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Comet Crash Crash Game by jetgames Details

🎰 Software: JetGames
📲 Play on Mobile: IOS, Android
💰 Bet Limits: $0.10 - unlim
🎲 Game type: Crash Game
💵 RTP: 96%

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Comet Crash Crash Game by jetgames Review

Online crash games are immensely famous, with titles like Aviator, JetX, etc., already receiving global recognition. With the impact these titles have had in the gambling industry, it’s only logical that new crash games are being released to cater to the ever-expanding market. A fine example is the Comet Crash game. Comet Crash is a popular multiplayer online casino game with undemanding rules and straightforward gameplay, even for beginners. The game version from Split The Pot offers multiplier payouts of up to 1,000,000x your stake, which is fantastic. However, in the Comet Crash casino game, the comet can explode randomly without notice, and you must be quick to cash out your winnings before that happens; otherwise, you lose the round. This Comet Crash review will explain how to play the games, their rules, and more. Also, you’ll find alternative crash games and a list of top online casinos with the Comet Crash game on this page.

What is a crash game?

This is a multiplayer online casino game that offers players instant payouts due to the crash gaming mechanics incorporated in these titles. With this mechanic, a game round can end anytime without warning. So, since crash games feature multipliers that start from 1.00x to a particular value or indefinitely, depending on the title, your goal is to cash out your winnings at your ideal multiplier before the game round ends. If the game ends or you see a crashing animation on your screen before you take your winnings, you lose your bet.

Comet Crash by Split The Pot

This instant-win title (not to be confused with the Comet Crash video game from Pelfast designed for PlayStation platforms) is from a relatively new software provider, Split The Pot (STP). The game provider develops only crash games and has about 12 titles in its catalogue, like Plinko, Rock Paper Scissors, Jungle Gems, Daredevil, etc. Its games have the simplest graphics and are optimised for low data consumption, working on limited internet speeds. In addition, the company’s titles are customised for mobile gambling, allowing users worldwide to play for real money from their iOS or Android devices on the go.

Comet Crash is one of the provider’s top-performing fast games. The game features the usual crash curve mechanic prevalent in this genre of online casino games. So, the Comet Crash betting game starts with a comet taking off from outer space, leaving a curve behind while it awards players multipliers as it soars farther into space. The further the comet goes, the more incredible the multipliers players get, and these multipliers can reach up to 1,000,000x. In the game, players are aboard the comet when it takes off, and their aim is to jump off the comet before it crashes.

Of course, you’re not literally jumping off the comet but clicking the ‘Cash Out’ button to collect your winnings before the comet comes to its inevitable end (crashes). When collecting your winnings, you should rely on your instincts and swift reactions, as the Comet Crash casino game is unpredictable, and quick responses may just give you an edge. Still, you can use some of the game’s features that make these decisions easier. We’ll look at these features later in this Comet Crash review.

Comet Crash game interface

As mentioned above, Split The Pot designs its games with simplicity and with the end user in mind. This can be seen when you play Comet Crash for real money. The game features a candid interface with the game set on a graph diagram with an X and Y axis. As the comet takes off, it’ll leave a curve behind, and you’ll see animations of movement along these axes. At the centre, you’ll see the current multiplier, and this is where the betting period (usually 5 seconds) is indicated. On the left of this grid, you can view the current bets of online players and the multipliers they cash out with in real-time. On the opposite side, you’ll find the most recent multipliers up to the last nine rounds. Sadly, these are the only multiplier live statistics you’ll find.

Below the grid, you’ll find two betting panels, each with autoplay, auto cashout, and UI buttons to start the game and increase or decrease your bet amount. At the base of the interface, you can view the game statistics for the last 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. However, these stats only display the highest multipliers, big wins, and your session stats. If you click the hamburger icon on the top right, you’ll find the game’s tutorial, game description, your bet history, and session details. The Comet Crash game also features a chat window on the far right where you can converse with other online players in real time.

