become a well-followed game ever since. The bet limits per round in this game are from $0.1 to $100. It has a 97% RTP, which is just fine when compared to similar titles. Aviator has a space theme with somewhat colourful designs and interesting animation, where a jet flies across the game area with a multiplier accompanying it. The multiplier can rise high enough to reward lucky players with a maximum real money payout of $10,000 on each round. There are two bet options on the screen, and you can cash out on both of them manually or automatically.

Crash X

Crash X is a visually appealing crash game with enthralling animation to make each session remarkable. Turbo Games released Crash X in 2021, and the game has remained a top option for many players. With a space theme at the centre, Crash X has a 97% RTP and bet limits of $0.1 to $100 per round. In addition to offering double bets, this social multiplayer title has a personal statistics feature. This feature allows you to keep track of your rounds, average multiplier wins, maximum multiplier wins, and duration of gameplay. Also, there’s the ping time feature that displays the delay between your device and game servers as you play. The maximum multiplier limit is 999,999x, while the maximum payout is $10,000 on every round.


Rocketman is a social multiplayer title from Elbet. The game launched in 2022 with its stunning graphics, thrilling animation, and a rhythmic soundtrack. The bet levels are between $0.1 and $100 per round, which is great. Rocketman has the double bet functionality, which is accompanied by auto bet and auto cashout on both bets. The game has a 96.5% RTP, with a space theme to cement the entertainment. Rocketman presents the same instant game style as similar titles and also has the Provably Fair mechanic. So, you can always check each round’s transparency. The maximum multiplier limit at Rocketman is 20,000x. 


Spaceman is by far the most popular crash game from Pragmatic Play. With exciting audiovisuals and compelling animation, Spaceman offers nothing but pure entertainment. This game has a space theme where an explorer can fly high to award a maximum multiplier of 5000x. The game has wager limits ranging from $1 to $100 on every round. In addition to a normal auto cashout, Spaceman has a 50% auto cashout feature. With 50% auto cashout, you can keep your risks average while playing for a bigger multiplier. A 95% RTP is available in this title, which is a bit lower than the average RTP for most social multiplayer games. On the brighter side, the Spaceman game has a maximum real money reward of $500,000, and that’s super-impressive.

Comet Crash

Comet Crash is one of the social multiplayer titles from JetGames. The game utilises a space theme, with comets shooting up the sky and making room for an immersive action. You can wager between $0.1 and $70 on each round. It has the double bet mechanic, so you may try out your luck on two bets simultaneously. The maximum payout per round is $2000, which is just a bit small when compared to other titles. Comet Crash comes with the Provably Fair technology, so you are allowed to check each round’s authenticity for yourself.


Crash games have remained highly relevant among online casino games. High Striker has an easy-to-understand set of rules which you can grasp without stress. The idea is to cash out just in time before the line crashes. To this end, you may opt for the manual or auto cash out as you play. The bet limits are good for players with various budgets. This High Striker bet game has a high RTP of 98%, and that’s great for a crash game. Also, the maximum multiplier limit is 1000x, while the maximum payout limit is $90,000, which is really favourable to most players. You can easily explore your statistics to know the average win/loss rate. You can always play this game on your mobile device, as it’s compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. We recommend playing the High Striker crash game in any of our top-rated online casinos.

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