Comet Crash game features

Unlike most crash games, Comet Crash is based on the RNG algorithm rather than the provably fair technology that enables gamblers to verify the results of each round. Nevertheless, you’ll find other game features that make gameplay seamless and straightforward. These are some of the features you can exploit when playing the Comet Crash bet game for real money.

Bet features

As mentioned earlier, the Comet Crash game has two betting panels, meaning you can have two wagers running simultaneously, depending on your betting strategies. Each panel has a Quick Stake tab, where you can select pre-set values as your bet amount and a Stake tab, where you can manually enter your desired bet amount or use the (-, +) buttons to adjust your bet size. Also, you’ll see a light blue ‘Play’ button, which you press to start the game. Notably, this button switches to ‘Cash Out’ during gameplay.

Auto Betting

On each betting panel, you’ll see an ‘Auto’ tab just above the ‘Play’ button. The auto tab has two toggles: On and Off. Therefore, if you switch to ‘On’ and click the Play button, the game will commence autoplay, playing each round with your selected bet size. To stop this feature, click ‘Stop Auto.’ While using this feature, you must still click ‘Cash Out’ to take your winnings before the comet crashes. This feature will continue until you stop it or your bankroll diminishes.

Auto Cashout

With this feature, you can take your winnings automatically without clicking the ‘Cash Out’ button as long as the set multiplier or higher is achieved. To enable the Auto Cashout feature in the Comet Crash casino game, click the ‘On’ button on this tab and manually enter your target multiplier. If the comet reaches this multiplier, your winnings will be cashed out automatically. However, you’ll lose your bet if the game doesn’t reach your selected multiplier. The maximum multiplier you can enter is 1,000,000x.

Comet Crash game rules

As with all crash games, also known as instant-win, mini, or fast games, the Comet Crash game doesn’t have sophisticated rules. This is particularly ideal for beginners in the gambling world who would want a taste of online gambling without having to go through a tedious list of complicated rules. In addition to that, novices or players on a budget can take a swing at this game since it allows minimum bets of $1. 

Although the maximum bet amount will depend on the Comet Crash online casino, in our expertise, we reckon players can bet anything upwards of $250 per round. Still, we recommend checking the minimum and maximum betting limits in your online casino. The only rule in this crash game is that you cash out your winnings before the comet crashes. If you fail to do that, you’ll lose your stake.

How to play the Comet Crash game for real money

We believe the above sections have equipped you to start playing Comet Crash with actual funds. If you’re not confident yet, you can always launch the fun version of the crash game and play for free with virtual funds to hone your skills and test different betting strategies before playing for real money. 

Please note that during demo play, you won’t win actual withdrawable cash. Therefore, to start real money gameplay, you must find a reliable site. Fortunately, we’ve recommended some of the best Comet Crash online casinos you can join on this page. Simply pick one and create an account. For crypto enthusiasts, you can find crypto casinos online that allow you to play the game with tokens like Bitcoin, Tether, etc. Here’s a step-by-step playing guide:

  1. Log in to your new casino account and deposit using your ideal payment option to play for real money. In case the online casino offers a welcome bonus, you can claim it to enhance your bankroll. Your deposit should reflect immediately.
  2. Afterwards, search for the Comet Crash casino game and launch it. If you find an ongoing round, you must wait until it’s over.
  3. Choose your desired bet amount using your preferred UI features and click the ‘Play’ button. Notably, you’ll only have five seconds before a new round begins, and you’ll see a countdown of the next round and a ‘No more bets’ notification just before the countdown ends. You can also use the Auto Betting feature to play many rounds non-stop without clicking the Play button each time.
  4. Immediately after, the game begins with the comet taking off, leaving a curve behind with multipliers. The further the comet moves, the higher the multipliers and since the comet can crash at any time, you need to click the ‘Cash Out’ button to collect your proceeds. You’ll lose the round if you fail to do this on time. To make the cashing out process swift and easy, you can use the Auto Cashout feature offered in the game.

How are your winnings calculated?

It’s pretty straightforward. Your stake is multiplied by the active multiplier coefficient after clicking ‘Cash Out.’ For instance, suppose you had a bet of $10 and cashed out at a 503x multiplier. In that case, your stake is multiplied by this multiplier coefficient ($10×503), giving you an incredible payout of $5030. Notably, the Comet Crash game has no maximum payout limit.  Still, it’s important to remember that this is a game of chance, and anything can happen. Unfortunately, the Comet Crash casino game doesn’t have a published RTP, meaning it’s challenging to tell what percentage you can win back over an extended game session.

Comet Crash by JetGames

The software provider JetGames also offers another edition of the Comet Crash casino game. It’s similar to STP’s version in terms of gameplay mechanics and other aspects but also has several notable differences. For example, the Comet Crash bet game from JetGames is designed with Provably Fair technology. This means that if you have any doubts about the game’s fairness, you can personally verify each outcome to ensure it is manipulation-free. In addition, it offers more game statistics via the Trends menu, allowing users to make more precise predictions. However, JetGame’s version seems to provide a lower maximum multiplier, just over 1000x, which suffers in comparison to the 1,000,000x in the Comet Crash game from Split The Pot.

In JetGame’s variation, you’ll still need to cash out your winnings before the comet crashes. To do this, you must click the ‘Cash Out’ button to lock in your ideal multiplier and consequently receive a payout. Of course, if the comet crashes before you collect your winnings, you lose all your bets. Luckily, the online crash casino game has several features like Auto Bet and Auto Cashout that might help you take your winnings instantly and effortlessly.

Game interface

The game also features a space theme, with the comet taking off and launching into the cosmos. When you load the game, you’ll see a graph-based curve left behind by the moving comet. On this curve, you can see the current multiplier and animations of the online players cashing out their winnings. Just above this grid, you can see the recent multipliers (up to six stats) updated in real-time as the game progresses. Below the grid, you’ll find the betting panels. At first, you’ll see just one panel, but you can click the plus sign to open the second betting panel.

Below these panels, you’ll find the setting menu (gear icon), where you can find a detailed overview of the game, including sound options, how to play, bet limits, and game fairness. Clicking the chat bubble next to the settings menu opens a live chat function, enabling you to chat with players globally. At the base, you’ll find a record of all your bets and clicking the History tab allows you to view these results and check the fairness of each outcome.

Game features

This is a modern title and, as such, features many UI settings that allow players to understand and play the crash game easily, regardless of the device, mobile or desktop. Here’s a laydown of these features.

Betting panels

As mentioned, the Comet Crash casino game from JetGames has two identical bet panels. On the panels, you can click the min and max buttons to instantly set the minimum and maximum bet amounts of the game. Alternatively, you can enter the bet amount manually. Also, you can use the 2x and 1/2 buttons to double and half your bet amounts, respectively. On the far end of each panel, you’ll see a ‘Start’ button, which plays your bet when clicked. This button turns to ‘Cash Out’ during real money or fun gameplay.

Auto Bet and Auto Cashout

To activate the Auto Bet function, click the ‘Auto’ button on your respective bet panel. You’ll notice an infinity sign (∞) on the Start button, meaning you’ll play an infinite number of rounds based on your selected bet amount. Simply click ‘Stop’ to deactivate this feature. Regarding the Auto Cashout function, it’s naturally activated in the game. You can use the (+, -) buttons to adjust your desired multiplier or enter it manually. If you don’t want to use this function, you can set a high multiplier, say 1000x, but then you must click the ‘Cash Out’ button each round to collect your winnings.


This is a unique feature from JetGames that offers players a Trend Chart of the game’s multipliers. This chart is almost similar to the baccarat roadmaps. It has icons of different colours, showcasing the sequence of the winning multipliers. For instance, the green circles represent multipliers that are greater or equal to 2x, while the blue circles indicate multipliers that are greater than 1.2x. After clicking the Trend menu, located at the top of the interface, you can select the (?) icon to get a better understanding of the trend chart.

Bet limits and payouts

This variation of Comet Crash from JetGames follows a similar gameplay procedure as described above, except that you’ll have about 7 seconds to place your bet(s). $0.10 is the least you can wager in this game, while the maximum is $70. The maximum bet is low, which can be a pro to low rollers and a con to high rollers. Besides that, the maximum payout in this Comet Crash game is $2000, and if you’re playing in a Bitcoin casino online, it’s 0.05 BTC. Payouts are calculated depending on the multiplier locked in after clicking ‘Cash Out’ and your bet amount.

Provably fair technology in Comet Crash by JetGames

We’ve mentioned how this blockchain-based tech is helpful to players, but do you know how it works and how to verify your outcomes? It’s pretty straightforward. When playing the Comet Crash casino game for real money, the game interacts with the server and client seeds generated by the casino and your browser to determine the result. So, whether you win or lose, you can ascertain the fairness of the results by heading to the History tab and clicking the green ‘Check’ link on each outcome. From here, you can check the outcomes of up to 10 rounds by clicking the ‘Calculate Result’ button to display the crash point multiplier (s).

Crash games similar to Comet Crash

There are now more crash games in the iGaming market than ever since they were well received. As such, you can expect to find many titles with the crash mechanic offering instant payouts and even more impressive multipliers than the Comet Crash game. However, among the many instant-win titles, below are reviews of the best alternative crash games to Comet Crash, which we think will offer you an impeccable gaming experience.


Arguably, the Aviator online game is the most popular instant-win title in the world. Aviator (from Spribe) is strikingly similar to Comet Crash, but instead of a soaring comet, you’ll be wagering on a flying aircraft. The aircraft takes off and starts awarding multipliers to players, and the higher it ascends into the sky, the greater the multipliers. Unlike Comet Crash, the multipliers in Aviator can exceed 1,000,000x, thus offering a massive winning potential. However, to win, you must cash out your winnings before the aircraft crashes.

High Striker

In this instant-win title, you’ll be wagering on a graph-based curve instead of a moving comet in Comet Crash. With High Striker (from Evoplay), the curve (line) represents a football player’s career, which grows and the more it does, the better the multipliers you receive during real money gameplay. The highest multiplier in this game is 1000x. Like Comet Crash, you must take your winnings before the curve crashes, making you lose your bet.

Lucky Crumbling

This social multiplayer game is similar to High Striker, but instead of a player’s career, the curve in Lucky Crumbling represents a stock market. Of course, there are bound to be ups and downs in a stock market, and so, when the curve rises, players receive more multipliers, up to a maximum of 1000x. Nevertheless, the market can sink (crash), leading to the loss of your stake if you haven’t collected your winnings on time.

Cricket X

With Cricket X, you have a crash game based on the Cricket sport. So, in this crash game, you’ll see the batting and pitching sides. The pitching side throws the ball, and the batting side strikes it with a wicket. The struck ball then rises into the sky, and the higher the height it achieves, the more significant the multipliers. In Cricket X, the multipliers rise to infinity, but you must cash out your winnings before the ball bursts (crashes).


As you’ve guessed from its title, this crash game is based on a flying rocket. Therefore, the game begins with the rocket taking off, and as it reaches higher altitudes, it offers gamblers more stunning multipliers. The most unique element about Rocketon is the half cashout feature that allows players to take 50% of their winnings while leaving the other half to attract higher multipliers. That way, you can cushion yourself against total losses.


Comet Crash is a captivating online crash game from Split The Pot and JetGames. The game features simple graphics, a mobile-friendly design, and zero complicated rules. That means beginners can easily enjoy this title on any device, desktop or mobile. With multipliers soaring up to 1,000,000x and the majestic potential payouts, it’s easy to deduce why this instant win title is so popular. So, you can strap yourselves in and enjoy the wild ride on the outer space-moving comet. Just be sure to jump off before the comet crashes. Suppose you don’t have the required swift responses when cashing out your winnings. In that case, we recommend using the Auto Cashout feature, which automatically collects your winnings when the set multiplier is reached. This Comet Crash game review has highlighted every crucial game detail, plus some of the top alternatives and a list of the best Comet Crash casinos to ease you into the world of crash gambling.

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